Episode 37

March 11, 2024


EP. 37 A Cold Reception

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Jordy Hake Michael Petete Samuel Sarver Abby Fincher Michael Jenkins Sven Nerness
EP. 37 A Cold Reception
The Written and The Lost
EP. 37 A Cold Reception

Mar 11 2024 | 01:18:05


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Arriving at Trollforge, the team stumbles upon something unexpected.


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:05] Speaker A: You are listening to an atomic broadcasting production. [00:00:08] Speaker B: So sit back, relax, and enjoy the feature presentation. And remember, do your part, such as like comment rate. And don't forget to tell a friend. [00:00:19] Speaker A: To tune in for an atomic time. [00:00:33] Speaker C: Now where did we leave off? After stopping at a village for a rest, the party continued toward the troll forge in the summermelt valley. As they approached the oversized front gates of the forge, however, they saw a large troll between them and the entrance. [00:01:03] Speaker D: Okay, Balder's gate three. [00:01:04] Speaker E: Yeah, it's been great. I want to buy it. Do actually don't. Well, maybe. I don't know. I don't know what games you like. [00:01:13] Speaker A: I hear so much about. I've been getting games to play with people. Like, I just bought Age of Empires two deluxe edition, and I haven't played that game in a solid decade or more. And I forgot how much I loved it. [00:01:29] Speaker E: Boulders Gate run. Like if you ever played divinity original sin two, its mechanics are almost identical. [00:01:35] Speaker A: This would be like breaking into a genre game for me. I haven't played anything like boulders Gate. [00:01:41] Speaker F: What rule set is Boulders gate three? Because I think the original one was. [00:01:46] Speaker B: Two e. It's dungeons and Dragons fifth. [00:01:48] Speaker E: Edition with a lot of changes to make everything better. It's what Dungeons and Dragons fifth editions wishes it was. [00:01:53] Speaker F: So dnd one. [00:01:55] Speaker E: No, when they release that, maybe actually because there's like a lot of quality of life improvements that you can't do in DND, like pushing, shoving, and a bunch of that stuff I think is a free action instead of an action. It's been so long since I played DND five e, so I could get a lot of these rules wrong, but also like jumping. You can jump without much movement left in a bunch of other and get farther than you would normally. [00:02:24] Speaker A: I'm just trying to imagine a game that runs off of five e because I'm actually in a five e campaign. [00:02:30] Speaker E: Drawing weapons is a free action. You can swap between your ranged and not ranged weapons. [00:02:35] Speaker D: I can't imagine that in a game. [00:02:36] Speaker A: Like in a video game. [00:02:38] Speaker E: It's good. It's really good. [00:02:40] Speaker C: I have heard. [00:02:41] Speaker A: I've heard really good things about it. [00:02:42] Speaker F: But I can't remember who it was. I feel like it was either steam or epic or good old games. I don't remember what website, but they were giving away. No, that's really what this place is called. They were giving away the first and second boulders gate. [00:02:57] Speaker E: I think it was right after humble. [00:03:00] Speaker F: Humble? Yeah, humble. [00:03:03] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:03:03] Speaker F: It was like shortly after the third one came out and I was like. [00:03:07] Speaker A: I'll give it a try. [00:03:07] Speaker F: But then I just could not get first. I couldn't get into the first. [00:03:11] Speaker E: I beat Boulders gate two forever ago on. It was such a scratched up. I did so much, put so much love and care into that disc just. [00:03:20] Speaker C: To get it to work. [00:03:24] Speaker E: No, my mom at the time was dating a car mechanic, so he brought home the buff stuff for car scratches. And I put that on the dish. Put that on the dish. It worked beautifully. I mean, yeah, that actually makes sense. [00:03:45] Speaker A: That it would, because you're just buffing the scratches out of the plastic. [00:03:48] Speaker E: It worked so well. [00:03:49] Speaker A: Oh, my goodness. [00:03:50] Speaker E: I never thought of that. [00:03:52] Speaker F: If there is not a product out there for cleaning discs or cars called the buff stuff, I'm going to be really upset. [00:03:59] Speaker A: I feel like there is. [00:04:01] Speaker F: I'm going to look. [00:04:02] Speaker E: But you're right. If there isn't, there should be the buff stuff. I want to see that commercial. [00:04:08] Speaker F: It's specifically for muscle cars. I should say that it has to. [00:04:14] Speaker A: Have, like, a strong man in the commercial. It's just like Brian Shaw. He only uses the buff stuff on his truck. [00:04:24] Speaker F: Okay, so the buff stuff is a store, but they don't sell buffing stuff. They sell buffalo meat, specifically of the water variety. [00:04:39] Speaker E: Get buff and buff. [00:04:43] Speaker F: I don't even know where to go from that. [00:04:45] Speaker B: Well, I was going to say, I love tabletop games. I'm a big fan of all these things. I can never get into crpgs. They never stick with me. Games like Balder stand for computer. [00:04:59] Speaker F: Oh, okay. [00:05:00] Speaker B: Games like Balders, gate three, Pathfinder, Kingmaker, Wrath of the Righteous, the shadow, run games. I can never get into them. I can never stick with them. Even though they are just tabletop role playing games. Put in a video game and they should be fun to me. But I don't like them. I'd rather play the tabletop role playing game and just enjoy it to bounce. [00:05:20] Speaker E: Off what Sam said. I fully agree with that. Whenever I'm playing boulders, I have to play it for like three. Like, however long I play it. And then I don't touch it for another, like five days. And then eight, we have foam stuff hanging on the wall. And one of them, we had phone, they're slowly falling down. And one of them just fell down and hit Abby. [00:05:43] Speaker G: They're right within head hitting range. [00:05:47] Speaker F: Assault. [00:05:47] Speaker C: There have been more that have fallen off than remain on. Sven and I placed them up this morning. [00:05:54] Speaker G: They're all over you now. I'm in danger. [00:05:58] Speaker F: So I think with the crpgs, there is that aspect of definitely home rules and also community based, because when you're playing online or when you're playing on the computer, I don't know how the multiplayer works, but. [00:06:12] Speaker E: Wonderful. [00:06:13] Speaker F: You could be playing with other people, but you're not, like, sitting in the room with them, staring into their eyes, loving. [00:06:18] Speaker E: I mean, you can, if you do a land connection, just. [00:06:21] Speaker F: You're looking at a screen, but with the home rules as well, you can't just say, oh, yeah, I want to do this. Well, go for it. [00:06:29] Speaker B: But the weird thing is, I love turn based strategy games generally. Not all of. There's a lot of those that I don't like, but I like a lot of turn based strategy stuff. And I also like a lot of role playing games where you make a decision, you pick a thing, like, from mmos that have story based decisions and stuff like that. But I just haven't enjoyed when it seems like they're put together very strongly because then I just don't feel invested and I don't know why, but it just is the way it is. [00:06:57] Speaker C: Speaking of being put together very strongly. [00:07:02] Speaker B: There'S a troll. [00:07:03] Speaker C: Yes. And this troll does seem to be put together very strongly. So just to kind of, like, set the scene back up again, you've just come up over cresting this hill, following this trail up to this location you've been told is troll forge. As you've approached, you see a doorway into the side of the cliff, but these large iron doors seem to have been ripped off their hinges and are laying on the ground outside of the doorway. And just a few paces away from those doors, is a troll sitting with its back to you? It does not appear to have noticed you yet. [00:07:34] Speaker B: This brings me to an important question. From what we know of troll forge, are those doors normally ripped like that, or is that a new occurrence from. [00:07:43] Speaker C: The society checks you were making before? You know, they've been like that for a while. [00:07:47] Speaker B: Okay. It changes the tone of looking at these doors, really does. [00:07:53] Speaker F: And the troll. [00:07:54] Speaker E: Has the troll noticed us? [00:07:56] Speaker C: It doesn't appear to have noticed you yet. I will mention that the mountain range that you are on right now is running north to south, and you are on the east side of that mountain range. So while the sun hasn't set yet, it's already starting to get dark around you. [00:08:12] Speaker F: So in the realm of positioning, are we still climbing up the hill or are we in, like, a parallel position to them? [00:08:22] Speaker C: If you want to, you could say that somebody had noticed the troll and was like, hey, hey, hold off. Or something. Or you could be all. We're on top of the ridge, standing on level ground. It's up to you which of those situations you want to pick up the. [00:08:34] Speaker F: But if we stood there, would we be in line of sight with the troll? [00:08:38] Speaker C: Yes, but it has its back to you. [00:08:39] Speaker E: What's it doing? [00:08:41] Speaker C: It appears to be messing with something in its hands. It's like sitting on the ground solving a Rubik's cube. [00:08:46] Speaker E: Exactly what I was thinking. [00:08:47] Speaker A: Control Rubik's cube. [00:08:49] Speaker B: I think we should all be up. [00:08:50] Speaker A: Yeah, agreed. [00:08:51] Speaker F: It's only got one color on each side. Like it's a single square. You can't figure it out. So who's leading this caravan? [00:09:02] Speaker A: I think that's uber, because he's the one that rolled high on that. Nature check or survival. [00:09:08] Speaker B: Yeah, we were following. [00:09:10] Speaker A: You were following me, unfortunately. [00:09:13] Speaker E: I remember that. [00:09:15] Speaker F: I'm upset that I had to stare at that while climbing this whole time, because I'm looking up. [00:09:20] Speaker C: Wow. [00:09:23] Speaker B: Val is like, should we try and speak to this thing? What languages trolls often speak? [00:09:32] Speaker E: Would I know that? [00:09:34] Speaker C: Yeah. Okay. Anybody who's trained or better in society would know what language trolls, they often speak yotin. [00:09:42] Speaker E: In common. [00:09:43] Speaker D: They do speak yotin. [00:09:44] Speaker B: Yes, I speak Yotin. [00:09:46] Speaker D: I thought they spoke troll. [00:09:47] Speaker B: Does anyone else speak Yotin here? [00:09:49] Speaker E: No, that's Yotin. [00:09:50] Speaker D: I know how to speak Jotin, too, but long story, but I know how to speak Jotin. [00:09:55] Speaker E: I'm currently learning. [00:09:58] Speaker C: Currently. [00:09:59] Speaker B: So you're still learning it? [00:10:00] Speaker F: You had your book out on the. [00:10:01] Speaker B: Okay, should we try talking to it? [00:10:06] Speaker D: I'd rather not attack it. [00:10:08] Speaker F: Just. [00:10:10] Speaker C: What? [00:10:12] Speaker D: Remember that this place is a rite of passage, and they are used to being chased off. [00:10:19] Speaker B: Before we get moving towards this creature, are we able to roll, like, recall knowledge about this thing so we can learn? Maybe if talking to it would be a good idea, or if we should just try to avoid it, stuff like that. [00:10:33] Speaker C: Sure. Yeah. See, that would be. I'm going to go ahead and say society or irrelevant lore. [00:10:39] Speaker E: I was about to say, I thought trolls were all society. [00:10:43] Speaker B: Val has never seen one before in her life. [00:10:46] Speaker G: Did you roll a natural one? [00:10:47] Speaker B: I mean, he made us roll a secret check, so I roll a natural one. [00:10:53] Speaker C: They are mindless creatures. [00:10:55] Speaker A: I think Uber has seen one or two. He rolled a 25. [00:10:58] Speaker E: Oh, same. [00:11:00] Speaker C: Nice. So that's two successes. So I will tell you that trolls are generally level five creatures. [00:11:08] Speaker B: Oh. [00:11:08] Speaker C: They have the giant type and the troll type. And you each may ask a question. [00:11:14] Speaker A: I guess, in the context of what we were asking, what is their general. [00:11:18] Speaker C: Temperament, generally brutal and vicious. They are the sorts of creatures, generally, who would just see something living and rip it to shreds and then decide if they're hungry enough to eat it. [00:11:32] Speaker E: I don't know if this will count as one of my questions, but what type of troll is it? [00:11:36] Speaker C: It appears to be a standard troll. [00:11:38] Speaker E: Okay, does that count as one of my questions? No. [00:11:40] Speaker C: Okay, that was yours. [00:11:42] Speaker E: Should we do weaknesses, get that out. [00:11:44] Speaker B: Of the way, or the special ability. [00:11:46] Speaker E: Yeah, or special ability. What do you guys think? [00:11:48] Speaker B: I think special ability. [00:11:49] Speaker A: Special ability. [00:11:50] Speaker E: All right, we'll do that. [00:11:52] Speaker C: So, trolls are notorious for their regeneration abilities. They rapidly recover from wounds inflicted on them, and unless taking fire or acid damage within the last several seconds, they will be able to get up from even a fatal blow. [00:12:10] Speaker E: Nice. [00:12:11] Speaker C: So in other words, more mechanically, they will regenerate a certain amount of hp per round. But if you hit them with fire or hp, they skip their next regeneration. [00:12:20] Speaker G: It's really annoying. [00:12:21] Speaker C: Sorry. If you hit them with fire or acid, they skip their next regeneration. [00:12:24] Speaker B: Yeah. Cool. I wasn't sure which one it was. [00:12:29] Speaker E: Both. [00:12:29] Speaker F: So I have a question for all of you, and I could be asking this in character, but I'm going to say it as I have a spell called phantom prison. [00:12:38] Speaker E: Neat. [00:12:40] Speaker F: I can completely surround a large or smaller creature in immobile, illusory walls, trapping it inside that it can't escape. It's a will save, but it lasts for a minute. They can't see out. Would that be. [00:12:58] Speaker B: That sounds really useful. [00:12:59] Speaker A: Yeah, sounds extremely useful. [00:13:00] Speaker E: If he fails with a save, I. [00:13:04] Speaker B: Imagine trolls aren't good at will. [00:13:06] Speaker G: How willful are trolls? [00:13:08] Speaker E: Would imagine that too, but we don't. [00:13:09] Speaker B: Know that is accurate. [00:13:14] Speaker A: If it gets attacked or anything, does it go away? [00:13:18] Speaker F: So, it says that the target can't see anything outside of the walls. The target can attempt a will save. Yada, yada, yada. Sorry. I should read the whole thing to you guys, shouldn't I? The target can attempt a will save when the spell is cast. Each time, it attempts to interact or escape the walls, and each time, something from outside the walls affects the target. [00:13:42] Speaker E: Okay, so, yes, if we attack it. [00:13:44] Speaker A: If we attack. But if it just tries to break out, it can also attempt it again and again. [00:13:48] Speaker E: Could always try to sneak in, like, bypass it. [00:13:52] Speaker A: And then if that fails, is it facing the door? [00:13:55] Speaker E: Is it facing the door, or is it facing the mountain? [00:13:57] Speaker C: It's facing the door. [00:13:59] Speaker A: No. [00:14:00] Speaker B: However, if it sees us, then we cast it. It feels like it might be more aggressive to try and break out than if it's just suddenly in a box. [00:14:09] Speaker G: Yeah, that's true. You could just cast it, and then. [00:14:11] Speaker B: Because it might just kind of be still, like. What's the word? Non aggressive enough, pacified enough with what it's doing that it might just accept the walls and not really bother with it. [00:14:23] Speaker A: Well, it's naturally highly aggressive. [00:14:26] Speaker B: Right. [00:14:27] Speaker E: Towards living things. Not true. [00:14:29] Speaker A: But if it's trapped. [00:14:31] Speaker B: Yeah, I'm thinking it might not notice it being trapped for a bit. Like, it might take a minute before it realizes it goes into darkness real fast. [00:14:40] Speaker E: It's not darkness real fast. Can we see in? It just can't see out. Correct. Okay. I'm curious as to what it's fiddling with. [00:14:48] Speaker C: Yeah, so the phantom prison is actually an illusion. There is nothing going on. The creature thinks it's trapped, and it can't leave until it realizes it's free. [00:14:56] Speaker E: Nice. Yeah, let's just try that. [00:14:58] Speaker B: Which I think sounds like a good idea. [00:14:59] Speaker E: Yeah, it's a great idea. [00:15:03] Speaker C: All right, so what is your DC 20? A regular failure. [00:15:11] Speaker F: Very nice. [00:15:12] Speaker B: Awesome. [00:15:13] Speaker F: So that means. That means it's trapped. That means it worked. [00:15:18] Speaker C: So, to your all perspective, Zafir waves his hand, says a couple magic words, and nothing really seems to happen much, but the troll just kind of, like, starts up from what it's doing and just kind of starts looking around. And then mime style puts its hands out like there's a box around it. [00:15:38] Speaker F: And I start just waving to everyone. [00:15:40] Speaker D: Let'S go see us. [00:15:41] Speaker E: What was the thing he was messing with? [00:15:44] Speaker C: And as it's putting its hands up, it starts kind of, like, half turning around, and you can see it's wearing around its neck, like, a woven pouch with tassels and beads hanging from it. And as Zafir was saying, which, to answer your question, jenkins, that does seem to be what it was messing with. And as Zafir was saying. Let's go. It can't see us. [00:16:06] Speaker H: The trolls starts going, is someone there? [00:16:10] Speaker E: Hello? [00:16:13] Speaker B: I knew we should try talking to it. [00:16:16] Speaker E: Jordy. These things are vicious and savage. Jordy. He's the diplomatic sort. [00:16:22] Speaker C: That does seem od. [00:16:23] Speaker E: Yeah. You liar. [00:16:27] Speaker G: Don't make me get attached to the troll. [00:16:31] Speaker F: Zafiri's just going to start running. [00:16:33] Speaker A: Uber is actually going to stop and just glance, because the beads and tassels, does that seem like normal troll wear? [00:16:39] Speaker C: That's really weird for trolls. [00:16:41] Speaker E: What? Did it speak? [00:16:45] Speaker A: Yeah, Uber sees that and just looks at the rest. [00:16:49] Speaker D: Like, that's not normal. [00:16:52] Speaker F: Did I just waste a third level spell slot probably. [00:16:55] Speaker A: Probably, bud. It's a good idea, though. [00:16:59] Speaker E: It's nighttime. We're about to sleep. It's fine. [00:17:02] Speaker D: I think it might be worth trying to talk with it a little bit. [00:17:10] Speaker F: Well, you've got a minute, so make it fast. [00:17:13] Speaker A: And Uber is just going to kind of step away a little bit from the rest of the party. Not too much. [00:17:22] Speaker D: So. Sorry. Yes, can we help you? [00:17:28] Speaker H: It's gotten all dark. What's happened? [00:17:32] Speaker E: It doesn't make sense for it to get dark. [00:17:34] Speaker G: He can't see out of it. [00:17:36] Speaker E: It doesn't mean he can't see the box. [00:17:38] Speaker B: He believes he can't see because there are four walls. [00:17:41] Speaker H: Yeah, I can't see anything past about a few inches in front of me. It's like I'm trapped in a ten foot cube. [00:17:48] Speaker E: See? [00:17:49] Speaker B: Hello there. Are you willing? You seem more willing to speak than we thought you might be. [00:17:59] Speaker H: Oh, yes. I'm sure you've had trouble with other trolls before. [00:18:09] Speaker D: Not to generalize, but in my experience, trolls are more of hit first, ask questions later. [00:18:18] Speaker H: Yes, most are that way. I don't want to be that way, though. [00:18:24] Speaker D: Well, that's great. We don't want to actually hurt you. Which is. Don't worry. You will not be trapped forever. [00:18:31] Speaker H: Oh, that's reassuring. [00:18:35] Speaker D: And you are more civilized than other trolls, I might say, at least, talking to you. [00:18:45] Speaker H: Yes, I try to be. [00:18:49] Speaker D: You appear for something? [00:18:53] Speaker H: Yes. A minute ago, I don't know where I am now, but a minute ago, I was sitting outside of troll forge where my ancestors made, I think, wonderful works of art, and I wanted to see it. [00:19:08] Speaker B: Well, that sounds wonderful. Are you here to make art or are you just here to look at it? [00:19:13] Speaker H: I would like to make art. [00:19:15] Speaker B: I make art all the time. [00:19:18] Speaker F: How long has it been? [00:19:19] Speaker C: About half a minute. That's a really slow 30 seconds time dilation. [00:19:27] Speaker D: Did you make that thing that you're wearing around your neck? [00:19:30] Speaker H: I did. I weaved it, and it took some time, but I think it's nice. [00:19:35] Speaker E: It is. It is. [00:19:36] Speaker D: What made me realize that something was different about you. [00:19:39] Speaker H: Oh, that's very nice of you. [00:19:42] Speaker E: Can I make. [00:19:48] Speaker C: Go ahead and roll perception, because Howard's. [00:19:51] Speaker E: Read a lot about trolls, and I don't know, actually, you know, Uber is. [00:19:54] Speaker A: Going to do the same, because. That is a good point. [00:19:57] Speaker E: Val will step closer, put herself in the troll's hands. [00:20:01] Speaker G: I'm just going to get attached to this troll. [00:20:04] Speaker E: 20. Not Nat. Okay. [00:20:06] Speaker A: I forget what insight is for me. [00:20:07] Speaker B: Perception. [00:20:08] Speaker D: Thank you. [00:20:09] Speaker G: I have a history of befriending monsters, apparently. [00:20:13] Speaker E: As you or as Nero? [00:20:15] Speaker G: As characters that I play. [00:20:17] Speaker F: You should see her house. [00:20:21] Speaker E: As long as we don't both roll bad. [00:20:24] Speaker C: So, both of you get the sense that he seems to be telling the truth. He seems to mostly just be kind of confused about what's going on. [00:20:34] Speaker E: Zafir, maybe cancel your spell. [00:20:38] Speaker H: So. [00:20:38] Speaker F: It doesn't say that I can actually cancel it, but by this point, I've already gone inside the. Not inside, but right at the door. [00:20:49] Speaker B: Excuse me. Have you seen anyone else around here lately? [00:20:55] Speaker H: Oh, yes. I wanted to go in, but there's some vicious people in there, and they pushed me back out. [00:21:02] Speaker B: That's awfully rude of them. We're actually looking for some people. Do you know much about them, or did they just send you off? [00:21:12] Speaker H: They were just yelling and fighting and clawing. [00:21:15] Speaker B: Clawing? [00:21:16] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:21:16] Speaker B: What kind of people are they? [00:21:18] Speaker H: I know skinny people. [00:21:19] Speaker B: Skinny people? Oh, that doesn't sound. Biting and clawing. [00:21:23] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:21:24] Speaker B: Were they kind of blue? [00:21:26] Speaker C: A little bit. [00:21:27] Speaker B: Oh, boy, did they stink. Like rotting flesh. [00:21:33] Speaker H: No, not really. [00:21:34] Speaker B: Okay. Do you have a name there, Mr. Troll? [00:21:39] Speaker H: I'll go by pilgrim. [00:21:41] Speaker B: Pilgrim. [00:21:42] Speaker C: And as he says that Zafir, you kind of feel the magic just kind of dissipate, and the spell comes to an end. [00:21:49] Speaker H: Oh, hello. [00:21:51] Speaker D: As we said, you would not be trapped forever. Our idea was to just kind of sneak on. Bayou. [00:21:59] Speaker H: Oh. Are you going into the draw forge, too? [00:22:02] Speaker D: Yes. We are looking for someone. He's not a very nice person. But we saw you there. And again. Trolls are normally. You are different, pilgrim, I think. [00:22:19] Speaker H: Oh, yes. I'm very different. I'm not like other trouble. Most of them want to just break things, but I want to make things. [00:22:31] Speaker D: And again, when we saw your beautiful necklace. And that is very well done, I must say. Thank you for a first try. Is that your first try? [00:22:43] Speaker H: I don't. [00:22:45] Speaker D: First things that you made. [00:22:46] Speaker H: I've made not lots of other things. [00:22:48] Speaker D: That one's very nice. [00:22:49] Speaker C: Thank you. [00:22:51] Speaker E: I feel like that needs diplomacy. [00:22:55] Speaker C: For what? [00:22:56] Speaker B: For what? [00:22:56] Speaker E: For basically insulting him without meaning to. Don't actually make him wrong. [00:23:01] Speaker A: I don't think I insult. [00:23:02] Speaker E: That's very good for your first try. I've made a lot of other things. Oh, never mind. That's very good. [00:23:07] Speaker B: He's made not a lot of other things. [00:23:09] Speaker E: Oh, I thought he said, I've made a lot of other things. [00:23:11] Speaker H: I have made a lot of other things. [00:23:13] Speaker C: Well, yeah, but it's fine. [00:23:17] Speaker H: I can see that you haven't made one, so I could show you how sometime. [00:23:22] Speaker A: Actually, I would very much like to. [00:23:24] Speaker D: See how you made it. [00:23:26] Speaker H: Well, first off, don't have time. Your friend seems to be going in alone, and that's very dangerous. [00:23:36] Speaker D: You're right. A pilgrim, was it? [00:23:39] Speaker H: Yes. [00:23:40] Speaker D: It was very nice meeting you. And I learned something new today. Not to read a book by its cover, so to speak. [00:23:48] Speaker H: I can't read. [00:23:49] Speaker E: It took you 200 years to learn that? [00:23:53] Speaker D: You're saying that you were different from what I was thinking? [00:23:55] Speaker E: No, I'm not saying that. But trolls normally do attack everything. [00:24:00] Speaker D: Not everything as it seems. Pardon my young friend over there. [00:24:05] Speaker G: Today we learned not to stereotype. [00:24:08] Speaker E: This is only the beginning of the episode. [00:24:10] Speaker F: We're not trying to learn a lesson right now. [00:24:13] Speaker E: Let's go in. The beginning of the episode, the end of the day. When else are we going to learn this lesson? [00:24:20] Speaker D: Pilgrim? [00:24:22] Speaker C: Yes? [00:24:23] Speaker D: You want to go inside? [00:24:25] Speaker H: Yeah, I do. [00:24:26] Speaker D: And you said there are people that are kicking you out? [00:24:30] Speaker H: Yes. Would you help me go in? [00:24:33] Speaker D: I would like that, pilgrim. [00:24:35] Speaker H: Right. Do you want to go in first, or should I come in with you? [00:24:39] Speaker E: Well, since that, we might have to hurt people inside. Would you? [00:24:44] Speaker H: Oh, I don't hurt people. [00:24:46] Speaker B: Then perhaps. [00:24:47] Speaker E: I typically don't either. [00:24:48] Speaker B: You should perhaps wait outside, and we will clear up the place. [00:24:52] Speaker H: Okay. [00:24:52] Speaker B: You can come in afterwards. We'll get you. [00:24:55] Speaker C: All right. [00:24:55] Speaker H: I'll wait here. [00:24:56] Speaker C: And he starts plucking some long, dried grass and lining them up on the ground in front of him. [00:25:02] Speaker G: We must protect this troll at all costs. He is too pure for this, I must say. [00:25:08] Speaker D: In case that man that comes up that we're looking for, I don't know if he's inside or not. It might be best if you hide. He is not a nice man. [00:25:18] Speaker H: What does he look like? [00:25:19] Speaker E: We don't know. [00:25:21] Speaker C: Do we not know? [00:25:22] Speaker E: We do not know. [00:25:24] Speaker H: Well, if I see somebody, I'll hide. Unless it's one of you. [00:25:28] Speaker D: That would be best. [00:25:29] Speaker H: One of you five. Or that little guy, or one of your birds. [00:25:34] Speaker D: And I'm sure you also know, on occasion, other adventurers, not just this person, come up and chase off trolls from this place. [00:25:42] Speaker C: Oh. [00:25:43] Speaker H: So if anybody comes out or anybody comes up, I'll hide. [00:25:49] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:25:49] Speaker D: Unless it's us. It'll probably be best for you. [00:25:51] Speaker E: Okay. [00:25:53] Speaker B: Before we go in, do you know of Shellen? [00:25:57] Speaker E: Are you trying to convert a troll? [00:25:59] Speaker B: I'm just asking. He likes art and beauty and stuff. I'm just asking. Before we go inside. [00:26:04] Speaker H: No. Is Shellen. Is that, like, a material? [00:26:08] Speaker B: She is a God of art and peasy. [00:26:12] Speaker E: Where is he going? To worship. He's not allowed in town. [00:26:15] Speaker B: Well, you worship by making and by finding beauty. You don't worship in a place, you just worship. [00:26:21] Speaker E: They have temples of shape. [00:26:22] Speaker B: You can go to a temple, but worship happens generally all the time. Not just in a temple. It's not just a place. [00:26:29] Speaker H: You don't think Sharon would like my little grasp? [00:26:31] Speaker B: I think she would love it. [00:26:33] Speaker E: Oh, she would love it. [00:26:34] Speaker H: Well, I'll make one for her, then. Is she coming too? [00:26:37] Speaker B: She's probably watching us right now. [00:26:40] Speaker H: Right? [00:26:40] Speaker C: And he looks up the hill. [00:26:43] Speaker H: I'll try to make sure it's ready in time. [00:26:45] Speaker F: Does he need to hide from her? [00:26:50] Speaker B: No, you don't need to hide from Shailen, but you probably won't. See. [00:26:57] Speaker H: I'm going to do that thing where I'm in a box again. [00:26:59] Speaker B: No, we need to get going. I'm going first, I believe. Does everyone want me to go in first? Since I've got the armor and such. [00:27:09] Speaker F: As you approach the door, you've seen that Zafir is laying on one of the doors like a bed, just waiting on you all. [00:27:15] Speaker B: Thank you for waiting, Zafir. [00:27:20] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:27:23] Speaker D: We will go inside and clear out those nasty people. Pilgrim. [00:27:28] Speaker H: Thank you. Thank you. I'll stop making this pouch. [00:27:31] Speaker C: And then as Pilgrim continues working on that, Cornelius just kind of clears his throat. Do you want me to come in with you or wait with him? [00:27:41] Speaker D: That is up to you. Cornelius. [00:27:43] Speaker B: Cornelius. You don't usually come into these places. Sometimes, though, like when we went to the barrows, you came in, but you stayed in the. [00:27:51] Speaker C: Right. Right. I'll wait out here and I'll just have a chat with this guy. He seems nice and ufer leans, or. [00:27:58] Speaker D: Kind of looks, according to. Would you watch out for anybody for. [00:28:03] Speaker C: I'll keep my eye peeled. [00:28:07] Speaker D: Thank you. Then I think we should go in. [00:28:10] Speaker B: Yes. [00:28:11] Speaker D: And be prepared. [00:28:13] Speaker B: Yes. Is it dark in there? [00:28:16] Speaker C: It is dark in there, but I am led to believe that the entire party has darkness. [00:28:21] Speaker F: Yes. [00:28:22] Speaker E: Him and his fancy eyes. [00:28:24] Speaker F: My eyes are closed, so I can't. [00:28:27] Speaker G: Dark vision. [00:28:28] Speaker E: Can you see the backs of your eyelids? [00:28:31] Speaker F: I don't like that thought. Let's go in. [00:28:35] Speaker B: So as val steps right into the darkness, these little floaty bubbles. I describe them as Kirby crackles. [00:28:43] Speaker E: What is a what? [00:28:45] Speaker F: Kirby, the pink puff. [00:28:46] Speaker B: You can look them up if you want. Pictures of kirby crackles. But they're like little bubbles, like pitch, like colored bubbles that are used in comic effects a lot. [00:28:56] Speaker E: Oh, I know what you're meaning. [00:28:57] Speaker B: And they're kind of forming around her eyes to faint glow as she walks into the darkness. And then she sets on her helmet, which her eyes are kind of glowing through. [00:29:08] Speaker E: I thought you were talking about Kirby. The pink round thing that goes, boy. Oh, the artist. [00:29:14] Speaker B: The artist, yeah. [00:29:15] Speaker E: Not the artist. After looking it up, it makes a lot more sense. [00:29:17] Speaker F: Kirby Kreckle is also a band. [00:29:19] Speaker B: Yes. Which is a pretty good band. [00:29:22] Speaker E: Have you listened to them? [00:29:23] Speaker B: All the time. It's comic book music. [00:29:26] Speaker E: Oh, okay. [00:29:26] Speaker B: Now she's got her helmet on and they're glowing through the helmet, through the slits. And then she kind of steps forward with her glave. [00:29:33] Speaker C: And as the five of you step in through the doorway, past the ruined doors, into this open space, the room is troll sized. [00:29:46] Speaker G: Oh, my gosh. [00:29:48] Speaker E: So it's like 20ft high. [00:29:49] Speaker B: This isn't the first big room they've been in before. [00:29:53] Speaker C: Yeah, the ceilings are like 20ft tall. The doors are built like. They're double doors and each door is, like five foot wide. And they appear to have been built for a creature of pilgrim's size. [00:30:06] Speaker B: Was the bean room about the same size? [00:30:08] Speaker C: Was the bean pretty much the exact same scale? [00:30:10] Speaker E: Oh, my. That makes sense. [00:30:14] Speaker G: Okay. [00:30:15] Speaker E: I didn't know this was a troll game. [00:30:17] Speaker G: It's a troll game. [00:30:19] Speaker E: It's a troll game. [00:30:20] Speaker C: It's somehow colder inside than it is outside. [00:30:23] Speaker E: That makes sense. Like a cave. [00:30:25] Speaker C: There feels to be like a chill breeze coming from your left, where there's like an opening into a raw stone room. The room that you've stepped into, on the contrary, seems to have tiled stone flooring and the walls appear to have been chiseled out of the raw stone, but in sort of like Moria dwarf style. It's like treated stonework that's just cut out of the living stone of the mountain. [00:30:53] Speaker E: What's that red stuff? [00:30:54] Speaker F: You said it was carved out of living stone. So it's living stone, I presume. [00:30:58] Speaker C: The red stuff is things that I've drawn on the map because I forgot to put it on the map. When I made the map, I was going to actually use a map and miniatures for this one, and then it was just too big. [00:31:06] Speaker E: Jordy, let me rephrase my question. I knew there were things you drew on there to alert us that there are things there. What are the things? [00:31:12] Speaker C: You want to know what these red. [00:31:14] Speaker E: Squiggles are supposed to represent, if you will? [00:31:18] Speaker C: So that stuff on the other side of the room, just like, across from the entryway, there seems to be shreds of completely decayed, destroyed, like fabric. But then there's also two oiled leather pouches that appear to be in pristine condition, and then one like moleskine journal. [00:31:38] Speaker E: Can I get the journal? [00:31:41] Speaker C: You can indeed. [00:31:44] Speaker E: I gotta read. Good thing I can definitely read. [00:31:48] Speaker C: And this journal is written in skald, the common tongue of the area. [00:31:53] Speaker B: Jenkins. Do you speak skald? [00:31:55] Speaker E: Sadly, I do not. But Alward does read faster, Jenkins. [00:32:00] Speaker C: I really enjoy Jenkins reading to himself. And I'm just filling this in. In my brain in the world of Alward being like, oh, a journal. And he just sits down. [00:32:08] Speaker B: Do you not want to read this out loud to us? [00:32:10] Speaker E: I want to read so I can just sum up what it's about. [00:32:15] Speaker C: But I wrote it. [00:32:16] Speaker B: You're supposed to read it word for word. [00:32:18] Speaker E: Give me a second. [00:32:18] Speaker B: You can separate it by section and we can pass. [00:32:20] Speaker E: It is. [00:32:21] Speaker A: Give it to. [00:32:25] Speaker F: You're going to have to read it out loud because Zafir is not going. [00:32:28] Speaker E: All right? Zafir can't read. [00:32:29] Speaker F: Zafir is not going to take the time to read. [00:32:36] Speaker E: What year are we in again? [00:32:38] Speaker C: It is 4723. [00:32:41] Speaker E: Wow. This is old. [00:32:43] Speaker B: Thank you. [00:32:44] Speaker F: 2023. [00:32:46] Speaker E: So it's 17 of Neth. 17 of Neth. 46, 98. We've arrived outside the so called troll forge. Captain Pelton ordered a camp. Sorry, my brain just actually read that name and now I can't think of the Pelton. No. Ordered camp to be set up here on this plateau a mile or so downhill of the doors by torag. Those doors. Pa's love of smithing may not run as strong as in me, but even I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into those panels. But I'm getting sidetracked. In the morning, we'll charge the forge when the trolls open the doors to return from the mighty hunt. Jacobs is nervous, says we don't have enough men. But I believe in the captain. He's led us through worse and greater. I'm not wrapping it up so long. [00:33:43] Speaker B: That's true. That was like, this much. There's still this much. I'll read the next part. [00:33:48] Speaker E: There's enough for you, too. [00:33:50] Speaker B: 18 of net 46, 98. [00:33:55] Speaker E: Well done. [00:33:55] Speaker B: To rag save us. The assault was a disaster. The trolls were expecting us and put up far more of a fight than we were expecting. Thistle went down outside the doors in his first task. Dash. Thistle went down outside the doors in the first dash. I can't bear the thought of it. But she might have been the lucky one. The trolls outmaneuvered us, pushed us back into the forge and shut the doors. We can't budge them. I suspect they've got it barricaded from the outside by the forge. Father, it's cold in here. Oh, sorry. By the full father, it's cold in here. [00:34:32] Speaker G: Full fodger. [00:34:33] Speaker B: Full, father, by the forge. Father, it's cold in here. Somehow colder than outside as a constant cold wind blowing from the south chamber. Langley has a fire going, but we don't have much to burn in this cave. [00:34:51] Speaker G: This is taking me back to elementary school. [00:34:55] Speaker F: I didn't get to read. [00:34:56] Speaker E: Zafir can't read. [00:34:58] Speaker G: You really want to read? You can read it. [00:35:00] Speaker B: What's last bit? [00:35:04] Speaker A: 20Th of Neph. [00:35:05] Speaker D: 46. 98. [00:35:07] Speaker A: We're out of fuel. [00:35:08] Speaker C: We're out of food. [00:35:10] Speaker A: Captain and Langley Langlin are gone. Deep into the forge. They've been gone for too long. I've told them they would die. [00:35:19] Speaker D: I told them that beast in the next chamber is too much, even for the captain. I don't know how much longer Langlin and I can hold out. I'm so hungry. I'm so cold. [00:35:33] Speaker C: Will everybody make a perception check? [00:35:35] Speaker E: Did anybody check the perfectly encompressed bags that were there? [00:35:41] Speaker G: I just wasted this roll. [00:35:44] Speaker E: Stop getting. [00:35:45] Speaker B: What did you say? Perception. [00:35:46] Speaker E: You literally are hugging all of them. [00:35:48] Speaker B: As she doing this, Val's glave had a little soft, blue glow to it, and it now goes away. [00:35:57] Speaker G: Interesting. [00:35:59] Speaker B: This cemented Val that she's feeling like there's ghouls in here, that's for sure. [00:36:05] Speaker E: If you turn pilgrim on us, we will kill you, Jordy. [00:36:10] Speaker G: Yes, we will. [00:36:13] Speaker C: Abby, what did neros get? [00:36:14] Speaker G: A natural 20. [00:36:16] Speaker C: What's the total? [00:36:17] Speaker G: 28. [00:36:17] Speaker C: Nice. And Val? [00:36:19] Speaker B: 26. [00:36:20] Speaker C: Zafir, 24. [00:36:22] Speaker A: Uber, 15. [00:36:24] Speaker C: And Albert, 23. [00:36:26] Speaker E: Dang, I forgot an ability that I had, and I am sad. Jordy, can we roll that back, or do I have to take the 20 something? [00:36:35] Speaker C: You want to roll it back? [00:36:37] Speaker E: Yeah, if I can roll it back, because that would give me a 29. Yeah. All right, I'm going to do that. [00:36:42] Speaker G: Oh, gosh. [00:36:43] Speaker B: My magic works. [00:36:43] Speaker E: Like, remember, I get a weird sense about these things. [00:36:46] Speaker H: You do. [00:36:46] Speaker C: You have a weird sense. [00:36:47] Speaker A: Watch it. Be worse. [00:36:48] Speaker C: So you say it's a 29? [00:36:50] Speaker E: Yeah, because I would take 19 plus my mod. [00:36:52] Speaker C: Okay, so everybody. [00:36:55] Speaker A: Everybody but me. Everybody but Uber again. [00:37:00] Speaker C: Just as Albert is getting to the end of reading that, you hear something like click. How do I describe this? Maybe like gravel against gravel on the ceiling over your head. [00:37:12] Speaker E: I swear, Jordy, don't do that. [00:37:16] Speaker B: This is a children's. [00:37:17] Speaker E: What? The absolute. [00:37:18] Speaker G: Really? [00:37:20] Speaker C: It's not my fault Uvair never looks up. [00:37:23] Speaker E: Please tell me a monster is going to fall down on Uber again. [00:37:29] Speaker C: So because some members of the party have succeeded, you notice these creatures before they've gotten over your head and have dropped on the party. They are still on the ceiling, and we will enter initiative at that point. [00:37:45] Speaker B: Are they ghouls? [00:37:47] Speaker C: They appear to be. As you're looking up and you see them, gaunt, bluish, just like, emaciated humanoid forms that are, like, crawling along the ceiling. Golem like, being very careful to grab onto, like, icy patches in the ceiling. [00:38:04] Speaker B: Icy patches. I don't like that. [00:38:07] Speaker F: I would like to draw my bow before everything starts, if I can. [00:38:11] Speaker B: It's too late. You were reading. We're trying. [00:38:15] Speaker E: I wasn't reading. [00:38:16] Speaker F: I was listening intently. [00:38:19] Speaker C: I think it makes sense for Zafir to have drawn his bow while they're reading the spooky, I'd expect most of us have our weapons, so we'll start with you, Alward. As these gaunt figures are crawling along the ten foot high ceiling. [00:38:32] Speaker E: Alward's reading the book, and then sort of before anything happens, like, snaps to attention and holds out his hand and out of all of his fingers, this golden light seeps out, connects to all of you, and you're going to be hastened for one round only for a move. Action, though. [00:38:51] Speaker B: Awesome. [00:38:52] Speaker G: Cool. [00:38:53] Speaker B: That's cool, Jenkins. [00:38:55] Speaker E: And then I'm going to use that extra action to move down towards the bottom right corner. [00:38:59] Speaker C: You can get all the way into the corner if you want. [00:39:01] Speaker E: Right there's perfect. And then I'm going to recall knowledge on the things. [00:39:06] Speaker C: All right. For my last action, see, it'll be society or religion. [00:39:14] Speaker E: Which would you prefer? I would prefer society. [00:39:16] Speaker C: It's a plus 14, and that is a regular success. [00:39:25] Speaker E: Woo. [00:39:25] Speaker C: So you have heard about these. They're known as frost shamblers. They are undead that can result from people having frozen to death. They're like zombies, but they aren't exactly zombies. And they seem to be imbued with this permanent frost that they have some degree of control over. They are level six creatures. And then you get one question. [00:39:49] Speaker E: I think I'm going to go with weaknesses, if any. [00:39:53] Speaker C: Going to give you the interesting one. [00:39:55] Speaker E: Okay. [00:39:57] Speaker C: They are notorious for their terror of flames. If exposed to fire, they'll have to make a will save to not be frightened. If they're damaged by said fire, then they have a disadvantage to resist that fear. [00:40:11] Speaker E: Pretty neat. And then Alward, at the end of his turn, is going to shout, bring out the fire. Somebody light a torch. [00:40:18] Speaker G: Essentially kill it with fire. [00:40:21] Speaker F: Alward, kill it with fire. [00:40:24] Speaker C: All right, so Alward speeds the team up, gets a little information about the threat at hand, and next up is Neros. [00:40:32] Speaker G: Oh, Lord. I did not take that spell. [00:40:36] Speaker E: Dang it. [00:40:38] Speaker G: I almost took produce flame, and then I didn't. Alward, we basically had the same plan of move and recall knowledge. [00:40:49] Speaker E: I mean, now you have a free move action. [00:40:51] Speaker G: That is true. I'd like to back the heck up. [00:40:54] Speaker A: Sure. Leave the dwarf. [00:40:56] Speaker E: Do you want you to get dropped? [00:40:58] Speaker G: Yeah. Next to Alward is good. [00:40:59] Speaker C: All right, so Neerus books it across the room to the other side of the chamber from where it opened into that natural cut stone room where the creatures are coming from. And you've got two. Now you have three actions left because you use your free action to move. [00:41:15] Speaker G: I have so many spells that don't affect undead. There's so many spells. It says a living creature. [00:41:21] Speaker E: Basically anything with the mind trait. [00:41:23] Speaker A: You got a bow, right? [00:41:26] Speaker G: No. [00:41:27] Speaker E: Telekinetic projectile is good. [00:41:29] Speaker G: I don't have a bow. [00:41:30] Speaker E: I thought you did. [00:41:31] Speaker G: No, that's Zafir, the other fetchling. [00:41:34] Speaker E: Gotcha, you racist. [00:41:38] Speaker C: Hey. He learned today not to judge a book by its cover. [00:41:42] Speaker G: I may take your suggestion and save my level two spells for something else that we might need it for. So I want a telekinetic projectile, the one closest to me. [00:41:55] Speaker C: All right. Go ahead and make an attack roll. [00:42:00] Speaker E: Why did you roll? [00:42:01] Speaker G: That's why I lies. 24. [00:42:07] Speaker C: That's a hit. Roll for damage. [00:42:10] Speaker B: I don't like how he rolled. [00:42:12] Speaker E: I don't either. [00:42:14] Speaker G: Five. [00:42:15] Speaker C: Did you heighten it? [00:42:17] Speaker E: What? For a telekneck projectile? [00:42:19] Speaker G: Yeah. [00:42:19] Speaker E: It's three D six. [00:42:20] Speaker A: Yes. Heightened. Three. Damage increased by one. [00:42:23] Speaker E: D six. [00:42:23] Speaker G: Oh, I can't read. 14. [00:42:28] Speaker A: It's a lot better. [00:42:31] Speaker F: All right, that's like, five. [00:42:32] Speaker C: So, as your magic slings up a rock or something from the rubble on the ground, it clobbers onto the creature and it scrabbles a little bit, but is able to maintain its hold on the ceiling. [00:42:46] Speaker A: That's why that makes sense. [00:42:49] Speaker C: Okay, and you have one action left. [00:42:53] Speaker D: Remember, crying is only a free action. [00:42:56] Speaker G: There's no reason to cry. [00:42:57] Speaker E: Yet you can recall knowledge. [00:42:59] Speaker F: Always a reason to cry. [00:43:01] Speaker G: Should I recall knowledge again? [00:43:02] Speaker E: Yeah, we can get more info. [00:43:03] Speaker G: I'm going to recall knowledge. [00:43:04] Speaker B: Don't hurt. [00:43:05] Speaker C: All right, religion or society? [00:43:07] Speaker G: Society. [00:43:08] Speaker C: And what's your bonus? [00:43:09] Speaker G: Eleven. [00:43:11] Speaker C: Abby, you also got a success on your check. What would you like to know? [00:43:14] Speaker G: What do we want to know? [00:43:16] Speaker E: We already know a fun weakness. We can go save. [00:43:19] Speaker G: Best save or worst save? [00:43:22] Speaker E: Either would be helpful. [00:43:24] Speaker B: Does it have more weaknesses? [00:43:26] Speaker C: I'll go ahead since we've got two successes and just wrap in their boring, boring weakness. Their boring weakness for free, they have weakness to fire. [00:43:35] Speaker F: I thought. [00:43:37] Speaker B: Does it not just automatically wrap in when you ask weakness for all weaknesses? [00:43:41] Speaker C: No, you don't get everything. [00:43:42] Speaker G: Okay, worst save. [00:43:45] Speaker C: Worst save is fortitude. [00:43:46] Speaker A: Really? [00:43:47] Speaker E: That's shocking. [00:43:48] Speaker G: Or he could be lying. [00:43:51] Speaker A: Could be lying. [00:43:52] Speaker B: I won't say one way or another. As a GM who's run many undead. [00:43:56] Speaker H: All right, Val. [00:43:58] Speaker B: So Val grabs her glave real close titan, and starts muttering a prayer to herself. Shaila, guide us and light us as we stand and destroy all that is bad. And for Asma, may your judgment against the undead be bright. And a bunch of really bright orange and glowing of those little crackles start coming off the glave as, like, sunlight begins to glow from it and shoot out. [00:44:29] Speaker E: Nice. [00:44:30] Speaker F: As she casts sunblade like a roman candle. [00:44:36] Speaker E: Except cooler. [00:44:38] Speaker F: Yeah, much cooler. [00:44:40] Speaker B: 27. [00:44:41] Speaker E: Ooh. Kill him. [00:44:43] Speaker C: That's a regular hit. [00:44:44] Speaker B: Okay, so this spell does one d four fire damage at heightened right now. It says two d, four fire damage. If the target is evil, it deals an additional two d, four good damage. If the target is undead, it deals an additional 2d for positive damage. [00:45:01] Speaker E: Kill them. [00:45:01] Speaker B: Just all of these things. If we were in an area of bright sunlight. No, a natural sunlight, it would be a six, not a four. But we were in the dark. [00:45:09] Speaker E: Kill them. [00:45:10] Speaker C: So it's going to be six d four damage. [00:45:13] Speaker E: That's a lot of damage. I got a sparkly d four. [00:45:18] Speaker B: That's good. I can just roll these twice. Okay. Yeah, one more. I'll have six. [00:45:26] Speaker G: Do you still need another one? [00:45:27] Speaker B: Just one more. [00:45:28] Speaker G: There you go. [00:45:28] Speaker B: Thank you. [00:45:30] Speaker E: We share our dice at this table. [00:45:33] Speaker G: Sounds like ice in a glass. [00:45:35] Speaker F: We may not always get it back. [00:45:36] Speaker E: But we share them. Mine did. Bad. [00:45:38] Speaker A: Note to self, don't borrow dice from Jenkins. [00:45:41] Speaker B: Okay. It is 14. Oh, no, it's 16. [00:45:46] Speaker C: So that beam of light and flame shoots out, hits this creature, it loses its hold on the ceiling and drops to the floor. Taking. Yeah, that's correct. Taking ten damage from dropping 20ft. [00:46:02] Speaker B: 20? I thought it was 10ft. [00:46:04] Speaker C: No, it's a 20 foot ceiling control room. So it drops from the ceiling and takes ten damage from landing. And there's still, like, sparks and embers from the flame on it and it just starts, like, howling and just, like, slapping at the flame and is now frightened, too. [00:46:21] Speaker E: Nice. [00:46:21] Speaker D: Dang. [00:46:22] Speaker G: Wow. [00:46:23] Speaker E: Nice. [00:46:24] Speaker B: I like it. [00:46:25] Speaker E: Good. [00:46:25] Speaker G: Oh, it is afraid of fire. [00:46:28] Speaker E: I'm glad I didn't fail. [00:46:30] Speaker B: I got one more action and a free move. I'm going to move to the north. No, the south spot of the one in the front, I assume the one that just fell. So she's just going to swing with her glaive. [00:46:51] Speaker G: What is it? [00:46:52] Speaker E: It's a three, right. Sam reads his cards. [00:46:55] Speaker G: Which one are you giving up? [00:46:56] Speaker B: I'm going to play strike true. I get to take the higher of the result and deal an extra damage. [00:47:01] Speaker E: Die. Kill him. [00:47:05] Speaker G: Jenkins. Favorite phrase of the day. [00:47:07] Speaker B: 29. [00:47:08] Speaker E: Well, he's like one man armying this thing right now. [00:47:11] Speaker C: So since it's frightened too and prone from falling from the ceiling, that's a critical hit. [00:47:18] Speaker B: That means I would have killed. [00:47:20] Speaker E: I would have hit Norma. [00:47:22] Speaker B: All right. It's deadly d eight. And it's a pull arm, so it also moves 5ft of my choice. We'll worry about that. I believe that's 34 points of damage. [00:47:38] Speaker E: Did he kill it? [00:47:39] Speaker G: Kill it with fire. [00:47:42] Speaker C: So it just lapped right past bloodied and is now badly injured. [00:47:48] Speaker B: Though. [00:47:48] Speaker E: No good. [00:47:49] Speaker B: First round, she'll move it to the right. One step closer to or not to me. I will move him down into the left one, away from everyone. [00:48:00] Speaker C: So I'm moving him around so that you're between him and the group now. [00:48:03] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:48:04] Speaker G: Nice. [00:48:04] Speaker C: All right. [00:48:06] Speaker G: Get it, Val. [00:48:07] Speaker B: That is her turn. [00:48:08] Speaker E: Water it. [00:48:09] Speaker C: Now it's Zafir's turn. [00:48:10] Speaker F: So I am going to take advantage of Alward's movement thingy that he did. [00:48:17] Speaker E: It's called loosened times arrow or loose times arrow. Oh, you loosened me. I loosened you from time. [00:48:24] Speaker F: So my plan is to go just like right next to Nero's, above her on map directions. [00:48:32] Speaker C: So you run to the other side of the room and join the line of neros. [00:48:36] Speaker F: And now, Ziffer, the castor line. [00:48:39] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:48:39] Speaker A: Come join us. [00:48:41] Speaker E: Come join us. I want to, I really do. [00:48:46] Speaker F: So that just takes one action of my movement. [00:48:49] Speaker D: Right. [00:48:50] Speaker C: It's your free action from outward. So you have three full actions left. [00:48:54] Speaker A: Lovely. [00:48:54] Speaker F: So my bow has been drawn and Zafir raises it up and you just see it catch fire and he aims it towards the one that's still on the ceiling. [00:49:05] Speaker G: Kill with fire. They're like cursed spiders. [00:49:12] Speaker E: Agreed. [00:49:12] Speaker F: That is a 24 to hit. [00:49:14] Speaker C: Ooh, that's a hit. That's a hit. Roll for damage. [00:49:17] Speaker F: So this is a spell strike. Well, I'll add it all together at the end there. [00:49:23] Speaker C: Yeah, go ahead and give me the full damage and I'll just know part of its fire, so it'll proc his weakness. [00:49:29] Speaker F: So that is ten total. [00:49:31] Speaker C: All right. [00:49:35] Speaker F: And just because I'm just going to recharge my spell strike with that single action I have left, and that's what. [00:49:43] Speaker E: I'm going to do. [00:49:44] Speaker C: All right, I will say the creature on the ceiling, as it's hit by that arrow, just also similarly starts howling and is, like, alternating grabbing onto ice bits on the ceiling and trying to pat where the flames hit it. And it is also frightened. [00:50:00] Speaker B: Whoa. [00:50:00] Speaker F: Where that came from. [00:50:01] Speaker C: Which brings us to the frost shambler that Val rolly got on the ground. [00:50:08] Speaker E: Here I was thinking we were going to have a full round without him. [00:50:11] Speaker C: It spends its first action standing up and its second action running back into the cave that it came from. [00:50:18] Speaker E: Fair. Honestly. [00:50:20] Speaker C: Uber, your turn. [00:50:22] Speaker A: Oh, thank goodness. Scoop me way back out there, buddy. [00:50:26] Speaker E: Join the line. [00:50:28] Speaker C: Welcome to the caster line. Uber joins the line of casters on the far side of the room. [00:50:33] Speaker A: Except I'm pretty sure I can only move 20ft back, so not 25. Yeah. [00:50:40] Speaker E: Use another action to step into that. [00:50:42] Speaker F: No. [00:50:44] Speaker A: And I'm going to cast produce flame. [00:50:50] Speaker C: What's the range on produce flame? [00:50:52] Speaker E: Wow. [00:50:52] Speaker A: 30Ft. So I'll cast reach. [00:50:55] Speaker E: I don't think you need to, does he? [00:50:57] Speaker C: So right now, he would be 30ft away from the creature if it were on the floor. But it's 20ft up. Yeah. It succeeded its check to stay on the ceiling. [00:51:08] Speaker G: Pythagoras. [00:51:10] Speaker F: How dare he ruin this math? [00:51:14] Speaker C: If you wanted to stop a little closer to the creature, you could hit it without reaching. [00:51:18] Speaker A: I don't think I'm going to do that. [00:51:20] Speaker C: I think I'm just going to use reach. [00:51:22] Speaker B: Definitely not going to run away on its turn. [00:51:25] Speaker A: Ladies. A 26. [00:51:29] Speaker C: That's a regular hit. [00:51:31] Speaker A: Shame regularly succeeds. Nine damage. [00:51:37] Speaker E: Nice. [00:51:38] Speaker C: All right. [00:51:39] Speaker A: You're not bad for three fours. I rolled two ones, though. [00:51:42] Speaker E: But he does have that weakness. [00:51:43] Speaker F: Yes. [00:51:44] Speaker B: Sweet, sweet weakness. [00:51:46] Speaker C: It also maintains its hold on the ceiling, being hit by your bolt of flame from below, as it were. But it was affected by the flame damage. You definitely see that it's taking extra damage from that. And now it is its turn. And it will scrabble along the ceiling, around the corner into the other room. Alward, we're round two. [00:52:10] Speaker E: Cinnabi hills. Get the feeling that they're going for backup. [00:52:13] Speaker B: Weren't there three people on? [00:52:15] Speaker G: I mean, they're afraid of fire, so they're probably running away because of fire. [00:52:21] Speaker E: There was a whole platoon on the. [00:52:23] Speaker D: Journal would rather not let them heal. [00:52:27] Speaker B: We have to kill them. [00:52:29] Speaker D: Not a disagreement. [00:52:30] Speaker F: That, coming from you, Val, is. [00:52:32] Speaker B: They're undead. They shouldn't even exist. [00:52:36] Speaker G: Chasing them. [00:52:37] Speaker B: I am where they can lick their wounds. [00:52:44] Speaker E: I'm going to go ahead and cast unseen servant. 30ft out. What? Actually, I can do 60ft out. Yeah, I'll do 60ft out. But on the ceiling. [00:52:55] Speaker C: Does your unseen. [00:52:56] Speaker E: Servant have a climb speed? No, he's flying. [00:52:58] Speaker F: He can fly. [00:52:59] Speaker E: Okay. Yeah. That's the only way he moves. Okay, wonk. Just right up there. [00:53:05] Speaker C: So you just summon your unseen servant right in the doorway into the natural cave. [00:53:09] Speaker E: My friends can go past him. They can't. It's fine. [00:53:12] Speaker F: You know that scene from star wars where Han Solo runs into the room. [00:53:16] Speaker C: Of. [00:53:18] Speaker F: Like, he's chasing the two, and then he opens the door and there's, like, probably dozens of them. [00:53:25] Speaker E: I feel like. [00:53:26] Speaker B: Just like that. [00:53:27] Speaker F: I feel like Val is about to do that. [00:53:29] Speaker B: I'll kill them all. [00:53:31] Speaker C: All right, Neros. [00:53:35] Speaker G: Crying is pre action. I'm going to cry and then. Oh, gosh. I'll move toward the door. [00:53:47] Speaker A: Once being at the end of the. [00:53:48] Speaker B: Turn, I will note, if you stay within 15ft of me, I do have a reaction to protect you. [00:53:55] Speaker E: Oh, because that's nice. [00:53:57] Speaker G: That was one action. Can I move up into the corner? The northwest corner? [00:54:08] Speaker C: So you run from the caster line into the opposite corner of the room. And as you get into that corner, you look around into that room of the natural cave. You can see the second of the two creatures still, like, clinging to the ceiling. And it's like, grabbing off chunks of ice and, like, rubbing it on its body. [00:54:27] Speaker G: It's healing. [00:54:28] Speaker B: How high is that ceiling? [00:54:30] Speaker C: Also 20ft. Suspiciously smoothly. Like it doesn't jag up and down too much. [00:54:36] Speaker E: Fire troll. They're hot. It would melt the ice as they walk through stone. [00:54:43] Speaker A: Not ice, lava troll. [00:54:45] Speaker G: Do I need to roll something to see if it is healing, or can I just assume that it's healing from. [00:54:50] Speaker A: The ice or just putting out the fire? [00:54:52] Speaker C: To be sure would be a recall knowledge. [00:54:54] Speaker G: I'm going to recall knowledge. I want to see if it's regenerating or if it's actually putting the fire out. [00:55:00] Speaker E: I think they have regenerative stuff, so I think it's a good. [00:55:02] Speaker G: That's what I want to do. Yes. [00:55:04] Speaker C: It appears to be just consoling itself. It doesn't really seem to be healing at all. [00:55:08] Speaker G: Okay, so I failed. That's what I'm going to get from that. [00:55:12] Speaker A: Maybe. Or maybe you did. [00:55:13] Speaker G: I think I failed. I don't think this creature is consoling itself. [00:55:18] Speaker E: I do like the idea. Instead of it rubbing the ice on its wounds, it's like holding it like a stuffed animal, talking to itself like a security blanket. It's going to be fine. [00:55:29] Speaker F: I like how when we get the information that we don't think is the answer, we automatically think we failed. [00:55:35] Speaker G: I'm pretty sure I failed. [00:55:36] Speaker E: I think I failed every time. [00:55:38] Speaker C: I would never lie to you. [00:55:40] Speaker G: Okay, he's lying again. [00:55:42] Speaker E: It's literally your job. [00:55:44] Speaker C: Val, it's your turn. [00:55:47] Speaker B: How far is it to move in front of? In the top left of the unseen. [00:55:51] Speaker C: Servant, it would take your full one full stride. Action. [00:55:55] Speaker B: I will move there. Are they both on the ceiling? [00:55:59] Speaker C: The closer one is on the ceiling, the further one is on the floor. It's also picking up ice crystals. [00:56:05] Speaker B: But the one up there is hurt. [00:56:07] Speaker C: Yeah, it's been hurt, but it's not bloody. [00:56:09] Speaker B: I'm going to stab the one that's down there. [00:56:11] Speaker C: Okay. So Val charges around the corner, han solo style with her glave, but there don't appear to be any stormtroopers in here. [00:56:21] Speaker E: Good. [00:56:22] Speaker B: That is a 25. [00:56:24] Speaker C: That's a hit. We roll for damage. [00:56:29] Speaker B: Nine points of damage. [00:56:31] Speaker A: That one's still not frightened, is it? [00:56:33] Speaker C: It is frightened. One at this point, and it is not dead. But that was a significant blow. [00:56:41] Speaker B: Can it be dead? [00:56:44] Speaker A: It's only mostly dead. [00:56:45] Speaker C: Let me rephrase that. It's dead, but it hasn't been destroyed yet. [00:56:49] Speaker E: Ha. [00:56:50] Speaker F: That's a good point. [00:56:51] Speaker A: Man's full of jokes. [00:56:54] Speaker C: I just told you I wasn't going to lie to you, so I had to make sure I was telling the truth. [00:56:58] Speaker F: Just let me know when it's my turn. Because Sam's turns tend to take forever. Because he has a lot of stuff to do. [00:57:04] Speaker B: 24. [00:57:05] Speaker C: That's also a hit. [00:57:06] Speaker B: And because my glave has forceful, it will deal additional two points of damage. Eleven points of damage. [00:57:17] Speaker C: And with that second blow, you cleave a big enough gash in the thing that it just kind of falls to the ground and shakes a little bit, and then just, like, hardens. And the ice crystals that are, like, in various parts of the body seem to just, like, crystallize and just form it in one position and it stops moving. [00:57:36] Speaker D: It's just cold. [00:57:37] Speaker B: By the mother of graves, in mysteries, by the gray lady, I will slay each and every one of you. [00:57:45] Speaker F: Val has a dark side. [00:57:48] Speaker C: And with that, it is Zafir's turn. [00:57:50] Speaker F: So, since they all decided to be wimps and run away none of us did that. No, I meant the ice thingies. [00:58:00] Speaker E: I don't know why I thought you were talking about us. [00:58:08] Speaker F: What is the distance between the caster line and the door? [00:58:12] Speaker C: So, from the caster line, to cross the room into that opening into the natural cave would be like 50ft. So take two stride actions to cross the room. [00:58:24] Speaker B: Crap. [00:58:24] Speaker F: Does anybody know off the top of their head how many actions produce flame? [00:58:27] Speaker B: Is two. [00:58:28] Speaker F: Two. [00:58:28] Speaker C: Dang it. [00:58:30] Speaker F: Okay, I'm just going to take two stride actions to the door. And then I'm going to do a recall. Knowledge. [00:58:36] Speaker C: All right. Society or religion? [00:58:38] Speaker B: Society. [00:58:39] Speaker F: Which is a plus three. [00:58:43] Speaker C: So what would you like to know? [00:58:46] Speaker F: The truth. [00:58:49] Speaker G: I cast down of truth on Jordy. [00:58:52] Speaker C: Make it well safe. [00:58:55] Speaker F: I'm not sure if it matters at this point. How about it's weakness? Yeah, give me a weakness. [00:59:02] Speaker G: Oh, my. [00:59:04] Speaker E: We already did. [00:59:05] Speaker H: You know what weakness is? [00:59:07] Speaker E: No, but that. [00:59:08] Speaker F: No, but that would tell me what the answer is. [00:59:10] Speaker G: If it has any regenerative special abilities. Abilities? [00:59:14] Speaker F: Okay, let's do that. Does it have any regenerative abilities? [00:59:18] Speaker C: If it consumes enough ice in 1 minute, then it will be restored, like ten hp per minute. So left alone, they can just regenerate. [00:59:27] Speaker F: Is it consuming the ice or is it just rubbing it on it? [00:59:29] Speaker C: It's like rubbing it on itself. Kind of like soap. [00:59:33] Speaker B: It's osmosis. [00:59:34] Speaker F: Seeing it consuming. We all know what consuming is. [00:59:37] Speaker E: Correct. You're lying. Or if you are telling the truth. [00:59:43] Speaker F: It was a very well prepared lie. [00:59:45] Speaker G: Half truth. [00:59:46] Speaker E: It might be a half truth. [00:59:48] Speaker B: If it's a lie, it's building upon an earlier lie, which makes it easier. [00:59:51] Speaker E: I do absolutely love the idea that these guys just came in to attack us. We hurt them, they ran away. It's like, nope, they're definitely not going to chase us. [00:59:59] Speaker F: And that ends my turn. [01:00:01] Speaker C: All right. The one on the ceiling finishes. No, I'm sorry. The one on the floor continues to be dead. Uber, it's your turn. [01:00:14] Speaker A: Don't know if there's much whole lot I can do. Let's see here. Where can I even go to possibly see? I'm not hastened anymore, am I? [01:00:27] Speaker E: No, that was a one round thing. [01:00:29] Speaker B: One time only. [01:00:31] Speaker E: I mean, I could cast it again, but I'd prefer not to. [01:00:34] Speaker G: Thanks for the memories. Popped into my head. [01:00:38] Speaker E: Thanks for the memories. [01:00:39] Speaker A: Just for funsies, because I literally can't do anything else. Uber is going to cast warp step. [01:00:46] Speaker E: Nice. It's a good spell. [01:00:49] Speaker C: Fast as a running Human. It's Uber. [01:00:52] Speaker E: He's slightly faster. Faster. [01:00:53] Speaker B: Than a speeding beetle. [01:00:54] Speaker E: He is 5ft faster right now than a running human is warp step plus ten. Oh, I might be thinking for only psychics. [01:01:00] Speaker A: Plus five. [01:01:01] Speaker C: So that catches them up to normal humans. [01:01:03] Speaker A: Can I get to all of us in the doorway? [01:01:06] Speaker G: Like a freaking bottleneck. [01:01:07] Speaker C: So runs up and clusters up with Neros and Zafir kind of looking around the corner. [01:01:12] Speaker A: Can I see it? [01:01:13] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:01:14] Speaker A: I can't see it. [01:01:15] Speaker B: Barely. [01:01:15] Speaker C: It'll have lesser cover or greater cover. So plus two ac bonus. But you'll be able to see it. [01:01:20] Speaker B: It's also still frightened one. [01:01:22] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:01:22] Speaker A: And it's on the ceiling. [01:01:24] Speaker G: Kill it. [01:01:25] Speaker H: Cool. [01:01:26] Speaker C: All right, cool. [01:01:27] Speaker A: And at that point, I'll use recall knowledge. [01:01:32] Speaker C: All right. Society or religion? [01:01:34] Speaker E: Wow. [01:01:35] Speaker F: What's my religion? [01:01:36] Speaker A: And what's my society? Society, please. [01:01:40] Speaker C: And what's your bonus? [01:01:41] Speaker A: 13. [01:01:42] Speaker C: All right. You have dubious knowledge. Yes. No, you don't. Okay. Ask two questions. [01:01:48] Speaker B: I used to have it. [01:01:50] Speaker C: That's what I was thinking of. [01:01:51] Speaker G: Go one of two ways. Either he will tell us the truth or he'll lie to us again. [01:01:58] Speaker C: One of me always tells the truth. And one of me always lies. [01:02:01] Speaker E: Get out of here, you stupid door. [01:02:04] Speaker C: Just one of the doors that's laying on the ground outside. [01:02:08] Speaker A: Two questions. [01:02:10] Speaker E: What's its name? [01:02:13] Speaker F: Ice man. [01:02:14] Speaker A: I'm going to ask if it has any aoe or any other special abilities. Like an aoe. [01:02:21] Speaker E: Good. [01:02:22] Speaker C: It does. It has the ability to exhale like freezing cold air in a cone. [01:02:28] Speaker G: And we're all standing in the door. [01:02:30] Speaker C: The truth. [01:02:35] Speaker A: We already know its weaknesses. [01:02:37] Speaker E: Resistances. [01:02:38] Speaker G: That's always a good one. [01:02:39] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:02:40] Speaker A: Or immunities, say probably cold might be a resistance or immunity. [01:02:45] Speaker F: Yeah. [01:02:45] Speaker A: We'll do either resistance or immunities, whichever one it has. [01:02:49] Speaker C: All right. It is immune to all the normal things that an undead would be immune to. And it is also immune to cold damage. [01:02:56] Speaker G: Okay. [01:02:57] Speaker E: Knowledge. [01:02:58] Speaker G: Great. [01:02:59] Speaker E: It's half the battle. Most of the other half we're using. [01:03:01] Speaker G: Fire anyway, so those of us who have fire. [01:03:05] Speaker C: Speaking of this little chap on the ceiling, it's his turn. He's going to scrabble along the ceiling to right here. [01:03:16] Speaker F: Pulls out a board and some wooden letters. Place. Scrabble. [01:03:21] Speaker C: What a convenient place for everyone to be standing. [01:03:25] Speaker E: It's a line. [01:03:27] Speaker G: Gosh darn it. [01:03:28] Speaker B: Now, are you taking into account that it's on the ceiling? [01:03:30] Speaker C: I am. [01:03:31] Speaker G: Oh, wait, I'm not even being in the doorway. Never mind. [01:03:34] Speaker C: It scrabbles to a position where it faces the door and drops from the ceiling onto the ground. Takes a big breath in and then. [01:03:43] Speaker B: Just takes ten damage. [01:03:48] Speaker E: Oh, because it dropped. [01:03:50] Speaker C: Yeah, it takes ten damage. It takes a breath in of, like. [01:03:54] Speaker E: That hurt, and then it goes and. [01:04:00] Speaker C: It just starts exhaling like a wintry breeze. That's going to hit Zafir and Uvair as they're standing in the doorway. [01:04:10] Speaker E: But Miss Val and my unseen servant is safe. [01:04:14] Speaker F: I don't have my character sheet up anymore, so it can't touch me. [01:04:17] Speaker C: That's how that works. [01:04:19] Speaker A: All right, hold on. [01:04:21] Speaker B: When an enemy damages your ally and both are within 15ft of you, so let me know if either of them take damage. [01:04:28] Speaker C: We will find out. [01:04:30] Speaker A: What's the save? [01:04:32] Speaker C: That save is going to be a reflex save. [01:04:44] Speaker F: I don't know what's going on over there. Not natural. 20. [01:04:48] Speaker E: Oh, no. Sven, what'd you just do? [01:04:51] Speaker B: He spent a hero point. [01:04:52] Speaker E: Why, though? What do you roll? [01:04:54] Speaker B: He's heroic. [01:04:54] Speaker E: He rolled a one. [01:04:57] Speaker B: Actually, I would have 21. I would have actually recommended you didn't spend that and just took the one. [01:05:03] Speaker E: That's a critical fail. [01:05:04] Speaker B: Yeah, I can make you just take no damage. [01:05:07] Speaker E: What? [01:05:08] Speaker B: Yes. [01:05:08] Speaker F: It's too late now, but won't you take the damage? [01:05:11] Speaker B: No. [01:05:12] Speaker C: All right. [01:05:13] Speaker A: 21. [01:05:14] Speaker C: As this blast of cold air comes at Zafir and Uvair, both of them rolled a regular failure. [01:05:22] Speaker G: What the heck? [01:05:24] Speaker B: What are your hit points? [01:05:25] Speaker E: Well, we know he's the tankest wizard in existence. [01:05:28] Speaker A: 60. Why? [01:05:29] Speaker B: Zafir? What is your total? [01:05:31] Speaker E: 53. [01:05:32] Speaker B: Zafir. This ghoul must decide either to not harm Zafir, or give Zafir resistance seven. And become enfeeble two. [01:05:43] Speaker E: Resistance seven to just what? [01:05:44] Speaker B: The damage. [01:05:45] Speaker E: Oh, the damage itself. [01:05:46] Speaker C: It's amazing that this trait still affects mindless creature. [01:05:50] Speaker B: It is a glimpse of redemption that she is given by Farasma. [01:05:54] Speaker E: You want to know what more amazing it can control its breath attack. [01:06:02] Speaker C: It's exhaling and then it's like, just. [01:06:05] Speaker E: Kind of, like, moves it to. [01:06:06] Speaker C: That channels the air and allows Zafir to have resistance seven. Ooh. And it becomes enfeebled two. [01:06:15] Speaker B: Because of a feat I took, I could also choose to make it stupefied, too. But I decide to do enfeebled instead. That would help more. [01:06:22] Speaker E: Yeah, that makes more sense. [01:06:23] Speaker C: So Uber will take 21 damage, and Zafir will take 14 damage. Well, and that was his turn as he crawled across the ceiling, dropped down and exhaled the cold air outward. [01:06:38] Speaker E: I'm going to sustain my unseen servant and give it the command to block off the thing's path. Thank you. And then how far away total is it from me? [01:06:50] Speaker C: 55Ft. [01:06:54] Speaker E: Okay. How far away is 30ft from me? [01:06:58] Speaker C: Just about halfway across the room. Like, in front of the doorways that you took to get into this room. [01:07:04] Speaker E: Okay, I see what you're saying. So if I were to cast a spell from there, it would be partial cover? [01:07:11] Speaker C: Yes. He would have a plus one ac against you. [01:07:14] Speaker E: I'm going to go ahead and amp my telekinetic projectile with warp space. [01:07:24] Speaker C: Oh, I see what you're doing. You can actually cast it from one space further up and have no cover. [01:07:29] Speaker E: Okay, let's do that. Because telekinetic projectile has 60ft. So let's go pretty high up. Okay. Get rid of the. [01:07:34] Speaker C: So you can shoot it from, like, further out into the room around the corner with no problem. [01:07:38] Speaker E: Yeah. And let's see if I hit. Probably not 28. [01:07:47] Speaker C: And that is a hit. [01:07:49] Speaker E: Nice. [01:07:51] Speaker B: I believe in you. Alert. [01:07:53] Speaker G: I don't. Don't mess up. [01:07:57] Speaker F: It's already rolled, so don't mess up. Counting. [01:08:01] Speaker E: So just seemingly out of nowhere, a pebble is going to fly towards it and deal. I just did the math and I forgot it. [01:08:09] Speaker G: No, I just said don't mess up. [01:08:11] Speaker E: And I said don't mess up counting 15. That's wrong, because it adds my mod. [01:08:18] Speaker B: 19. [01:08:19] Speaker E: My mod is higher than that. [01:08:21] Speaker B: Your mod is higher than plus four? [01:08:22] Speaker E: Yes. [01:08:23] Speaker A: What? [01:08:24] Speaker E: No, it's not. 19 damage. But you were surprised. What? I'm level seven. [01:08:33] Speaker C: All right. And that brings him down to bloodied. [01:08:35] Speaker E: Nice. And that is going to be my turn. [01:08:39] Speaker C: All right, neros. [01:08:43] Speaker F: It's okay, lady. [01:08:45] Speaker G: No, it's not. [01:08:45] Speaker A: Screaming may be a free action, but. [01:08:51] Speaker G: Can I see it around that corner or do I have to take a stab? [01:08:54] Speaker H: No. [01:08:54] Speaker C: Where it's scuttled to. You can't see it. [01:08:56] Speaker G: Dang it. I guess I'll move to where I can see it. [01:09:02] Speaker B: Do a roll through zafir in range of a breath. [01:09:06] Speaker G: Fine. I'm going to cast phase bolt on. [01:09:09] Speaker C: It's a good spell. [01:09:15] Speaker E: It is. [01:09:15] Speaker A: Especially when she has cover. [01:09:17] Speaker G: I'm going to turn in a hero point and reroll that. [01:09:21] Speaker E: What'd you roll to? Turn that in? [01:09:22] Speaker G: Yeah. I don't want. [01:09:25] Speaker B: I believe in you, Abby. [01:09:29] Speaker E: Fail. [01:09:30] Speaker B: Right. I have to stop saying I believe in Abby every time I say that. She rolls bad. [01:09:34] Speaker F: You really forgot? [01:09:36] Speaker B: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. You'll have to accept my apology. [01:09:40] Speaker G: I don't accept your apology. [01:09:43] Speaker B: Understandable. What was it? [01:09:44] Speaker G: A 15. [01:09:46] Speaker C: Unfortunately, that is a regular fail. [01:09:48] Speaker E: Yes. [01:09:49] Speaker G: I wasted a turn. [01:09:50] Speaker B: I'm sorry. [01:09:52] Speaker C: That day, Zenira steps down to where she can see the creature, lets loose a phase bolt that just kind of blips off into the catacombs, or caverns, excuse me, caverns behind it and just splatters onto the wall. I don't know what a phase bolt is made out of. [01:10:07] Speaker G: Phase phase energy. [01:10:11] Speaker A: Not a sponsor cracks the wall. [01:10:13] Speaker C: Phase energy, a can of phase energy drink, just goes flying across the. [01:10:17] Speaker G: It's magical energy. So whatever that is. [01:10:22] Speaker E: If that is not an energy drink already, can we. If we ever actually get. [01:10:26] Speaker G: Can we start our own, make an energy drink? [01:10:29] Speaker F: And starting with the buff stuff, guys, I would be so down for energy and protein drinks. [01:10:35] Speaker E: Yes, let's do that. Let's do that. [01:10:39] Speaker A: Let's do that. [01:10:40] Speaker E: If you're interested in that, let us know. [01:10:42] Speaker C: The name is not yet taken. [01:10:44] Speaker E: Guys, nobody listening to this. Take our idea. We will soon. [01:10:48] Speaker F: Jacob, cut this out. [01:10:52] Speaker A: We are copywriting this name. [01:10:54] Speaker F: Someone quick say a bad word so he has to take it out. Dookie. [01:10:59] Speaker E: Bum, bum. [01:11:02] Speaker C: Val, it's your turn. [01:11:03] Speaker B: Thank you. Val looks at this thing and says, the wrath was a lady of craves. This will be your end. And her feathers, tattoos start, like, more of those little bubble crackles start coming off of it, like, dripping out, just in, like, spheres. And they start going into the glave, and it begins glowing some more. And she swings out with divine retribution, which is a relic ability I have, which allows me to deal an additional damage, die on a hit and enfeeble them if they're evil noise. So she shall swing out 24, and that's a hit. That'd be 20 points of damage. [01:12:02] Speaker C: It is on its last legs. There's, like, gashes in its body, and it's like somebody left the freezer open on a humid day. And there's just, like, water vapor crystallizing. [01:12:12] Speaker B: And I'm going to give this a shot, Jordan, as it all stabs into it, and the crackles begin to disperse. They all start flowing into her left hand, her real hand, and they're all, like, swirling around it in a comet, like, for asthma's comet, and then she reaches out and grabs that thing's head, and I'd like it to make a fortitude save. [01:12:34] Speaker C: Ooh, sick. [01:12:37] Speaker G: Val has single handedly taken care of these creatures. [01:12:41] Speaker C: One man DC 20, a regular success. [01:12:45] Speaker B: I haven't gotten buffed in my dcs or my spells anything. Okay. It'll take half. Damage does not have an ac penalty, though, because it did not fail. Six points of damage already halved. [01:13:00] Speaker E: Okay, come on. [01:13:02] Speaker B: Is that not enough to kill it still up? That would have been so cool. [01:13:07] Speaker E: It's almost as though having a cleric in the party or a champion is fantastic for fighting undead. [01:13:15] Speaker G: Yeah. Who would have thought? [01:13:17] Speaker E: Who would have thought? [01:13:18] Speaker A: Kidding. [01:13:18] Speaker C: This creature is so close to being destroyed as we start Zafir's turn. [01:13:24] Speaker F: So, um, how do. How do rape years work? Are they a slashing or a pokey or a piercing? So I need to pokey? [01:13:35] Speaker E: You need to draw it first. [01:13:37] Speaker F: Oh, I do need to draw it. [01:13:38] Speaker E: First and drop your weapon, which is a free action. If you stow your weapon, it's another action. [01:13:45] Speaker C: You could do a long range pokey with your bow. [01:13:49] Speaker E: You could do a long range, forceful pokey with your bow. [01:13:53] Speaker F: The only downside is I do more damage with my rapier. [01:13:57] Speaker E: Put your bow. [01:13:58] Speaker F: Can I put the rapier in the bow and fire the rape with a spell strike? [01:14:04] Speaker H: No. [01:14:06] Speaker E: That would be cool of you, though. Come on, be cool. [01:14:08] Speaker C: If you had, like, a great bow or something, but a short bow. [01:14:11] Speaker E: Okay, let's get you a great bow. [01:14:14] Speaker A: It's as taller than he is. [01:14:16] Speaker E: That's fine. [01:14:17] Speaker F: I'd have to hold it sideways. [01:14:19] Speaker E: As long as he has the strength. [01:14:20] Speaker F: To pull it, I'd be a perpendicular bow. Plus. Yeah, I've still got my bow drawn. I might as well spell strike. [01:14:29] Speaker E: Noise, noise. [01:14:31] Speaker A: Spell strike. Something I didn't get to use a whole lot of. [01:14:35] Speaker E: Wait, is that. [01:14:38] Speaker F: I want to hit it. [01:14:39] Speaker G: So what should I. I understand that. [01:14:42] Speaker E: Feeling very well, and I understand the need for phase energy. [01:14:51] Speaker F: I'm going to use this card. [01:14:54] Speaker A: You trying to hit that pesky enemy? [01:14:56] Speaker E: Try phase energy. [01:14:59] Speaker A: It ignores luggage and like you're enfeebled or something. [01:15:03] Speaker F: That's a little energy. [01:15:05] Speaker A: It's a little better. [01:15:07] Speaker F: 23. [01:15:08] Speaker E: Nine. [01:15:08] Speaker C: That's a hit. [01:15:09] Speaker E: Okay, good. [01:15:10] Speaker F: First one was only a 20. [01:15:12] Speaker G: I feel like that might have hit. [01:15:14] Speaker C: Ooh, that would have been one off. And I'll say that because I'm pretty sure he's going to die here. [01:15:20] Speaker E: I think it's ac is, like, 22. [01:15:23] Speaker F: So that is a total of 20 damage. [01:15:27] Speaker G: Nice. [01:15:29] Speaker C: You want to describe how that flame imbued arrow finishes it off? [01:15:32] Speaker F: So he knocks his bow, he pulls it back. The arrow bursts into flame at the end. It doesn't actually burst, but he lets it fly, and he's only, like, what, 5ft away from him? And it buries itself right into the head where Val grabbed him. And it's a slow mo where it just slightly starts cracking into his head and starts spreading as it goes through. I don't know. Is that feasible? [01:15:59] Speaker C: Yeah, it's like the ice crystals are just, like, being shattered off by the power of the impact. [01:16:04] Speaker F: Yeah, and it's kind of like forming around the flame, where it's just, like melting on contact. [01:16:09] Speaker C: Nice. [01:16:10] Speaker F: And just like, buries itself in the base of the head from the top. [01:16:17] Speaker C: And the ice just kind of forms around the arrow and the body again, just kind of encasing it all in ice like with the previous one, as it just goes still. And that's where we'll end this episode. [01:16:30] Speaker E: Boom. I want to keep playing. [01:16:35] Speaker C: All right, so, petite, you won the hero point for this session for the really awesome use of one of your highest spell slots to try to negate a very sticky situation for the party, which, had that been a perilous situation, would have been game changing one of. [01:16:52] Speaker F: My newest spells, too. Well, I thank you for that, and I look forward to using more of the spells that I never use. But for the time being, I'm going to go and bury my head in a bath of ice water, and we'll. [01:17:07] Speaker C: See you all in the next episode. [01:17:08] Speaker E: Awful. [01:17:09] Speaker B: He's a ghoul. [01:17:12] Speaker E: Kill him. [01:17:14] Speaker C: This has been an atomic broadcasting production. Pathfinder, Galerian, and the lost omens world setting are copyright of pizzo. More [email protected] music in the show is from Monument Studios collection, as well as assorted artists with some original tracks composed by Jordy Hake. More details in the description. If you enjoyed the show, please remember to share with a friend, and we'll look forward to seeing you again next time. [01:17:41] Speaker F: So nobody laughed at my joke. [01:17:43] Speaker G: What did you say? [01:17:45] Speaker F: I said, livingston, I presume. I didn't hear that because he asked what it was, and I said, living stone, I presume. [01:17:54] Speaker A: Existence. [01:17:55] Speaker C: I get it now. I didn't get it. [01:17:58] Speaker A: I heard living stone. [01:18:00] Speaker F: Well, that's what I said. It was supposed to be a play on words, you know?

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