Episode 22

October 09, 2023


EP. 22 Hickory Hickory Dock

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Jordy Hake Michael Petete Samuel Sarver Abby Fincher Michael Jenkins Sven Nerness
EP. 22 Hickory Hickory Dock
The Written and The Lost
EP. 22 Hickory Hickory Dock

Oct 09 2023 | 01:17:32


Show Notes

Before the party can head to their destination of Tomgruv, Alward must meet with the two warring mining corporations and decide whom to grant the disputed property, while hopefully avoiding the other's ire.

   This episode was recorded before the SAG-AFTRA strikes and contains references to struck works. We here at Atomic Broadcasting wish to show solidarity to their efforts to gain a livable and sustanable wage.

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