Episode 21

October 02, 2023


EP. 21 Tourist Trap

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Jordy Hake Michael Petete Samuel Sarver Abby Fincher Michael Jenkins Sven Nerness
EP. 21 Tourist Trap
The Written and The Lost
EP. 21 Tourist Trap

Oct 02 2023 | 01:18:18


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On their way to Kopparberget, the party encounter a menacing giant ice sculpture.


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[00:00:05] Speaker A: You are listening to an Atomic Broadcasting production. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the feature presentation. And remember, do your part, such as, like, comment rate. And don't forget to tell a friend to tune in for An Atomic Time. [00:00:25] Speaker B: You. [00:00:29] Speaker C: Hey, guys, this is Jordy with a quick announcement before we jump into the show proper. As you probably heard from Sam, at the beginning of our last episode, we do have a new feed that's going to be launching tomorrow on October 3. It's going to be the Atomic Variety Hour. It's going to contain any of our miscellaneous assorted shows that don't fit into any long term shows, like here at the Written and the Lost. It's going to be a little bit more inconsistent. Whenever we've got something to drop in there, we'll drop it in there. So you might want to just keep your eyes on it. But like I said earlier, we are starting our first feature that's going to be present in there. It's going to be our show running Delta Green, the Operation Convergence. It's going to be our old buddy Sam, who's going to be running that one as the handler. That is starting tomorrow, October 3. So as the kids say, be there or be square. It's going to be launching on Tuesday, tomorrow, but it's going to be releasing new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. So hope to see you all there. And on to the main show. Now, where did we leave? Ah, yes, reunited. Once again, the group had a long, uncomfortable discussion over dinner. At long last, they decided to bring Alwood's family to Tomgrove for safety. Setting out in the morning, they stopped on the road at a strange sight. [00:02:03] Speaker D: Sauce. [00:02:04] Speaker B: What? [00:02:05] Speaker E: I love sauces. [00:02:07] Speaker F: Depends on the sauce. Honestly. [00:02:09] Speaker C: Sauces are very creative. [00:02:11] Speaker B: Sauces can be creative. [00:02:12] Speaker C: You've just alienated all of our French sauce. [00:02:15] Speaker E: But if anybody wants to try this, it's so good. Take some bacon. I already like, cook it on a medium heat. Put about like a tablespoon, maybe a tablespoon and a half of soy sauce in it. [00:02:27] Speaker B: Interesting. [00:02:28] Speaker E: Hear me out. And then, right, like, when it starts to cook, put some brown sugar in it. Let the soy sauce reduce to a sticky substance while the bacon cooks. It's so good. It is so good. [00:02:41] Speaker A: Okay, so to go on that, I have another recipe that you guys actually might love. [00:02:46] Speaker B: Okay? [00:02:47] Speaker A: Does everybody here like grilled cheese? [00:02:49] Speaker D: Yes. [00:02:49] Speaker A: Really? [00:02:50] Speaker D: Sometimes. [00:02:52] Speaker A: All right. If you go to your local bread store, walmart, what have you. [00:03:02] Speaker E: There are like two bakeries in Springfield. [00:03:04] Speaker D: You have muffins. We got those, too. I go directly to one bread and. [00:03:08] Speaker A: Bread byproducts one of those, like, eight inch or whatnot? Round loaves. Right. Get one of those. Get can I make my own? Two of your favorite chees. Get some cheddar and some pepperoni. [00:03:25] Speaker F: That's not cheese. [00:03:26] Speaker A: Yeah, and some butter. Butter. So go home and cut off the top and the bottom to make a flat surface. And then cut it in half. All right. Butter one side of each of the halves and put it in a pan. And then put the cheese on it. [00:03:48] Speaker E: You're explaining how to make a grilled cheese. [00:03:49] Speaker A: Put your cheese on there. I suggest a few layers, right. Put your other half on there. Flip it around so you can brown the other side if it's like a calzone situation. Right. Add a little bit of water in the pan. Put it over there so you can melt the cheese nicely. [00:04:03] Speaker E: The steam. [00:04:03] Speaker A: Take it out. Add on top your favorite tomato sauce, right? Because you're making a pizza. [00:04:10] Speaker E: You're making a pizza. [00:04:11] Speaker A: You're making a pizza with cheese, grilled cheese pizza. Then you put it in the oven. So you melt the cheese on top for about ten minutes, about 350. And then you take it out and. [00:04:24] Speaker D: It is so good. [00:04:25] Speaker E: I'm not arguing with you alternative that it's not good. I'm arguing with your methodology. [00:04:30] Speaker A: But you have the thickness of the extra cheese that just overflows. [00:04:36] Speaker B: I heard it. [00:04:37] Speaker E: You can also put some garlic powder or garlic salt. That's good. [00:04:42] Speaker D: I'm a big fan of garlic. [00:04:43] Speaker A: Manny Fee I found this on like somebody did on TikTok or whatnot I tried it's delicious. [00:04:49] Speaker B: The amount of things we find on TikTok is kind of concerning. [00:04:52] Speaker F: I forgot what it's called. But I found on TikTok that you can make like fried Japanese rice balls. I don't remember what they're called. What are they? [00:05:00] Speaker E: Onigiri? Oh, no. [00:05:00] Speaker F: Onigiri. [00:05:01] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:05:01] Speaker F: Is it but you can make I. [00:05:03] Speaker E: Don'T think onigiri are fried. [00:05:05] Speaker F: You can make fried ones. That's why I'm saying it's fried onigiri. [00:05:08] Speaker D: If you put fried in front of it. [00:05:10] Speaker F: But it's really good. It's like crunchy and it involves soy sauce and I like that stuff like that. But it's really good. [00:05:18] Speaker B: Yeah, it's really good. [00:05:19] Speaker E: Instead of stuffed jalapenos, try this. This is delicious. Cut up your jalapenos, your peppers, any, your green onions, whatever. Shove it in the cream cheese. Get some katsu. Wrap the cream cheese ball with some Katsu and then deep fry that. [00:05:38] Speaker A: Okay, now I'm getting hungry. [00:05:39] Speaker D: It's almost dinner time. [00:05:42] Speaker E: I forgot why we were here like 3 seconds ago. I'm just excited. [00:05:47] Speaker B: This is our new podcast. We're not playing pathfinder anymore. We're here to share our favorite recipes and our opinions. There. [00:05:54] Speaker E: Well, then let me tell you how to mirror some good foodies. [00:05:56] Speaker B: We're all foodies, except not because I'm late. [00:06:01] Speaker D: What are we here for? [00:06:02] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:06:03] Speaker F: Who are you people anyway? [00:06:05] Speaker C: Speaking of what we're here for, we're going to open with a close up shot of this figure that you all saw coming down the hill carrying a stone. It appears to be an ice sculpture of a dwarf, oversized, standing easily at 7ft tall. The detail work in the statue is insane. Like you've never seen this level of detail. Even like in marble from the best sculptors, you can almost make out the individual hairs and the beard. As this statue of a dwarf cut out of ice is carrying a sofa sized rock down the hill. [00:06:49] Speaker B: That's a big rock. [00:06:50] Speaker E: Is it shaped like a sofa, too. [00:06:52] Speaker C: In terms of being like 3ft in diameter and like 5ft long? Yes. [00:06:58] Speaker E: But it doesn't have the cutouts. [00:07:00] Speaker C: No. [00:07:01] Speaker D: Does it smell like a sofa? [00:07:03] Speaker F: I don't think we're close enough. [00:07:04] Speaker C: You're going to have to ask Zafir. [00:07:05] Speaker B: How would you sofa. [00:07:06] Speaker F: I don't think we're close enough. [00:07:09] Speaker D: Sniff, sniff with your special sniffer. [00:07:12] Speaker F: Smells like 02:00 smell. [00:07:15] Speaker E: That's the only thing his nose is good for. [00:07:19] Speaker C: Currently, you're about 20ft away from this line of stones and this ice sculpture of a dwarf is walking down the line of stones across the road carrying this stone. [00:07:29] Speaker F: The ice sculpture is walking? [00:07:30] Speaker C: Yes. [00:07:31] Speaker D: Could I attempt a recall knowledge check about this creature with my esoteric lower skill? [00:07:37] Speaker C: Yeah, go for it. If anybody else who would like to attempt a recall knowledge witnessing this creature, you can use a relevant lore, skill, arcana or crafting. [00:07:48] Speaker A: I'll do. [00:07:49] Speaker D: Arcana 27. [00:07:50] Speaker E: I have any Lore 27 with crafting. [00:07:54] Speaker A: 1311 roll the nine. [00:08:00] Speaker D: Does anyone have dubious knowledge? [00:08:02] Speaker A: No. [00:08:03] Speaker D: I do, but I don't think I failed. [00:08:06] Speaker C: So Alward, from his position in the Cart, and Haymir, who's kind of leading the group up to investigate, both recognize this as some kind of ice golem. But the detail work put into this is well beyond any golem you've ever heard of. Ice golems typically are some of the easiest golems to craft, so most of the time when you find them, they're kind of slipshot, just chunks of ice animated together. This looks like someone has poured their soul into making this look good. [00:08:37] Speaker E: I want to touch it. [00:08:38] Speaker D: Let's drop it in osiri. [00:08:40] Speaker E: Do we get a question about it? [00:08:42] Speaker C: Yes, you may each ask a question. [00:08:44] Speaker D: I didn't succeed. [00:08:45] Speaker C: You did not. [00:08:48] Speaker E: Do you want to ask that was your question? [00:08:49] Speaker D: No weaknesses. Or maybe I shouldn't ask that. Maybe I should wait till I make my weakness roll. [00:08:59] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:08:59] Speaker D: Are you going to ask that anyway? [00:09:01] Speaker E: I'm a caster, so I would like to know. It saves. [00:09:04] Speaker D: I was going to see if I should ask for immunities or immunities or. [00:09:08] Speaker E: Resistances would be good. [00:09:09] Speaker D: I mean, I might learn resistances if I criticize on my oh, that's true. And I also get to freely recall knowledge. [00:09:16] Speaker E: Probably assume cold. [00:09:17] Speaker D: I'll do immunity. [00:09:20] Speaker C: So this has typical construct immunities. [00:09:23] Speaker D: Oh, okay. [00:09:25] Speaker C: It does have other immunities. He's immune to bleed, death, disease, doomed, drained, fatigued, so conditions healing, mental necromancy effects, nonlethal attacks, paralysis, poison, sick and unconscious. Because it's a construct. It's immune to cold because it's made out of ice. [00:09:46] Speaker D: No way. [00:09:47] Speaker F: Wow. [00:09:48] Speaker C: And it's immune to electricity. [00:09:50] Speaker D: Okay, I think those are the two main ones we need. Needed were electricity and cold, even though. [00:09:55] Speaker E: Cold'S kind best save fortitude. [00:09:58] Speaker D: Yeah, makes sense. Well, at least now Alward knows not to cast any of his spells. [00:10:05] Speaker E: Yeah. Hope you have fun fighting. Boy. [00:10:09] Speaker D: Doesn't telekinetic projectile do actual damage? [00:10:11] Speaker E: A lot of my spells do actual damage. It's just one of those things, like. [00:10:17] Speaker D: All right, those were our questions. Yeah, he has moved one more. Oh, hold on. Just from our general checks, do we know what level he is? [00:10:27] Speaker C: Oh, he is level four. [00:10:30] Speaker D: Okay, I guess so. From what we know about Golems, it's going to probably just do its job here, and we could just move past it. Wouldn't interfere. [00:10:41] Speaker C: It really depends on what its job is. [00:10:43] Speaker D: Oh, jeez. [00:10:44] Speaker B: I mean, it seems like it's just moving rocks right now. [00:10:47] Speaker D: This seems like it's going to barricade the town in. Yeah, Hamir is going to look to the others pretty quickly while it's still a little ways away. Are we killing this thing or what are we doing? [00:11:00] Speaker A: I'm afraid that most of the stuff that I can do is limited. [00:11:04] Speaker F: I feel bad about it, but I think we should kill it. [00:11:07] Speaker A: Wow. [00:11:07] Speaker D: I said that you feel bad about killing it? [00:11:10] Speaker E: Yeah. It's so pretty. [00:11:13] Speaker A: I do not disagree that it is a beautiful piece of work, but I wish I could communicate with it. But this is a construct. [00:11:25] Speaker D: Eros. [00:11:26] Speaker A: What? [00:11:26] Speaker E: Do you think. [00:11:29] Speaker C: We woke her up too early? [00:11:31] Speaker D: Shut up. [00:11:36] Speaker B: I mean, it does seem like it's barricading the town. [00:11:38] Speaker D: Is that something we care about? [00:11:40] Speaker B: Well, if the town is going to be destroyed and the people can't escape, that could be a problem. [00:11:49] Speaker D: It could, yeah. [00:11:54] Speaker C: How about we go by act like. [00:11:56] Speaker F: We'Re not going to do anything, and. [00:11:58] Speaker C: Then strike from behind? [00:12:00] Speaker D: You're welcome to do that, Walden. [00:12:02] Speaker A: We could see that it is if it is hostile. [00:12:06] Speaker D: Okay, baldin, do you have any opinions? [00:12:10] Speaker E: What? Oh, I'm going to get out of the cart. You guys stay in here unless specifically told to run. Then run. I'm sorry, what? [00:12:23] Speaker D: This construct seems like it's blocking up the road. Should we just keep going, or should we kill it? [00:12:29] Speaker E: Will it let us keep going? [00:12:31] Speaker D: Unknown for now. But is it worth our time to immediately strike? [00:12:36] Speaker E: Maybe. Because if we need to come back here for any reason, why did it move? It's moving. [00:12:42] Speaker C: You guys are taking time with your conversation. [00:12:44] Speaker D: We need act fist. I need answers. Vote from everyone very quickly. [00:12:48] Speaker E: We can't let it blockade the town. I live there. [00:12:51] Speaker D: Then we're killing it. I for killing Zafir. Go get it. [00:12:55] Speaker B: Okay, just zephyr. [00:12:57] Speaker F: I start doing a tiny little jog that moves. [00:13:00] Speaker D: Like, I'm going to kind of follow Zafir, but go, like, in a loop, a curve, like a circle to flank. [00:13:11] Speaker C: So as soon as Zafir begins stepping forward, the sculpture stops and looks back at you. And it's like it's not moving down the row of the rocks anymore. It's looking directly at Zafir. [00:13:26] Speaker F: I stop and look at it. [00:13:28] Speaker D: I'll take a step south, and I look at it, and it looks me. [00:13:33] Speaker C: It doesn't seem to be worried about hamir. It's just looking right at Zafir. [00:13:37] Speaker E: I wave. [00:13:40] Speaker C: Just watching you. [00:13:43] Speaker B: Can I ask a stupid question? [00:13:44] Speaker C: Sure. [00:13:45] Speaker B: Does it look like Uver? [00:13:48] Speaker C: In as much as it being a dwarf, this one is way more beautiful than Uber. [00:13:53] Speaker B: Okay. [00:13:54] Speaker C: To be fair, think in the realms of grecian sculptures where it's, like, an idealized impossibly beautiful. [00:14:00] Speaker A: Yeah, I was just it looks like a young dwarf. [00:14:06] Speaker E: When I was a young dwarf, the. [00:14:10] Speaker C: Morning sunlight, like, glinting through the cuts and curves on the statue is just gorgeous. [00:14:15] Speaker B: I, like, be ashamed to destroy it. [00:14:17] Speaker F: But, I mean, it accidentally catches a patch of grass on fire. [00:14:20] Speaker A: Pretty honestly, I looked like that when. [00:14:23] Speaker D: I was at can I go ahead and use esoteric weakness on it? Yeah, I got a 30 on my esoteric weakness or exploit vulnerability? [00:14:33] Speaker C: Well, let me check if that's a. [00:14:35] Speaker D: Critical so it's against its standard DC for its level. That was a 19 on the die. [00:14:39] Speaker E: Nice. [00:14:40] Speaker D: So I'd imagine that's a critical it. [00:14:42] Speaker C: Is a critical success. [00:14:43] Speaker D: That means, guys, that I did something. So I learned all of the creatures resistances, weaknesses, and immunities, including the amounts of their resistances and weaknesses and any unusual weaknesses or vulnerabilities, such as what spells will pass through a golem's antimagic. You can exploit either the creature's moral weakness or personal antithesis. [00:15:05] Speaker A: Oh, my. [00:15:06] Speaker C: I'm really glad it's specified that I get to tell you about these golem special abilities, because I was like, I kind of want to give them anyway. [00:15:13] Speaker D: Well, yeah, tell me, tell me. I've already given you the complete that also does recall knowledge. [00:15:21] Speaker C: Yes. You get another question after I answer all of this. So I've already given you the complete list of immunities. It also has resistance five to all physical damage except adamantine and bludgeoning damage. Okay. [00:15:37] Speaker D: It has all damage except adamantine and bludgeoning. [00:15:40] Speaker C: All physical damage unless adamantine or bludgeoning. [00:15:44] Speaker D: Okay. [00:15:45] Speaker C: It also has no weaknesses. However, it has two interesting interactions with its golem antimagic. If it is targeted by a fire spell, it does not take the effects of the fire spell. Instead, it takes four d six fire damage. [00:16:03] Speaker D: So you could just do, like, produce flame. [00:16:08] Speaker C: If targeted by a cold spell, it instead regains one d six. [00:16:13] Speaker E: All right, boys, ray of frost. Produce fire. We got this. [00:16:17] Speaker D: Jeez Louise, I'm really glad I succeeded. [00:16:20] Speaker C: If targeted by a water spell, it becomes slowed. [00:16:23] Speaker D: Oh, it gets too much. Too much body. [00:16:26] Speaker C: Nobody's a druid for two d six rounds. [00:16:31] Speaker D: That's good. [00:16:32] Speaker A: I have no water spells. [00:16:34] Speaker C: And if someone were to cast the spell, endure elements on this creature, it would hamper its abilities to hurt you. [00:16:43] Speaker E: We don't have that. [00:16:44] Speaker A: Don't have that. [00:16:46] Speaker D: And then I get a successful recall knowledge check. Even on a crit success. I get a successful recall knowledge? Yes. I'm going to go with any other special abilities we should watch for? [00:17:03] Speaker C: It has a breath weapon. It can exhale frigid wind in a cone. [00:17:10] Speaker D: Okay, good to know. [00:17:12] Speaker C: Hamir's just like locking eyes with this thing that's just staring down at Zafir. Hamir's just like, okay, I just learned this. Just learned this. [00:17:19] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:17:19] Speaker D: His eyes sort of, like, get wide as he just starts spitting out the information. [00:17:24] Speaker F: Now I'm a little scared. [00:17:27] Speaker A: I'm afraid that the stuff that I have prepared today will be of. [00:17:32] Speaker D: I'd like to move ten more feet south if I could. [00:17:34] Speaker E: You're telling me you didn't prepare to fight a giant ice golem today? [00:17:37] Speaker C: As Hamir is continuing to flank south, the statue does not seem to be interested in Hamir. It's still just staring at saphir. [00:17:45] Speaker F: Are we, like, moving out of Initiative? We can do this. [00:17:48] Speaker D: We haven't started, technically. [00:17:50] Speaker F: So I'd like to move behind the rock up to the north. [00:17:54] Speaker D: So you're moving like it might trigger on getting closer to rocks. [00:17:58] Speaker F: Well, we'll see what happens. [00:18:00] Speaker C: So you're moving up closer to the rocks up to the north. [00:18:03] Speaker D: The south, there a diagonal step. [00:18:06] Speaker C: Okay. As you step up closer to those rocks, we're going to enter initiative as the statue just drops the rock it was carrying and looks like it's about to start charging towards Zephyr. [00:18:16] Speaker E: Crap. [00:18:17] Speaker A: Nice. [00:18:19] Speaker F: Well, I mean oh, sorry. [00:18:22] Speaker D: Something could I have also pulled out my shield? [00:18:25] Speaker E: Are we using the yeah. [00:18:26] Speaker C: You said you had your weapon out. Yes. So Alward is first. [00:18:31] Speaker E: Yay. [00:18:31] Speaker D: And then oh, okay, cool. I'm excited. [00:18:35] Speaker C: You see the golem dropping the stone, and then you just see various different possible outcomes as the golem starts charging towards Zafir. And you kind of just see everybody reacting in different ways, and you're just cycling through all of these different possibilities. [00:18:52] Speaker E: Albert's sort of just going to choose one specific threat or path and almost unimaginably quick, like something like he shouldn't be moving first. He's going to try and get within 30ft of everyone. Let's see. [00:19:11] Speaker D: Keep in mind it has a breath weapon. [00:19:13] Speaker E: Yeah. Move me down and then am I still within 30ft of yeah. [00:19:18] Speaker C: So you've run up with the rest of the group just kind of in the center, still on the road, but within 30ft of both Zafir and Haymir as they're, like, flanking out from the road. [00:19:28] Speaker E: Okay. And then within the sort of the same vein, he's then going to reach out and sort of grasp nothing, but as he grasps something, this golden light sort of appears in his hand, and it's like, stretched to all of you. And all of you what? Are now hastened. [00:19:47] Speaker D: What? [00:19:48] Speaker E: And you get the stride action or step action as a free action until the end of my next turn. [00:19:58] Speaker D: That's during our turn, we can only use haste to strike or smooth. [00:20:01] Speaker E: It's not strike stride. [00:20:03] Speaker D: I thought it was strike or stride. [00:20:05] Speaker E: No stride. [00:20:06] Speaker D: Oh, we get a free movement. [00:20:07] Speaker E: Yes. [00:20:08] Speaker D: Or a free step. This particular thing. [00:20:10] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:20:11] Speaker D: Okay, cool. [00:20:12] Speaker E: So this was loose time's arrow. [00:20:14] Speaker D: That's freaking awesome. [00:20:16] Speaker E: And that is my turn. [00:20:18] Speaker D: Too bad it goes now. [00:20:20] Speaker C: As Alward reaches through the strands of time and plucks that cord, you all feel faster. You all kind of realize that the ice sculpture is already charging towards Zafir. [00:20:34] Speaker A: I'll be okay. [00:20:35] Speaker C: Could everybody make me a quick perception. [00:20:37] Speaker F: Check as it's charging 20 719. [00:20:45] Speaker A: 1714. [00:20:48] Speaker C: Cool. Everybody passed. [00:20:49] Speaker E: Oh, cool. [00:20:50] Speaker C: And you see that this sculpture is not just straight booking it. It's like stepping to the side, like spit picking specific places to step. [00:21:01] Speaker D: Interesting. [00:21:04] Speaker C: It runs up to Zafir and just swings down its sculpted, like, icy Dwarven fist at him with a 19 to hit that hits Zafir. You take eleven bludgeoning damage, and then the residual cold energy that's just coalescing around this fist deals four cold damage to you as well. Hey, mirror. [00:21:31] Speaker D: All right, I want to use my first stride to get 10ft back. So down left one there. And I'd also like to, as soon as I'm close enough, take a long stride into one of his footprints because he seemed to be stepping specifically. So I want to get in those footprints if I can. [00:21:52] Speaker C: Quick question. What is your speed? [00:21:54] Speaker F: 30. [00:21:55] Speaker C: Perfect. All right, so you move your full. [00:21:59] Speaker D: And that was with my free action from haste. [00:22:03] Speaker C: Make me an acrobatics check. [00:22:05] Speaker D: I don't like this. Is it icy? [00:22:08] Speaker C: No, I mean, it's kind of snowy. [00:22:12] Speaker D: 22. [00:22:13] Speaker C: All right, so with your acrobatics check and your perception check from before, as you're moving forward and like, intentionally trying to step in the footprints of the statue as you go along, you notice that the statue has been stepping in between faint designs that have been traced into the snow interesting. [00:22:35] Speaker D: Into snow. So that could be easily disrupted. [00:22:38] Speaker E: Okay. [00:22:40] Speaker C: But yeah, you successfully move through those designs and into the Golem's footprints without disrupting anything. [00:22:48] Speaker D: Awesome. All right. Then I will attack with my shield, boss, because I have that on my shield. Wow. 21 against flat footed. [00:23:01] Speaker C: Oh, that's a hit. [00:23:03] Speaker D: All right. And it has weakness three to my attacks because it doesn't have any natural weaknesses. [00:23:08] Speaker C: That's correct. [00:23:10] Speaker D: This does more damage. This one does one d six damage. Seven points of damage. Oh, sorry. No. Nine points of damage. [00:23:21] Speaker C: All right, so he takes the nine points of damage and then the three weakness from your esoteric abilities that you've applied. That was two actions. [00:23:29] Speaker D: That was my first action. I used a free action. I used a free action to stride, which was great. And then I'm going to strike again with my probably doesn't hit with a 16. [00:23:46] Speaker C: That is a miss. [00:23:48] Speaker D: Then I'm thinking I could either try to aid an attack against this creature while I'm here, or I could raise my shield. It seems like he's I don't have Shield. Blocks, so raising it would only give me an AC bonus. [00:24:03] Speaker E: Yeah, and it seems like he's pretty focused on Zafir. [00:24:06] Speaker D: Well, aiding. We'll see how that changes here. [00:24:09] Speaker E: I think I know why he's focused on Zafir. [00:24:12] Speaker D: Okay, I will go ahead and prepare to aid an attack roll. [00:24:19] Speaker F: Okay, Zephyr, so you're going to have to help me out with this because, one, I've never used it before, and two, there is a damage difference because of the weakness to fire. So I am going to, one, pull out my rape ear because I have not done that yet. And that's just one action. [00:24:38] Speaker D: Correct. [00:24:39] Speaker F: And I'm going to imbue with a spell strike. [00:24:44] Speaker D: 21 episodes in and he's using his spell class feature. [00:24:49] Speaker A: Finally. [00:24:50] Speaker E: We've all been waiting. [00:24:51] Speaker F: Produce flame. [00:24:52] Speaker D: Hold hold on on. Do you want to tell people what a spell strike is? [00:24:56] Speaker F: So basically, instead of just attacking with either a spell or with a melee weapon, I'm using both. [00:25:05] Speaker E: Nice. [00:25:06] Speaker C: So you've drawn your rapier, you've wreathed it in flame, and you're just getting ready to stab the creature. [00:25:12] Speaker F: That's what rapiers do. [00:25:13] Speaker D: That is a really cool image. [00:25:14] Speaker F: They're not like slashing. [00:25:16] Speaker C: They're stabbing before you do so. So we get all the bonuses stacked up. Hamir, how are you assisting this stab? [00:25:26] Speaker D: I imagine I could just use my athletics to kind of keep it from being able to sidestep, kind of keep it in place. [00:25:33] Speaker C: Sure. [00:25:34] Speaker D: I have a plus 15 to aid with total because I have cooperative nature and I succeed on it with a six. So 21, you get a plus one to this attack roll. [00:25:46] Speaker F: That is awesome. But I'd also like to mention that a part of the spell strike, since I am mainly and this is going to take effect later, an archer type of magus, I will also be able to be using my bow because I took a special thing that I cannot remember the name of. [00:26:02] Speaker E: I think it's range. [00:26:03] Speaker C: Starlet span. [00:26:05] Speaker F: Starlet span. That's the thing. Yeah, but that means I can still use melee. [00:26:09] Speaker C: It adds ranged as an option. Normally you wouldn't have ranged as an option. [00:26:13] Speaker D: Cool. All right, so I believe in you. [00:26:18] Speaker F: I give it a good pokey. [00:26:19] Speaker E: Pokey. [00:26:19] Speaker B: I believe you. [00:26:21] Speaker D: He's flat footed and he's got and you have a plus one, so this. [00:26:24] Speaker A: Is going to be great puncture. [00:26:26] Speaker E: That poke and jab. [00:26:30] Speaker B: What did you roll? [00:26:31] Speaker E: Hero point. It don't even say it. [00:26:34] Speaker D: I rolled it too. [00:26:36] Speaker E: Come on. This is a cool moment for you. Hero point. [00:26:38] Speaker B: Come on, man. [00:26:39] Speaker E: You have three. Use them. [00:26:41] Speaker F: You're actually going to hate this. [00:26:43] Speaker B: Are you not using it? [00:26:44] Speaker F: So two plus nine is plus 112. [00:26:51] Speaker D: I bet that doesn't hit, does it? Well, if you want to use a. [00:26:55] Speaker C: Hero or are you using a hero point? [00:26:56] Speaker F: Oh, I'm committing. [00:26:57] Speaker D: Oh, so you're not using a hero point. [00:26:59] Speaker E: Hold on. I think he has a plan. Let's hear him out. [00:27:02] Speaker C: That is going to be a miss. [00:27:04] Speaker D: Are you sure about that? [00:27:07] Speaker F: I'm playing a hero card saying reverse strike play. After you fail an attack roll, you get a success on the attack roll rather than a failure. [00:27:18] Speaker B: Boy. Get it petite. [00:27:20] Speaker D: All right, how much? [00:27:22] Speaker C: First, I'll need you to roll the physical damage for your rapier. Normally you would just roll the physical damage and then the damage for the produced flame as well, but the golem has that special interaction. [00:27:34] Speaker E: What is the I don't think you gave us a number of resistance for the physical. [00:27:39] Speaker C: I did mention it, but I didn't mention it in my recap. It is resistance five. Okay, so he's going to ignore the first five points of damage from your rapier. [00:27:48] Speaker D: All of his resistances are five, right? [00:27:51] Speaker C: Yes. However, the spell strike is still a good pick because you have a higher bonus to hitting with your spell strike than you do just casting the spell. [00:28:00] Speaker A: Plus he used fire. [00:28:01] Speaker F: That is a three plus a three, which is six minus five is a one. [00:28:06] Speaker C: So he takes one piercing damage. And Jeff, I'm going to pass over to you two d six, because I don't think you've got 46 on hand. [00:28:17] Speaker D: He's past the dice. [00:28:18] Speaker F: I actually do. [00:28:20] Speaker D: He has a whole bag full. Take your dice back, Jordan. [00:28:25] Speaker F: I mean, you doesn't need them. [00:28:26] Speaker C: I was just being dramatic. [00:28:29] Speaker F: Okay, here we go. [00:28:31] Speaker D: Oh, no. [00:28:31] Speaker B: Out of the box. It said six. [00:28:34] Speaker D: I believe in you. [00:28:35] Speaker B: Don't mess up. [00:28:37] Speaker F: That is a six, a five, a six and a 112 plus five is 1717 plus one. That's 18 plus the one that I hit. So that's a total of 19 damage. [00:28:50] Speaker E: Nice. That's a good opening. [00:28:52] Speaker B: Beautiful. [00:28:54] Speaker A: Gorgeous. [00:28:56] Speaker C: So, yeah, you stab at him with this flame wreathed rapier, and there's just like, the smallest chip of ice that comes off. And then it looks like the whole thing is just like wreathed in a column of flame and just like, parts of the sculpture just start, like, dripping and melting off. [00:29:12] Speaker E: I did not know he could do that. [00:29:14] Speaker B: That's beautiful. [00:29:15] Speaker C: There's a lot of things you don't know about me. [00:29:17] Speaker E: Swoon. [00:29:22] Speaker B: Stop swooning over your bodyguards. [00:29:25] Speaker E: I can't help it, mom. Look at. [00:29:31] Speaker D: I can be your bodyguard in this one. [00:29:33] Speaker C: All right, so you've used one action to draw your rapier and two actions to spell strike. You have a free stride or step from Alward. [00:29:42] Speaker D: If you'd like to run away, you are welcome to or you can stand. [00:29:45] Speaker A: Your ground with me and get squished. [00:29:48] Speaker F: I'm very squishy. [00:29:49] Speaker D: I will be able to heal you if you stay next to me, his attacks, or if you run away, it won't hurt you. [00:29:54] Speaker E: Did you account for the flat footed for that twelve? [00:29:57] Speaker C: I did. [00:29:57] Speaker F: Okay. Are there any points of COVID that I could potentially take besides the boulders? [00:30:09] Speaker C: So there is a tree a little bit to the north. If you go up the hill to the south, then there's another tree, but both of them are, like, 30ft away. However, the boulders are big enough that you could easily get cover behind them. [00:30:25] Speaker F: The point is that I don't want to go towards the boulder. I want to run away from the boulder. [00:30:29] Speaker D: Run away. There's that brush you could hide in, I guess the northwest, because this is flipped. [00:30:36] Speaker A: Le northwest. [00:30:38] Speaker D: Le Norwest. [00:30:38] Speaker B: Le Nor. [00:30:40] Speaker F: I am going to shoot the gap between two rocks and then just fly past him if I possibly can. [00:30:48] Speaker D: Oh, so he's running you're running past the boulders. [00:30:50] Speaker C: So you're running south up the hill through the boulders yes. And just going as far as you can. [00:30:54] Speaker F: Yes. [00:30:55] Speaker D: Run, Zephyr, run. Use the murder. [00:31:01] Speaker E: OOH. [00:31:01] Speaker F: Now, do I have partial cover? [00:31:04] Speaker D: If it used a range. [00:31:05] Speaker C: How tall are those boulders? On average? They're 6ft tall. [00:31:09] Speaker E: Oh, okay. [00:31:10] Speaker F: Wait, how old is how old tall is the golem? [00:31:15] Speaker C: 7Ft tall. Uber. [00:31:19] Speaker A: Okay. Uber is going to uber is going to do two things. One, smoke's going to start producing from his hand, and he's going to turn and yell at your family. Get to a safe distance of a as he turns and casts produce flames. [00:31:48] Speaker D: They're only 30ft from a monster. I think they could be further back. I mean, true, but 45ft away from a monster, I think that they could stand to leave. [00:31:59] Speaker B: They're safe backtrack a smidge. [00:32:02] Speaker C: So, Uber, you're slinging this flame. I'm going to need a ranged spell attack roll. [00:32:08] Speaker D: Your family's just got their little parasols, and they're just watching the fight, like in the Civil War. [00:32:14] Speaker A: That is going to be an 18. [00:32:17] Speaker C: And that's going to be a miss. [00:32:20] Speaker B: Not nice. Not nice. [00:32:22] Speaker D: Oh, no. You hit Sophia. [00:32:24] Speaker B: It's not a fail, I don't think. [00:32:26] Speaker F: With an 18, you do that bad. [00:32:28] Speaker A: Yeah. 18 is a miss. Well, fine. [00:32:35] Speaker C: I'm glad you accepted it. [00:32:39] Speaker B: I would like to contest this. [00:32:42] Speaker A: He's going to go 15ft in this direction. [00:32:46] Speaker D: In what direction is that? [00:32:47] Speaker A: That is no, that is you. [00:32:51] Speaker D: Why. [00:32:54] Speaker E: Did you do that? [00:32:55] Speaker B: Because Jordy hates us all. [00:32:57] Speaker D: So he's going 15ft up into the left. [00:33:00] Speaker E: Yes. [00:33:00] Speaker C: So you're going 15ft south uphill and moving a little bit closer to the stones. [00:33:07] Speaker A: Yeah, that's my turn. [00:33:08] Speaker C: You have one action left. [00:33:10] Speaker D: Did you use your free action stride. [00:33:12] Speaker B: Because of Jenkins spell? [00:33:14] Speaker E: Yep. [00:33:15] Speaker A: I cast shield. [00:33:17] Speaker E: Good move. [00:33:18] Speaker C: What does that look? [00:33:19] Speaker D: Wow. [00:33:20] Speaker A: Ah. Yes. So, once again, if anybody's watching Uber, you'll just see this green light off his shoulder just kind of glow through his clothes and then spread across his body. [00:33:33] Speaker E: To anybody not watching UVair, that did. [00:33:35] Speaker D: Not happen, which was everyone. [00:33:37] Speaker A: If nobody was watching Uber, that, of course, didn't happen. [00:33:40] Speaker E: Wait. [00:33:40] Speaker D: Let's all appreciate the spell. [00:33:44] Speaker C: I was actually appreciating Abby, like, getting ready to dodge. [00:33:51] Speaker D: She was like, he's getting animated. He's talking. Let me scoot away from him. [00:33:57] Speaker B: It's dangerous sitting next to him. Sometimes. [00:34:00] Speaker A: I'm sorry. [00:34:01] Speaker B: No, you're fine. I just saw your hand do this, and I'm like, is he about to come over here? [00:34:08] Speaker C: Speaking of Abby dodging things, nero, so you're up. [00:34:12] Speaker B: She doesn't dodge anything because she's not that agile. No, you didn't say that the Golem did anything, and it's not the Golem's. [00:34:23] Speaker E: The golem has legendary action. [00:34:25] Speaker B: I haven't even done anything to him. So therefore, no attack of opportunity for you. [00:34:30] Speaker D: I believe in you, Nira. [00:34:33] Speaker B: So I'm going to spend a focus point and my arms go. [00:34:43] Speaker D: Tentaclearms TM. [00:34:45] Speaker E: Return of the tentaclems. [00:34:46] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:34:47] Speaker B: That never gets old. And I am going to make an attack roll. What? Yeah. What did you say? What did you say? [00:35:00] Speaker E: How did you say it? [00:35:02] Speaker F: Why did you say that? [00:35:05] Speaker B: I'm using telekinetic projectile for everybody else in the room. [00:35:08] Speaker D: That's bludgeoning dam. [00:35:09] Speaker A: Bludgeoning dam? Yeah. [00:35:10] Speaker B: I picked up a small rock and I'm going to chuck it at the golden. [00:35:13] Speaker D: Think about that. [00:35:15] Speaker E: I did. [00:35:16] Speaker B: And that's plus 819 to hit. [00:35:19] Speaker C: That's a miss. [00:35:20] Speaker D: Oh, my gosh. Wait, so it's AC. [00:35:24] Speaker B: I think it's AC 20 or 2021 at this point. [00:35:28] Speaker D: Yeah, because didn't I hit on an 18 but flag flanking. [00:35:31] Speaker B: Yeah, flanking, yeah. [00:35:32] Speaker D: Okay, cool, guys, cool. [00:35:35] Speaker F: Wait, did it hit? [00:35:36] Speaker E: No, because I used a card that. [00:35:38] Speaker F: Automatically makes it hit, right? [00:35:40] Speaker A: No, I didn't. [00:35:41] Speaker D: Well, no, that's why you hit. [00:35:43] Speaker A: Yeah, that's why you hit. [00:35:44] Speaker F: Right. But who hit the next time? [00:35:46] Speaker E: Nobody. [00:35:46] Speaker D: No one hit it yet. [00:35:48] Speaker A: And 18 year hit it once and. [00:35:50] Speaker E: You hit it once. [00:35:51] Speaker B: Okay, I'm going to do something stupid. [00:35:56] Speaker E: Do it. [00:35:57] Speaker B: I'm going to move within 10ft of the Golem, and with my tentacle arms, I'm going to smack it. [00:36:05] Speaker C: I don't think you have oh, wait. [00:36:06] Speaker B: I don't have that. I don't have the action to go. [00:36:07] Speaker D: You made the tentacle arms. [00:36:09] Speaker C: That's true, but you can certainly move within 10ft of them. [00:36:13] Speaker B: I don't like your tone. [00:36:14] Speaker C: While you've got a free action to. [00:36:16] Speaker D: Move, I doubt he's going to target you unless he cones at the three of you. I don't know what his cone range is. [00:36:23] Speaker F: I've probably made a bad decision running between the rocks. [00:36:27] Speaker B: If your theory is correct, he's going to keep going towards fear. [00:36:31] Speaker E: Well, we're going to find out. [00:36:32] Speaker F: I should just keep running. [00:36:33] Speaker B: I'm going to commit to moving 10ft. All right. Within 10ft of the golem. [00:36:40] Speaker C: And with that, it is indeed Alward's turn. [00:36:47] Speaker E: So I know the runes exist. [00:36:50] Speaker C: Yeah, there's designs traced into the snow around the pillars. [00:36:54] Speaker E: Okay. I would like to cast telekinetic rend one on the Golem and then one on one of the runes to see what happens to them. [00:37:05] Speaker C: So they appear to be now that they've been mentioned to you, you can easily see just like, traced out lines and they're just kind of like, out, like, 15ft from the pillars. Think like that scene, how to Train Your Dragon, where Toothless is like, tracing just random scribbles in the ground, it looks kind of like that. So pretty much any square you'd pick that's near the pillars would have those designs. [00:37:30] Speaker E: Okay, then I'm going to pick right next to the golem, if any square. [00:37:36] Speaker C: Okay. So right here on Haymir? [00:37:37] Speaker E: No, not on haymir. [00:37:40] Speaker C: Okay. And that's a save from me. Yes. [00:37:42] Speaker E: Yeah, it is a fortitude. So I'm assuming you're going to critically succeed, but that's not why I'm doing this. [00:37:49] Speaker C: What's your DC? [00:37:50] Speaker E: It's going to be bludgeoning damage, by the way. 19 failed. [00:37:55] Speaker D: What? Do you believe this, Abby? [00:37:59] Speaker B: No, because I wasn't paying attention. [00:38:01] Speaker D: Wow job, Abby. [00:38:03] Speaker E: I'm so proud. [00:38:04] Speaker C: Wow. [00:38:04] Speaker B: I was thinking about my next move. [00:38:07] Speaker D: Like a good player State Farm is. [00:38:10] Speaker A: Did you roll min damage? [00:38:13] Speaker D: How much damage does it actually do, though? [00:38:17] Speaker E: One. [00:38:19] Speaker D: No bonus. [00:38:20] Speaker B: What did you do? [00:38:21] Speaker E: I rolled min damage. [00:38:23] Speaker D: He used his step. [00:38:25] Speaker E: So essentially I forced two 5ft areas. In this case, since it's bludgeoning damage, I basically just made a massive force push downward, and I did one damage. [00:38:41] Speaker B: I'm sorry. [00:38:41] Speaker E: What happens to the runes? [00:38:43] Speaker C: So all of the snow in that area you pick just crunch down, and there's just like that circular indentation in the snow. And whatever designs were traced there are completely unintelligible. They've been stamped out by that force you've pressed. Apart from that, there doesn't seem to be any other interaction. And the ice golem has a chip of ice. Come on. [00:39:08] Speaker E: Fair. [00:39:10] Speaker C: That's how we described one damage earlier. [00:39:16] Speaker E: I'm going to cast guidance on Neros, and then I'm going to move 20ft north. [00:39:26] Speaker C: Under this little tree? [00:39:28] Speaker E: Yes. How far away does that put me? From him? [00:39:32] Speaker C: From the golem? [00:39:33] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:39:34] Speaker C: You are now 30ft. [00:39:37] Speaker E: Okay. And that will be my turn. [00:39:39] Speaker C: All right. It is now the golden's turn. [00:39:41] Speaker D: Oh, boy. I'm really curious as to what it's going to do. [00:39:45] Speaker C: Hey, mirror. [00:39:46] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:39:47] Speaker C: What is your fortitude DC? [00:39:50] Speaker D: Because it starts its turn and I'm adjacent to it. Eight. [00:39:56] Speaker E: Your fortitude DC is eight. [00:39:58] Speaker D: Oh, sorry. 18. I thought I'd say eight and then you would add ten to it. [00:40:04] Speaker C: That makes sense. I was following along, but then when I actually stopped and thought about it. [00:40:08] Speaker D: I was like, wait, I imagine it succeeded or I failed. [00:40:13] Speaker C: Give me 1 second. [00:40:15] Speaker D: I don't like this, guys. Help me. [00:40:18] Speaker A: What do you think we're trying to do? [00:40:21] Speaker C: So the ice sculpture, which had been facing towards Zephyr and had, like, pummeled him, then just, like, turns and sweeps with its left hand at your side and tries to shove you away from the pillars, and it succeeds. Oh, and you are flying down into the snow and land in one of the designs. [00:40:45] Speaker D: Wait, I don't fall do I fall prone? [00:40:47] Speaker C: No, actually, you don't. Yes, you stagger under the shove and you stagger through. Well, do you want to stagger through the designs or not? [00:40:58] Speaker D: I mean, there's a ton of them, right? They're all over the place. [00:41:01] Speaker C: They're pretty large scale, so theoretically, you could control your steps and not go through them. [00:41:10] Speaker D: On one hand, breaking them feels like it might mess with the Golem, but on the other hand, it feels like we're going to kill the Golem, so maybe we can learn stuff from them. So I guess I won't if I. [00:41:20] Speaker C: Can avoid I'm going to call this since it's forced movement, you can just choose to not step on those. [00:41:26] Speaker D: Okay, sure. [00:41:27] Speaker C: Because forced movement has those rules of, like, you can't push something. [00:41:29] Speaker D: To be fair, though, I don't care either way, but I'm down with not messing up. [00:41:34] Speaker A: You said the designs are along the path, so just messing up that one spot won't mess up all the designs. Correct. [00:41:41] Speaker C: Right. So it's like anywhere within 15ft of a pillar has designs, so you could. [00:41:48] Speaker D: Do it without yeah, it's fine. I just won't do it. [00:41:51] Speaker C: So it shoves you one square away. [00:41:53] Speaker D: From those pillars and I'm still adjacent to it. And then oh, boy. [00:41:57] Speaker C: And then it moves after Zafir, of course, and swings its fist at him again. [00:42:03] Speaker F: Oh, that got close to me. [00:42:06] Speaker D: Yeah, I can't flank it now. [00:42:09] Speaker C: All right, who has the critical fumble deck? [00:42:15] Speaker E: It's called fist meet face. You critically hit yourself with the attack. Yes. [00:42:22] Speaker D: Wait, but what if it does cold damage with its punch? [00:42:24] Speaker A: No, it does bludgeon, remember? [00:42:27] Speaker D: Oh, yeah, this is fun. It just punched itself. [00:42:30] Speaker B: I like that. It critically hits itself. [00:42:32] Speaker C: So it swings its fist at Zafir. And Zafir, I imagine you kind of like, lean back and judo push the fist back into his face or something. [00:42:41] Speaker F: I'll take that. Yeah, definitely. [00:42:45] Speaker C: So he takes 24 bludgeoning damage. [00:42:49] Speaker B: Nice. [00:42:50] Speaker D: Wow. And then and then he heals. [00:42:57] Speaker C: Regenerates. [00:42:58] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:43:03] Speaker C: And then an aura of ice seems to coalesce around him. [00:43:10] Speaker B: Does he get slowed? [00:43:12] Speaker D: That'd be funny. [00:43:14] Speaker B: He gets slow. [00:43:15] Speaker D: It counts as water and zafir. [00:43:19] Speaker C: You feel like the area around it is getting colder as it's now taking persistent cold damage. [00:43:25] Speaker E: Oh, no, that's not good. [00:43:28] Speaker D: Wait, but it is slowed. [00:43:30] Speaker C: It is slowed. [00:43:31] Speaker D: It slowed. How much did it heal? [00:43:34] Speaker C: We had still got one action left. No, it moved. It pushed, moved, punched. And now it takes two D. Six persistent cold damage, which means it heals. So it regenerates nine HP. [00:43:47] Speaker F: Are we going to like Jordan? [00:43:49] Speaker D: Can we know how much it regenerated earlier? [00:43:50] Speaker E: There's a chance. [00:43:51] Speaker F: Can we just get our caravan to push through? [00:43:54] Speaker D: That still was eleven points. Is it bloodied? [00:43:58] Speaker C: It is now bloodied. After all of these shenanigans, we got this. [00:44:01] Speaker D: Another round or two and we'll kill it. [00:44:03] Speaker B: Hopefully. [00:44:04] Speaker A: If it doesn't kill severe, there's a. [00:44:07] Speaker E: Chance that fire damage stops this thing. [00:44:10] Speaker B: Yeah, hopefully. [00:44:12] Speaker C: Hey, Mayor. [00:44:15] Speaker D: I'm going to run up to the square north of the creature. I can't quite get in. The flanking position was up here. I'm going to attack with my shield. I miss. I got a 16. You know what? I'm going to go ahead and just spend a hero point for this. That was even worse. That's unfortunate. So I miss and then all ready to aid again. That's my turn. [00:44:45] Speaker F: All right, Zapir I'm trying to decide if I should just motion to everyone that we should just get out of here because I don't know. [00:44:54] Speaker D: I don't think that's safer possible at this point. Well, if it slowed, I'm worried about the caravan having to travel through the. [00:45:02] Speaker E: Rocks and all the signs and stuff. [00:45:05] Speaker F: How much of a gap does it have? [00:45:07] Speaker E: It's enough to get through. [00:45:08] Speaker D: But the creature could attack the caravan. [00:45:11] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:45:12] Speaker D: So we do have two carriages to get through. [00:45:15] Speaker F: Well, I believe I have to spend an action to regain my spell strike. [00:45:25] Speaker C: Or use your conflux spell. Either way will recharge it. [00:45:28] Speaker E: That's your focus. [00:45:29] Speaker F: Spell either way will pretty much take up action. [00:45:34] Speaker C: It's true. [00:45:35] Speaker E: What's your conflux spell anyway? [00:45:37] Speaker F: Shooting star. I won't go too into it, but it basically just makes people aware of its location, which is not super helpful. [00:45:45] Speaker E: Yeah, I can understand being like, maybe not right now. [00:45:49] Speaker F: So I'm going to attempt to do that again since gosh, it's either me running away or striking because I don't really have the option for both. I mean, I'm only down to 20 hit points, but you could step into. [00:46:04] Speaker D: Flank and then just cast produce flame. [00:46:07] Speaker F: But that gives me way less of a chance to actually hit. [00:46:11] Speaker D: You get the flanking bonus. [00:46:12] Speaker A: Yeah, you get flanking bonus. [00:46:14] Speaker E: I feel like fire damage needs to be done. [00:46:17] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:46:17] Speaker E: But I don't know if I'm going. [00:46:18] Speaker F: To be able to hit. [00:46:19] Speaker A: Yeah, that's the problem. What's your two hit? [00:46:21] Speaker F: What? [00:46:22] Speaker E: What's your two hit? [00:46:23] Speaker A: Two hit? [00:46:23] Speaker D: Your bonus to hit. [00:46:24] Speaker A: Your bonus to hit. [00:46:25] Speaker E: Plus nine. [00:46:26] Speaker F: Plus nine. [00:46:27] Speaker A: So you just have to with flanking, you should be able to hit it if you roll a nine better, but. [00:46:32] Speaker B: It'S not you'd have to move flanking. [00:46:33] Speaker E: Right. I'd have to move. [00:46:34] Speaker F: And then he could only be spell strike or hit it with my rapier. [00:46:38] Speaker E: But piercing damage, right. [00:46:41] Speaker D: That's not super a lot. [00:46:43] Speaker E: I should have took the resistance one. [00:46:46] Speaker C: Guys. [00:46:48] Speaker F: You know what? Let's try it or run away. If I die, I die. [00:46:53] Speaker D: Do you have spell strike? [00:46:54] Speaker B: Hang on. [00:46:58] Speaker E: Yeah, there was, like, a lawnmower outside. [00:47:00] Speaker A: So it's slowed and it's going after you specifically? [00:47:04] Speaker F: Yes. [00:47:04] Speaker A: So you can run away. [00:47:06] Speaker D: If you did want to run, it's going to waste more time, more of. [00:47:09] Speaker E: Its turn, presuming it attacks you. [00:47:10] Speaker F: So I should run? [00:47:12] Speaker D: It's just another option to consider. You don't have to. [00:47:16] Speaker E: So my running theory is that he's attacking you because of the helmet. [00:47:21] Speaker F: Yeah, that's a good point. [00:47:25] Speaker D: Throw the helmet. [00:47:26] Speaker B: Throw the helmet. [00:47:28] Speaker D: But then don't do that. [00:47:29] Speaker B: Don't do that. [00:47:30] Speaker F: I like how you said running theory, because I was thinking about running. [00:47:34] Speaker E: You're welcome. [00:47:35] Speaker B: I internally laughed. [00:47:36] Speaker F: You guys are going to hate me so much. [00:47:37] Speaker E: Do it. [00:47:38] Speaker B: What are you doing? [00:47:38] Speaker F: I'm going to flail my arm and just go. [00:47:42] Speaker E: Come on. [00:47:43] Speaker F: And I am going to book it. Reaction running. [00:47:49] Speaker E: I don't hate you for that. [00:47:51] Speaker D: You're going to move. 75ft. [00:47:53] Speaker E: 75Ft. [00:47:54] Speaker F: Should I go uphill? Should I go straight across? [00:47:57] Speaker D: I am concerned if you get too far away, it's just not going to chase you. [00:48:00] Speaker E: Run down? Yeah. [00:48:02] Speaker F: Then I'm going to go hide behind that tree. [00:48:04] Speaker C: So you go south up the hill and behind the deciduous tree that has not yet put out its leaves. In early March. [00:48:11] Speaker A: Yes. [00:48:12] Speaker F: Did I hit any runes or markings? [00:48:16] Speaker C: Were you intending to? [00:48:17] Speaker A: No. [00:48:17] Speaker C: Then you did not. [00:48:18] Speaker D: Oh, wow. [00:48:19] Speaker F: It how much did I use on that? [00:48:23] Speaker C: Two actions. You have one action remaining. [00:48:25] Speaker F: I use that action to recharge my spell strike. [00:48:29] Speaker E: Spell strike. [00:48:29] Speaker A: Nice. [00:48:30] Speaker E: Okay. Nice. [00:48:31] Speaker C: All right. [00:48:32] Speaker D: Wow. [00:48:32] Speaker E: Uber wow. [00:48:37] Speaker A: I'm deciding between produce flame or magic missile. [00:48:42] Speaker B: Well, one of these things produces fire. [00:48:44] Speaker D: You have produced flame. [00:48:45] Speaker A: Yes. [00:48:46] Speaker E: Do that. [00:48:46] Speaker A: I just missed. We'll try it again. [00:48:51] Speaker E: Oh, you missed last. [00:48:52] Speaker A: Yeah, I missed last. [00:48:53] Speaker D: Don't do that. I will try and aid you on this. You can try kind of similarly with my shield. [00:48:58] Speaker C: Just kind of making sure you can't move. Yeah, go ahead and make that athletics. [00:49:02] Speaker D: No, it's just a regular fail. [00:49:07] Speaker A: I'll take that. That is a 27. [00:49:10] Speaker C: That's a hit. Roll 46. Fire damage. [00:49:16] Speaker A: I wish that was a seven, but that's a one. One seven on a D six. I know. [00:49:22] Speaker F: Where are all my normal? [00:49:23] Speaker E: I roll so good. [00:49:24] Speaker A: I get seven on a D. 612 points of damage. [00:49:29] Speaker B: Not bad. [00:49:29] Speaker A: Yeah. So what does that look like, Jordy? [00:49:32] Speaker C: That looks like he gets wreathed in a column of flame. It does not end the persistent. Okay. [00:49:39] Speaker E: But we know it can. [00:49:44] Speaker C: I consider that as somebody using an aid to try to stop the persistent damage? [00:49:50] Speaker D: Your face. [00:49:52] Speaker C: You've got one action remaining. [00:49:54] Speaker A: I cast shield. [00:49:58] Speaker D: Wait. Why don't you move into flanking with me? [00:50:02] Speaker C: No. [00:50:05] Speaker D: Absolutely. [00:50:06] Speaker B: Do you know what my AC is? I have an AC of 17. [00:50:10] Speaker A: Thank you. [00:50:11] Speaker D: You're welcome. [00:50:12] Speaker C: Near us. [00:50:16] Speaker B: Can I see him right now or. [00:50:17] Speaker C: No, he's got partial cover. Lesser cover, as they say. [00:50:21] Speaker B: I figured. [00:50:22] Speaker C: As we say in the biz, gosh diddly. [00:50:25] Speaker B: Darn it. [00:50:26] Speaker D: Yes. [00:50:27] Speaker B: I don't want to have to move, but I may have to. I would like to skedaddle. [00:50:37] Speaker D: Bye. [00:50:39] Speaker B: Up in between those two boulders? [00:50:44] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:50:45] Speaker B: Within ten. [00:50:46] Speaker E: Oh. [00:50:46] Speaker D: You can flank with me. [00:50:48] Speaker B: Should I? [00:50:48] Speaker D: Though it'll probably move before my next turn, so you don't have to worry about it. [00:50:53] Speaker C: Getting into flanking would take two actions for you. [00:50:55] Speaker B: I'm okay right there. [00:50:56] Speaker D: Yeah, don't do that. [00:50:58] Speaker C: And are you moving carefully through the designs? [00:51:01] Speaker B: Sure. [00:51:01] Speaker C: Okay. [00:51:03] Speaker A: No, I really just want to make ufair. Just bold. [00:51:07] Speaker B: I don't know how important they are, so I don't want to mess. [00:51:10] Speaker E: So I feel like they're nothing. And Jordy's just trolling us. [00:51:15] Speaker D: I think they're just lines of, like, hey, golem put the rocks in these spots and walk this path. [00:51:21] Speaker F: Either that or, like, he's ice skating and those are just his. [00:51:25] Speaker E: Oh, that would be great. [00:51:28] Speaker B: And then I'm gonna try and freaking telet kinetic projectile again for Bludgeoning. [00:51:35] Speaker D: I believe in you. [00:51:37] Speaker B: I don't know. My dice have not liked me. [00:51:40] Speaker E: Do you believe, Abby? [00:51:41] Speaker D: Do you believe in magic? [00:51:42] Speaker B: Do you believe in magic? [00:51:44] Speaker E: Of the telekinesis. [00:51:49] Speaker B: Son of. [00:51:52] Speaker E: You didn't believe in magic, Abby? [00:51:53] Speaker D: I did not that bad. [00:51:55] Speaker C: You must believe in the heart of the cards. [00:51:57] Speaker D: Heart of the cards. [00:51:59] Speaker B: No, that's a freaking I don't want. [00:52:01] Speaker A: To be dimension, but I'm going to be. That's a dice, not a card. [00:52:07] Speaker B: That's not a critical failure, right? [00:52:09] Speaker C: Because an eleven yeah. Not relevant to respond at this point. [00:52:15] Speaker B: Okay. [00:52:16] Speaker C: Alward? Yeah. [00:52:17] Speaker E: I'm going to unleash my psyche. [00:52:19] Speaker D: Unleash your psyche? It has been unleashed. Wow. [00:52:29] Speaker E: Am I by a tree or a bush? [00:52:31] Speaker C: A tree. [00:52:31] Speaker E: It ruffles when my psyche unleashes. Wow. He would have cover from me right at this point. [00:52:41] Speaker C: Yeah, he has, like, total cover from me. [00:52:43] Speaker E: Okay. Total cover. [00:52:44] Speaker D: That's a big problem. [00:52:45] Speaker E: 1 second here. [00:52:45] Speaker B: I feel in danger right now. I'm in danger. [00:52:50] Speaker E: If I moved there where you had it before, at 30ft straight south. [00:52:54] Speaker C: 30Ft back up to where the first the group originally, how much cover would he have? Lesser cover. [00:53:01] Speaker E: And that's plus one. [00:53:02] Speaker C: Yeah, he'll have just a plus one bonus. [00:53:04] Speaker E: Okay, I'll accept that. I'll accept that. I'm then going to yeah, I still want to move, but I don't want to move there. Move me. Move me southeast. [00:53:25] Speaker C: Southwest. Like right here where I've got you. [00:53:28] Speaker E: Okay. And then I'm going to cast telekinetic projectile amped with the warp space amp. So I'm going to choose 30ft within me, which I'm assuming I can choose right above him. [00:53:44] Speaker C: Yes. [00:53:45] Speaker E: Okay. So I'm going to choose that space. Let's find out if I hit is. [00:53:49] Speaker D: Warp space the 30ft away? [00:53:51] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:53:52] Speaker D: Okay, that's really cool. [00:53:53] Speaker E: And it counts it from there. [00:53:54] Speaker D: It doesn't get any bonus height. So much. [00:53:57] Speaker E: So I got 22. [00:53:59] Speaker C: That's a hit. [00:54:00] Speaker E: Okay, good, because if it wasn't, I was going to use class might to give me another plus two. Okay, so with that, Alward picks up a rock, throws it, and then as it's traveling, almost hits, hamir, disappears, reappears, and then bops him right in the back. And this is bludgeoning damage. [00:54:18] Speaker C: Now you're thinking with portals. [00:54:20] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:54:22] Speaker D: What do you mean? [00:54:23] Speaker E: 16 total damage? [00:54:25] Speaker D: Bludgeoning. Come on. [00:54:28] Speaker E: And I rolled very low. [00:54:30] Speaker D: OOH, that's so strong. [00:54:32] Speaker E: It's very strong. [00:54:33] Speaker D: You're such a strong boy. [00:54:35] Speaker C: I am a strong boy. [00:54:36] Speaker B: At least your mind is. [00:54:38] Speaker E: My mind is. [00:54:39] Speaker D: Look how big his head is. It's adorable. [00:54:41] Speaker C: That rock throne sails through the air, suddenly blips out of space and appears right in front of the golem and just slams right into its chest, and, like, fractures are starting to develop through the torso. Like, it can't really hold itself together much longer. [00:54:55] Speaker D: Almost got it, guys. [00:54:57] Speaker A: But it's going to heal. [00:54:58] Speaker B: One hit point away. [00:55:00] Speaker E: My turn. [00:55:02] Speaker C: It is now the Golem's turn. It's going to turn around and look at Hamir. [00:55:09] Speaker E: Oh, I don't like that. [00:55:11] Speaker B: No, not what I was expecting. [00:55:13] Speaker C: It's going to swing its fist at him. [00:55:14] Speaker D: I say no. [00:55:16] Speaker C: Stop saying no, Sam. [00:55:18] Speaker D: Why? [00:55:19] Speaker C: Because does an 18 hit you? [00:55:21] Speaker D: It does not. [00:55:24] Speaker B: I was ready to play this card on you. [00:55:27] Speaker C: Then we'll do a little flavor grab. It's not actually grabbing you. The flavor grab is that it swings I'm allergic. And then tries to mash your head against the pillar. [00:55:39] Speaker D: No, please don't. [00:55:42] Speaker C: And it's like as its hand is, like, starting to melt from all of the fire. It just, like, slips off your helmet, and you're able to just duck under it, and it just cracks its hand against the pillar. [00:55:52] Speaker E: Does it hurt the pillar? [00:55:54] Speaker B: Does it hurt the golem? [00:55:55] Speaker D: Wait, I thought that was a boulder. Not a pillar. [00:55:57] Speaker C: It's a tall, cylindrical boulder. [00:56:00] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:56:00] Speaker C: That has been intentionally it's a pillalder. It's a crude pillar. [00:56:05] Speaker E: All of this could have been a crude pillow. They would have just had a high level wizard cast wall of Earth. [00:56:10] Speaker C: It regenerates four HP. [00:56:12] Speaker B: Nice. [00:56:13] Speaker C: And that chill in the air just kind of dissipates. [00:56:18] Speaker A: Nice. [00:56:18] Speaker C: Hey, mirror, it is your turn. [00:56:20] Speaker A: It's good that it's not smart, so it could I strike intentionally? Fail that. [00:56:26] Speaker E: Oh, that's such a good strike, though. [00:56:30] Speaker D: So unfortunate. [00:56:31] Speaker E: So unfortunate. [00:56:32] Speaker D: 29. [00:56:34] Speaker C: That's a hit. [00:56:35] Speaker E: It was one away from a critic. [00:56:36] Speaker D: Which would have been a natural 20. So I have to net 20 on this. [00:56:40] Speaker A: Yeah, same. [00:56:43] Speaker E: That's good. [00:56:46] Speaker D: Twelve points of damage, and then it has three weakness. [00:56:52] Speaker C: What were you using? Your shield box? [00:56:53] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:56:54] Speaker C: So you slam the shield into the Golem, and it's, like, starting to fragment, and chunks are falling off, and it's just, like, beginning to fall apart. And then you just kind of see the essence of how it's holding itself together, and you just, like with one. [00:57:13] Speaker D: Extra motion, I'm going to shove the shield into some of its cracks, take a step back, and just pull my arm back and get a big old punch into my shield to just crack it into. [00:57:26] Speaker B: Nice. [00:57:27] Speaker C: And the Golem fragmented in two. The top half just slides off the bottom and just shatters on the ground, and the bottom half falls over as well. [00:57:37] Speaker B: Nice. [00:57:39] Speaker C: Because of your weakness, you killed it. [00:57:42] Speaker D: Nice, because I knew just how to hurt it. [00:57:46] Speaker B: Beautiful. [00:57:47] Speaker A: It's beautiful indeed. [00:57:49] Speaker B: It's gone. [00:57:50] Speaker F: Now you see. Zafir peek out from behind the tree. [00:57:54] Speaker C: Is it gone? [00:57:56] Speaker A: It is dead. [00:57:57] Speaker B: Yes, fortunately. But yet, unfortunately, because it was so. [00:58:00] Speaker E: Beautiful, I was going to just run right back to the carriage. [00:58:04] Speaker D: Hamir bends over and picks up some ashes that he used on his shield for the weakness and puts back in his pouch and puts the shield back. Jeffrey, get back down here. [00:58:17] Speaker C: Who all is trained or better in Arcana? [00:58:21] Speaker D: Let me double check. [00:58:22] Speaker E: Sven me. Mike Jenkins. Petite. All of us not petite. [00:58:27] Speaker C: No, everybody but Albert's mom and sister. [00:58:30] Speaker D: Well, are you sure? Did you check their stats? [00:58:32] Speaker E: That is true. [00:58:33] Speaker B: My mom might their stat block. [00:58:35] Speaker C: Let me look at this. [00:58:35] Speaker D: She grew up with Alward. There's no way she's not trained in occultism. [00:58:39] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:58:44] Speaker C: All of you know that ice golems have, like, an intrinsic ability to maintain their cold so that they don't just melt because the sun is shining on them. So you are able to salvage five usable shards that have enough of this golem ice magic in them that they could be used as spell catalysts when casting any spell with the cold trait to add one D, four persistent cold damage. [00:59:10] Speaker D: Well, that's cool. You're going to be holding in your hand and cast like, ray of frost. [00:59:16] Speaker A: Does anyone else have any cold spells? [00:59:19] Speaker E: As I say, if anybody takes it, it's got to be you. [00:59:21] Speaker D: There's five of them. [00:59:22] Speaker F: There's five of them. We all get one. [00:59:23] Speaker E: I don't have cold spells. [00:59:25] Speaker D: You never know when it might come up. And it's just one item. They don't go away after you use them, do you? [00:59:30] Speaker C: Consume. [00:59:31] Speaker D: Oh, then just give them all the mall to Uber. [00:59:34] Speaker E: Why not me? [00:59:35] Speaker D: Wait, do you have cold? [00:59:36] Speaker F: I got ray of frost. [00:59:37] Speaker D: Split them three and two. Yeah, three to UVair, two to two to Zephyr. [00:59:42] Speaker A: So out of all the spells I had prepared today, produced flame was the only one that could hurt. [00:59:48] Speaker E: This was all that was needed, though. [00:59:50] Speaker D: Honestly, it's not worth spending almost everything. It's not worth expending anything more than produced flame on an ice because it. [01:00:00] Speaker E: Just does so much extra damage. [01:00:02] Speaker C: So using a spell catalyst, you have to be holding it in a hand and it adds one action to the spell. [01:00:09] Speaker D: Oh, okay. So you spend an extra action in order to do free persistent damage on a hit. [01:00:14] Speaker F: So who wants to try getting rid of pieces of pattern? [01:00:18] Speaker E: I've already done that. [01:00:19] Speaker A: We've already done that. But Uvaira is actually going to go study the hmm. [01:00:27] Speaker C: So are you looking at it to see if it's got any sigils or anything that you recognize? [01:00:31] Speaker A: Yeah, language or what have you. [01:00:35] Speaker C: Make a crafting check. [01:00:38] Speaker A: Okay. I'd rather make an arcana check. [01:00:42] Speaker D: His one weakness I have crafting during. [01:00:45] Speaker F: Which he is studying. Like at the very beginning of his beginning to study, he just sees a ball of flame just arc over him and go towards one in the distance. [01:00:58] Speaker C: One what? [01:00:59] Speaker E: In the distance. [01:00:59] Speaker F: One bit of pattern in the distance. Somewhere that's not too close to everybody, but close enough that I can lob a flame that I produced that's 30ft. [01:01:10] Speaker C: And the snow there just kind of sizzles away into steam. [01:01:14] Speaker A: That is a nine. [01:01:19] Speaker C: Definitely designs yeah. That have been traced into the snow. [01:01:25] Speaker A: I don't understand why that's crafting an arcana, but okay. [01:01:29] Speaker F: Probably because they weren't arcana based. [01:01:31] Speaker C: With your arcana, it doesn't look like any magical runes or anything. [01:01:35] Speaker A: Oh, interesting. [01:01:37] Speaker C: No sort of sigils or runic designs that you recognize. [01:01:40] Speaker D: I'm assuming they're just, like, directions for the creature. [01:01:43] Speaker A: Do you recognize any of this? [01:01:45] Speaker E: I'm checking on my family. [01:01:47] Speaker D: Yeah, he's not there. [01:01:48] Speaker A: Turn around and oh, never mind. [01:01:52] Speaker D: Uber I don't think there's anything special. I think they're just instructions for the creature, the Golem. [01:01:58] Speaker F: Can I confidently say that they are not going to hurt me if I touch them? [01:02:02] Speaker D: They're stupid creatures. They're just constructs. [01:02:06] Speaker C: Okay, so now that the heat of the moment is over, you can see that where you were stepping forward right after the Golem was, like, staring at you, and you took another step forward. You'd stepped in one of the designs. [01:02:16] Speaker A: Question. [01:02:17] Speaker C: Yes. [01:02:19] Speaker A: Uveler goes to the end of the last one placed, and he looks to. [01:02:25] Speaker C: See if there's a ah that does not seem to continue after the last rock that you see on your map. Just two north of the road there, that seems to be the last in its line. However, if you turn south and look up the hill heading into the mountains, you can now see there's, like, a trail of rocks that are just snaking up the hill into the mountains. [01:02:45] Speaker A: If I was going to follow the direction of continue the line, so to speak, of where the rocks would be going, where does it go? If I was going to continue the pattern in my head towards the Grungeier. [01:02:58] Speaker C: Forest. [01:03:00] Speaker D: They'Re building a stone walk path. [01:03:03] Speaker C: Looking up the hill and down the hill. It doesn't seem to be really direct at all. It's just kind of going in that direction. [01:03:11] Speaker D: New theory. There's a really high and pompous wizard at the top of the mountain. He doesn't want to walk on the ground or the dirt, so they're slowly building a boulder's bridge all the way to the forest so he can just walk. [01:03:26] Speaker A: And the wizard has a particular thing against male fetchlings, which is why he only went after Severe. [01:03:33] Speaker D: Zafir sevier severe. He is quite severe. [01:03:39] Speaker A: He's quite severe in his prejudice. [01:03:42] Speaker C: From your vantage point, Uber, you can see that a few yards down the hill, the tracing designs stop, but the designs continue a little bit further past that last placed stone. And there seems to be an open spot where perhaps that statue was carrying the stone it was bringing when you first arrived. [01:04:07] Speaker A: I don't know what these designs are, but I think that they could be as I'm yelling back to the rest. [01:04:15] Speaker D: Of the group, I'm getting, like, Hamir's getting the caravans ready to go. [01:04:20] Speaker F: Zafir is running. [01:04:20] Speaker A: I just realized where I was at and where everyone else was at. [01:04:23] Speaker D: Yeah, you walked away. [01:04:25] Speaker A: I'm just talking to myself. [01:04:27] Speaker F: You do that often. Zafir is running around in circles, wiping off the pattern off out of the snow, just running frantically, just using his cloak to brush it all. [01:04:41] Speaker A: Uber is actually going to look at it and go to himself. Obviously, I don't know what this is, but I think that I should inte at least where it's at. And you just see a ball of fire just produce out of his hand and he's going to systematically destroy the line up to that first pillar or melt the snow. [01:05:05] Speaker C: Actually, easily enough done. Alward, you've been working on making sure your family's fine, and they seem to be a lot more, I don't know, even keeled mentally okay with things than you were afraid they would be from their perspective. You handily dispatched this obstacle in the road. [01:05:27] Speaker E: I mean, we did travel all the way from Chelly axed up here, so I'm assuming travel is nothing. [01:05:32] Speaker D: It took us, like, 18 seconds to kill this thing. [01:05:34] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:05:38] Speaker A: However, before I destroy the runes around that last stone, I'm going to cast Ridara. [01:05:46] Speaker C: There is no magic. [01:05:48] Speaker A: Thank you. [01:05:49] Speaker C: What's Neros been doing during all of. [01:05:51] Speaker B: This lamenting over the gorgeous dwarf that is now gone? [01:05:56] Speaker D: Nori. There's another one. And he's alive. [01:06:02] Speaker F: Just wait until he gets wait until. [01:06:05] Speaker E: He gets the spell. [01:06:06] Speaker B: I think I am disguised. [01:06:09] Speaker D: His chin grows three sizes, two pigs. [01:06:11] Speaker C: Neros, are you, like, handling the remains of the thing at all? [01:06:17] Speaker B: Wow. [01:06:18] Speaker C: Or are you just looking at it? Because the first thought that popped into my mind is like a somewhat comic image of Nero's. Like, no died in this. [01:06:29] Speaker B: With her tentacle arms because it lasts a minute. [01:06:33] Speaker D: She can't pick it up. She's caressing the broken shards with her tentacled ice. [01:06:41] Speaker B: So Nero is kneeling next to where this golem was, and it was so gorgeous. [01:06:50] Speaker D: It's also cold. You need your mittens now. [01:06:52] Speaker B: I'm fine. But it was beautiful. [01:06:55] Speaker E: So after all of the sigils and stuff are destroyed, albert's going to step out of the carriage and be like, all right, I'm going to take a look at those sigils now and start walking toward the rocks. [01:07:07] Speaker F: Zafir is still running, just going, Neros. [01:07:12] Speaker D: Is everything all right? Will somebody get Neros back in the caravan? We need to get. [01:07:27] Speaker E: You'Re clearly not Bards. [01:07:34] Speaker D: So I get the front carrion ready to start going and I just have it start slowly going and the others can get it if they want. [01:07:41] Speaker E: Going to get back in. [01:07:43] Speaker D: I assume we're not investigating the top of this mountain. [01:07:47] Speaker E: That would take way too long. [01:07:48] Speaker D: We're not those kind of people jumping in the caravan. [01:07:51] Speaker E: I have a contractual obligation to be back by the end of the week. That would take way too long. [01:07:55] Speaker C: The route that the stones know been placed along down the hill. You wouldn't be able to bring the wagons up. [01:08:01] Speaker D: We have to walk. Get in Luzez. We're going to go get paid. [01:08:05] Speaker F: Y'all Alwin's family just stay here for a bit. [01:08:08] Speaker E: I'm sorry, Alwy's. [01:08:09] Speaker D: Family. [01:08:10] Speaker E: Who's Alwin? [01:08:11] Speaker F: At least I gave you a name. [01:08:14] Speaker D: Onward to Copper Burgundy. [01:08:22] Speaker C: So we do like a ten second travel montage of you guys going over a bridge, going around a hill. [01:08:31] Speaker B: Back to normal arms. [01:08:33] Speaker D: Oh, thank goodness. [01:08:33] Speaker A: Every time you say carriage montage, I just have Oregon Trail. [01:08:37] Speaker D: That's exactly what it could just I would like to stop and hunt. [01:08:43] Speaker B: Economically. My tentacle arms flail. [01:08:48] Speaker C: So at the end of your Oregon Trail montage, you arrive back at Copper. [01:08:53] Speaker E: With 1500 pounds of bison meat. [01:08:58] Speaker B: When did we take the time to go hunting? [01:09:01] Speaker E: We're at Copper Burke. [01:09:03] Speaker C: Yes. [01:09:06] Speaker D: Let's get paid. [01:09:08] Speaker C: So are you heading to the inn to meet up with Salazar? [01:09:12] Speaker D: Sounds like the best place to go. [01:09:13] Speaker A: Wait, we gonna make a stop in between? [01:09:16] Speaker E: No, no, we're heading there after. [01:09:19] Speaker D: It takes less than a day to get there. [01:09:20] Speaker E: Gotcha. [01:09:21] Speaker D: Okay, you fool. Then we're going to Tom grip. [01:09:25] Speaker C: Yes. So you reach the inn and Salazar isn't there. I imagine you know esmeralda and dane, the two who work at the know where's salazar, they explain. You know, in the days they've been heading up to the cave and gathering more information, the charcoal rubbings, as you had suggested, had been working well, so they've been bringing those back to the tavern, and they'll be, like, here in the evening to study all of the materials they've gathered. [01:09:55] Speaker E: Okay, I guess we're waiting. How long until the evening? [01:10:00] Speaker C: You've probably got like two or 3 hours. [01:10:02] Speaker E: I would like to go alert the dwarf that hired me that I'm ready to make my delegation. [01:10:11] Speaker C: Gotcha. So you're hunting down Dolvin, Erickson? [01:10:13] Speaker D: Yes, Dolvin Erickson. Dolvin. [01:10:17] Speaker F: Wonder how his sister's doing. [01:10:21] Speaker E: What? [01:10:25] Speaker F: Oh crap. [01:10:26] Speaker E: You guys weren't there. [01:10:30] Speaker C: I want to know if Zafir says that. [01:10:34] Speaker D: I think that's for the best. [01:10:36] Speaker E: I would love for that to be and they're like Albert's walking out of the park. [01:10:40] Speaker C: What? [01:10:43] Speaker D: I didn't know he had a sister. I barely remember this guy. What? Who was he? Regret face. [01:10:57] Speaker B: Beautiful. [01:10:59] Speaker E: Is this canon petite? [01:11:02] Speaker D: Yes. You guys are implying a lot for him to say. I wonder if his sister's okay. [01:11:10] Speaker B: His face though, it makes us imply things. [01:11:17] Speaker D: I'm getting dinner. Does anyone want anything? [01:11:19] Speaker E: Yeah, it's like noon. It's noon. [01:11:22] Speaker D: No, he says like 3 hours till evening. [01:11:24] Speaker E: Oh, that's true. [01:11:25] Speaker D: And we've been traveling. [01:11:26] Speaker B: Take some food. [01:11:27] Speaker E: I'll take some. I'll just heat it up when I get back. [01:11:30] Speaker B: Just ignoring the fact that the food all right. [01:11:33] Speaker D: I'll go tell him to bring us some food. [01:11:37] Speaker E: She has a sister. [01:11:38] Speaker A: And yes, I'll take something. [01:11:39] Speaker D: Corner booths. Get in there. [01:11:42] Speaker C: The corner booth is already taken. [01:11:44] Speaker D: Beat them up. [01:11:45] Speaker C: This really edgy looking guy who's got his hood pulled up, looks like he's waiting for the rest of the party of lone wolves to come and join him. [01:11:53] Speaker F: He hears a whisper in his ear. [01:11:56] Speaker C: You're taking a seat that is already taken. [01:12:05] Speaker D: That's good. [01:12:06] Speaker C: He looks up with a really, like, cocky grin. He's like, all right, but I'll be back, and storms out of the tavern. [01:12:16] Speaker D: Like in a bit of childlike rage. [01:12:18] Speaker C: Exactly. [01:12:22] Speaker E: I'm just imagining Nero just bopping. [01:12:25] Speaker D: Bopping. They're dancing for the listeners at home. [01:12:30] Speaker E: Well, we're not supposed to mention the music, but it's a BOP. It is a BOP. [01:12:35] Speaker C: All right, we're going to put baby Shark behind this. [01:12:37] Speaker E: Oh, please do, please do. I will not listen to this episode. [01:12:41] Speaker B: If that is the case. [01:12:42] Speaker D: We sit down on our newly acquired corner we sit down in our newly acquired corner booth and our food is arriving. I imagine nothing else happens until, let's. [01:12:53] Speaker A: Say, I'd love this happen. [01:12:54] Speaker E: Do I find the dwarf or is it going to be a big thing? [01:12:58] Speaker C: Yeah, he's not hard to find. You mean if you go up to the mine, you're like, hey, where's dolby and they're like, over there. [01:13:03] Speaker E: Yeah. I'm just going to basically tell him tomorrow, get the people together. Where do you want to meet? Get that information, and then go back to the tavern so I could eat food and make sure my family's still safe and alive. [01:13:14] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, the FAM is with us. [01:13:16] Speaker C: Easily done. [01:13:17] Speaker F: They're sitting in the corner table. [01:13:19] Speaker D: That reminds me, you guys, all of you, after Albert gets back, does a weird magical sphere mean anything to any of you? [01:13:27] Speaker E: It could mean a lot to any of us. [01:13:28] Speaker F: A weird magical sounds a lot like my name. [01:13:30] Speaker D: Like an item. [01:13:32] Speaker B: What do you mean? [01:13:37] Speaker D: It came out of a mine. It's very valuable. Why do you keep and it was a sphere. [01:13:43] Speaker B: Does it look like an egg or is it a sphere? [01:13:45] Speaker E: Do you have it on you? [01:13:46] Speaker D: Just like a straight sphere. [01:13:48] Speaker C: Much more sphere shape. [01:13:49] Speaker D: Very smooth. [01:13:49] Speaker A: Did you take it? [01:13:52] Speaker B: I don't think so. [01:13:53] Speaker E: You don't have it on you? [01:13:54] Speaker A: You're bringing out stuff that is magical. [01:13:57] Speaker D: Is getting I think it was magical. [01:13:59] Speaker E: What is it? [01:14:00] Speaker D: I did a delivery job for a friend of mine. Can I do, like the guards tried to kill me for having even seen it. I was wondering if it was important to any of you. [01:14:11] Speaker C: Albert on your head, over society or crafting with a plus two bonus. [01:14:17] Speaker A: OOH OOH on. [01:14:18] Speaker C: What? He's wondering if this is familiar to him at all. [01:14:26] Speaker E: Oh, no. [01:14:31] Speaker B: What's your bonus in society? [01:14:33] Speaker E: Twelve. [01:14:34] Speaker B: Oh. Much better than mine. [01:14:36] Speaker E: 17 total with the pluses and everything. [01:14:41] Speaker C: Not quite a success, but close enough that I'll let you know. This sounds familiar. [01:14:46] Speaker E: If I get plus two, would it be close enough? [01:14:50] Speaker C: Maybe it would be. [01:14:51] Speaker E: How important is this? [01:14:53] Speaker D: It seemed very important. They tried to kill me for it. All I did was see it and they tried to kill me. [01:15:04] Speaker C: Why? Guards with this hero. I think that does jog my memory. [01:15:10] Speaker D: I should specify to the part the lady who came with us on the caravan into the mines from Celliacs the guy she was with tried to kill me. Yeah, the guy she was with tried to kill me. And she was pretty okay with it at the time. [01:15:22] Speaker E: That makes sense for her. [01:15:23] Speaker D: They ended up shooting a couple innocence. [01:15:26] Speaker E: She's very what's the word I'm looking for? [01:15:31] Speaker D: Horrible, arrogant? [01:15:35] Speaker B: Full of herself. [01:15:36] Speaker D: So just so you are is in. [01:15:38] Speaker B: Need of a humbling. [01:15:39] Speaker A: In all honesty, I pay attention to her. [01:15:42] Speaker C: Alward, what strikes your memory about all of this? You've got an interesting little sphere in your inventory. [01:15:50] Speaker E: That literally it. I was going to bring that out anyway. Can I have my card back? [01:15:57] Speaker C: And on that note, we'll end this episode. [01:16:02] Speaker F: Well, hello. I appreciate you all for nominating me. [01:16:07] Speaker E: You're not going to tell us what it is? [01:16:10] Speaker F: I am appreciating you first. [01:16:12] Speaker D: He's doing it in the right order. [01:16:14] Speaker C: Wait. Let's all appreciate everyone wowing. [01:16:21] Speaker E: Is a free if we don't ever get a week of downtime activity. Jordy, look at me, I'm flipping a table. [01:16:31] Speaker D: I think we could take one or two. [01:16:33] Speaker C: I keep giving you guys downtime and you keep poking stories. [01:16:37] Speaker E: Everyone if we don't get I want to use my book. [01:16:42] Speaker D: I'm ready to like I'm going to be doing shopping off and I'm fine with spending a week or two even. [01:16:48] Speaker E: Can we just say a week? [01:16:49] Speaker F: The card I chose is run and shoot play when you take a stride action and I may make a ranged strike at any point during this movement. [01:17:00] Speaker E: Absolutely. [01:17:00] Speaker A: Very useful for you. [01:17:01] Speaker E: Especially for you. Wow. [01:17:03] Speaker F: I can take advantage of that probably very soon. So I want to appreciate everybody again. Wow. Round of applause. Thank you. [01:17:13] Speaker D: Thank you. [01:17:15] Speaker F: I am going to go and write down the rules to slap hands and. [01:17:21] Speaker C: We'Ll see you all in the next episode. This has been an Atomic Broadcasting production pathfinder. Galerian and the lost omens world setting are copyright of Pizzo More [email protected] music in the show is from Monument Studios collection as well as Assorted artists with some original tracks composed by Jordy Hake. More details in the description. If you enjoyed the show, please remember to share with a friend and we'll look forward to seeing you again next time. [01:17:58] Speaker E: You don't know what a mind palace is, you freak. [01:18:00] Speaker A: No, I know what that is. [01:18:01] Speaker B: Never heard of a mind palace. [01:18:03] Speaker F: He doesn't have one. [01:18:04] Speaker A: I literally can't because he's poor. [01:18:06] Speaker F: You can't palace. [01:18:08] Speaker D: You have a mind gym. [01:18:12] Speaker B: He's just swinging over there on the monkey bars. [01:18:16] Speaker D: That kind of a gym.

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