Episode 33

February 12, 2024


EP. 33 Spin to Win

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Jordy Hake Michael Petete Samuel Sarver Abby Fincher Michael Jenkins Sven Nerness
EP. 33 Spin to Win
The Written and The Lost
EP. 33 Spin to Win

Feb 12 2024 | 01:26:31


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The party regroups after their messy escape, and try to find their feet again.


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:05] Speaker A: You are listening to an atomic broadcasting production. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the feature presentation. And remember, do your part, such as, like, comment rate. And don't forget to tell a friend to tune in for an atomic time. [00:00:32] Speaker B: Now, where did we leave off? Ah, yes. Our heroes infiltrated the Eridson's family manor to learn their plans. Blending in at their masquerade ball, they learned the Erudsons were preparing a full takeover of the city of Joel, but managed to lose track of Hamir when one of the family attempted to trick and capture them. They made a desperate escape and fled into the night. [00:01:10] Speaker C: So, Jenkins, you said you had something you wanted to talk about today. [00:01:13] Speaker D: Yeah, I got a new game. [00:01:14] Speaker A: Notebook's finally uploaded. It's been an empty page for the last hour. [00:01:21] Speaker E: What's your new game? [00:01:22] Speaker D: Well, now I'm curious about his notebook. [00:01:24] Speaker A: Don't care about the notebook. [00:01:26] Speaker D: No, the new game. It's remnant two. It's a sequel to Remnant of rise from the ashes. [00:01:32] Speaker E: I never would have guessed, since it's remnant two. [00:01:35] Speaker A: Well, you know. [00:01:36] Speaker C: Okay, wait. Is it two like the number or two like to o? [00:01:40] Speaker D: Two like the roman numerals. [00:01:42] Speaker F: So remnant also? [00:01:43] Speaker D: No, I bought it because one of my friends was getting it. And if we bought it, I think, like the $60 version early, we got preorder bonuses, and we got to access the game three days early. So we've been playing it since Friday, and then we played it this morning before I came here. It's very fun. [00:02:04] Speaker C: Is that the one? There's guns. There's weapons. It's kind of souls, like, but not. [00:02:13] Speaker D: Yeah, it's souls, like. [00:02:15] Speaker C: Got some similarities. I think I played the first one. Maybe you'll be once. [00:02:19] Speaker D: Yeah, it's souls, like, in the sense that there are checkpoints that you can get to, and then it restocks your healing stuff and ammo and whatnot. [00:02:26] Speaker C: More rogue like. [00:02:27] Speaker D: Yeah, and if you die, you go back to that spot. But it's like if souls born Warframe and Borderlands had a baby and it was a good game, it would be this game. [00:02:41] Speaker F: You know, I've actually never played any of those three titles. [00:02:44] Speaker D: I need you to leave now. [00:02:46] Speaker A: Soulsborn is my favorite title. [00:02:49] Speaker B: Soulsborn. [00:02:50] Speaker C: It's not even a game. [00:02:51] Speaker D: That's several games, but it has the visual. Some of the different worlds in it have the visual aesthetic of Warframe and then other ones, like the very first world me and my friend went to before we got stuck at one of the bosses was like a victorian England with elf vampire things. It was really cool. [00:03:10] Speaker A: That sounds pretty dope. [00:03:11] Speaker D: And then we went to another one and it was like a different planet with super alien technology. And then there are different other ones that we can go to. And right now we're like in this weird labyrinth place. But it's a very good. I would suggest picking it up when it fully comes out. You don't have to spend the $700 like I did, but it's very fun. [00:03:30] Speaker F: Is it pc? [00:03:31] Speaker D: Yeah, it's pc. [00:03:31] Speaker F: Well, by politically correct, I'm building a pc right now. [00:03:35] Speaker D: I got the preorder bonus, which is the Gunslinger class, which you can get through unlocking in the game. You just get access to it early. [00:03:43] Speaker F: Check it out. [00:03:44] Speaker D: Yeah, it's fun. [00:03:45] Speaker C: How's the pc building going? [00:03:47] Speaker F: I didn't know that they had so many different plugins for fans. Lights. Three prong, four prong, one prong. There is a one prong. [00:04:01] Speaker A: I don't know why, but there is. [00:04:03] Speaker F: Luckily I don't have to use it. [00:04:05] Speaker D: It's for the one pronged fan. [00:04:07] Speaker A: I found that out one time accidentally because I was just messing with stuff in my computer and I disconnected the power button. [00:04:16] Speaker F: Wow. [00:04:16] Speaker A: I found it. Found where it goes. But there was a lot of. [00:04:19] Speaker F: On the bright side, I have the motherboard in and the fatherboard SSD DDR 564 gigs. I'm never going to use it all. I will probably use eight. [00:04:32] Speaker A: Just open chrome. It'll use it no matter what. It's free real estate. [00:04:39] Speaker F: Not wrong. I might use nine. [00:04:42] Speaker D: I might get to nine. [00:04:43] Speaker F: Free real estate now. No, I'm super excited. I got the AMD. I can't remember off the top of my head what the graphics cardigan, but it's essentially it's equivalent to RTX 40 70 ti. [00:04:59] Speaker D: Nice. What operating system are you going to choose to use? Windows. Linux? [00:05:04] Speaker F: Windows. Just because of gaming? [00:05:06] Speaker D: Yeah, it's easiest, but the Linux system. [00:05:10] Speaker A: Is pretty good for gaming too, because you can use it for a lot of different things. [00:05:19] Speaker D: That's petite's real voice. [00:05:24] Speaker B: You can game on Linux? [00:05:26] Speaker D: Definitely. [00:05:27] Speaker B: It is not good for game. [00:05:31] Speaker A: However, you get a lot more options when using your Linux. It's like fully customizable down to the OS. Man. [00:05:42] Speaker C: We're here to play a game. I don't know who you are. [00:05:46] Speaker A: Who let you in here? Shoot. [00:05:51] Speaker F: You talk about operating systems. [00:05:53] Speaker A: Hello? [00:05:53] Speaker F: Does somebody say Linux? [00:05:55] Speaker D: Exactly. [00:05:55] Speaker E: Kermit the frog shows up anytime. You talk about Linux. [00:05:58] Speaker F: No, in all reality. I just don't want to partition my hard drive. [00:06:01] Speaker A: Just side load. It's fine. You can boot it from a. I mean, you can boot it from a USB drive or even a CD ROM. Do you have a CDROM drive? No. [00:06:13] Speaker D: You can just get an external one for like $15. [00:06:16] Speaker A: Yeah, but it may not work. I've been trying to burn cds for the longest time and I have not been able to with the one I bought for like 70. [00:06:22] Speaker E: Why are you burning? [00:06:24] Speaker D: We don't talk about illegal things on this podcast. [00:06:27] Speaker A: Blu rays. But it's mostly for. [00:06:31] Speaker E: This is 2023. [00:06:33] Speaker A: No, I'm a data hoarder and I've been uploading all of my family's home videos. Okay, you have Blu ray home videos? Well, no, because I can't burn them. [00:06:44] Speaker C: I'm still waiting on you to upload. [00:06:47] Speaker A: And that's the problem. Yeah, they're still sitting on my show. [00:06:54] Speaker C: It's okay. Alfred Hitchcock can wait. [00:06:56] Speaker A: I mean, they've been on VHS for the last 30 years, so I think they can wait a little longer. [00:07:05] Speaker B: Speaking of Alfred Hitchcock, let's jump into the game. [00:07:08] Speaker E: Are we in an Alfred Hitchcock movie? [00:07:10] Speaker B: Yes, you are. Now everything is black and white. [00:07:13] Speaker E: Hey, not all of his movies are black and white. [00:07:15] Speaker B: It's one of the black and white ones. [00:07:17] Speaker C: The majority are black and white. [00:07:20] Speaker B: So we're going to pick things up right about where we left off, where we saw our four intrepid adventures scaling a ladder over the side of the fence at the Aridzen estate and disappearing into the night. So the four of you who stayed to the end, where did you all go that night? [00:07:43] Speaker E: Anywhere but there. [00:07:44] Speaker F: Yeah, pretty much. [00:07:46] Speaker C: They went back. [00:07:47] Speaker D: I mean, we're in one of the bedrooms. [00:07:48] Speaker E: How far away are we from society? Not the Aridson Estate. I know they're technically society, but non cultee people. [00:07:57] Speaker B: The Aridson estate is like on the outside of outside. It's not like in the main part of the city, but it's not like a few miles out of town. It's still within the city walls. It's just in the less dense part. [00:08:13] Speaker A: Of town, more walled off parts where it's like high society communities. [00:08:19] Speaker D: They know where I live. But we can still go to my place if we don't. [00:08:24] Speaker A: They don't know where Hamir lives. [00:08:26] Speaker D: Well, Hamir is a whole day away. [00:08:28] Speaker A: Yeah, I know, but they wait. [00:08:32] Speaker D: We'Re in Joel, which my apartment is in Joel, so we can go there if we're fine. But they might know where that is. [00:08:38] Speaker A: That'd be the first place they wouldn't look because they're like, oh, well, that'd be the first place they'd go. Or they'd not go. [00:08:45] Speaker D: We can do that. Or we could find an inn or something. [00:08:48] Speaker E: What's the safer option? [00:08:50] Speaker D: I don't think anything is safe in this. [00:08:52] Speaker F: We can perhaps go to my friends in the tower. [00:08:57] Speaker D: Uber talks, part two. [00:08:59] Speaker A: We could always just sleep. [00:09:01] Speaker D: I didn't meet your friends. That'd be fun. [00:09:03] Speaker E: But should we sleep in the woods? [00:09:05] Speaker A: I don't see anything wrong with it. It's not like they know. Oh, hey. They have a place in the woods. [00:09:10] Speaker C: You could sleep in the stables. Hamir did that once. It worked. [00:09:16] Speaker A: You're not here, you don't get to help us. [00:09:20] Speaker E: Hamir left us. [00:09:23] Speaker A: We could go back to the coliseum. We could go back to the. We could see Garn, see how he's doing. [00:09:33] Speaker E: I don't want to see that. Yeah, I don't want to see creature, watermelon head person. [00:09:38] Speaker F: I think that we should not go to places that they would normally associate with us. But that includes your place. That includes even my friend. [00:09:46] Speaker D: Possibly that's true. [00:09:47] Speaker F: The tavern. They will be searching for us, certainly. I think the only place that we can go is out of town. [00:09:54] Speaker D: So make our way to Tom Grove and sleep on the way. [00:09:56] Speaker E: Sleep in the woods? [00:09:57] Speaker A: Wait, how are we going to sleep on the way? We'll be walking. [00:10:00] Speaker D: Well, no, we sleep walking. Yeah, sleepwalking, but no. We'll get halfway out of town, and then we'll make a camp. [00:10:06] Speaker A: I could attach my tent to the back of a cart. [00:10:11] Speaker F: Does any of Andy know where Haymir is? Do we think that we need to try and find him or anything? [00:10:16] Speaker D: I guarantee he's left. [00:10:19] Speaker E: But do you know that for sure? [00:10:20] Speaker D: No, I don't know that for sure. But he's already tried to leave once. [00:10:23] Speaker A: What's her name, that lady that we killed? [00:10:26] Speaker E: Datha. [00:10:27] Speaker A: Datha. She seemed to know where he might have been. [00:10:31] Speaker F: Well, that's not very useful. She's dead. I made sure of it myself. [00:10:35] Speaker A: Well, actually, I made sure of it. [00:10:37] Speaker D: That is true. He was brutalizing the body. [00:10:42] Speaker F: I did remember to not look at that. You got the issues, my friend. Regardless, I think that we need to get out of town. There is no place in towns that they couldn't know or possibly knows where we were, who we know, and what we've seen. We've been too careless into what we've been doing. We haven't been taking enough precautions. [00:11:04] Speaker D: According to, we did just eliminate their most likely only divine. Like the person who gathers information by divination. [00:11:15] Speaker A: I'm pretty sure they were going to eliminate her anyway. [00:11:17] Speaker D: Well, they were going to try to eliminate her job, but she was still on it. What kind of cult doesn't think information gathering is a good idea? [00:11:25] Speaker E: Apparently they are. [00:11:27] Speaker A: I don't think she was doing her job very well. I think that was the point. [00:11:30] Speaker D: I think she's the reason why she knew of the helmet and knew where to get it and did all that. [00:11:35] Speaker F: That is the thing is that you guys talked to what young one? The new one in the group. What is his name? Someone that tells you at Sword Point and you scared his sister. [00:11:47] Speaker E: The one that what? Oh, held him at Sword point. It took me a second. [00:11:53] Speaker A: I didn't hold anyone at sword. [00:11:55] Speaker E: No, Segi held someone. [00:11:57] Speaker A: Oh. I was about to say I was in Bind's handcuffs. I don't remember what I was. [00:12:04] Speaker F: Honestly. I'm just going off what I was hearing off in the stairwell, which was a bit touch and go. [00:12:13] Speaker E: While this is all great conversation, can we move just a little further away from the estate? [00:12:18] Speaker D: Well, we've been moving. [00:12:19] Speaker E: Well, I wasn't sure if we were walking and talking or if we were just standing here having a conversation right outside the gate. [00:12:25] Speaker D: Assume walking and talking unless otherwise stated. [00:12:28] Speaker E: Can we talk and hustle? [00:12:30] Speaker A: Yes. It doesn't rhyme. [00:12:32] Speaker E: I don't care. [00:12:33] Speaker A: Hustle and bustle. That's not another word for talk. [00:12:37] Speaker C: How do you know? [00:12:39] Speaker E: In all seriousness, are we making our way to Tom Grove through the woods and then just sleeping in the woods on the way to Tom Grove? [00:12:47] Speaker D: I think that's the best. [00:12:48] Speaker E: Okay. [00:12:48] Speaker D: Like, walk for, like, a couple hours out, take watches and clonk out. [00:12:53] Speaker E: Sounds good. [00:12:54] Speaker F: So do you think the helmet is actually real? [00:12:58] Speaker D: Last I knew, Zafia had don't. He was the one who's supposed to be watching it. [00:13:03] Speaker A: Okay, well, that's on Hamir, of course. We got into a scuffle and he told me. Well, he didn't tell me to take off my clothes, but I took off my packs and my armor and everything, and I left it. [00:13:34] Speaker F: Please do carry on. [00:13:38] Speaker A: Trying to say things in a way Jacob doesn't have to cut out. [00:13:42] Speaker D: I was staying in, so I left. [00:13:45] Speaker A: All my stuff in the locker room. And I would have been fine to go pick it up if Hamir hadn't knocked me unconscious. [00:13:56] Speaker D: Why did. [00:13:57] Speaker A: It was his fault. [00:13:58] Speaker F: I'm going to remind. I don't remember which one, but one of you got a check and saw the look of guilt that Ziggy had whenever the helmet was mentioned. [00:14:08] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, that too. [00:14:09] Speaker F: Yeah. You said Ziggy I did. [00:14:14] Speaker E: Siggy. [00:14:15] Speaker F: Siggy. Sorry. Either way, that's what I'm referring to or trying to refer to. [00:14:20] Speaker A: So I'm just reminding, however, that being the case, that I left it there. I never really thought maybe that that was the actual helmet. If I told you before, I'm sure I did. They planned this party well in advance, so it's almost like they planned the party before getting the helmet. And if the party was for the helmet, then how do we know that they have the helmet? Also, Siggy seemed pretty suspicious. [00:14:52] Speaker D: We can always ask the lady when we get to Tom Grove, but that is true. You can throw a party for something you don't have. It's to keep up appearances, to not worry the other. [00:15:03] Speaker F: That's the thing is that if they don't know that they have it, then they don't know where the helmet is. Otherwise they would have just gone and got it. It's a day away. [00:15:10] Speaker D: No, they know where the Helmet is. [00:15:12] Speaker F: Well, then why don't they have gotten it whenever we weren't there? [00:15:15] Speaker D: They may have. We don't know. [00:15:21] Speaker F: I think either way, we need to make sure that they don't have it and get it back into our possessions. [00:15:25] Speaker A: Not agreed. [00:15:26] Speaker D: But Zafir knows where he saw it last and would have to go there to figure that out. Which is in Tom Grove. [00:15:33] Speaker A: Yes. [00:15:36] Speaker F: I suggest that we hurry and we make camp at night, about halfway, I think, and then we try and find a helmet in the morning. [00:15:45] Speaker D: I'll take first watch, if that's okay. [00:15:48] Speaker F: I'll take second. [00:15:50] Speaker E: I'll do whatever. [00:15:52] Speaker A: Our watches are going to be slightly longer than normal. Yes, I just realized that. [00:15:57] Speaker E: Yeah. Is that all right with you? Do you need your beauty sleep? [00:16:04] Speaker A: I guess. [00:16:07] Speaker E: You guess? You need your beauty sleep? [00:16:08] Speaker A: I have this very specific dream that has a very specific time allotment. [00:16:16] Speaker F: You have a dream that has a time requirement? [00:16:19] Speaker A: Yes. If I don't have the full sleep, it ends at a very awkward point and I wake up and I get confused. [00:16:25] Speaker D: No, you're going to get your foot. You can have the last watch. That'll allow you to have full sleep. [00:16:32] Speaker F: It's not interrupted. [00:16:33] Speaker A: I don't do a lot of math, but I don't think that's how that works. It would be the same amount of sleep no matter what. [00:16:40] Speaker D: It has to be how it works. Otherwise, because I take first watch, I get uninterrupted 8 hours. [00:16:45] Speaker A: Oh, you're right. I don't do a lot of math. So that is how that works. [00:16:50] Speaker E: You can't read or do math. [00:16:51] Speaker A: So I'll take the last watch that. [00:16:54] Speaker D: Sticks you with the third. [00:16:57] Speaker F: Then I suggest we better hurry before Zetzi sends the guards on us. And I am sorry, neros, we can't go back for Gwibs. [00:17:06] Speaker E: It's all right. Maybe later. [00:17:08] Speaker D: Looks like you could really hit it. I mean, he was just a man for hire guy. [00:17:14] Speaker E: Maybe my entire job was to distract him. Guys, that's all I was doing. [00:17:20] Speaker F: I will say that you did a fantastic job. [00:17:23] Speaker E: Thank you. I'm quite well practiced. It's what I do. [00:17:31] Speaker F: He didn't notice a thing. Except you. [00:17:34] Speaker E: That was the goal. [00:17:36] Speaker A: That's the point of a distraction. [00:17:39] Speaker D: I presume we're going to make camp. [00:17:41] Speaker F: I vote we cut to Tom Grove. Well, unless you got something for camp. [00:17:46] Speaker D: Happening during the watches. [00:17:47] Speaker A: No, we can cut. We can just hard cut. [00:17:50] Speaker D: Yeah, whatever you want. It happen doesn't happen, do the whole Batman. [00:17:57] Speaker A: You could put my face in the center. I vote using a bit of our budget for a time wipe to Tom Grub. We have some preparation points left, don't we? [00:18:06] Speaker B: You guys are doing a really good job of talking into not doing a time jump to Tom Grove. In the interest of time, we're going to have to just do a time jump to Tom Grove. [00:18:18] Speaker C: Must be money. [00:18:20] Speaker B: So, around noon, the party of four arrives at Tomgrove and what do you do first? [00:18:28] Speaker A: Let's go to the tavern. [00:18:30] Speaker D: Is that where the helmet was? [00:18:32] Speaker A: Yes, the helmet was at the tavern. So let's go to the tavern in the ring with Rhea. [00:18:41] Speaker D: Oh, the underground fighting thing? [00:18:43] Speaker C: Yes, the one next to you where your family stay. [00:18:47] Speaker D: I should go see my family. [00:18:52] Speaker E: If you want. We can all meet up later. If you want to go check in on your family, or if you want us to wait for you, then we can all go. [00:18:59] Speaker D: If you don't check my. We could just go check up on them together, if that's fine. It's not going to take but five minutes. Yes. [00:19:05] Speaker A: God. [00:19:05] Speaker C: Good. [00:19:07] Speaker E: That's why I asked. [00:19:08] Speaker D: Yeah, I don't think it's smart to split up right now. [00:19:12] Speaker A: Yeah, that's right. We did lose a big portion of our group. [00:19:17] Speaker D: Well, we lost. Hey, mayor. [00:19:20] Speaker A: That's him. The big portion. [00:19:22] Speaker E: I'm going to see if the carriage is at the house. See if he came here for some stupid reason and didn't wait for us. [00:19:32] Speaker B: You all walk up to Hamir's house, where the Volden family is currently living. [00:19:37] Speaker A: Is the cart there? [00:19:38] Speaker B: The cart is not there. [00:19:40] Speaker E: Gosh darn it. Hamir. [00:19:41] Speaker F: Squatters rights. [00:19:43] Speaker A: Did we walk all the way to Tom Grove? Yeah. [00:19:46] Speaker E: Are you tired? [00:19:47] Speaker D: Yes. Well, that's all right. We're at this house, and we can take a 30 minutes break. [00:19:54] Speaker A: We have things to do. [00:19:55] Speaker D: It's only 30 minutes out front. [00:19:57] Speaker B: Lena is sweeping. [00:20:00] Speaker F: Thank goodness. [00:20:02] Speaker D: What was the boot, Jordan? [00:20:04] Speaker B: What boot? What are you talking about? [00:20:06] Speaker D: Don't you try to gaslight me. [00:20:08] Speaker B: You don't know anything about a boot. Alward. [00:20:13] Speaker D: Alward's going to walk up to Lena and say, thank goodness. Where's mom? [00:20:19] Speaker B: Oh, she's inside talking to Hamir's friend. [00:20:23] Speaker D: What? [00:20:24] Speaker B: Hamir's. [00:20:26] Speaker F: Why don't you go down to the market? I think we might need some more cucumbers. [00:20:30] Speaker B: Yes, I just went to the market. [00:20:33] Speaker A: I need cucumbers. [00:20:34] Speaker D: Fine. Just stay outside for a bit. [00:20:37] Speaker B: I've got a lot more sweeping to do. And she looks out at the yard. That's just dirt. [00:20:44] Speaker A: Tell me when you reach stone. [00:20:48] Speaker D: Three days. [00:20:49] Speaker E: When you reach bedrock. [00:20:51] Speaker F: The sweeping intensifies. The dust cloud starts forming. [00:20:55] Speaker A: I have some friends who may be slightly burnt that could help with that. [00:21:01] Speaker E: Animated brooms. [00:21:04] Speaker A: They're crispy, but still good. [00:21:07] Speaker E: They're very good at their job. [00:21:09] Speaker A: Dedicated. [00:21:10] Speaker B: Such a long time ago, I forgot. [00:21:14] Speaker A: See if you listen to the podcast. Yeah, I listened to that episode at least twice. [00:21:22] Speaker D: I'm assuming we all go inside. [00:21:24] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:21:25] Speaker D: Together. Linked arms. [00:21:28] Speaker B: So you like going sideways through the door? [00:21:30] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:21:31] Speaker B: Okay, so all four of you, linked arms and a chain, sideways, walk through the front door. [00:21:36] Speaker E: Bunch of crabs. [00:21:37] Speaker A: I hide in the back of the line. Yeah. [00:21:43] Speaker B: So the first one through the door, then, is the first to be greeted by Trov, who is sitting at the kitchen table. [00:21:48] Speaker A: Oh, Trov. [00:21:50] Speaker D: That's what I assumed. I didn't want to. [00:21:53] Speaker E: I forgot about him. [00:21:54] Speaker A: That's one of his friends. [00:21:56] Speaker D: What about Trov? [00:21:57] Speaker E: It just happens. [00:21:58] Speaker D: He was annoying. [00:21:58] Speaker E: I know. That's probably why I blocked him out. [00:22:01] Speaker B: He's just got a big mug of tea, and he's just like, enjoy the party. [00:22:07] Speaker E: No. [00:22:08] Speaker A: Well, Trov. Did you get my drinks? I forget who took them. [00:22:14] Speaker B: Surely it wasn't me. But if it was, I would definitely pay you back, so it wasn't me. [00:22:20] Speaker A: Well, I mean, it's been a while. I had two drinks, and they're gone now. [00:22:27] Speaker B: Boy, you really gave me quite a turn just speaking out of nowhere like that. I didn't even realize you were in here. [00:22:31] Speaker A: Oh, I'm sorry. [00:22:33] Speaker D: Forgot you were. [00:22:34] Speaker A: I get that a lot. [00:22:36] Speaker D: Charles, do you happen to know where Hamir is? We lost him at the party. [00:22:42] Speaker B: Lost him? Yeah, he looks around at, like, half of you who are like, beat up, scraped, or burned. [00:22:47] Speaker A: Okay, well, he lost us. [00:22:49] Speaker D: Lost. [00:22:50] Speaker A: He lost us. [00:22:52] Speaker D: The point is, he's not with us right now. [00:22:54] Speaker A: He's still around, I think, but he's not in our presence. [00:22:58] Speaker B: Well, he'd better be. He owes me. Or I owe him one of those two. [00:23:02] Speaker E: Well, he's not here right now. [00:23:04] Speaker A: Can you stop talking like he's dead? [00:23:07] Speaker E: All I said was he's not here right now. That's technically correct. [00:23:10] Speaker D: Where's my mom? [00:23:13] Speaker B: She's lying down. [00:23:15] Speaker A: Are you lying? [00:23:16] Speaker D: Why? What down? [00:23:20] Speaker B: She said she was feeling a little under the weather. [00:23:23] Speaker D: Why are you still here? [00:23:25] Speaker B: I'm helping out. [00:23:27] Speaker A: It's not raining. [00:23:30] Speaker D: What? [00:23:31] Speaker A: She was under the weather. [00:23:33] Speaker E: Oh, my gosh. It's a manner of speaking. It's a phrase. It means that she's not feeling well. Surely you've heard this before in your life. [00:23:45] Speaker A: I don't spend a lot of time with Albert. [00:23:47] Speaker F: Do you think that you should go check on your mother's in? [00:23:52] Speaker D: How long ago did she lie down? [00:23:56] Speaker B: Just about an hour or two ago. [00:23:59] Speaker D: And Howard sort of gets lost thinking about something. And after a little bit of silence. Yeah. You guys try to get information out of. Trov. [00:24:15] Speaker E: Is everything all right? [00:24:17] Speaker D: It's fine for now. And then I'm going to go and check on my mom. [00:24:24] Speaker B: All right. So as Alward steps off into one of the bedrooms to talk to his mom, let's stick here and live a little drama with that conversation. What all are you asking? Trov. The three of you who remain in this room. [00:24:41] Speaker A: Trov. Along with the drinks, there were some other things that I may have misplaced. So when I took everything off in the locker room, I left my bag. The only thing that I had in that bag was the helmet. I don't know if you know what I'm talking about, but if I bring up the helmet, then I'm assuming maybe I can see some sort of spark in your eye, like, oh, that sparks something in my eye. [00:25:18] Speaker B: I am definitely nodding my head in recognition. [00:25:21] Speaker A: Am I using this manner of speaking correctly? Do you know where it is? [00:25:29] Speaker B: That's the thing. I am pretty sure it got stolen last night. Last or earlier? Yesterday. Hard to tell the exact time frame. [00:25:39] Speaker A: Do you know who stolen that? [00:25:42] Speaker B: I don't. Somebody masked up, covered most of his face. [00:25:47] Speaker A: He's okay. So it's a man. [00:25:49] Speaker B: His voice sounded manly. That's what she said. [00:25:52] Speaker A: She what? [00:25:55] Speaker B: While you're getting your information, this is all secondhand information. [00:25:59] Speaker E: So who told you about this? [00:26:02] Speaker B: You're all friends of Hamier's, right? [00:26:04] Speaker A: Was it Rhea? [00:26:05] Speaker B: Yes. [00:26:06] Speaker A: Oh, okay. Do you think she could talk to us at some point? We could arrange a meeting. [00:26:12] Speaker E: Could we just go down there and talk to her? [00:26:14] Speaker A: I don't want to leave. [00:26:17] Speaker F: How did the bag get stolen from underneath her? Vouch. [00:26:21] Speaker B: Well, let's say it's hard to watch things when you're unconscious. [00:26:25] Speaker F: I see. [00:26:26] Speaker A: I can vouch for that. Which is how it got stolen in the first place. [00:26:32] Speaker B: Does seem to be a pattern. [00:26:35] Speaker F: I would love to continue this conversation but I need to go find another set of clothes. These are a bit slashed. [00:26:42] Speaker A: Can you have that corset back, please? Takes off the corset. Oh, you're bleeding everywhere. Please. No, I was the only thing keeping your blood in. [00:27:03] Speaker F: The bleeding has stopped, but I don't think that the stains are going to come out. [00:27:11] Speaker A: Don't worry. I deal in bloody clothing and he. [00:27:15] Speaker F: Goes into the room he was using and tries to find an extra set of another shirt or something. Oh, also, are you going to take off that mask? [00:27:28] Speaker D: I forgot we were wearing masks. Oh, wait, no, we slept. Presumably. [00:27:32] Speaker E: I would definitely want to take off my mask if I'm sleeping. [00:27:35] Speaker A: I've slept in my glasses before. [00:27:39] Speaker D: No. [00:27:43] Speaker A: I forgot I was special wearing it, actually. Yes, I will take it off. Oh, there it is. [00:27:54] Speaker E: What's special about it? [00:27:56] Speaker F: He got it from a special someone. He got it from Santa Claus. [00:28:00] Speaker D: It's a crass mask, so as you. [00:28:02] Speaker B: Reach up to take the mask off, you grab the mask and as you go to pull it off of your face, it comes off. [00:28:12] Speaker A: I knew you were going to do that. I knew it. [00:28:14] Speaker C: First time. We've all anticipated the difficulty of taking off a headwear piece come off very easily. [00:28:22] Speaker B: We need one more for that. Bingo. [00:28:25] Speaker A: It was either it coming off easily or I was just going to have dark circles around my eyes or glued. [00:28:32] Speaker F: What's wrong with your face? [00:28:34] Speaker A: This is just my face. [00:28:37] Speaker E: He always looks like a raccoon. [00:28:41] Speaker B: Meanwhile, while this conversation is all happening in the main living area of the house, we'll cut away to Alward just as he's slipping into the bedroom and closing the door behind him. Alward, your mother is lying in bed. She's not the worst. You've seen her looking but she doesn't seem to be very well. [00:29:08] Speaker D: I already forgot his name. Tover Trov. [00:29:14] Speaker E: Who is Tov Tover? [00:29:16] Speaker A: I knew it started with a t. [00:29:17] Speaker C: And had a v. No, his name is Christover. He just doesn't like going by Tober. [00:29:21] Speaker A: Same. [00:29:26] Speaker D: How are you doing? I know Trov said you haven't been feeling well. [00:29:31] Speaker B: She kind of like pulls herself a little bit more upright in bed, and she's like, it's been a good stretch recently, but it does feel like it's coming back again. [00:29:46] Speaker D: Have you been taking the medicine? Are you running out? What? [00:29:50] Speaker B: She picks up a small bottle off of the table next to the bed and she shakes it. She's like, I've been keeping up. There's a few doses left. [00:30:00] Speaker D: Okay. I'll get more, of course. [00:30:08] Speaker B: I don't want to burden you with all that you're doing right now, Alward, I understand there's a lot going on. [00:30:16] Speaker D: There is no way that you are a burden. You need to stay alive for both Lena and me. You'll be right. [00:30:28] Speaker B: Right? Don't worry about me. [00:30:31] Speaker D: It's my job to worry about you. Well, I don't trust Trov, so. [00:30:43] Speaker E: A. [00:30:44] Speaker D: Lot of things are wrong with Trov. I don't trust Trov, so just be careful around him. [00:30:56] Speaker B: He's a strange little man, but he has a good heart. [00:31:00] Speaker D: I don't doubt. But he did. Even if it was to find us. Was almost hanged for some reason or another. So he has something going on with him. [00:31:15] Speaker B: I'll have to ask him the story behind that. [00:31:22] Speaker D: I have to go do something, but I will be back with some medicine, and hopefully it will. You will be fine. [00:31:39] Speaker B: She nods and is just like, I'll be fine, Albert. [00:31:44] Speaker D: And then Albert's going to lean in, give her a kiss on the forehead, and then go to walk out. And then before he leaves, he's going to take a small second, press. The digitation is closed, and then step back out. When he's like pressed, he's like trying to compose himself. He's going to hold on the door a little too long and then sort of get some rest and exit the room. And he walks in, down the stairs, back into your guys'conversation. [00:32:23] Speaker F: I know I left a certain shirt somewhere around here. There has to be something. I can't continue to wear this fancy get up. I don't like it. [00:32:33] Speaker B: I don't see anything wrong with it. It looks great on you. [00:32:36] Speaker F: Don't you see that? There's a giant slashes on it. [00:32:41] Speaker B: It makes you look like you're a man of adventure. [00:32:45] Speaker F: I just need. There it is. There's my other sister. [00:32:48] Speaker A: Clothes. [00:32:48] Speaker B: Okay. [00:32:49] Speaker A: Zafir removes his party wear, and it's literally just his outfit that he was wearing prior. You strip again no, it's like shedding. [00:33:01] Speaker D: A layer of skin. [00:33:02] Speaker C: You see, he was wearing his outfit. [00:33:04] Speaker A: Underneath his party outfit. [00:33:06] Speaker F: Got you. [00:33:07] Speaker B: It's like a superhero. [00:33:09] Speaker A: I don't stay in place too long. I kind of just take everything with me. Including the shirt on my back and front. And arms. [00:33:20] Speaker F: Would you stop flashing your shirt? [00:33:21] Speaker D: Unfortunately, it's against the rules to remark. [00:33:24] Speaker E: On what Sam was doing or what he's wearing. [00:33:27] Speaker C: Sorry. My apologies, Sam. [00:33:29] Speaker D: Or lack there. [00:33:30] Speaker A: Can you just go sit in the fridge or something? [00:33:32] Speaker D: Chill. [00:33:32] Speaker F: Fridge. [00:33:33] Speaker D: We're going to fridge with Sam. Hold on. [00:33:35] Speaker F: Go chill. [00:33:35] Speaker A: Going to chill for ten minutes. [00:33:36] Speaker E: While you're in the fridge, can you, when you come back, bring me a mountain dew? [00:33:40] Speaker C: I don't know if there are any at all. [00:33:42] Speaker D: Look. [00:33:46] Speaker F: Illusion. [00:33:47] Speaker B: So, I heard you lost Hamir at the ball. No, he lost us. [00:33:53] Speaker D: He left, more like it. [00:33:54] Speaker A: He's not dead. [00:33:55] Speaker F: We don't know where he is. [00:33:56] Speaker E: He took the cart. He left. We don't know. [00:33:59] Speaker D: We don't know that he took the cart. [00:34:01] Speaker E: I'm assuming he took the cart. [00:34:04] Speaker F: We left the cart. [00:34:05] Speaker D: So, good. [00:34:05] Speaker B: As I know, you all just abandoned the cart and walked straight over here. [00:34:09] Speaker A: We did kind of just run. [00:34:10] Speaker F: We did get caught, so it's okay. [00:34:13] Speaker D: That is true. We did. [00:34:16] Speaker B: All that being said, did you learn anything useful? [00:34:21] Speaker D: Nothing I think that I would like to share with you. [00:34:24] Speaker B: Come on, man. [00:34:25] Speaker A: I didn't realize you were part of this crusade. That's not the right word. [00:34:31] Speaker B: We could make it a crusade. [00:34:32] Speaker A: I know. Try not to get into crusades. [00:34:36] Speaker F: Come on. [00:34:37] Speaker B: I'm, like the man with the plan. How can I plan if you won't tell me what's going on? [00:34:41] Speaker A: So there was this plate of cultists on a stick or. No. Were they in a bun? [00:34:46] Speaker D: It was in a blanket. [00:34:47] Speaker A: Blanket. [00:34:48] Speaker D: Cultist in a blanket. [00:34:50] Speaker A: Cultist in a blanket. And they were just covered in sauce. I think that was a sign of something. Like a picture of what they were going to do to everyone. [00:35:06] Speaker B: Well, it sounds like they're planning a full takeover. [00:35:11] Speaker E: You got that from the food? [00:35:14] Speaker B: Come on, it's kind of obvious. Cultists in a blanket covered with sauce. Doesn't get any clearer than that. [00:35:20] Speaker D: All right, if we could lower our voices when talking about cult things. My mother's upstairs, my sister's. [00:35:28] Speaker A: Did you say cults? [00:35:32] Speaker D: Zafir, I swear, if I learn the spell silence, I'm using it on you first. [00:35:39] Speaker A: That would be great for what I do. [00:35:41] Speaker F: So. I do have a question about the sauce, actually. Now that explains the drinks. They were all red or red variants. [00:35:51] Speaker A: Well, red is a very nice color. Just look into my eyes. Stop staring at me like that, Michael. [00:36:07] Speaker D: I'm not. What are you talking about? Albert's going to go and write a letter real fast and then walk over to our billy. Can you find someone for me? [00:36:19] Speaker F: Maybe. [00:36:20] Speaker B: Who are we looking for? [00:36:21] Speaker D: Someone who works for the infernal mining company. [00:36:24] Speaker B: Sure. [00:36:25] Speaker D: Right. And I'm going to fold with letter. Millie, can you give this to a rightquest and hand him the letter? [00:36:34] Speaker B: I've got some connections. It might take a bit. I can't. Not exactly on speaking terms with most of the company myself. [00:36:41] Speaker D: Same. [00:36:42] Speaker F: Is that another contract? [00:36:44] Speaker D: No. I'm reaching out for a friend. [00:36:47] Speaker F: Usually when you write something has contracts. [00:36:50] Speaker D: I do write a lot of contracts nowadays. I should probably look into that. We should probably go see about the helmet. [00:36:58] Speaker A: Does anybody know Trov? Why are you here? [00:37:01] Speaker D: Why are you here? [00:37:02] Speaker F: That actually is a very good question. Why are you here, Trov? [00:37:05] Speaker B: Well, I was laying low with Raya. She got, how you say it. Jumped beat up by whoever took the helmet. So I came over here to let you all know. But you'd already left. And then Albert's mom wasn't feeling great, so I'm sticking around, helping out with things. [00:37:20] Speaker A: So you pronounce it Raya, not Raya. [00:37:23] Speaker B: I pronounce it whichever way I feel the day of. [00:37:26] Speaker A: I wonder how she feels about that. [00:37:29] Speaker B: I never asked. [00:37:32] Speaker F: And she never said, apparently. [00:37:34] Speaker B: So now that all four of you know that they're planning a total takeover with the sauce and all, what are your next steps? [00:37:42] Speaker A: Well, probably to get a drink, because that was very thick sauce. [00:37:47] Speaker D: How many cultists in a blanket did you eat? [00:37:50] Speaker A: I was down there for a while. [00:37:52] Speaker D: I only had, like, two. [00:37:53] Speaker A: I had unlimited access. [00:37:55] Speaker F: I think we need to get in contact with your dwarf friend. [00:37:59] Speaker E: Dwarf? [00:38:00] Speaker D: Yes. [00:38:02] Speaker F: We have this z. And he pulls out. He pulls out what's her faces. [00:38:17] Speaker D: I have data. Spell book. [00:38:18] Speaker C: Also all those spell cores you have. [00:38:21] Speaker F: Yeah, those two. [00:38:22] Speaker A: We need to go through that spell book. [00:38:23] Speaker D: Yes, I have the spell book. [00:38:25] Speaker A: You can't go through his spell book. I have the spell book. Oh, yeah, you got almost died. [00:38:30] Speaker F: That's right. Oh, you also have the other one. I motion to it in your bag. [00:38:36] Speaker C: Instead of putting. [00:38:37] Speaker D: I hold that bag. [00:38:39] Speaker F: Instead of pulling it out, I motion to it. [00:38:42] Speaker D: You want my bag? [00:38:48] Speaker F: Actually, I have the cors. [00:38:51] Speaker B: Y'all find something cool? [00:38:52] Speaker D: No, we can worry about that later. Whenever we don't have a prying ear. We have time. We need to check on Raya, make sure she's okay. And then I need to make a stop by an apothecary, if that's okay with everyone. [00:39:11] Speaker F: Certainly. Is your mother okay? [00:39:15] Speaker D: She's been sick for quite some time. A little bit before we moved up here. [00:39:22] Speaker A: What does a person who carries pots have to do with medicine? [00:39:26] Speaker E: Dear Lord. Can we find some time? [00:39:32] Speaker D: They put the medicine in the pot. Zafir. [00:39:35] Speaker E: Some phonics. [00:39:36] Speaker A: That makes sense. [00:39:38] Speaker E: We need to get Zafir hooked on phonics. That's what we need to do. [00:39:45] Speaker A: I can speak, you numb skull. [00:39:48] Speaker E: You need to extend your vocabulary. [00:39:53] Speaker D: Work for me. [00:39:56] Speaker C: What? [00:39:57] Speaker E: What am I missing? [00:39:58] Speaker A: Some two fifths of this crowd knows the reference. [00:40:05] Speaker B: It's a reference to a stand up comedian. [00:40:09] Speaker A: I only like sit down comedians. [00:40:11] Speaker D: Listen to that bit in so long. [00:40:13] Speaker F: We can stop by the apothecary on the way to Raya, I think. [00:40:17] Speaker D: I don't think the apothecary is on the way to Raya. I think it's a little out of the way. [00:40:21] Speaker B: It would be in the nicer side of town. [00:40:25] Speaker D: It's, like, in between the pot for the company and this side of town. [00:40:31] Speaker B: There'S basically a railroad track that goes between town. [00:40:36] Speaker D: A minecart track. [00:40:37] Speaker A: Yes. And on the opposite side, a couple of tumbleweeds just occasionally go by. [00:40:42] Speaker B: And there's house on the track. It's actually just one of those, like, pump action carts. That's Hamir's house. [00:40:53] Speaker F: In fact, right at this moment, I. [00:40:55] Speaker C: Have a mobile host. [00:40:59] Speaker D: It would be more beneficial to go to Raya. And then she has several doses left, but it does need to be done soon. [00:41:09] Speaker F: We'll go to Raya. [00:41:10] Speaker A: I think I need some medicine from Clement. [00:41:14] Speaker E: I would like to change clothes before we go anywhere. I'm still wearing a very fancy onesie. It's a very fancy onesie. [00:41:32] Speaker A: Why did none of you just not call it jumper? [00:41:35] Speaker E: It's a fancy onesie. [00:41:37] Speaker A: Put your clothes underneath. [00:41:39] Speaker D: Albert finally takes stock of his clothes and. Yeah, that's probably a good idea. [00:41:44] Speaker F: Yes. [00:41:45] Speaker A: Clothes changing montage. [00:41:50] Speaker F: As Uber is already back to his traveling clothes. [00:41:56] Speaker B: So you all get changed, get maybe freshened up a little bit from a night on the road, and just some travel, walking and everything. All in all, you get ready and you head out. You said you're going to talk with Raya first? [00:42:10] Speaker F: Yep. [00:42:10] Speaker B: Okay, Clement. So you all go to the miners. Pick the local tavern where Clement and Raya both haunt. [00:42:22] Speaker A: They're ghosts. [00:42:23] Speaker B: They are both now dead. [00:42:26] Speaker A: Makes sense. [00:42:27] Speaker B: It's quiet because at this time of day, most miners are in the mine mining. [00:42:32] Speaker A: Wait, what time is it? [00:42:34] Speaker B: It's 130. I'm since 132 and 17 seconds. 18. [00:42:41] Speaker D: Did you pick up time sense? [00:42:42] Speaker A: I thought it was imprecise. [00:42:44] Speaker F: In time sense. [00:42:44] Speaker A: I've had time sense for a while. [00:42:46] Speaker D: No time. Never use the cantrip. Time sense. [00:42:50] Speaker A: He took it. [00:42:51] Speaker F: Not time smell. [00:42:52] Speaker A: Sorry. [00:42:53] Speaker D: His time sense is sniffing. [00:42:55] Speaker B: So, 132, the two of you are standing outside of the door to the tavern, just waggling your eyebrows at each other. [00:43:06] Speaker D: I'm going to enter the tavern. These two are weird. [00:43:10] Speaker E: You're just now figuring that out? [00:43:12] Speaker D: I've known for a while, but never ceases to amaze me. [00:43:15] Speaker A: Clement, my guy. Remember those drinks you made me a while back? Yeah. [00:43:24] Speaker B: Your friend said he was going to take them to you. [00:43:28] Speaker A: Which friend? [00:43:30] Speaker B: The short one. [00:43:32] Speaker A: Which short one? [00:43:34] Speaker B: He holds his hand like 3ft off the ground. I don't know if he was a short halfling or a short dwarf or a tall halfling, but he was short. [00:43:42] Speaker A: I look at the hand and I look at Uber. And I look at Nero. [00:43:47] Speaker F: Nero. [00:43:48] Speaker A: How long has it been since I've had your name? Then I look around the bar. Can you make me some more? [00:43:56] Speaker B: Coming right up. And he starts mixing up some drinks. [00:43:59] Speaker E: I'm not a halfling. Why are you looking to me? [00:44:02] Speaker F: I'm a tall dwell. [00:44:03] Speaker E: I'm a human fetchling. [00:44:05] Speaker D: I do enjoy how he did not look at me. [00:44:07] Speaker A: Yeah, because you're like 20ft tall. [00:44:12] Speaker E: I'm taller than you. [00:44:15] Speaker A: People are taller than me. [00:44:17] Speaker B: I enjoy that. The bartender was like your short friend Zafira looks around at everybody else who's taller than him. Anyway, the bartender has finished mixing the drinks and is like, here you are. Two drinks for you. Anything else for the rest of you? [00:44:31] Speaker D: Is there any way we can speak with Raya? [00:44:35] Speaker B: She's a bit indisposed now. You might want to come back later. [00:44:38] Speaker D: We can't come back later. [00:44:41] Speaker A: I already have my drinks. [00:44:43] Speaker F: The reason why she is indisposed is we are here because we knew that she is indisposed is the way she is. [00:44:56] Speaker D: What he's trying to say is we are here because we heard that she had some issues and was knocked out and something was stolen. The thing that was stolen. [00:45:07] Speaker B: All right. He's like looking around the room. There are a couple other people and he's like, it's enough details. All right, I'll let you go talk to her. He reaches behind him and dramatically pulls on a wine bottle, puts it on the counter and then pulls a lever. [00:45:22] Speaker A: Behind the wine bottle. [00:45:26] Speaker B: And it opens up a staircase that goes down behind him as another bottle falls down. [00:45:33] Speaker D: I was David to the last stair and then shatters. [00:45:37] Speaker E: Can I get a double? [00:45:38] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. Pours it up real quick. Just bring the glass back. Most people who go into the basement leave the glasses there. And he looks petite. [00:45:48] Speaker A: I was not awake when I left. [00:45:51] Speaker B: Well, you need to be more responsible with your drinking. [00:45:54] Speaker D: Well, didn't you say his friend had his drinks? [00:45:57] Speaker A: I also didn't get to drink. [00:45:59] Speaker D: You should be mad at his friend, not him. [00:46:01] Speaker B: Well, he said he found them and drank them and brought me the glasses. [00:46:06] Speaker C: All these things would be reminding me. Plus, the prologue tells me that someone in this world needs to create togo cups by now. [00:46:14] Speaker D: I'll get on it. [00:46:15] Speaker F: It depends if they allow open containers of alcohol while you're riding a carriage. [00:46:21] Speaker D: Yes. You're not allowed to have tago cups. [00:46:24] Speaker B: You'll get pulled over for that. [00:46:26] Speaker E: By who? [00:46:28] Speaker B: The carriage? Cops? [00:46:29] Speaker A: Bandits? Yes. What? Just charm them. Here. Have a drink. [00:46:33] Speaker B: So the four of you are heading down into the cellar? [00:46:38] Speaker A: Yes. [00:46:41] Speaker B: All right. [00:46:41] Speaker A: I step on every creaky stair at least twice. A few creaky steps later, only two steps. [00:46:54] Speaker B: You've made it down to the basement. And Raya is already, like, up and about down there. So she seems to have, like, a bandage on her head and one around her shoulder. But she's, like, polishing some weapons when you walk down the stairs. [00:47:09] Speaker A: Hello, Raya. I'm no longer looking for the soldier. Wink. I use the wrong eye. [00:47:19] Speaker F: Zafir. I sometimes wonder how you were successful in your line of work. [00:47:23] Speaker A: I say this every day. Most of the people I deal with aren't alive very long. [00:47:28] Speaker B: Well, that's comforting. [00:47:31] Speaker D: How are you doing? [00:47:33] Speaker B: I'm doing better. I took a nasty hit to my head, but it's been healing up. [00:47:39] Speaker D: Sorry. Who told you to watch after Zafir's things? [00:47:42] Speaker B: It was just the one thing. That helmet. Hamir asked me to look after it. [00:47:46] Speaker A: He should have stole it. [00:47:48] Speaker D: He should have told you that. That has divination magic on it, and people were hunting for it. I'm sorry he didn't alert you to it. [00:47:56] Speaker B: Well, he did mention that. I just wasn't expecting someone to come so soon. [00:48:00] Speaker D: Fair. [00:48:01] Speaker A: You stole it from me, and I'm very upset. [00:48:04] Speaker B: Hamir said it was okay. [00:48:06] Speaker A: Hamir is no longer with. No, no. [00:48:10] Speaker D: As far as we know, he's not dead. He just left us. [00:48:15] Speaker A: Oh, how the tables have turned. [00:48:17] Speaker D: He randomly went upstairs during the party. [00:48:20] Speaker E: As far as I know, that's where he went. [00:48:23] Speaker D: And after that, we didn't hear from him again. [00:48:29] Speaker B: We haven't seen him since. [00:48:31] Speaker F: We tried looking for him, but we couldn't find him. And then we had to vacate the premises for other reasons. Anyway, so the helmet is obviously no longer with you. Do you have any idea of who robbed you or any details that you could provide? [00:48:52] Speaker A: Well, when did this happen, by the way? I need to know. [00:48:57] Speaker B: I think it was early yesterday. [00:49:00] Speaker F: Was that before or after the party? [00:49:02] Speaker D: That was before. [00:49:03] Speaker E: Dang. [00:49:04] Speaker F: Okay, that might have been a real hat. Hat? [00:49:07] Speaker B: It was a man. I know that, but it was difficult to tell who it was. He was obscured. Like where? Wearing a mask? [00:49:14] Speaker F: What weapons did he use? [00:49:16] Speaker B: He had two swords. [00:49:19] Speaker A: Darth Maul, Leonardo da Vinci. [00:49:23] Speaker D: The cat, too. [00:49:24] Speaker E: Did he have very good biceps? [00:49:29] Speaker B: He had average biceps. [00:49:31] Speaker E: And then. Nope. [00:49:33] Speaker B: Well, better than average, but not really good biceps. [00:49:38] Speaker E: Okay, shoo. [00:49:41] Speaker D: I think it's safe to assume. What's his name? We talk to him. [00:49:48] Speaker C: Siggy. [00:49:51] Speaker D: I know his name. Sam, I'm trying to talk with Zafir. [00:50:00] Speaker A: Go chill in the fridge. Go chill in the fridge. [00:50:09] Speaker C: Go back. [00:50:11] Speaker B: If I could pick one episode to be animated. [00:50:16] Speaker C: You guys want anything? [00:50:18] Speaker E: You still haven't brought me any mountain dew. [00:50:21] Speaker C: They're tall mountains. [00:50:25] Speaker D: No, she wants the dew off the mountain. [00:50:27] Speaker C: Yeah, I don't care anymore. [00:50:33] Speaker A: Are you referring to Siggy? [00:50:36] Speaker D: Sigmund, yes, Sigmund, Siggy. [00:50:40] Speaker F: I don't know how he could have. Well, it was only a day's travel, right? From here to. [00:50:46] Speaker D: Not even with a cart. [00:50:48] Speaker A: We ran so far away. [00:50:55] Speaker C: Ran all night and day. [00:51:00] Speaker B: He didn't introduce himself, so I can't confirm. [00:51:03] Speaker F: Did he have like a kind of a buccaneer sort of flourish? [00:51:09] Speaker B: Well, he did have a flourish, that's for sure. [00:51:11] Speaker D: We didn't see him fight. How would we know? [00:51:14] Speaker F: From what we could piece together from the stairwell, he's just seemed kind of like the buccaneerish type. [00:51:20] Speaker E: Swashbuckle? [00:51:21] Speaker F: Yes. Buckler. [00:51:25] Speaker A: I thought you were good at fighting. I don't mean to pick any fights, but I thought you were. [00:51:32] Speaker B: My fighting days are a bit behind me now. I can still handle myself on the battlefield, but when someone gets the drop on me in my own home, it puts me at a bit of a disadvantage. [00:51:46] Speaker A: You live here? [00:51:47] Speaker D: Yes. [00:51:49] Speaker A: What an odd home. [00:51:51] Speaker D: I think it's a thank you has a secret course. [00:51:56] Speaker F: Of course. Not to be insulting, I'm sure. Sophia. [00:52:04] Speaker A: Yes? [00:52:05] Speaker F: Uber just looks at Alward. [00:52:08] Speaker D: Yeah. Anyway, what are you trying to get out? [00:52:14] Speaker A: You said not to be insulting over the conversation. [00:52:18] Speaker D: Yeah, talking I've already given my condolences to her. [00:52:23] Speaker A: I can talk more if you. [00:52:25] Speaker D: Hey, Mia. [00:52:25] Speaker E: No, I think we were just here to try and figure out who stole the Helmet. [00:52:32] Speaker D: Yeah, that's basically. [00:52:33] Speaker E: And that we've gotten that all that we're going to get. [00:52:36] Speaker D: Do you need any additional assistance with anything? I know it was Hamir's doing who gave you the helmet that caused all this, but we can try and help if you need help. No, Zafir, shut up. [00:52:49] Speaker B: No. [00:52:51] Speaker F: What's Hamir's friend's name again? [00:52:53] Speaker C: Trov. [00:52:53] Speaker D: Trov. [00:52:54] Speaker F: Trov said that he would pay back for Hamir's situation in this. [00:53:00] Speaker B: Oh, did he now? [00:53:01] Speaker A: And the drinks. [00:53:04] Speaker D: He's lying. I'm sorry. I don't lie. [00:53:07] Speaker B: I know Trob's lying. He always. [00:53:09] Speaker D: No, he. [00:53:10] Speaker F: It happened while you weren't in the room. You're physician. [00:53:14] Speaker D: Okay, then. [00:53:17] Speaker B: So, Albert, you're not checking to see if he's lying? [00:53:21] Speaker D: Uvair has never lied to me before. As far as I know, you are correct. [00:53:25] Speaker B: Raya doesn't look like she immediately accepts what you're saying, but she's like, all right, I'll have to go talk to him about that. [00:53:34] Speaker F: Don't know why I did that, but it felt like I would have do that. [00:53:37] Speaker C: He deserves it. [00:53:38] Speaker D: Honestly. I'm not upset. It's just Alwood wouldn't let it slide. [00:53:42] Speaker A: If he knew this poor guy. He's not done anything to any of you. Except me. [00:53:47] Speaker F: Except get us into a lot of trouble. You gave us almost no information. [00:53:52] Speaker A: Well, neither did she. I mean, she was unconscious, but that's no excuse. [00:53:59] Speaker D: Let us know if you do need anything. Of course. Thank you. For the time being. I don't know how long this will be, but we're still using Hamier's home. [00:54:10] Speaker A: Until he comes back and tells us to stop. [00:54:13] Speaker D: Or until it becomes too dangerous. [00:54:15] Speaker B: That too. [00:54:17] Speaker D: But I have to go to the apothecary. I don't know what else you guys wanted to do today. [00:54:22] Speaker A: Do you have any healing potions? As I have gleaned from this conversation, that's what apothecary means. [00:54:29] Speaker B: We have some that we keep in stock down here for the seller, but I wouldn't be able to provide them for your use. [00:54:35] Speaker A: Is that what you need? [00:54:37] Speaker D: No. [00:54:38] Speaker A: Never mind, then. [00:54:39] Speaker F: But I think we have established that we probably could use some healing potions. At the very least, I could use something right now. [00:54:46] Speaker A: That's true. If I get into the ring, can I have those for free? [00:54:50] Speaker B: No, the healing potions are used at the expense of the one who caused the need for the healing potion. [00:54:57] Speaker D: So if we get into the ring and someone hit him real hard, the person who hit him would have to pay for his healing potion? [00:55:05] Speaker B: Yes. [00:55:06] Speaker D: So, yes, you can have them for free. [00:55:08] Speaker B: It's like we use them to help someone out of a critical injury. [00:55:12] Speaker A: Why didn't I get one of those? [00:55:14] Speaker B: You weren't given a critical injury. [00:55:16] Speaker A: I was unconscious. [00:55:17] Speaker B: That was fine. That happens every time. [00:55:23] Speaker A: I was unconscious. [00:55:24] Speaker E: That was fine. You can say that. [00:55:28] Speaker B: She mutters under her breath. Honestly. [00:55:30] Speaker F: Preferable right now. [00:55:32] Speaker A: Could I try to steal one? [00:55:36] Speaker B: You could try, but it would be challenging since she's looking right at you right now. [00:55:41] Speaker F: Okay, so where are they? [00:55:42] Speaker A: Try. [00:55:43] Speaker B: She didn't say. [00:55:49] Speaker F: I'm just going to try. I don't know where they are. [00:55:51] Speaker A: Rifling through things just in front of her. [00:55:55] Speaker D: So about these healing potions. Clink, clink, clink, clink, clink, clink. Is this it? [00:56:00] Speaker A: In front of her and us? [00:56:02] Speaker B: I'll give you three different skills. You can roll, you can choose which one best fits the way that you intend to do this, with thievery, deception, or stealth. [00:56:12] Speaker A: None of those. Can I just do a flat check? [00:56:18] Speaker F: I think we need to get out. [00:56:19] Speaker A: To add anything to it. [00:56:22] Speaker D: Out of everything, what is going on in your mind, how do you picture you doing this? Because I need to know. [00:56:31] Speaker A: She says, not for you or for somebody else's expense. I immediately stand my ground. Well, not stand my ground. [00:56:40] Speaker D: Walk. [00:56:42] Speaker A: Assert my dominance. Walk to wherever they are. [00:56:46] Speaker F: Where are they? [00:56:47] Speaker A: It's like if you just walk into Walmart and I'm not. [00:56:50] Speaker D: And you, like, walk in the mall. [00:56:51] Speaker A: And you just grab a piece of candy and just walk out without. [00:56:54] Speaker F: Where are they looking? [00:56:55] Speaker A: Anywhere. Looking. Whatever. You just walk in, grab what you want, and walk out. [00:57:00] Speaker D: Petite. [00:57:01] Speaker F: Where are they? [00:57:02] Speaker A: That's a good question. [00:57:03] Speaker F: You didn't ask that and she didn't tell you. [00:57:05] Speaker D: I'm just going to start rifling. [00:57:06] Speaker A: You're going to. No, literally. [00:57:10] Speaker B: I think I'm understanding. You're asking for a flat check to see if you're fortunate enough to just grab them by happenstance. [00:57:18] Speaker A: Pretty much, yeah. [00:57:19] Speaker B: Okay. Go ahead and make a check. [00:57:21] Speaker D: Do I see this happening? [00:57:23] Speaker B: Oh, yes. We all want stealthy at all. Everyone sees. [00:57:26] Speaker D: Hold on. [00:57:26] Speaker A: That is 1 second. [00:57:28] Speaker D: I have nothing that I can do to try to stop him, except physically trying to stop him right now because this mage hand spell takes forever before I can actually hold someone. [00:57:37] Speaker A: All right. I also use mage hand. [00:57:39] Speaker D: If he finds it, though I am going to tell him to put it back. [00:57:41] Speaker B: Okay, so I would like you to tell me where it is that you choose to look first. [00:57:49] Speaker A: Can I have, like, a choice? [00:57:52] Speaker B: So there's, like, a pile of weaponry and equipment and stuff. There's also a couple cupboards on the wall. And there's. Best thing. That way I can describe it in my mind is, like a china cabinet, except there's no china. It's just a cabinet, I guess. [00:58:09] Speaker A: So I could choose either the cabinets or the cabinets. [00:58:12] Speaker B: Yeah, there's, like, kitchen cupboards, and then there's, like, a freestanding cabinet. [00:58:16] Speaker A: I go for the freestanding cabinet. The china cabinet? No china. [00:58:24] Speaker B: So you walk up to the freestanding china cabinet with no china, and you open the doors, and inside is, like, a variety of bandages and wraps and stuff. And Raya just walks up and is. [00:58:35] Speaker D: Like, what are you doing, zafir, we're leaving. [00:58:38] Speaker F: Come here. That is impolite to rifle sue. [00:58:43] Speaker A: Well, last time I was here, I didn't get the opportunity to try to patch myself up, and I wanted to put it to good use. [00:58:49] Speaker D: You were unconscious. [00:58:51] Speaker A: Exactly. [00:58:51] Speaker D: That's why also you'd still have to pay for it. [00:58:55] Speaker A: I take a bandage, and I put one gold where the bandage was. [00:59:00] Speaker D: That's a lot of money for a bandage. [00:59:02] Speaker A: I take two bandages. [00:59:04] Speaker D: I think it'd be, like, three silver at most. [00:59:07] Speaker B: I'm not going to complain. She takes the gold. [00:59:11] Speaker A: Maybe next time you'll tell me where the potions are. [00:59:15] Speaker B: Was that a threat? [00:59:17] Speaker D: He's not very good with talking. [00:59:22] Speaker F: Well, thank you for your time. I hope your head gets better. And we should probably all be going. [00:59:30] Speaker D: Yeah, let's go before somebody says something else. You wanted to meet the dwarf friend? [00:59:36] Speaker F: Yes. Your contact with. [00:59:39] Speaker D: It's bran. [00:59:40] Speaker F: Yes. [00:59:41] Speaker D: He's typically. We could check, but I do need to swing. [00:59:44] Speaker F: We have all the things. [00:59:46] Speaker D: Oh, right. Yeah, we don't want. [00:59:48] Speaker F: And the notes, remember? [00:59:51] Speaker D: Yes. I should probably look at those. Can I look at those on the way to the apothecary? [00:59:56] Speaker F: Also, could I take a look at the other book? The fancy one? [01:00:00] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. [01:00:03] Speaker F: Thank you. [01:00:04] Speaker B: So, yeah. What are you looking at with those notes on your way to the apothecary? [01:00:08] Speaker D: Can you refresh my memory what exactly it is? [01:00:12] Speaker B: Yeah, it's like experiments and diagrams and stuff. As she was working with the spirit stones. [01:00:17] Speaker D: I just want to get a feel about what she was trying to do with them, what they're capable of. [01:00:23] Speaker B: You have glean contents, don't. [01:00:25] Speaker D: I do. [01:00:26] Speaker B: Ah. So you can get some interesting information in this short time. All right, so as you're heading to the apothecary, Alward, you're looking through the notes that you'd found in datha's workshop. And the book, very obviously, is just like all of her notes and everything for her research on Spellstone. And what you're finding is there was two distinct usages for the spellstone that she had found originally, which were to store a spirit and to refract a spirit. And she did a little bit of research on the spirit storage side and just kind of fell off of that as she found the refraction of spirit far more interesting. And she eventually was able to work out a method with this where you could lace spirit stone into an object that would allow someone to project their consciousness to that object and operate it remotely. [01:01:25] Speaker C: So, like those two losers who are all sleepy, possibly. [01:01:30] Speaker A: They're probably dead. [01:01:32] Speaker B: It does mention that without significant strength of will, it does leave you vulnerable to having your mind assaulted while projecting your consciousness. [01:01:46] Speaker D: That's why the mental things hit real hard. [01:01:50] Speaker F: That explains that. [01:01:51] Speaker D: Makes sense. [01:01:52] Speaker E: Makes a lot of sense. [01:01:53] Speaker C: That's why the mental things did so much damage. [01:01:59] Speaker E: All right. He really wants to be part of the episode. [01:02:03] Speaker D: I'm not. [01:02:03] Speaker C: You cut me out. [01:02:04] Speaker A: Go chill. [01:02:05] Speaker E: You left. [01:02:07] Speaker D: Yeah, that was your choice. [01:02:08] Speaker A: You did this to yourself. [01:02:10] Speaker C: You said I had to go to the fridge. [01:02:12] Speaker A: No. 30 minutes. [01:02:18] Speaker E: Get in the fridge. [01:02:21] Speaker B: And you arrive at the apothecary just in time to see somebody being stuffed in the fridge. [01:02:28] Speaker D: You all should check. [01:02:30] Speaker A: Are you familiar with Sweeney Todd? That's what they put in the apothecary supplies. [01:02:37] Speaker D: Ew. I don't want to shop here now. Can I go to a different apothecary? [01:02:42] Speaker B: The apothecary is standing at the window. [01:02:44] Speaker A: And he just shakes his head, oh, no. [01:02:47] Speaker D: We can't go to any other apothecary guys. [01:02:49] Speaker F: There ain't no other apothecary in. [01:02:51] Speaker D: Damn. So I've been doing business with him for quite some time. I don't know his name. He makes really good stuff. [01:03:00] Speaker E: Yeah, you've been doing business with him for what? You don't know his name? [01:03:04] Speaker F: Good. [01:03:04] Speaker A: Not a chatty guy. [01:03:06] Speaker E: I was going to say. Have you even asked? [01:03:08] Speaker D: I figured his name asked at least once. [01:03:11] Speaker A: Arthur pothocary. [01:03:15] Speaker F: Oh, Sophia. [01:03:18] Speaker D: You guys can get your items. First. I need to think about some things. Do you need any healing potions or anything? [01:03:25] Speaker E: Oh, yeah. I am hurt. [01:03:30] Speaker A: I'm going to open the door. Hello, Arthur. [01:03:33] Speaker E: Oh, dear Lord. [01:03:33] Speaker B: And there's like, a big guy who's just, like, leaning on a counter, and he just, like, nods towards the door as you walk in. [01:03:39] Speaker E: Is it. [01:03:42] Speaker A: Quibbs? [01:03:43] Speaker E: His brother? [01:03:44] Speaker B: Gwibbs was a normal sized guy with abnormally good biceps. This is an abnormally sized guy with relatively sized biceps. [01:03:52] Speaker D: Relative for his abnormal size, maybe he. [01:03:55] Speaker A: Was the one who stole the helmet. [01:03:56] Speaker B: If any of you have played the ocarine of time. [01:03:59] Speaker E: No. [01:03:59] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. [01:04:00] Speaker B: It's basically that guy who runs the shooting gallery. [01:04:04] Speaker E: Is there another comparison for someone who hasn't played any legend of Zelda games? [01:04:08] Speaker B: Okay, you know in the movie frozen. [01:04:12] Speaker E: Yes. [01:04:12] Speaker B: Where there's the guy who's running the. [01:04:16] Speaker E: Blowout. [01:04:19] Speaker D: Fun fact. [01:04:20] Speaker E: Yes. Disney reference. Abby will understand summer blowout. [01:04:24] Speaker A: If you refuse to shoot any targets or rupees in that game, he will refuse to look at you afterwards. Yeah. The whole time, he'll be like, oh, you don't want to play. You don't have to. And then you just leave. And if you stand in front of him, he turns his head, and you'll go to the other direction. He'll turn his head again. Wow. [01:04:44] Speaker D: Fun. [01:04:44] Speaker A: I'm full of fun facts. So, Mary Shelley, petite. [01:04:48] Speaker F: Oh, my. [01:04:49] Speaker D: Save it for later. [01:04:50] Speaker B: So since you have not refused this guy's livelihood, he's still looking at you. [01:04:56] Speaker A: His livelihood? [01:04:57] Speaker B: Yeah. You didn't walk in and be like, I'm not going to partake in your apothecarying. [01:05:02] Speaker E: Apothecary? [01:05:03] Speaker A: Oh, I said hello, Arthur. [01:05:04] Speaker F: Yeah. [01:05:05] Speaker B: So in contrast to the guy in the shooting gallery, he's still looking at. [01:05:08] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah. Hey, Arthur. Anything we can heal with? I don't actually know why I'm here. I've got some friends. [01:05:23] Speaker E: I'm right behind you. [01:05:27] Speaker D: We're all in the building. [01:05:29] Speaker B: He dips his head in greetings. [01:05:32] Speaker E: We need healing potions. [01:05:34] Speaker D: Webby, do you see why I don't know his name? [01:05:37] Speaker B: He nods at Neros and walks away from the counter into the back. [01:05:40] Speaker C: If he's an apothecary, does he have just elixirs of life, or does he actually have healing potions? [01:05:46] Speaker B: He comes back with a tray full of vials of red liquid. [01:05:52] Speaker A: Can you sample one? [01:05:54] Speaker F: What type of healing potential? [01:05:56] Speaker B: He shakes his head and holds out an open hand. [01:05:59] Speaker D: Zafia, can I talk with you privately outside? [01:06:06] Speaker A: I don't like where this is going. [01:06:08] Speaker C: The teacher pulled you out of class. [01:06:13] Speaker A: I'll be back, Arthur. Don't worry. [01:06:14] Speaker E: Oh, my gosh. [01:06:17] Speaker F: Is that her real name? Asa? [01:06:19] Speaker B: He shakes his head. [01:06:21] Speaker F: Which way does he shake his head? [01:06:23] Speaker B: I decide as if to say no. [01:06:25] Speaker C: As opposed to nodding. [01:06:26] Speaker F: Oh, you're right. [01:06:28] Speaker E: That is honestly one of my biggest pet peeves. When people talk and shake their head yes. I'm like, that's not the word. [01:06:35] Speaker B: So it depends on which culture you come from. [01:06:37] Speaker E: Because in my culture in the midwest. [01:06:40] Speaker B: Because like in eastern Europe, this means yes. And that's. [01:06:44] Speaker E: This is America. [01:06:45] Speaker D: Jordy is bobbing his head side to side. I'm going to eastern Europe. That is my favorite. [01:06:51] Speaker E: Okay. In the culture of the Midwest, United States, nodding up and down is yes. Shaking side to side is no. [01:06:59] Speaker B: And the apothecary shakes his head side to side. [01:07:01] Speaker E: Thank you. [01:07:03] Speaker A: Like wagging or up and down, side. [01:07:07] Speaker B: To side as if to communicate no. [01:07:10] Speaker A: Okay. [01:07:11] Speaker B: I hope the shaking of my head came across in the recording. [01:07:15] Speaker F: That's a shame. It would be a good name. I don't say that. [01:07:22] Speaker E: I, however, walk up and I'm just like, I want just healing potions right now. Just like minor healing potions, because that's all I can afford. [01:07:36] Speaker F: Yes, please. I will take the same. [01:07:39] Speaker B: He nods two of them. He takes two out and passes them over to you. I give him eight gold and he takes the money. [01:07:49] Speaker E: Wow. [01:07:50] Speaker B: And he does the same for Uber. And all of his motions are very slow and methodical. [01:07:59] Speaker E: I have one gold left to my name. [01:08:01] Speaker A: Really? [01:08:02] Speaker D: Yes. [01:08:03] Speaker E: What have you been spending money? She's just a poor girl in a poor family. [01:08:09] Speaker F: You don't even know your family. [01:08:13] Speaker D: That's why it's a poor family. [01:08:15] Speaker A: She's poor in family, not a poor family. Oh. [01:08:21] Speaker F: That would behemoth. [01:08:23] Speaker A: So you drugged me outside. [01:08:25] Speaker B: Wait, you drugged him? [01:08:26] Speaker D: I did. He's off the wall right now, man. [01:08:33] Speaker B: All right, so outside. [01:08:37] Speaker D: Sophia, I hate to ask this of you. I may need to borrow some money. [01:08:45] Speaker A: Oh, I thought you were going to take me out here and just leave me. [01:08:49] Speaker D: Why would I do. [01:08:50] Speaker A: How much do you need? [01:08:51] Speaker D: I don't know yet. Normally I buy the medicine in bulk, so I don't know how much it's going to cost. [01:08:57] Speaker A: Well, how much is it in bulk? [01:09:00] Speaker C: Why don't you just go get hired by another company and steal their money? [01:09:04] Speaker D: I tried that. [01:09:05] Speaker A: Okay. [01:09:06] Speaker D: We never decided. I assumed. 50 gold. [01:09:09] Speaker B: That's correct. [01:09:09] Speaker D: Okay. Yeah. [01:09:10] Speaker C: Oh crap. [01:09:11] Speaker D: It's 50 gold. It's like America, but it's like a month supply. [01:09:15] Speaker A: So if you promise to pay me back. [01:09:19] Speaker D: I don't know if I can. How about my mom might die? [01:09:32] Speaker A: Guilt trip. [01:09:33] Speaker F: Wow. [01:09:35] Speaker D: If you can't lend me the money, it's fine. I'm sure 15 gold can cover a dose or two. [01:09:40] Speaker A: All right, so here's the deal. You know how you're good at making contracts? [01:09:44] Speaker D: I'm okay at making contracts. I'm an accountant, not a lawyer. [01:09:48] Speaker A: Oh, right. Okay. So, as I was going to say, we can make a contract. You don't have to put in there that you have to pay me back now, but in the case that you die, dot, dot, dot. [01:10:08] Speaker D: In the case that I die. [01:10:12] Speaker A: Dot. [01:10:12] Speaker C: Dot dot, I become your mother's son. [01:10:15] Speaker D: What does that dot dot dot imply? [01:10:18] Speaker A: Well, I'm hoping to have something in exchange. [01:10:21] Speaker D: Oh, you want me to add. You can have my staff. [01:10:27] Speaker A: I think that works. Okay, but just stick around, because if you leave, then. [01:10:32] Speaker D: So you want me to write a will and give you my staff. [01:10:38] Speaker A: See, when you put it that way, it sounds very bad. [01:10:42] Speaker F: A death contract. Just perfect for Howard. [01:10:53] Speaker D: All right, then. So I pull out my book and I quickly write a contract out saying that if you loan me blank amount of money, that's going to be filled in later, and then if I die, you get my staff. [01:11:08] Speaker A: Thank you for explaining all of that to me because I didn't want to have to read it. [01:11:13] Speaker D: Right. [01:11:14] Speaker A: I'd bite my finger and sign it with a z. [01:11:17] Speaker D: That's so gross. I sign my name where it's like you need to initial there. [01:11:24] Speaker A: I only have ten fingers. Just bite another finger. [01:11:28] Speaker E: Shouldn't the same finger be bleeding still. [01:11:32] Speaker C: Technically how Zafir works. [01:11:34] Speaker A: I'm trying to think of the right word for stop bleeding. And it's not clotting. I was going to say cauterize. Cauterize? But that's. [01:11:45] Speaker F: That's burning. [01:11:45] Speaker A: Yeah, I know. [01:11:46] Speaker C: Here's a candle. [01:11:47] Speaker E: So your blood clots too fast? [01:11:50] Speaker A: My blood just stops. [01:11:52] Speaker D: It's clotted in his finger. [01:11:54] Speaker F: His family has a history of heart failure. [01:11:58] Speaker E: No, it's strokes of that family. [01:12:00] Speaker A: I never stopped bleeding. I just chose a new finger. [01:12:06] Speaker D: I almost hate to point. Got to be fresh. It doesn't. You can use ink. [01:12:11] Speaker F: You can use this ink. [01:12:13] Speaker A: I don't have an ink pen. [01:12:14] Speaker D: I hear. [01:12:17] Speaker A: I've already signed it. [01:12:20] Speaker D: There's one more spot. [01:12:24] Speaker A: Three out of ten would do it again. I'm not great at signing with my ring finger. My penmanship isn't great with the left hand. [01:12:35] Speaker D: Then why are you using your left hand? You don't have to sign anything. Let's just go back inside and I'll speak with the person. I'll write in the amount that I owe you. There is a clause in there that says if I do pay you back the amount you don't get my staff, by the way, upon death. Okay. Thank you. [01:13:01] Speaker A: You're welcome. [01:13:03] Speaker D: I'm going to go back inside. Just look a little mortified. [01:13:11] Speaker B: Back inside the apothecary. It's been somewhat awkward because their meeting outside has taken a little bit longer than might have been expected. You two had already finished your shopping, and the apothecary is just sitting there silently. [01:13:24] Speaker E: I've already drank one potion in front of him. [01:13:28] Speaker F: I'm saving mine. [01:13:31] Speaker D: I need the medicine like normal. [01:13:35] Speaker B: He nods, reaches under the counter, and just pulls out a bottle. It's like, maybe 4oz. [01:13:43] Speaker D: Thank you. And then I put it in my waistcoat. And then I'm going to give him all but five of the gold that I have left. [01:13:52] Speaker B: Wait, so are you trying to be discreet, or do Neros and Uber see you handing over a small pouch of gold? [01:14:02] Speaker E: To be fair, I probably wouldn't even be paying attention to what he's doing. [01:14:06] Speaker A: But didn't you just ask me? [01:14:07] Speaker B: No. [01:14:07] Speaker F: Why it would be. [01:14:09] Speaker D: I didn't give you an amount that would need to be paid. [01:14:12] Speaker A: But did. [01:14:13] Speaker D: I did ask. You're going to pay 40 of the amount. [01:14:15] Speaker A: But do I need to be there? [01:14:17] Speaker D: You are there. We are inside. [01:14:19] Speaker A: I never said I came inside. You just said you go inside. [01:14:23] Speaker D: Why didn't you follow me? You're giving me gold? [01:14:26] Speaker A: I don't know. Maybe because four of my fingers are dripping blood. I don't know. Thought you didn't bleed. [01:14:32] Speaker C: What is going on here? [01:14:34] Speaker D: I'm trying to get medicine. [01:14:36] Speaker E: This episode has just derailed into weird chaos. [01:14:40] Speaker D: Are you inside or do I need to go back out? [01:14:43] Speaker A: I am inside. [01:14:44] Speaker D: Okay. I'm going to give him the gold, and then look at you. Mark 40 down in the ode slot. And then hand you the contract and then ask. Could you. [01:14:59] Speaker A: Was that it? [01:14:59] Speaker D: You need to give him the rest of the gold. [01:15:01] Speaker A: How much is it? [01:15:02] Speaker D: It's 40 gold. [01:15:04] Speaker A: Wait, so 80? [01:15:05] Speaker D: No, 40. [01:15:07] Speaker A: What did you give him? [01:15:08] Speaker D: I gave him ten. [01:15:10] Speaker B: The apothecary nods sagely. [01:15:16] Speaker A: I do a neat little swip swap, and I grab the ten gold, and I hand him 50 gold. [01:15:25] Speaker B: The apothecary frowns in confusion, but takes the 50 gold. He reaches around the corner where you can't see, to the back room. There's, like, a wall there. And he pulls over, like, this little cardboard cutout that says, weekly special. Spend more than 60 gold in one trip, spin the wheel, and there's, like, twelve segments on the wheel. [01:15:47] Speaker A: Did we spend more than 60? [01:15:48] Speaker D: I guess they spent money and then you spent 50. [01:15:52] Speaker A: Does he know we're together? [01:15:53] Speaker B: He nods. Who gets to spin the wheel? [01:15:57] Speaker D: You spent the most money. [01:16:01] Speaker B: He pushes the little spinny cardboard cutout up to Zafir. [01:16:05] Speaker C: Petite looks so excited. [01:16:08] Speaker B: Petite? Would you roll a d twelve? [01:16:10] Speaker A: I will roll a d twelve. [01:16:11] Speaker D: Wait, is this a thing you have planned? [01:16:16] Speaker A: Little soccer ball. We have an eight. [01:16:20] Speaker B: All right, so he reaches under the counter again, and he pulls out a small, maybe a 1oz vial of light cyan blue fluid that has, like, little sparks, like there's fireworks inside. And he sets it down on the counter. [01:16:40] Speaker D: Can I make a crafting check? [01:16:43] Speaker B: Yes. Crafting. Or arcana for this one. [01:16:45] Speaker E: Okay. Can we all roll? [01:16:47] Speaker D: Yeah. Not you, Sam. 16. Crafting. [01:16:55] Speaker E: Hang on. Math is so hard. 2022 arcana. [01:17:01] Speaker A: Ooh. [01:17:02] Speaker C: Noisa. [01:17:03] Speaker E: Thank you. Thank you. [01:17:04] Speaker B: So Neros and Uvair know that this is a potion of retaliation that is aligned to cold energy. So after 1 minute after. For 1 minute after you drink it, any creature that touches you takes one d four cold damage. So if they touch you, if they do an unarmed attack, or if they hit you with a weapon or something like that. [01:17:28] Speaker C: A melee strike. [01:17:30] Speaker B: No, not on this version. This one wouldn't actually do with a weapon. Only if they physically touch you. [01:17:34] Speaker D: So, like a grab, a trip, a shove, or a monster. [01:17:37] Speaker B: Stronger potions start expanding it out to melee weapons. But this is only a lesser potion. [01:17:43] Speaker E: It's pretty cool. [01:17:44] Speaker C: It's pretty lame prize. [01:17:46] Speaker B: The apothecary frowns at Sam through interdimensional. [01:17:50] Speaker C: Sorry. I'll go back to the fridge. Just dropping off some water. [01:17:55] Speaker A: That is the retaliation. It is ice. Based on my. Parker. The fridge. He's retaliating. [01:18:02] Speaker E: Yeah, we understood. [01:18:05] Speaker B: He then turns the cardboard cutout around, and on the back it says, thank you, please come again. And then he slides it back around the corner and then just stares at you. [01:18:17] Speaker D: We leave now. [01:18:18] Speaker A: That was fun. Does anybody have 60? 60 gold? [01:18:21] Speaker E: No, I have one gold. [01:18:25] Speaker D: I have five. [01:18:26] Speaker F: I don't have 60. [01:18:28] Speaker E: Okay, but, yeah, let's leave. Let's go, let's go, let's go. [01:18:31] Speaker D: As we leave, I'm like, do you know why I don't know his name now. [01:18:34] Speaker E: He doesn't talk. [01:18:35] Speaker F: I know nothing. [01:18:36] Speaker E: Is he actually mute? [01:18:37] Speaker D: I don't know. [01:18:39] Speaker A: See you later, Arthur. [01:18:41] Speaker F: That's not actually his name. [01:18:43] Speaker E: Probably not. [01:18:46] Speaker D: He did, though. [01:18:47] Speaker E: Did he have a name tag? [01:18:49] Speaker B: He did. [01:18:49] Speaker E: Oh, okay. So we don't know his name is. [01:18:52] Speaker F: There, like, so and so's apothecary sign? [01:18:55] Speaker E: Or is it just apothecary yeah, it's just apothecary. Okay, these are all details that we don't actually need. So let's continue away. [01:19:05] Speaker A: I'm writing it down. [01:19:08] Speaker E: Where are we going next? [01:19:12] Speaker D: Sven mentioned that we should talk to my dwarf friend Bran about the soul stones. Let's go. [01:19:18] Speaker F: The soul stones. The stones of soul. Soul stones. The soul stones. Got to pay the soul stones. [01:19:26] Speaker B: So Bran is actually in Copperberg. [01:19:28] Speaker D: It's so far away. [01:19:30] Speaker F: We need to go to copper Brigget. [01:19:32] Speaker D: I need to give the medicine to my mom before we. [01:19:35] Speaker F: We should do that and then go to copper bricket. [01:19:37] Speaker D: Okay. [01:19:37] Speaker E: How far away is copper burget again from here? [01:19:40] Speaker B: A day on foot, half a day on carriage. [01:19:42] Speaker E: And we don't have our freaking carriage. [01:19:45] Speaker F: We left it behind or. It's okay. We had insurance, so we should. [01:19:50] Speaker E: We had insurance. [01:19:53] Speaker D: I don't know if the insurance covered the left behind. [01:19:56] Speaker F: It got damaged. [01:19:58] Speaker D: But that just means we don't have to pay them money to replace the cart. Yeah, but it was Hamir who. It's not on us. Hey, Mir is the one who bought the cart. [01:20:07] Speaker E: That is true. [01:20:07] Speaker F: That is a very good point. [01:20:09] Speaker C: And the cart insurance. [01:20:12] Speaker F: I thank you, Hamir, for what you did before you left us like a traitor. [01:20:19] Speaker A: We are all very sour. [01:20:21] Speaker D: I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks he left. [01:20:23] Speaker B: Now, as you are walking back towards Hamir's house where the voldens are staying, there's two figures walking down the road towards you. One of them is a tall woman, and the other one is like a really short guy wrapped in a cloak. [01:20:43] Speaker F: I stealth. [01:20:43] Speaker E: So like Zafir short. [01:20:45] Speaker B: Shorter than Zafir. [01:20:48] Speaker D: Like a gnome. [01:20:50] Speaker B: Like gnome size? Yeah, no, smaller than a gnome. [01:20:53] Speaker E: Smaller than a gnome? [01:20:54] Speaker B: Yeah, because gnomes are bigger than halflings. [01:20:56] Speaker E: So like Faye creep. [01:20:57] Speaker F: So a halfling. [01:20:59] Speaker B: I'm thinking like two and a half feet tall. [01:21:01] Speaker A: Wow. Dang, that's a short child. [01:21:04] Speaker D: Very short. [01:21:07] Speaker F: That short person is running to keep up with a regular strategy. [01:21:10] Speaker A: Long tall person? [01:21:12] Speaker B: More like shambling. It's a really lopsided gate. [01:21:16] Speaker E: Is it watermelon head? [01:21:18] Speaker D: No, you can't tell. [01:21:19] Speaker B: He's in a cloak, but no. [01:21:21] Speaker D: What does the woman look like? [01:21:23] Speaker B: Sam, would you like to tell us what this woman looks like? [01:21:25] Speaker D: The woman looks like Sam. [01:21:27] Speaker E: No, the woman is Sam. Is this your new character? [01:21:32] Speaker F: Go get your phone from the fridge. [01:21:34] Speaker D: This isn't your new character. [01:21:35] Speaker E: Why are you introducing this character? [01:21:37] Speaker D: Who knows why not? [01:21:38] Speaker A: It's his mother. [01:21:39] Speaker E: He wants to be in the show. He wants to be involved in the episode. This is why he's. [01:21:43] Speaker F: We need the involvement of our CEO. [01:21:47] Speaker A: Yeah, without. I go crazy, as you can tell. [01:21:52] Speaker C: So she's about six foot two. [01:21:55] Speaker D: Wow. [01:21:56] Speaker C: She has shortish, mediumish, curly blonde hair on her face. She has, like, this face paint that's black and purple, like a galaxy over. Her right eye is, like, a ring of feathers painted on that have these circles kind of dotting off of them. [01:22:15] Speaker D: Right eye? [01:22:16] Speaker C: Yeah. So along the right eye kind of stuff. [01:22:19] Speaker D: I thought you said radar. [01:22:20] Speaker C: No. And then on the left side of her face, she has paint on there that gives hints of the skeletal structure. Okay, if that makes sense. [01:22:30] Speaker E: Yeah. Doesn't make sense to you, Sven. [01:22:34] Speaker C: And then the armor she's wearing is a mix of some purple with a little bit of this dark purple, and just regular steel color with some gold and gold it mixed in there. And they've got a bunch of embellishments that look like ravens all over the armor. And she's carrying a helmet that's, like a raven's face, kind of, like, with a beak kind of looking to the helmet. [01:23:01] Speaker A: Yeah, you said raven. [01:23:03] Speaker C: Yes. And on her armor is the embellishments as well of Shailen. And she has a spiral necklace of frasma. [01:23:12] Speaker D: Real fast. Which one's Shailyn again? [01:23:14] Speaker C: Shailin is the goddess of creation, of art and beauty and love. [01:23:23] Speaker D: And phrasm is the goddess of death. [01:23:25] Speaker C: Pharasma is the keeper, the afterlife. She gets all the souls and judges them. [01:23:30] Speaker D: I think we talked about her once before. [01:23:32] Speaker E: Yeah. Neros is a very loose worshiper of Farasma. Yes, very loose. [01:23:36] Speaker C: So she's walking slowly to let the little man keep up, and she offers to. She looks, like, making motions of, like, do you want me to carry you? He just kind of shrugs her up and keeps shambling. [01:23:50] Speaker D: Are you the little man? [01:23:55] Speaker E: It's Mario. [01:23:58] Speaker A: Wow. [01:24:01] Speaker D: He's tiny, but he has a jump. [01:24:04] Speaker A: Mario. Jump man Mario. [01:24:06] Speaker B: And just about the same time as you four are noticing the two of them, the hooded figure kind of, like, looks in your direction and then turns and tugs on her drum. [01:24:18] Speaker C: Yeah, I forgot to mention, she also has a drum wrapped around her. [01:24:21] Speaker A: You and instruments and a glave on her back. [01:24:26] Speaker B: You englaves little tugs on the drum and then points at the four of. [01:24:32] Speaker E: Ah. [01:24:33] Speaker C: Are they really the ones we need, Cornelius? They look my age. I thought they'd be older. [01:24:41] Speaker B: Well, we can't judge people by their age. Let's go get to meet them. [01:24:45] Speaker C: All right. [01:24:47] Speaker B: And that's where we'll end this episode. [01:24:51] Speaker D: I'm confused on if we heard that. [01:24:53] Speaker A: Or not sounded loud enough. [01:24:55] Speaker B: You're like 200 yards away. [01:24:56] Speaker F: It was just like. [01:25:02] Speaker B: All right, Jenkins, you won the hero point tonight for your heartfelt scenes and getting the party involved in your backstory stuff. [01:25:11] Speaker A: Apparently, steering awkward heartfelt was a contract. [01:25:15] Speaker D: Yeah. So thank you guys so much for this hero point. I really appreciate it. Really love it. It's called last stand. I play if I were to take damage and it makes it until the start of my next turn. Any damage that I would reduce me to zero hit points leaves me at one, but applies the doomed condition and it increases every time I take damage. I'll still die if I get to doomed four, but very cool card. All right, well, see you guys later. I'm going to go ahead and play some more remnant two. [01:25:44] Speaker B: We'll see you all in the next episode. [01:25:46] Speaker C: I mean, just will die if you. [01:25:47] Speaker D: Get to dying three. [01:25:50] Speaker B: This has been an atomic broadcasting production. Pathfinder, Galarian and the lost omens world setting are copyright of pizzo. More [email protected] music in the show is from Monument Studios collection, as well as assorted artists with some original tracks composed by Jordy Hake. More details in the description. If you enjoyed the show, please remember to share with a friend, and we'll look forward to seeing you again next time. [01:26:19] Speaker A: Sam, I mean no disrespect when I tell you to chill in the fridge. I just think it's funny because you're like a cake. [01:26:28] Speaker E: Did you just equate our boss to a cake?

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