Episode 32

December 18, 2023


EP. 32 Intruder Window (Part 2)

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Jordy Hake Michael Petete Samuel Sarver Abby Fincher Michael Jenkins Sven Nerness
EP. 32 Intruder Window (Part 2)
The Written and The Lost
EP. 32 Intruder Window (Part 2)

Dec 18 2023 | 00:52:27


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As chaos builds, the team continues their escape, which only continues to get messier.


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:05] Speaker A: You are listening to an atomic broadcasting production. So sit back, relax and enjoy the feature presentation. And remember, do your part, such as like comment rate. And don't forget to tell a friend to tune in for an atomic time. [00:00:25] Speaker B: You. [00:00:29] Speaker C: Hey guys. Jordy here with a quick update. Before we get into the episode, we are going to be going on a hiatus here at the end of this episode. We will be back on the 5 February with our regular weekly updates. I'll have some more details for you at the end of the episode, so stick around then to get all the juicy deets. In the meantime, I'll pass things over to the storyteller to get us started. Now, where did we leave off? Ah yes. The team's escape was intercepted by Datha and her stony minions. Well, if luck is all you're coasting on, then I'm afraid your luck may soon run out. [00:01:09] Speaker A: Uvaira will look at Neros and cast warp. Step out the window. [00:01:13] Speaker C: Move. You've got the book. [00:01:14] Speaker B: Yes, I'm then just going to move my 30ft out the window and you. [00:01:19] Speaker C: Tumble 30ft down and land outside of that building. [00:01:22] Speaker B: And as I'm running, I'm just going to shout, everybody out a window. [00:01:24] Speaker D: Neros is going to follow suit and run and jump out the window. [00:01:28] Speaker E: Zafir, it's just you in there now, buddy. [00:01:31] Speaker C: Yes, now I'm going to go after your friends. You take a rest. I'm going to need a will save. [00:01:36] Speaker B: Oh no. [00:01:39] Speaker D: Petite. [00:01:40] Speaker B: Oh, he doesn't want us to know. [00:01:41] Speaker D: Petite. [00:01:42] Speaker E: Oh, he's writing the dice roll amount. [00:01:44] Speaker B: But how are the audiences gonna know? [00:01:46] Speaker E: Well, it's a secret from us. We don't know either. [00:01:48] Speaker D: I'm gonna guess it's a natural one. [00:01:50] Speaker C: And Zafir just collapses to the ground. [00:01:52] Speaker E: Oh no. [00:01:53] Speaker D: Zafir. [00:01:54] Speaker C: Datha strides across the room to look out of one of the windows that hasn't been opened yet. Then the gargoyle on the south of the room will jump out the window. [00:02:03] Speaker E: Oh no. [00:02:04] Speaker C: And block Alward. And it is shortly followed by the other gargoyle that just drops out and does not move forward. It stays where it landed. [00:02:13] Speaker E: I'm kind of worried you guys are going to end up having to fight here. [00:02:16] Speaker C: Zafir, it is your turn. [00:02:17] Speaker D: Pretty sure we are. [00:02:18] Speaker C: Who's left in the room? Just you and Daetha at the moment. [00:02:21] Speaker E: Isn't he unconscious? [00:02:23] Speaker D: Unless he faked it. [00:02:26] Speaker F: Getting up is one move right? [00:02:29] Speaker D: Did he roll a natural 20? [00:02:31] Speaker E: Michael, push her out the unbroken. [00:02:33] Speaker B: Oh my gosh. [00:02:34] Speaker A: Wait. No, because it's not unbroken. [00:02:36] Speaker C: That one's close. [00:02:37] Speaker E: Yeah, that one's closed. [00:02:38] Speaker C: Zafir, she seems to have completely bought your deception. With your success on your save against sleep, the only negative experience is that you have a minus one penalty to your perception. Check this round. [00:02:51] Speaker B: Oh, my God, that's so good. [00:02:54] Speaker F: I am going to crawl out the opposite window that she's not looking out of. And I'm not going to jump. I'm just going to hang there for. [00:03:04] Speaker E: Like, hang outside the window. [00:03:05] Speaker F: Just going to hang out like assassin's. [00:03:08] Speaker E: Creed star for a little bit. [00:03:09] Speaker C: All right. So with Zafir now made it out of the room as well, in his own fashion. We come back around to Alward. You've got a gargoyle in front of you and a gargoyle little ways behind you. [00:03:24] Speaker D: I just have to say, while he's umming. That was clutch. [00:03:26] Speaker B: That was awesome. [00:03:27] Speaker D: That was beautiful. [00:03:28] Speaker F: I rolled an 18. [00:03:30] Speaker D: That was such a cool moment. [00:03:33] Speaker B: Can I see up the window, like, where she's standing? [00:03:36] Speaker C: Yes. [00:03:39] Speaker B: I'm going to go ahead and make some assumptions that I probably shouldn't be. [00:03:45] Speaker D: Making, but I'm going to say about assuming. [00:03:48] Speaker B: I know, and it's probably going to often incorrect. I'm going to cast animated assault up where I see data at. [00:03:58] Speaker E: Oh, what does that do? Have you done this before? [00:04:00] Speaker B: I have not. So she needs to make a reflex saving throw, and while Jordy's doing that, so it manipulates unattended objects in the area, temporarily animating them, forcing them to attack whatever's in the area. [00:04:13] Speaker E: That's cool. [00:04:14] Speaker B: 120Ft reach. And it has a ten foot burst. It does two d ten bludgeoning damage on the first and then every round. I keep it going. It deals an additional one d ten bludgeoning. [00:04:24] Speaker D: That's so cool. [00:04:25] Speaker E: I like it. [00:04:27] Speaker D: Good job. [00:04:27] Speaker B: Yeah. Good use agitate. But I'm assuming she has a high will save. [00:04:35] Speaker C: I'm not going to make a precedence of this, but I'm going to offer you to turn in a hero point card to let her reroll that save if you want. [00:04:43] Speaker B: I don't have a hero point. [00:04:45] Speaker E: Can I? [00:04:46] Speaker C: I would allow Sam, since he doesn't have a character in the scene, I'm. [00:04:50] Speaker E: Gonna give it up to let her reroll and take the worst, because I am a friend of Jenkins. [00:05:00] Speaker A: You just want to keep the economy going. That's what you want to do. [00:05:03] Speaker B: And what's your DC 20? [00:05:05] Speaker D: Economy is flowing. [00:05:06] Speaker C: She got a regular success. [00:05:08] Speaker B: Okay. So she's going to take half damage on a reflex. [00:05:13] Speaker D: Come on. [00:05:13] Speaker A: But I don't have it prepared. [00:05:14] Speaker D: Shiny, click, clack rock. [00:05:16] Speaker B: She will take. [00:05:17] Speaker D: What did they say? [00:05:18] Speaker B: Twelve damage total. So half to six. And then I'm going to use my last action, since there's a gargoyle in front of me to start running the. [00:05:26] Speaker E: Opposite direction away from the carriage. [00:05:28] Speaker B: 30Ft. [00:05:29] Speaker C: So north. The opposite direction that Neros and Uber are running. [00:05:32] Speaker B: Yeah. And I'm going to shout. Keep going. We'll meet up later. [00:05:36] Speaker F: Can he see me hanging off the. [00:05:38] Speaker E: Side of the building? [00:05:39] Speaker B: Yeah. Do I see him? [00:05:40] Speaker C: Make a perception check. [00:05:43] Speaker E: Don't give him away. [00:05:44] Speaker B: 15. [00:05:45] Speaker C: No, you don't see. All right, Neros is your turn. There is a gargoyle right next to you because it stepped in between you and Albert. [00:05:56] Speaker D: Are you the gargoyle? Maybe. [00:06:00] Speaker B: Gargoyle this whole time. [00:06:02] Speaker C: Have you tried looking deeply into the gargoyle's eyes? [00:06:05] Speaker B: So, if it helps, I think I know how the gargoyles are made. And I think your theory could possibly be right. [00:06:13] Speaker D: Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. [00:06:16] Speaker B: That's why I wanted to steal those stones. [00:06:20] Speaker A: Which we did. [00:06:21] Speaker B: We did do. [00:06:21] Speaker D: We did steal them. [00:06:22] Speaker A: And you stole the book. [00:06:23] Speaker B: I did. [00:06:24] Speaker D: Okay, actual question. Should I keep running or should I cast my suggestion? [00:06:29] Speaker E: If you want. It is an attack spell. Plus, running. [00:06:33] Speaker B: That's what I did. [00:06:34] Speaker E: I think that's your best bet. Because I think pure running is going to get you guys killed. [00:06:39] Speaker B: Because we don't know how fast these gargoyles are. [00:06:42] Speaker D: That's fair. [00:06:43] Speaker B: Plus, there's a mage up in the room. [00:06:45] Speaker E: Jordy, what did the recall knowledge tell about the movement, speed? [00:06:49] Speaker C: Nothing. [00:06:50] Speaker E: Okay. [00:06:50] Speaker C: We are also coming to the realization that Uber critically failed his recall knowledge check. [00:06:54] Speaker E: Previously? [00:06:55] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:06:55] Speaker A: Both of them, apparently. [00:06:57] Speaker E: Wow, that's cool. I thought you were just lying. [00:07:00] Speaker C: Wasn't. Just. [00:07:01] Speaker E: Now, this is not the time for tentacle arms. [00:07:04] Speaker D: I am not going to use my tentacle arm. Hush up. [00:07:10] Speaker C: Slap them. [00:07:11] Speaker D: No, the one right next to me. Can you make a will save, please? [00:07:18] Speaker C: Yes. [00:07:19] Speaker E: I am curious. If Dertha dies. [00:07:21] Speaker D: Oh, do you need to know my DC? Yeah, what's 20? [00:07:24] Speaker C: Regular success. [00:07:25] Speaker D: Gosh darn it. [00:07:27] Speaker B: Here's. [00:07:27] Speaker E: If Dertha dies, do they stop? [00:07:29] Speaker B: I don't think so. [00:07:30] Speaker D: Okay. [00:07:30] Speaker E: If a tree falls in the woods, she went to the window so she could see you guys before the gargoyles went after. [00:07:36] Speaker C: Can I ask what was cast on my gargoyle? [00:07:38] Speaker D: So I cast phantom pain on it. But you succeeded. [00:07:46] Speaker C: Roll regular damage. [00:07:48] Speaker D: What? [00:07:48] Speaker C: Roll regular damage. Okay, treat that as a regular fail. [00:07:53] Speaker E: Oh, yeah, because they probably have a thing that makes them treat you as one step worse. [00:07:57] Speaker D: Really? [00:07:58] Speaker E: Against, like, illusions or something. You'll have to recall knowledge later. [00:08:02] Speaker D: Okay, then that changes a lot of the effects of this spell. [00:08:07] Speaker C: If it fails, you would have crit fails. [00:08:08] Speaker D: So that's five mental damage, and then that gargle will also be taking one d. Four persistent damage, and it is sickened one. [00:08:19] Speaker B: Oh, nice. Assuming it can be sickened. [00:08:23] Speaker D: Assuming it can be sickened. [00:08:25] Speaker C: Okay. [00:08:25] Speaker D: And then I would like to move further away. [00:08:28] Speaker C: Okay, you're about halfway down the building towards the front. [00:08:32] Speaker D: Okay. And that is my turn. [00:08:34] Speaker C: Uber. [00:08:37] Speaker A: I can't act upon what we just found out via player knowledge to Abby. [00:08:42] Speaker B: Nope. [00:08:43] Speaker A: I'm going. [00:08:44] Speaker C: Question. [00:08:45] Speaker B: Yes? [00:08:45] Speaker C: What is your skill level in arcane? [00:08:47] Speaker E: Expert. [00:08:48] Speaker A: Yeah, it's expert. [00:08:50] Speaker C: You know that she cast, like, a mental spell on it and it reacted. Gargoyles, you know, are immune. Constructs generally are immune to mental effects. Oh, good point. With your arcane training, you would know that. [00:09:04] Speaker A: In that case, the gargoyle that just fell and stayed there. I'm going to cast befuddle. [00:09:13] Speaker B: Remind me, what's that to again? [00:09:15] Speaker A: So befuddle. I sow seeds of confusion in my target's mind, causing their actions and thoughts to become clumsy. [00:09:21] Speaker E: Will save when there's a will. [00:09:24] Speaker A: 20. DC 20. [00:09:26] Speaker C: By the way, what happens on a critical failure? [00:09:29] Speaker A: On a critical failure, the target is clumsy. Three, stupefied three. And confused. [00:09:35] Speaker C: Wow. [00:09:36] Speaker B: Wait, confused for how long? [00:09:38] Speaker A: One round. Sorry, one round for one round. [00:09:40] Speaker B: One round of confusion. [00:09:41] Speaker D: We're just debuffing them. Hopefully. [00:09:45] Speaker B: Hopefully. [00:09:46] Speaker A: I run to the right. [00:09:48] Speaker B: Yeah, to the right. [00:09:49] Speaker A: Now make me go east. [00:09:50] Speaker E: They're all running different directions. [00:09:52] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:09:52] Speaker D: What is this plan like teenagers? [00:09:55] Speaker F: It wasn't a plan. [00:09:56] Speaker A: Scatter and regroup. [00:09:57] Speaker E: Regroup at my house? [00:10:00] Speaker A: Scatter and regroup. [00:10:02] Speaker E: The guy who's not come back to ice cream at my house? [00:10:05] Speaker D: No. You might be the ice cream man selling drugs. [00:10:09] Speaker E: Does it matter? Yes, I have ice cream. [00:10:12] Speaker A: All righty. [00:10:13] Speaker B: Regardless, people have ice cream now. [00:10:15] Speaker A: Dersa. [00:10:16] Speaker D: It's Datha. [00:10:17] Speaker C: Oh, nice. [00:10:19] Speaker E: Oh, no. They're both in range of her. [00:10:21] Speaker D: What? [00:10:22] Speaker C: With one action. [00:10:23] Speaker D: Can she see me? [00:10:24] Speaker C: She opens the window. [00:10:25] Speaker B: Whoa. [00:10:26] Speaker F: What a weird window. You just went horizontal with both your hands. [00:10:31] Speaker C: It's like a Disney musical window where you, like, fling it open, you sing. I am casting scorching Ray on Alward and Uber. [00:10:40] Speaker B: Wait, what? [00:10:42] Speaker C: It's a classic Disney song. [00:10:43] Speaker E: Splitting the. [00:10:44] Speaker B: Oh, I didn't know scorching Ray can do that. [00:10:48] Speaker C: Alward, as you're running to the north a ray just shoots past you, sizzles into the grass next to you. I didn't even need to ask what your. [00:10:57] Speaker B: Oh, wow. [00:10:58] Speaker E: This is what a uber drops. [00:10:59] Speaker C: What's your armor class? [00:11:00] Speaker A: 18. [00:11:01] Speaker C: Ooh, a critical hit. [00:11:03] Speaker B: Oh, no. [00:11:03] Speaker A: The heck, man? What do you have against me? [00:11:07] Speaker E: Uber? You keep getting critted left and right. [00:11:09] Speaker C: I know, Albert. I rolled a two on the dice. [00:11:13] Speaker A: What do you roll against me? [00:11:15] Speaker E: Can I use at least a 28? [00:11:17] Speaker C: Enough to crit? I'll tell you if it's a nat. [00:11:20] Speaker E: 20. I have the crit cards. [00:11:22] Speaker A: Don't you dare. [00:11:23] Speaker C: 34 fire damage. [00:11:24] Speaker A: I'm down. [00:11:26] Speaker E: If you didn't take all the. [00:11:27] Speaker B: No, it's what we get for trying. Yeah, to trying to go to 34 damage. She is a higher level caster than us, probably. [00:11:35] Speaker C: No, wait. I missed a part of the spell. She shot at Alward first, which means she had a multiple attack penalty does not crit on. So you only take 17 damage. [00:11:50] Speaker E: Are you still up, Sven? [00:11:51] Speaker B: Yes. [00:11:51] Speaker E: So how much health does Uber have now? [00:11:53] Speaker B: Give me a second here. [00:11:54] Speaker E: No, our healer will help you. [00:11:57] Speaker B: I think you need to just run on your turn. [00:12:00] Speaker A: I'm the 15 hitch points left. [00:12:01] Speaker B: Yeah, you just need to run on your. [00:12:03] Speaker E: Don't jump out another third story building. [00:12:04] Speaker A: Not jumping out of another third story building. Uber is running warp step. Warp step in a run? [00:12:13] Speaker B: Yeah, because warp step gives you, like, what? [00:12:15] Speaker A: Extra plus five. [00:12:16] Speaker E: Now, Uber could get targeted by Zach Gargoyle. Don't give after Nero or Alward. [00:12:22] Speaker D: Actually, I did hit it with some phantom pain. [00:12:25] Speaker C: Yeah, that gargoyle that done got its brain hurt. Whammied by Neros. Comes after Neros. [00:12:31] Speaker D: That's fine. I expected it. And what do you want from me? [00:12:35] Speaker C: It will attack you. [00:12:38] Speaker A: So it only has two actions. [00:12:40] Speaker F: No. [00:12:41] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:12:41] Speaker E: Sicken means takes a minus one to everything, right? [00:12:44] Speaker C: That's a regular hit. [00:12:45] Speaker A: Okay, they hit hard, let me tell you. [00:12:47] Speaker D: That's fine. [00:12:48] Speaker C: You take 13 bludgeoning damage plus fine. [00:12:52] Speaker E: Don't worry. [00:12:53] Speaker F: Wait, I don't have another corset. [00:12:56] Speaker C: And with its second attack, it dashes across the wooden porch area and swipes out at neros just, like, clubs her kind of across her back as she's running. And then with its other arm, it reaches out and just grabs onto her arm. And you are now grabbed. It is now the confused Gargoyle's turn. I think Alward is the closest to it. So it's going to spend two actions to catch up to Alward and then is going to swing it outward. [00:13:26] Speaker E: But it's got like a bunch of penalties. [00:13:28] Speaker C: Yeah, regular hit, and you take ten. Bludgeoning damage. All right. Zafir clinging to the side. It's Zafir. [00:13:39] Speaker F: This is a really dumb idea. If I hop back into the window, is that a free action? [00:13:46] Speaker C: One action to climb through. [00:13:48] Speaker F: Okay, I'm hopping, and she doesn't know I'm there, right? [00:13:54] Speaker C: No, she seems focused on what's happening outside. [00:13:56] Speaker F: I'm casting vomit swarm. [00:14:00] Speaker D: Oh, my God. [00:14:02] Speaker E: Love it. [00:14:03] Speaker F: All right, so it's a reflex, but it is a 30 foot cone. [00:14:10] Speaker E: You got to help us out here, George. [00:14:12] Speaker C: Regular success. [00:14:13] Speaker F: Regular success. Half damage. [00:14:15] Speaker C: Cool. [00:14:16] Speaker E: That's not bad. [00:14:18] Speaker F: Four, but she's covered in spiders. [00:14:21] Speaker B: Four is already half spiders. [00:14:23] Speaker F: Four is already happening. [00:14:24] Speaker C: All right, so she's standing there. All these shards of crystal have just, like, slammed into her from Alward, and she's just brushing those off after casting the scorching ray, when all these Spiders just start climbing up her and biting. And now it is Alward's turn. [00:14:40] Speaker B: How's the gargoyle that just attacked me? [00:14:42] Speaker C: Look, I might say barely injured. He is still clumsy. Three. And stupefied. Three. [00:14:48] Speaker E: So its ac is lowered by three, and it's reflex save. [00:14:51] Speaker C: And it's will save. [00:14:53] Speaker B: I'm going to, as a free action, unleash my psyche, and it's going to be a violent unleash. [00:15:00] Speaker C: Nice. [00:15:00] Speaker B: They need. [00:15:02] Speaker E: Have you done this before? [00:15:03] Speaker B: No, I have not. They need to make basic reflex save. [00:15:09] Speaker C: Critical failure. [00:15:13] Speaker B: All right. Sad. Six damage. That's already doubled. [00:15:21] Speaker C: Ouch. [00:15:22] Speaker D: That's just upsetting duty. [00:15:24] Speaker E: Six. Roll the three. [00:15:26] Speaker B: So as I unleash my psyche, what happens is basically within a 20 foot radius around me, the ground and the grass just get ripped up from underneath me, and it's just dirt now. [00:15:37] Speaker E: And then what is unleashed psyche. [00:15:39] Speaker B: Oh, I've done that before, haven't I? [00:15:41] Speaker E: I asked if you had. [00:15:42] Speaker C: I think you unleashed your psyche before, but it couldn't hurt. [00:15:45] Speaker B: All right. Unleashing my psyche is something that only psychics can do. It's sort of tapping into their innate mind power. [00:15:54] Speaker E: Super Saiyan. [00:15:55] Speaker B: Yeah, it's basically going super Saiyan for two rounds, and then after that, I'm stupefied. Two for two rounds. And it lets me do various things. And since we're going to fight, this should be fun. [00:16:04] Speaker E: Awesome. [00:16:05] Speaker C: So, yes, the ground is torn up, turf going everywhere, and the gargoyle itself takes six points of force damage. [00:16:12] Speaker B: Okay, I'm then going to amp a telekinetic projectile to hit the gargoyle 23. [00:16:23] Speaker C: That's a hit. [00:16:24] Speaker B: Nice. All right. And I'm assuming they're, like, resistant to bludgeoning, but that's fine because I'm going to deal three d six plus four plus four to it. [00:16:37] Speaker C: That's a bit. [00:16:38] Speaker B: Oh, that sucks. [00:16:39] Speaker E: Have good d six left. [00:16:41] Speaker B: 20 points of damage and it gets pushed back 10ft away from me. Just straight back. [00:16:49] Speaker C: In that one shot, you just, like, blasted off, like, a chunk of the torso. [00:16:53] Speaker B: Good. [00:16:54] Speaker C: It's not looking good. [00:16:56] Speaker B: And then with me looking back and seeing sort of the situation and everything, instead of continuing to run, even though I'm going to regret that, I'm going to calculate threats, which is something I can only do when my psyche is unleashed. And it gives me a plus two circumstance bonus to acs, my ac and my reflex save until the beginning of my next turn as I take in my entire surrounding and analyze every bit of information going on. [00:17:21] Speaker E: Dang, it's pretty cool. [00:17:23] Speaker C: Nice near us. You're being pursued by a gargoyle. [00:17:27] Speaker D: I'm more than just pursued. It grabbed me. [00:17:30] Speaker C: That is true. [00:17:30] Speaker E: It's holding your hand. [00:17:32] Speaker D: I don't want to hold your hand. [00:17:34] Speaker F: Okay, we need a red guard to come out. [00:17:36] Speaker B: Yeah, we need maybe a quibs. [00:17:40] Speaker D: Gwibs around. [00:17:41] Speaker E: Theoretically, you might be able to just finish off that other gargoyle, even though you're being held by this one. [00:17:47] Speaker D: I have 16 hit points out of 44. I have five if it goes again. [00:17:53] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:17:55] Speaker D: I could possibly go unconscious here and it just take me away. [00:18:00] Speaker E: I mean, presumably they can't fly. We don't know that they haven't done it. They took fall damage. [00:18:05] Speaker A: They don't have wings. [00:18:07] Speaker C: They have decorative wings, but they are made out of stone. [00:18:10] Speaker E: If you were able to kill it, there'd be one less enemy with a turn. But Vera might be able to kill it because he goes right after you. [00:18:16] Speaker D: But in the grand scheme of things, why would I be paying attention to that gargoyle when one of them has me know? [00:18:23] Speaker E: Because fun times are dying. [00:18:27] Speaker B: Fun times are dying. [00:18:28] Speaker C: You just roll persistent damage on the gargoyle. That has persistent damage. [00:18:34] Speaker D: Oh, yeah. [00:18:35] Speaker E: Did he die? [00:18:35] Speaker C: He took two points. [00:18:36] Speaker E: Two points? He's dead. He only had three hit points. [00:18:41] Speaker D: It was just injured. I don't think it's dead. [00:18:43] Speaker A: He only had three hit points. He took two. He's dead. [00:18:46] Speaker E: Wait, he took one damage? [00:18:49] Speaker D: How many actions is it to get out of the grab? [00:18:51] Speaker E: One. [00:18:51] Speaker D: One. [00:18:52] Speaker E: But you have to roll an unarmed attack. An acrobatics check or an athletics check. [00:18:56] Speaker D: Okay, I'll do unarmed because it's better than both of those. I'm so stressed. [00:19:03] Speaker B: This is a stressful fight. [00:19:04] Speaker E: On a scale of. You have a hero point. You have two, actually. [00:19:11] Speaker D: Okay. Rerolling. [00:19:14] Speaker E: I believe in you. [00:19:15] Speaker D: Oh, that's better. [00:19:16] Speaker B: What'd you get? [00:19:18] Speaker D: Holy crap. [00:19:20] Speaker B: What is it? [00:19:20] Speaker D: I have to math give. [00:19:21] Speaker B: Okay. [00:19:22] Speaker D: 27. [00:19:25] Speaker B: Oh, that's so good. [00:19:26] Speaker C: You break free? [00:19:27] Speaker B: Yes. [00:19:28] Speaker D: Want to break free? Should I make this thing make a fortitude save? How do we feel about that? [00:19:38] Speaker B: I tried it and it critically succeeded. [00:19:41] Speaker E: What do you think they suck at will? I think they suck at will the most will, especially because you know that it failed a step lower than at least on one will save. [00:19:49] Speaker D: Or I could cast something that requires a will save that could potentially cause more damage. [00:19:56] Speaker E: Yeah, that could be a good idea. That'd be a good way to tell if it's illusions or will saves that they're failing. Extra steps. [00:20:02] Speaker D: I'm going to go ahead and cast that spell. [00:20:04] Speaker E: What is that one? [00:20:05] Speaker D: Blistering invective. A heap of insults and invectives spew from your mouth. Words so devastating your foes burn from the intensity of your diatribe. Make a will save. [00:20:16] Speaker C: Yeah, that's a crit fail. [00:20:22] Speaker A: Abby looks so happy right now. [00:20:24] Speaker B: Roll that damage. [00:20:25] Speaker D: I will, and then I'll tell you the effects. [00:20:27] Speaker B: Yay. [00:20:28] Speaker D: It does damage and effects. [00:20:30] Speaker A: Best kind. [00:20:31] Speaker C: Does it double damage so it doesn't take damage immediately. [00:20:33] Speaker D: Oh, that's right. It's persistent. [00:20:35] Speaker E: Oh, the whole thing's persistent. [00:20:37] Speaker D: And then. Yeah, I didn't read that part of the spell. It's okay. Oh, well. Critical failure. Target becomes frightened too. [00:20:45] Speaker B: Nice. [00:20:46] Speaker D: And takes double the persistent fire damage. [00:20:49] Speaker C: It's hard to tell on a stony face if a gargoyle appears frightened, but its body language does seem to change. And Neros, you have broken free. You've cast blistering invective and it is now Uvair's turn. [00:21:02] Speaker B: So I can very well die if that gargoyle gets to me. [00:21:06] Speaker A: I can very well die if she doesn't know the spot. [00:21:08] Speaker B: I know. No, same. [00:21:10] Speaker A: How far away is it from me? [00:21:12] Speaker C: 50Ft were you to walk it? [00:21:13] Speaker E: But, like, 40ft distance. [00:21:15] Speaker C: 35 if you're trying to shoot it. [00:21:17] Speaker E: 35 by the bird. Crow flies. [00:21:21] Speaker C: 35 as the fly flies. [00:21:29] Speaker D: You sound so evil right now. [00:21:31] Speaker E: He's got a hero point. He's holding up. He's going to eat it. [00:21:35] Speaker B: Get it away from your mouth. [00:21:36] Speaker A: I may very well die doing this. [00:21:39] Speaker B: What are you doing? [00:21:40] Speaker A: I want you to know. [00:21:41] Speaker B: Well, if it saves me, I will be forever in your death. [00:21:44] Speaker E: I have a healing prayer. I can't use it for anyone. [00:21:46] Speaker B: Yeah. Where are you? [00:21:48] Speaker C: You rolled. [00:21:48] Speaker B: Initiative, you have. [00:21:50] Speaker E: Don't worry about it. I have to wait for my dramatic entrance. [00:21:55] Speaker B: We're all dead. He comes, steals our body. [00:21:58] Speaker A: All right, here we go. Ufe is going to see Alward and Neros in this situation. And he's going to turn around, look up at Datha. [00:22:15] Speaker E: We're really bad about our name. [00:22:16] Speaker A: We really are. [00:22:17] Speaker B: My name is Dafak. [00:22:18] Speaker A: Look up at Datha. And you're just going to see him. Hevasai. You're going to see magic just start to course through him as he looks at the one closest to Alward and casts warriors regret. [00:22:34] Speaker E: That's interesting. [00:22:35] Speaker B: So it'll kill me and then hurt itself? [00:22:39] Speaker A: Pretty much. [00:22:41] Speaker B: Or. [00:22:42] Speaker E: Well, actually, it's almost dead. [00:22:45] Speaker A: It's almost dead? [00:22:46] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:22:46] Speaker E: You don't just have like a cast damage cantrip or something? [00:22:52] Speaker A: Vivero is going to cast days on the near death. One near Alward, 20. [00:23:00] Speaker C: Natural 20. [00:23:04] Speaker D: Jordy looks so pleased with himself. [00:23:07] Speaker C: This is my poker face. [00:23:09] Speaker E: Jordy. Could be. [00:23:10] Speaker D: That's a really bad poker. [00:23:11] Speaker C: You could ask Jacob and Nolan. I'm bad at poker. [00:23:14] Speaker A: You bad? Not so nice. Dm. Run. He's going to run and try and get out of line of sight of the caster. Of the caster. [00:23:26] Speaker C: I don't think that there is anywhere you can go from where you are that will get you out of sight in 20ft. But you can head south to work on that project. [00:23:35] Speaker A: Yeah, we can head south and work on that project. [00:23:38] Speaker E: Well, she might be distracted by Zafir in the room. [00:23:41] Speaker C: Speaking of distracted by Sophia in the room, it's Dapa's turn. [00:23:44] Speaker E: Is she distracted by Zafir in the room? [00:23:46] Speaker C: She decides to go for the kill. No. [00:23:49] Speaker F: I hate the fact that I do have full health at this point and everybody else is like, dying outside. [00:23:55] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:23:57] Speaker C: I'm so excited for this spell. [00:23:59] Speaker E: Oh, no. Good grief. [00:24:01] Speaker C: She turns around, pulls a couple spiders off of her. She throws them on the ground, looks at Zafir and is like, you. You will die the worst of deaths. And I'm going to need. I'm going to need a will saving throw. [00:24:17] Speaker D: Is she afraid of spiders? [00:24:19] Speaker B: Power word. [00:24:20] Speaker A: Kill. [00:24:21] Speaker B: Is she doing what I think she's doing? [00:24:23] Speaker E: Dude, there's like a million spells. What do you think she's doing? [00:24:26] Speaker B: Petite. You can't critically fail twice. [00:24:29] Speaker E: It's not that. Try not to. That's too high level for this. [00:24:32] Speaker B: I don't think it is. [00:24:34] Speaker F: Can I use a hero point for that. [00:24:36] Speaker A: You definitely can. [00:24:38] Speaker E: There you go. Okay. This is getting the economy flowing. [00:24:43] Speaker D: We have no choice. [00:24:44] Speaker F: Sorry I yelled. [00:24:48] Speaker C: You said will 16, so that's a regular failure. [00:24:53] Speaker B: This is just regular zafir. [00:24:55] Speaker C: As she's reaching out towards you, your mind kind of just clouds over with black for a minute, and you flash back to a scene as a child. You see in front of you a white knife, a white handled knife with blood dripping off the blade. Then you see a flash of the horrific face that you saw in the library beneath Joel. [00:25:29] Speaker D: Oh, my gosh. [00:25:31] Speaker E: I still don't know what that looks like. [00:25:33] Speaker B: Terrifying is what it looked like. [00:25:36] Speaker C: And then you're flashing back into the room, but you're shaken by what you've witnessed. You are now flat footed, and you don't feel like the spell's effect is over yet. [00:25:47] Speaker D: Oh, my gosh. [00:25:49] Speaker C: It's a pending doom. [00:25:51] Speaker B: Oh. [00:25:52] Speaker C: And with her third action, she'll pull out a dagger. [00:25:56] Speaker B: Oh, my gosh. [00:25:58] Speaker F: That's just the action. [00:26:00] Speaker C: Yeah. It took two actions to cast. [00:26:02] Speaker E: Push her out the window. [00:26:05] Speaker C: It is now the gargoyle that was attempting to grab Neros and is no longer succeeding. To grab Neros at the end of its turn, it will take two instances of persistent damage, but right now, it is the beginning of its turn, and it runs away. It's going to swing out a fist at Nero's? [00:26:25] Speaker E: Yes. [00:26:26] Speaker C: What's your armor class? [00:26:29] Speaker D: If I don't tell you, can I not take any damage? [00:26:33] Speaker C: Well, I'll let it slide. Oh, wait, Sam, do you have any critical fumble cards? [00:26:42] Speaker E: If you attacked with a claw or a fist, you cannot use that attack until the end of your next turn. Because of your hangnail. [00:26:52] Speaker B: It chipped. [00:26:56] Speaker E: Cannot use the fist attack, whichever it was. A claw or fist again until the end of its next turn. So it gets two turns of no. [00:27:04] Speaker C: Good, so it swipes out at neros, and she ducks, and it swings, like, hits itself and just, like, cracks its fingers briefly, looks down at them in surprise, and then it reaches out with its other hand to try to grab neros again. [00:27:19] Speaker F: My God, it can do that? [00:27:21] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:27:22] Speaker B: Grappling isn't in it. Well, it's an attack, but it's not like it's claw attack. [00:27:25] Speaker C: Abby. [00:27:26] Speaker D: No. [00:27:27] Speaker C: This gargoyle attempts to grab you and just leaves itself wide open. Would you like to attempt to grapple it, or would you like to just make it trip? [00:27:38] Speaker E: It could either fall prone or you could grab it or try to grab it. [00:27:42] Speaker D: Just probably make it trip. I don't want to touch it? [00:27:46] Speaker F: Put it in a headlight. [00:27:48] Speaker C: This poor guy swings, fingers crack. So it tries to grab at neros, and she just, like, swipes its leg out from under it and it just hits the ground and takes two. [00:27:59] Speaker D: Persistent. [00:28:00] Speaker C: With its final third action, it stands up. And now it will take persistent damage. [00:28:07] Speaker E: All right, nice. What are the instances coming for it? [00:28:10] Speaker C: All right, let's do mental first. Because it was the first one that happened. [00:28:13] Speaker E: How much mental? [00:28:14] Speaker C: One d four mental. Which? Abby, do you want to roll it? Since it was your cause. [00:28:18] Speaker D: I don't care. Do you want me to? [00:28:20] Speaker C: I thought you'd like to. What's the damage you're causing? [00:28:26] Speaker D: Two. [00:28:27] Speaker C: He takes two damage, and it does not end. [00:28:30] Speaker E: And how much does invective blistering do? [00:28:32] Speaker D: Two. D six. Persistent tire. [00:28:34] Speaker C: Two times two because he crit failed. [00:28:38] Speaker D: So twelve. [00:28:39] Speaker C: And it looks like some of that didn't damage it as badly because it is made out of stone. And then the flames do wear off, but it will still be taking the mental damage on its next turn. [00:28:51] Speaker E: It's getting close, guys. The two gargoyles are both almost dead. You guys got this. [00:28:56] Speaker C: Now it's the northernmost gargoyle. It will step back up to alward and it's going to swing at him. He misses. [00:29:07] Speaker B: Oh, thank goodness. [00:29:11] Speaker C: He swings again with his final action, he'll swing out with his other fist. [00:29:19] Speaker E: Don't look at me like that. [00:29:20] Speaker B: If he hits with Jordy. [00:29:22] Speaker C: Got another crit fumble. [00:29:29] Speaker E: He's off. [00:29:29] Speaker D: Mappy, please don't cry. [00:29:31] Speaker B: Oh, my God. [00:29:32] Speaker D: Cry. [00:29:32] Speaker E: Okay, off balance. You are slowed, too, until the end of your next turn. So he'll get, like, one action. Next turn. [00:29:40] Speaker B: Yeah. Oh, my goodness gracious. [00:29:44] Speaker E: One of them gets a hangnail, the other is off balance. [00:29:46] Speaker C: Wow. [00:29:47] Speaker E: Off guard, one might say. [00:29:52] Speaker B: I'm dying. [00:29:53] Speaker D: You're not dying. [00:29:55] Speaker E: Zafir. [00:29:56] Speaker D: Come on. Zafir. [00:29:58] Speaker E: Zafir. [00:29:59] Speaker F: What does flat footed mean exactly? [00:30:01] Speaker E: Your ac is too lower. [00:30:03] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:30:04] Speaker F: I pull out my dagger as well. [00:30:08] Speaker E: Dagger, v dagger. [00:30:09] Speaker F: And I charge at her. I charge, and I'm not even going to attempt a strike. It's just going straight towards her. The knife is to push her at. [00:30:22] Speaker C: The window with an intimidating flare. [00:30:26] Speaker F: And once again, my last hero point. Everything relies on this. Here we go. It is the same number. [00:30:38] Speaker B: What'd you get, though? [00:30:39] Speaker F: 18 total. [00:30:40] Speaker B: That's not bad. [00:30:41] Speaker C: With the plus one circumstance bonus from the intimidating flare, you succeed in pushing. [00:30:48] Speaker E: Her out. [00:30:51] Speaker F: That means we're both going, baby. [00:30:54] Speaker C: You may dive out the window after her, but you may end your turn in the same space she is currently. [00:31:00] Speaker F: We're both going, baby, baby. [00:31:03] Speaker B: I've made a lot of bad decisions. [00:31:05] Speaker F: And this is one of them. [00:31:06] Speaker C: So she goes out the window. This is interesting. She goes out the window and takes 15 damage from smashing into the ground. Oh, you are cushioned in your fall from landing on her. You take half and she takes half from you falling on her. [00:31:24] Speaker B: Nice. So she takes a total of, like, 22. [00:31:29] Speaker F: Yes, I'm good with that. I'm good with that. [00:31:32] Speaker C: They are now both on the ground with you guys. [00:31:34] Speaker E: Is she prone? [00:31:36] Speaker C: Yes, she is prone. Zafir, since you were in charge of all of this, go ahead and make a reflex save to see if you drop prone or if you're able to land more carefully. [00:31:46] Speaker F: That was a terrible roll. 15. [00:31:49] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:31:50] Speaker C: I'm going to say you also land prone. [00:31:51] Speaker F: I'm okay with that. [00:31:53] Speaker E: This is fun. I like this one. [00:31:56] Speaker F: If you like anxiety, then, yes, I am not playing. [00:31:59] Speaker E: So it's pretty fun. [00:32:01] Speaker D: Yeah. I'm still wondering where you are, because you have initiative. [00:32:05] Speaker B: You're in there somewhere. [00:32:06] Speaker E: Of course I have initiative. I'm a person. Every person has their own initiative. [00:32:10] Speaker C: Speaking of initiative, Alward, it's your turn. [00:32:13] Speaker D: You can kill it. [00:32:13] Speaker E: I believe in you. [00:32:16] Speaker B: Is Zafir currently on Dita or is he, like, to the side? [00:32:23] Speaker C: Because we're playing on a grid. I'm going to say they landed and Zafir kind of rolled off onto the space next to her. [00:32:29] Speaker F: I mean, I'd prefer to be straddling her with the dagger above her head. [00:32:32] Speaker C: But you failed your reflex save. Sad day. [00:32:36] Speaker A: You succeeded where it counts, though. [00:32:38] Speaker E: When you're falling 15ft, it's kind of hard to be like, I'm going to land just like this. [00:32:42] Speaker B: I'm terrified of my action right now because I can either do a thing that hurts Ditha and the gargoyle, but we assume the gargoyle is really good at fortitude. [00:32:57] Speaker E: I mean, even if it take half damage, it will probably die. [00:33:01] Speaker B: But if it gets a critical success, I will die. Actually, no, I won't, because it's slow. Yeah. [00:33:09] Speaker E: It only gets one action. [00:33:10] Speaker B: Okay. [00:33:11] Speaker E: It's a great time for that. [00:33:12] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:33:12] Speaker B: I'm going to go ahead and amp wrong way. My telekinetic rend. [00:33:18] Speaker C: Nice. [00:33:19] Speaker B: On Dietha and the gargoyle, as I basically shout, like, get away from me. They both need to make a fortitude save DC of 20. [00:33:33] Speaker C: Both of them get a regular success. [00:33:35] Speaker B: Okay, that's fine. They will take two d, six, one bludgeoning, one slashing, I'll go ahead and do Ditha's first. [00:33:45] Speaker F: Datha. [00:33:45] Speaker B: Datha. Ditha. Datha. Datuthu. [00:33:48] Speaker D: Duluthu. [00:33:49] Speaker A: Dathuthu. [00:33:51] Speaker C: Call of Dathuthu. [00:33:52] Speaker A: Cousin of Cthulhu, the lesser known cousin. [00:33:54] Speaker B: She takes five slashing damage and one bludgeoning damage, plus an additional four damage, and then we're going to do the gargoyle next. [00:34:04] Speaker E: Did he fail or succeed? [00:34:05] Speaker B: He succeeded. Oh. Six slashing, five bludgeoning, plus an additional four. [00:34:14] Speaker C: One of the gargoyle's arms just kind of slides off, and then the spellstone that appears to be embedded in its forehead just kind of goes dim and it just collapses. [00:34:25] Speaker B: Yes. [00:34:26] Speaker C: Not spell stone. [00:34:27] Speaker B: Soul stone. [00:34:28] Speaker A: That one's not Hamir, I hope. [00:34:31] Speaker B: Maybe. I'm still going to move farther away from doothithi. If I'm going to say it wrong, I'm going to butcher it. That is my thing. [00:34:43] Speaker C: So you run southward, kind of swinging out a little bit more to the east just to keep a little distance from Daitha. [00:34:50] Speaker B: Yes. [00:34:50] Speaker E: I'm proud of you. [00:34:51] Speaker C: Alert neros. [00:34:54] Speaker D: Okay, everything's fine. [00:34:58] Speaker F: Nothing is okay. [00:35:00] Speaker E: Everything is fine. [00:35:03] Speaker D: I want to cry. Crying is a free action. I'm going to burst into tears now. Albert is all right. I'm going to recast phantom pain. [00:35:16] Speaker B: All right. [00:35:18] Speaker D: Ouch. [00:35:20] Speaker E: So it's a will save nearest coming in. Clutch this game. [00:35:24] Speaker D: Doubt it. [00:35:24] Speaker C: That's a critical failure. [00:35:26] Speaker B: Nice. [00:35:30] Speaker C: I, like, triple checked my math on that one because I was like, no way. [00:35:33] Speaker E: I saw your face. [00:35:34] Speaker D: So that's six mental damage. [00:35:36] Speaker B: Nice. [00:35:38] Speaker D: And it is sickened two and gets one d four persistent mental damage. [00:35:46] Speaker F: Yeah, man. [00:35:48] Speaker C: So that second won't stack, but that did increase its sickened level. [00:35:53] Speaker E: I forgot it's still taking one. D four persistent. [00:35:55] Speaker D: Okay, well, and then for my last action, I would like to move, run. [00:36:01] Speaker E: Behind the dwarf, use uber as a human shield to the south. [00:36:08] Speaker D: Can we move the map so I can. [00:36:10] Speaker B: He's working on it. He's spinning. Uber. Currently. [00:36:15] Speaker C: Uvair does a little spin, and then the camera moves. [00:36:18] Speaker F: That's his turn. [00:36:19] Speaker C: Wait a minute. You're telling me Uvair is magical? Speaking of Uvair, it's your turn, Uber. [00:36:27] Speaker F: Be magical. [00:36:28] Speaker A: She's prone on the ground. [00:36:30] Speaker E: Kill the gargoyle. [00:36:31] Speaker C: Daisa is prone. The gargoyle is not. He stood up. [00:36:34] Speaker F: What about the two people in the hallway? They're just standing there. [00:36:37] Speaker B: I want him. [00:36:38] Speaker C: A good question. [00:36:40] Speaker A: Why did you bring them up? I was watching them, hoping he would forget. [00:36:43] Speaker F: Well, I figure he won't just spontaneously. [00:36:46] Speaker B: Put us in there. [00:36:47] Speaker E: Are you talking about those two losers. Yeah, I've been actively not mentioning them. [00:36:53] Speaker B: Same. Wait, the gargoyle can't attack? [00:36:57] Speaker E: Why? [00:36:58] Speaker B: His hangnail. [00:36:58] Speaker E: We haven't seen him do anything else in fist attack. Right? So theoretically, it can't attack next turn, actually, so maybe going after Daiso. It can still grab, but that's not that bad. [00:37:10] Speaker A: How far am I away from her? [00:37:13] Speaker C: 97Ft. 45ft. [00:37:17] Speaker A: Sudden bolt reflex. Save DC 20. [00:37:19] Speaker E: That was very sudden of you. [00:37:21] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:37:29] Speaker A: I call down a small bolt of lightning on the target dealing four. [00:37:34] Speaker B: D twelve. [00:37:35] Speaker D: Double. [00:37:38] Speaker B: That's so much damage. [00:37:43] Speaker F: Hey, that's not going to hit. [00:37:44] Speaker B: Do you need some d twelve? It won't hit you at all. [00:37:49] Speaker D: You need a d twelve. [00:37:49] Speaker B: I got a d twelve. [00:37:50] Speaker F: We should all offer a d twelve. [00:37:52] Speaker A: Give me a d twelve, everybody. [00:37:53] Speaker B: Give me a d eight instead. [00:37:55] Speaker A: Give me d twelve. [00:38:12] Speaker B: As Albert I still don't want her dead. But as Jenkins yes, kill her. [00:38:19] Speaker D: Everybody's happy. [00:38:22] Speaker A: 40 points of damage, please. [00:38:26] Speaker C: 40. So let's just kind of roll back the tape a little bit. As the window smashes. As Zafir shoves her out the window, the two of them slam onto the ground. Zafir rolls just a few feet clear. Alward looks over and focuses his rending forces to just rip and tear at the ground and everything in that area. And just as she's starting to come to her senses and pull herself off the ground, this bolt of lightning just comes in, shatters her, and she just falls to the ground, her cloak smoking, and she is dead. [00:39:04] Speaker B: If we weren't an enemy before, we are an enemy now. [00:39:07] Speaker D: Good job. [00:39:11] Speaker E: Proves again why being a nerd can. [00:39:13] Speaker B: Be clue uber with a body count. [00:39:17] Speaker D: That is such a good. [00:39:19] Speaker E: He probably doesn't even remember how big. [00:39:21] Speaker D: His body count is. [00:39:22] Speaker F: So you're a scholar, right? [00:39:26] Speaker C: You have one action remaining. [00:39:30] Speaker F: He turns around and walks away from the explosion. [00:39:36] Speaker B: What do I do? Run? [00:39:38] Speaker A: Yeah, run. I actually get further away from the gargoyle. [00:39:42] Speaker D: Run, boy. Run. [00:39:44] Speaker C: All right. And it is the gargoyle's turn now. [00:39:47] Speaker E: Oh, no. [00:39:48] Speaker C: As it looks between Uvair and Datha, and Uvair and Datha, and then the gemstone in the forehead just grows dim and it just collapses. [00:39:57] Speaker B: I knew her. [00:40:03] Speaker C: We're not out of a combat initiative yet. [00:40:08] Speaker E: Why are you two. [00:40:08] Speaker C: Look at me, Zafir. You see another flash in your mind's eye. [00:40:17] Speaker D: Oh, no. [00:40:18] Speaker C: Of this horrifying face. The one that you saw in the woods outside of Copperberg. [00:40:24] Speaker B: It. [00:40:25] Speaker C: And you hear again, just echoing in your ears. I am your end, and you are my beginning. And you are now frightened too, as just this dread is building up in you. [00:40:43] Speaker F: What does that mean? [00:40:44] Speaker B: Do I have to? [00:40:45] Speaker C: Is now your turn? [00:40:47] Speaker A: What does that mean? [00:40:47] Speaker C: What does frighten do all of your stats and attack rolls and everything just take a minus two to everything? [00:40:55] Speaker E: No. What's he going to do? [00:40:57] Speaker F: So I flash back, right? [00:40:59] Speaker C: Yes. You are back in the moment now, but you have just, like, the lingering emotional effects of what you've seen. [00:41:06] Speaker F: I'm still clutching my dagger. Correct. I roll just in her direction and just start stabbing. Just stabbing. Eyes closed. Nothing else. [00:41:21] Speaker C: All right, Alward, is your turn. [00:41:25] Speaker B: Can I make some sort of check to see what's going on with Zafir? [00:41:28] Speaker C: He's scared. Like, beyond that, go ahead and make an Arcana check. [00:41:34] Speaker E: They didn't even see the spell get cast on him. [00:41:37] Speaker B: That is true. [00:41:38] Speaker A: We have no idea. [00:41:39] Speaker E: I do. [00:41:40] Speaker B: 16. Yeah. [00:41:42] Speaker C: You're not sure. He doesn't seem to be himself for sure. But you're not entirely. You don't know what's going on. [00:41:47] Speaker B: Are you sure? That's definitely something I would do. [00:41:49] Speaker C: Well, there's just a different way that you're stabbing over and over. [00:41:55] Speaker B: I'm just going then to shout to Zafir, basically saying, like, we have to go. She's dead. Come on, we can deal with it later. Let's go. And then I'm going to spend however many actions I have left to catch up with the rest of the group. I have 30ft movement. I don't know where that landed me. [00:42:18] Speaker C: You're now in the lead. [00:42:19] Speaker B: I just wanted to catch up to the group. I didn't want to surpass it. How many actions do I have left? [00:42:25] Speaker C: One. [00:42:26] Speaker B: I'll recall knowledge on the dead gargoyles because I'm curious. [00:42:29] Speaker C: Make an arcana or crafting. Check. [00:42:32] Speaker E: Secret roll. [00:42:33] Speaker C: Thank you. [00:42:34] Speaker B: I'll sort of rewind a bit. As my turn begins. Everything that was happening around him, all the visual aspects of his psyche, fades away and he's just drained and he starts moving and it's plus nine because I'm stupefied. One. [00:42:53] Speaker C: Alward. You're not sure. You know they're not normal gargoyles. That's easy enough, but apart from that, it's difficult to tell what's going on. [00:43:00] Speaker E: You're too stupefied to understand. [00:43:02] Speaker C: You're too stupefied. [00:43:03] Speaker B: That will be my turn. [00:43:04] Speaker C: Nearly. [00:43:05] Speaker A: I was just going to ask. Go ahead and continue. I was going to ask, can we tell where the best way to get out of this area is? Instead of going to the front of the house, where the entrance is. [00:43:15] Speaker E: That's where the carriages are. [00:43:17] Speaker D: Are they? [00:43:18] Speaker C: You could make your way out through the wall. There's not a wall. There's, like, an wrought iron fence that surrounds the estate. So you could try to climb over that fence, or you could try to see if there's, like, a side exit or something, of which you don't have any blueprints for the grounds. But the carriages are at the front. [00:43:38] Speaker E: I was going to say, the longer you take to get to the carriages, like, taking it sideways, the more time all their guards have to get there to stop you guys from taking it to leave. [00:43:49] Speaker C: So far, it's been about 30 seconds since you first saw Datha up in that top rib. Right. [00:43:56] Speaker E: But presumably they've seen the broken window that they faked, and they might already. [00:44:01] Speaker C: Be running down Neros. [00:44:05] Speaker D: I have not been paying attention this entire time. [00:44:08] Speaker C: So Datha's dead. [00:44:12] Speaker D: Yeah. That happened in my mind when that. [00:44:14] Speaker E: Gar that was next to you decided to just stop moving. [00:44:17] Speaker C: Yes. And Zafir is just madly stabbing at Daetha, who is dead, which you might. [00:44:24] Speaker E: Not be able to see. [00:44:26] Speaker D: I don't think I can see him. [00:44:28] Speaker B: I did yell at Zafir. [00:44:30] Speaker E: So she knows Zafir's over there, but doesn't know what he's doing. [00:44:32] Speaker D: I have no idea what he's. And to Neros, you could have just been yelling at him, like, come on. Yeah, I'm just going to keep moving. [00:44:42] Speaker C: And she ran towards the front gates or to the carriage storage. [00:44:47] Speaker D: Where are the carriages at, exactly? [00:44:50] Speaker C: They are about half a map, again, south of where our map ends. [00:44:55] Speaker E: So just keep running south. [00:44:57] Speaker D: Yeah, I'm just going to. [00:44:58] Speaker B: We do have two more preparation points to spend. [00:45:03] Speaker F: Knock down the fence. [00:45:04] Speaker B: One from Uvair, one from hang. [00:45:06] Speaker A: I got something for that. [00:45:07] Speaker E: I use mine. [00:45:09] Speaker C: Speaking of which, Uvair, it's your turn. [00:45:10] Speaker B: Work yours off. [00:45:11] Speaker E: I use mine for stealth, and I. [00:45:13] Speaker A: Think this is a great time to use it. I'm going to say let's hurry and. [00:45:19] Speaker C: Goes out the back way where I. [00:45:21] Speaker A: Sets up the lazar. [00:45:22] Speaker E: The ladder. [00:45:23] Speaker F: Short and sweet. [00:45:24] Speaker E: How are you going to get to the carriages? [00:45:26] Speaker A: Are you just leaving the ladder on the. [00:45:28] Speaker B: We're leaving the carriage. [00:45:29] Speaker A: Yeah, we don't need the carriage. [00:45:31] Speaker E: Okay, so you're not going to be traveling. [00:45:35] Speaker A: We can rent another carriage. [00:45:36] Speaker C: Do you want to suggest moving to the back before Neros runs? Three actions to the south. [00:45:41] Speaker B: Yes. [00:45:42] Speaker A: And we'll say it's just directly east. [00:45:45] Speaker C: All right, cool. [00:45:46] Speaker A: Because that makes the most sense where we're at. [00:45:49] Speaker C: And Uvair, on your turn, are you just running for the ladder? [00:45:52] Speaker A: Yep, running for the ladder. [00:45:53] Speaker C: So Uvair and Neros are both able just to make it to a ladder by the end of their turns. [00:45:57] Speaker A: Then I'll even cast warp step. [00:45:59] Speaker C: He's partway up the ladder now. Zafir, you have a flash in your mind now. A final flash of there's your arm out in front of you, and you're laying on your side, and you're in a pool of something wet. And you turn and look up, and you once again see that face just grins and you feel like a flash of pain in your guts. And then it just, like, runs up from your guts through your mind as you take the mental damage of witnessing what appears to be your own death. [00:46:42] Speaker E: Huh. [00:46:48] Speaker D: Oh, my gosh. He's rolled so much. [00:46:52] Speaker C: And you take 23 damage. [00:46:55] Speaker D: Oh, my gosh. [00:46:56] Speaker B: How much are you? Good, probably. [00:47:02] Speaker D: Have you taken damage? [00:47:04] Speaker F: I'm only down to 14. It's not bad. [00:47:07] Speaker C: And just, like, the lingering fear and stuff are, like, it's still there, but it's not, like, gripping you like it was earlier. [00:47:16] Speaker F: So I'm somewhat back to my senses, right? [00:47:20] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:47:20] Speaker C: It kind of feels like just the fear you were experiencing has reached the crescendo, and it just shook your mind in that effort to overcome it. And that's where all that damage came from. But now you're, like, coming back to grips with yourself afterwards. [00:47:34] Speaker F: Zafir clutches his dagger, stops stabbing. And this entire time, his eyes have just been tightly shut. He opens his eyes, and if any of you were there to even witness this, you could see that his eyes were just glowing bright red. And it soon just fades. And he kind of looks around and he sees that everybody's missing. And just, he remembers vaguely in the back of his head hearing alward yelling from a distance. So he starts running in that direction. [00:48:12] Speaker C: And I think that's where we'll end this episode. [00:48:18] Speaker D: Where the crap is Hamir, what have you. [00:48:20] Speaker B: Where are you? [00:48:21] Speaker A: What the heck? [00:48:23] Speaker C: We could do a cutaway. [00:48:25] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:48:26] Speaker C: That the party doesn't see. [00:48:28] Speaker E: I think we should do a coda. [00:48:30] Speaker C: Let's do it. [00:48:30] Speaker B: I guess we're about to find out. [00:48:31] Speaker F: Do we get to see it happen? [00:48:32] Speaker C: So as the four of you are making your way to the ladder, climbing over the fence and making good your getaway, the camera just keeps, like, pulling back and back and through a window on the side of the carriage house where all of, like, the carts and carriages and horses are stored and everything. We move past the main of a horse and there's an empty spot where your carriage had been parked. [00:49:01] Speaker B: You left us, you dick. [00:49:04] Speaker D: What the heck? Yeah. So Hamir's just gone. [00:49:08] Speaker A: Carriage is gone. [00:49:09] Speaker C: I would like to congratulate you all for surviving to level five. [00:49:14] Speaker F: Just barely. [00:49:15] Speaker A: Level five. [00:49:17] Speaker C: Well, I'm going to go get a start on prepping for book two of this adventure. [00:49:26] Speaker E: That's book one. [00:49:27] Speaker C: That was book one. [00:49:28] Speaker B: Well, you don't have book two prepped. [00:49:29] Speaker F: Already, but it was unwritten. [00:49:32] Speaker B: No, book two is the lost part. [00:49:35] Speaker E: Now you have to go write it so it's written next part and then. [00:49:40] Speaker C: The first book will be lost. So if you're listening to this, I'm glad that you listened to this time sensitive show that gets deleted. [00:49:49] Speaker E: Love it. [00:49:50] Speaker C: We'll see you all in the next episode. [00:49:53] Speaker F: Sorry, we were chanting unus. [00:49:54] Speaker E: Honest. [00:49:55] Speaker C: I thought so. This has been an atomic broadcasting production. Pathfinder, Galerian and the Lost omens world setting are copyright of pizzo. More [email protected] music in the show is from Monument Studios collection as well as assorted artists with some original tracks composed by Jordy Hake. More details in the description. If you enjoyed the show, please remember to share with a friend and we'll look forward to seeing you again next time. [00:50:25] Speaker E: This is like the second, at least the second really tense combat where Abby has been very clutch. [00:50:32] Speaker F: She's been the goat. [00:50:34] Speaker D: I've been very stressed out this entire time. [00:50:37] Speaker F: You've been the stressed goat. [00:50:39] Speaker C: Hey guys, it's Jordy again. Hard to believe we've made it to the end of book one. Thank you for sticking with us with this crazy ride. It's been. I think there's probably going to be four to five books for the full story, so there is plenty more coming down the pike, so stick around with us for that. As I'd mentioned at the beginning of the episode, we are going to be going on a hiatus starting now. Hate to cut the flow of content, but it'll give our defatigable editor some time to get caught up on some backlog to make sure that we can keep those episodes coming out on a weekly basis in the future. We will be back for our regular updates on the 5 February. We'll be starting with a recap episode that will go over everything that happened here in book one, so it's a great time to get up to date, catch up on any details of the story you may have missed over the Christmas break, and it's a good time for you to get your friends into the show, they can skip over the first 32 episodes, jump right in on that recap at book two. They might miss a few fun bits, fun jokes, but they'll be able to understand where we're at. In the meantime, though, we are not going to be completely awol. We'll be coming at you with an end of book one retrospective where we'll sit around and answer a few questions and kind of just go over our history of gaming and history of gaming together as a group. We'll also have another prologue episode coming out for Sam's new character, who we'll be meeting at the beginning of book two. In addition to that, if you head over to our secondary channel on the atomic variety hour her we've got a three part side adventure where our heroes track down a dragon question mark. It's going to be a lot of fun, so I hope you stick around. Bear with us here over this hiatus and we'll be right back at you in February with more weekly content. Love you guys. See you next time. Bye.

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