Episode 17

September 04, 2023


EP. 17 Rumors of Danger

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Jordy Hake Michael Petete Samuel Sarver Abby Fincher Michael Jenkins Sven Nerness
EP. 17 Rumors of Danger
The Written and The Lost
EP. 17 Rumors of Danger

Sep 04 2023 | 01:21:36


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As the party compares notes and prepares to investigate in earnest, they receive a veiled warning that there might be more at stake than they previously suspected...

 This episode was recorded before the SAG-AFTRA strikes and contains references to struck works. We here at Atomic Broadcasting wish to show solidarity to their efforts to gain a livable and sustanable wage. If you want to learn more about SAG-AFTA and their strike, there will be a link below.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: This episode was recorded before the SAG AFTRA strike commenced. We at Atomic Broadcasting wish to show solidarity in their fight for a livable wage. To learn more about SAG AFTRA, feel free to follow the links in the show notes. [00:00:18] Speaker B: You are listening to an Atomic Broadcasting production. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the feature present presentation. And remember, do your part, such as, like, comment rate. And don't forget to tell a friend to tune in for an atomic time. [00:00:48] Speaker A: Yes. After an exhausting investigation, the party took some time to relax for the evening. After supper at Alwood's home, zafir was hired to murder the same ruffian that they had arrested earlier that day. Teaming up with Hamir, the two broke him out of prison and disposed of his body in the river. [00:01:17] Speaker C: Sven, I'm interested in you because I heard you went to go see the Dungeons and Dragons movie. [00:01:23] Speaker B: I did. We all need to go see without Sven. You've already seen it. [00:01:29] Speaker D: I did? [00:01:30] Speaker B: If you want to come, you can. [00:01:31] Speaker C: Well, tell us how you liked it. [00:01:34] Speaker E: What was it about? [00:01:36] Speaker B: Dungeons and Dragons? [00:01:38] Speaker C: Some thieves, I think. [00:01:40] Speaker F: I'm just going to say this. Everyone who loves Dungeons and Dragons and who loves Pathfinder as well, if you go watch that movie, you are going. [00:01:51] Speaker D: To laugh your head off and watch. [00:01:56] Speaker F: How a tabletop happens without seeing the tabletop, because they did a magnificent job and you can watch and you see. [00:02:07] Speaker D: Oh, that's where they rolled a crit. [00:02:08] Speaker F: Or that's where they fumbled. [00:02:10] Speaker B: I'm excited to see that. [00:02:12] Speaker F: You will enjoy it. [00:02:13] Speaker E: Is there any famous actors in it? [00:02:15] Speaker C: Or actress says Christopher Pine. [00:02:17] Speaker E: Chris Pine. [00:02:18] Speaker C: Hugh Grant. [00:02:20] Speaker E: I love Chris Pine. [00:02:22] Speaker C: Justice. [00:02:22] Speaker B: I didn't expect that. [00:02:24] Speaker C: Michelle Rodriguez. [00:02:25] Speaker D: I can look. Michelle Rod. [00:02:27] Speaker B: I don't know who that is. [00:02:28] Speaker F: I don't know actors. [00:02:30] Speaker C: Those are some of them. [00:02:31] Speaker E: Chris Pine. I'll go watch it now. [00:02:33] Speaker D: He's a bard. He is a bard. [00:02:36] Speaker B: Wait, is he the main character? [00:02:38] Speaker E: Oh, my gosh, guys, he's the leader. Sorry, I have to leave. I have to go watch this movie. [00:02:43] Speaker B: I guess this episode is just us watching that movie. [00:02:47] Speaker C: I have a free popcorn waiting for me within 14 days. [00:02:51] Speaker D: If you watch on IMAX, you might be able to get one of those. [00:02:54] Speaker F: Dice popcorn things that they're offering. [00:02:56] Speaker C: I think we can just go to the D 20. [00:02:58] Speaker B: Yeah, the Alamo is probably best. Hey, shout out to the Alamo where we live. [00:03:02] Speaker C: We enjoy it. [00:03:03] Speaker A: Not Texas. [00:03:04] Speaker B: Yeah, not Texas. It's a movie theater. [00:03:06] Speaker E: I bet it is also a Texas. [00:03:08] Speaker B: It's a mythical land. [00:03:10] Speaker D: Really loud. [00:03:11] Speaker B: Some people don't believe it exists. [00:03:13] Speaker D: They do. [00:03:14] Speaker A: They do to those of our audience who are listening in the future. This was back when Texas was still around. [00:03:20] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:03:20] Speaker E: Wait, what? [00:03:22] Speaker B: And for those of you who believe that you're currently living in Texas, you're not. [00:03:26] Speaker C: Wake up, sheeple. [00:03:28] Speaker B: It doesn't exist anymore. [00:03:30] Speaker D: Abby, I think IMDb is giving me I'm just seeing the cast and, like. [00:03:35] Speaker B: A couple of people are labeled as not anymore. [00:03:37] Speaker E: I'm part Texan. [00:03:39] Speaker F: One of the best parts. [00:03:40] Speaker E: Why doesn't it exist anymore? [00:03:42] Speaker C: It's just like Minnesota. [00:03:43] Speaker E: What happened? What? [00:03:45] Speaker C: Let's get going. [00:03:46] Speaker E: I need to cry. [00:03:47] Speaker C: All right, hold on, everybody. Jordy, what's your. [00:03:53] Speaker A: Hmm. I had, like, multiple options come through, but then everything stopped. So speaking of multiple things happening, let's go ahead and do a downtime episode. [00:04:07] Speaker B: Wait, was that not you sound so excited. [00:04:10] Speaker E: I was going to say, didn't that just happen? [00:04:12] Speaker B: I have so many things I want to do during my downtime. [00:04:14] Speaker C: I don't well, congratulations. As a group, we are going to have to decide if we want to leave today to go back to Copper. [00:04:21] Speaker D: Burke, do we have any other plans? [00:04:24] Speaker B: I know what I want to do today. [00:04:26] Speaker A: So before we make plans for the party, how are UVair and Neros feeling this morning? [00:04:32] Speaker B: You wake up with a hangover. [00:04:34] Speaker E: I was actually going to ask if I need to roll if I wake up with a hangover. [00:04:38] Speaker A: Actually, I think both of you, both Neros and Uber need to roll to see if they wake up. [00:04:43] Speaker E: What kind of roll is this? [00:04:44] Speaker A: Fortitude safe. [00:04:46] Speaker D: I don't know. How does a. [00:04:50] Speaker F: Let me do the math here. [00:04:51] Speaker D: You both just leaned into the. [00:04:55] Speaker F: 1424 24. [00:04:58] Speaker E: I was going to say you have a negative. [00:05:03] Speaker A: Wait, what? [00:05:04] Speaker F: I rolled a 16 on the die. [00:05:06] Speaker D: Have eight to fortitude. [00:05:07] Speaker A: Okay, that makes sense. [00:05:08] Speaker B: That's pretty good. [00:05:09] Speaker A: You're feeling good. [00:05:10] Speaker D: And here I wrote down you could. [00:05:11] Speaker F: Who says dwarves can't hold that nearest. [00:05:15] Speaker A: How are you feeling? [00:05:16] Speaker C: Nearly, girl? [00:05:17] Speaker E: I rolled a two for a total of ten. [00:05:23] Speaker D: Okay, experience. You had a lot to drink. [00:05:27] Speaker C: The crowd is hushed. [00:05:30] Speaker A: So if you'd had less experience with these sorts of situations, you might not be feeling great. So you wake up and you got a bit of a headache, but this isn't anything unusual for you and you kind of know how to push through. [00:05:44] Speaker E: Cool. I've had worse. [00:05:50] Speaker D: I'm proud of you. [00:05:53] Speaker F: Meanwhile, you go out and you see uve is already ordering breakfast and looks a little tired, but not the worst. [00:06:00] Speaker E: Oh, I will say I'm not getting up until someone knocks on my door. [00:06:05] Speaker D: That's how I am. [00:06:06] Speaker E: I'm sorry. [00:06:08] Speaker D: Three years later do I have to or it's like you don't have to. Do I know what your door is? Do I know which one? Because I'm pretty sure I was in the community room. [00:06:19] Speaker C: I told you that we were neighbors. [00:06:21] Speaker E: I'm next door to Hamir, unfortunately. [00:06:25] Speaker D: Do I have to see the spot that I can cast ghostly sound in? [00:06:30] Speaker E: What? [00:06:31] Speaker B: For the most part, you have to. [00:06:33] Speaker E: See where are you talking about? Ghost sound? [00:06:34] Speaker D: Yeah, ghost sound. [00:06:35] Speaker C: You would have to be you could lay down on the ground and look under her door. [00:06:41] Speaker D: That sounds not. [00:06:44] Speaker E: You could just so rude. [00:06:48] Speaker D: I could look through the key. More than 30ft across the keyhole. [00:06:53] Speaker C: There we go. [00:06:53] Speaker E: That's just mean. [00:06:59] Speaker B: Stick through the door hole. [00:07:02] Speaker D: That's just what you hear. [00:07:03] Speaker E: You just hear the ghost sound that I hear, yeah. [00:07:08] Speaker D: I don't have experience with a lot of ghosts. [00:07:10] Speaker C: He's in a tavern. It's a very lively ghost. [00:07:15] Speaker E: Oh, my gosh. [00:07:20] Speaker B: Gay party. [00:07:22] Speaker D: I don't think. Are there any saves against that? [00:07:24] Speaker E: I don't know. [00:07:25] Speaker A: Not a very big it's just a sound that happens. There's no saves to stop hearing. [00:07:30] Speaker E: Just a sound. [00:07:31] Speaker B: There would be a saved if they want to disbelieve it or something. [00:07:34] Speaker D: Listen to this, listen to this. You can't create intelligible words or other intricate sounds. [00:07:38] Speaker E: Such as music. [00:07:39] Speaker B: Such as music. [00:07:45] Speaker E: Are you actually doing this to her? [00:07:46] Speaker C: Yeah, the prankster got pranked. [00:07:51] Speaker E: That is true. The prankster did get pranked. [00:07:53] Speaker D: I'm supposed to try to wake you up because I've had I mean, you've verbally mentioned verbally mentioned verbally that you won't get up. [00:08:02] Speaker E: That's true. I said I wouldn't get up unless someone woke me up or if it's. [00:08:05] Speaker B: Like, around noon for you. [00:08:08] Speaker D: I know we have some what time is it? [00:08:13] Speaker A: Getting close to noon. [00:08:14] Speaker E: Well, what would the point of the. [00:08:16] Speaker B: Spell to wake her up before noon? [00:08:19] Speaker C: All right. It's like 1115 to give her a good wake up. [00:08:23] Speaker E: All right, so you cast that. What is that and why? [00:08:37] Speaker D: It you hear, like, three bangs on the door and then just feet going. [00:08:43] Speaker B: Wait, so it's. [00:08:50] Speaker C: That'S a good shirt. [00:08:52] Speaker D: How do you spell. [00:08:57] Speaker C: Just like that? Our transcribers in the audience will know. We should use footsteps. [00:09:07] Speaker E: Anyway, I pick up something that's on my bedside table and chuck it at the door. [00:09:11] Speaker D: I'm gone. I am out of there. [00:09:13] Speaker B: Didn't you hear the feet? You just vase shattered. [00:09:18] Speaker E: We can go away from Neros now. [00:09:20] Speaker C: Please. [00:09:21] Speaker D: You don't want to be near us. [00:09:22] Speaker E: I do want to be near us. [00:09:23] Speaker F: But I'm not going to be near us. [00:09:26] Speaker E: No, I don't want to narrate her getting up. [00:09:29] Speaker D: I stretch my left leg, then my. [00:09:32] Speaker E: Right leg went to sleep drunk. [00:09:35] Speaker D: I get that little shiver whenever I stretch my arm. My neck pops. [00:09:43] Speaker C: What are you doing? [00:09:45] Speaker D: I'm narrating her getting up. [00:09:48] Speaker A: So Zafir comes down the stairs back into the common room, narrating how he. [00:09:56] Speaker B: Nope. You can't narrate somebody else? [00:10:03] Speaker D: No. I go down the stairs going, neuros should be joining us soon. [00:10:10] Speaker C: Hamir is going to get up on the stage and pull out his Telarpa and start playing. [00:10:17] Speaker F: That is delightfully sad. [00:10:19] Speaker C: It doesn't have to be sad. [00:10:23] Speaker D: Who's the bartender? [00:10:25] Speaker C: That guy we talked about with the name that's somewhat Scottish. [00:10:29] Speaker D: I have a lot of names. [00:10:31] Speaker B: Rolf Stockton. [00:10:32] Speaker D: Stockton. Wolf stockton stockson. [00:10:34] Speaker B: Stockton Stockson. [00:10:36] Speaker A: That's me. [00:10:38] Speaker D: Oh, I just have an innkeeper. You're not the bar man. [00:10:42] Speaker B: Same thing. [00:10:43] Speaker C: He is the can be. [00:10:44] Speaker E: He is the innkeeper bar man. [00:10:45] Speaker A: It's a small enough establishment. [00:10:47] Speaker D: How early do you serve the spirits? [00:10:51] Speaker C: We don't serve your kite here. [00:10:56] Speaker D: Shut up, Hamir, and keep playing. [00:10:58] Speaker F: That is the church next door. [00:11:02] Speaker B: I don't have a lot of spirits in this. [00:11:05] Speaker A: You're looking for a drink? It's not even noon yet. [00:11:09] Speaker D: No, it is exactly noon. [00:11:11] Speaker C: He could smell it in the air. [00:11:14] Speaker A: He pulls out a beat up old pocket watch and he puts it down, says, it's now noon, and he slides a glass of alcohol to you. [00:11:26] Speaker D: I just do a nonchalant sniff. That's what I thought. This is a fuffle shuffle. [00:11:33] Speaker A: That's what you wanted, isn't it? [00:11:35] Speaker D: I didn't even say the name. But I'm glad, you know. Here. Here. Just going to sit at the bar and drink. Meanwhile, you're the only one not in. [00:11:49] Speaker B: The Bolden House if it's noon. I've been there for a while. [00:11:53] Speaker D: You could have been doing something else. [00:11:55] Speaker B: No, Howard is very punished. [00:11:58] Speaker C: Making his way downtown, walking fast. [00:12:01] Speaker F: Howard's the only one that got a good night's sleep. You went to bed at a decent time. [00:12:09] Speaker D: Nobody else did. [00:12:10] Speaker C: Saying goodbye to your mom. [00:12:11] Speaker B: I did say goodbye to my mom. I told her not to open up the door for any ord sins. No explanation beyond that. [00:12:20] Speaker F: Oh, my gosh. [00:12:21] Speaker B: I'd be at the tavern, though, if it's already almost noon. [00:12:25] Speaker A: Yeah. So it's pretty much just your group. And there's this one random guy who's just traveling through town, stopping and grabbed a bite to eat on the way through. [00:12:33] Speaker B: All right. Nobody talked to him. Guys, that's a trap. [00:12:35] Speaker D: It's not crass, is it? [00:12:36] Speaker A: I don't want to talk to you. It's not. [00:12:39] Speaker F: The frog guy is having brunch and water. [00:12:46] Speaker B: So a bunch of mimosas water. [00:12:53] Speaker C: Free with brunch? [00:12:54] Speaker B: Yeah, that's why people go to brunch. They get drunk. [00:12:58] Speaker F: He's been passing them all to hours. [00:13:02] Speaker C: That one random dude in the tower. [00:13:04] Speaker B: Hours just letting them pile up. I don't want these. [00:13:09] Speaker A: I'll take them. [00:13:12] Speaker B: Okay. And then he's just going to start a chain of mage hands, passing them over to his table. [00:13:18] Speaker A: I love this town. [00:13:21] Speaker B: Did you guys wake Neros up? [00:13:27] Speaker D: I made a sound. [00:13:30] Speaker B: You know if she's coming? [00:13:32] Speaker D: I'm not sure. I kind of just knocked on her door. [00:13:35] Speaker B: You all sleep really late. I've been here for 5 hours. [00:13:39] Speaker D: I had an event. [00:13:40] Speaker F: A very long night. [00:13:42] Speaker D: Yeah, we stayed up and played slap hands. [00:13:47] Speaker F: Honestly, I don't remember much of last slap hands. Well, I remember some, but I'd rather not remember it. [00:13:58] Speaker B: So you came back here after you left my home and played slap hands? [00:14:04] Speaker D: Well, sometimes it involves the face, but. [00:14:09] Speaker B: Who did you play this with? [00:14:11] Speaker D: Obviously, Uber doesn't remember. [00:14:18] Speaker F: I don't remember much after I came down to the bar last night. [00:14:23] Speaker B: Whenever Neros gets down and ready, we can, I suppose, discuss what we're going. [00:14:27] Speaker A: To be doing and the mystery of Uvir's memory. [00:14:33] Speaker B: It's always been alcohol. [00:14:36] Speaker C: He walked into the exit library and was like, there's a lot of alcohol. That's why we didn't find any. [00:14:47] Speaker A: I didn't want to derail the show, but I thought that was pretty fun. [00:14:51] Speaker B: That stays in. No, but yeah. [00:14:57] Speaker D: It'S a fun game. Would you like to play? [00:14:59] Speaker B: No, I don't want you to touch my hands. [00:15:02] Speaker D: Well, if you're good, then I won't. [00:15:05] Speaker B: I'll play if you allow mage hands. [00:15:08] Speaker D: I will not be slapping any incorporeal hands. Only your own or your face. [00:15:12] Speaker B: I'm going to cast time. Since how long has it been since everybody's gotten down here and he's knocked on Neros's door? [00:15:21] Speaker A: Eight minutes. [00:15:22] Speaker B: Eight minutes. I don't know how long it normally takes for Neros to get up, but can somebody go check on her, please? [00:15:30] Speaker D: I'm sure you're familiar with females and their morning rituals. [00:15:34] Speaker B: I'm really not. [00:15:35] Speaker E: How long do you think it takes us to get ready? [00:15:38] Speaker B: 7 hours. [00:15:39] Speaker D: I mean, y'all, for guys, it's like, put on some pants that you may or may not be cleaned. Put on a shirt, you're good to go. [00:15:47] Speaker E: I get ready. [00:15:48] Speaker A: The traveler, the traveling guy, walks up and he picks up another mimosa, and he's like, that's kind of narrow minded of you, and just walks back to. [00:15:55] Speaker C: The we have to go through Neros's morning routine. [00:15:58] Speaker B: I'm going to send up my unseen servant just to ram into her door repetitively because it can't knock. It doesn't have arms. [00:16:09] Speaker A: I would contest that knocking on the door is a simple task. [00:16:13] Speaker B: Fine. So my unseen servant is knocking at very specific intervals. Just one, two, three, waits 5 seconds. One, two, three, waits 5 seconds. Oh, my gosh. [00:16:23] Speaker E: Neros, Neros, Neros, whoever you are, go away. One, two oh, my gosh. [00:16:31] Speaker D: Nice. I'm not going to get blamed for it. [00:16:34] Speaker E: I will rush over to the door and throw it open. She only has one boot on the other one's in her hand. [00:16:42] Speaker D: I told you. It takes a long time to get ready. [00:16:45] Speaker B: The heck are you standing in the doorway? It knocks on your leg. [00:16:49] Speaker E: Stop it. What are you wait. [00:16:51] Speaker D: How short is this thing? [00:16:53] Speaker B: It only takes up a five foot by five foot square, so it's not very big. [00:16:58] Speaker C: Would that mean it's like five foot tall? [00:17:00] Speaker B: No, I'm imagining it just occupies the space. It's not five foot tall. It's like 3ft tall at most. And it's a sphere, but it's invisible, so you don't know. [00:17:12] Speaker E: Are you Albert's weird floating thing? [00:17:16] Speaker F: It's invisible, so why would you knock knock? [00:17:21] Speaker C: You know, if it had more of a personality, it would be our cute animal creature. [00:17:26] Speaker B: But it can't have personality by thing of the spell. [00:17:30] Speaker E: So I will leave my room then. [00:17:35] Speaker C: With only one boot. [00:17:36] Speaker E: With only one boot. She walks into the bar room holding her boot and be like as you're. [00:17:41] Speaker B: Walking away, you just hear clunk, clunk, clunk. [00:17:43] Speaker E: What in the world? I enter the bar room holding one boot like that's something knocking on my. [00:17:50] Speaker B: Door, and I just sort of call it back. I forgot to give it a second task. I'm sorry. [00:17:59] Speaker E: It was knocking on my leg after I opened the door. [00:18:02] Speaker C: Nudges you. [00:18:03] Speaker B: It can only do one task. [00:18:08] Speaker D: Zafir looks at your boot and says, you know they offer a discount if you bring your own cup? [00:18:12] Speaker E: What? [00:18:13] Speaker D: Show it. [00:18:17] Speaker F: The you're having troubles putting your boot on? [00:18:20] Speaker E: No, I was about to, and then someone sent something to interrupt me. [00:18:25] Speaker B: It has been eight minutes since he said that he came and got you. [00:18:29] Speaker E: Yeah, eight minutes, not 8 hours. You got a problem with that? [00:18:33] Speaker B: No. I wasn't sure where you were. [00:18:35] Speaker E: I was in my room. [00:18:37] Speaker B: We need to discuss what's happening. It's noon. I've been here a long time. [00:18:42] Speaker D: Would anybody like to play slap hand? [00:18:44] Speaker E: No. [00:18:50] Speaker B: It'S really fun. [00:18:52] Speaker E: Your opinion. [00:18:53] Speaker D: I promise you, you'll enjoy. [00:18:56] Speaker B: So I don't want no, real fast. Is that tennis where you grab and you smack each other or is it this game? [00:19:05] Speaker D: Wait, I've come up with my own game. Thank you. [00:19:09] Speaker B: Wait, hold on. [00:19:10] Speaker E: What? Is this something that exists? [00:19:12] Speaker D: Okay, should I say this on or off record? [00:19:15] Speaker B: On record. [00:19:16] Speaker D: So I made this game up just like ten minutes ago. So slap hands. You use the D 20. You're playing with somebody else. You use your reflex bonus to see who rolls faster. [00:19:27] Speaker E: Oh, my gosh. [00:19:28] Speaker B: Okay, but what does it look like? [00:19:32] Speaker E: Aside from the mechanics? Is it the thing where I guess. [00:19:35] Speaker D: So I guess you could consider that. [00:19:36] Speaker C: The thing where your hands are all horizontal, but I'm going to say also. [00:19:41] Speaker D: If you critical, fail or you critically fail, they slap you in the face. [00:19:48] Speaker B: So it's that one game, but with a twist? [00:19:51] Speaker D: Yes. [00:19:52] Speaker A: Slap hands, battle royale. [00:19:54] Speaker D: You start in a circle of like, 17 people. So if you want to play, just. [00:20:01] Speaker B: I needed to know that. Thank you. [00:20:03] Speaker E: I don't. Not right now. [00:20:05] Speaker B: I do apologize to rush you, though, but I've been here 6 hours. 5 hours. [00:20:11] Speaker E: That's not our fault. [00:20:12] Speaker B: I assumed everyone was going to get up and ready at a decent time. [00:20:16] Speaker E: Got here obscenely early. We didn't set a time to meet this morning. [00:20:19] Speaker B: I assumed that everyone well, you know. [00:20:22] Speaker E: What they say about assuming. [00:20:24] Speaker D: Oh, crap, it's noon. I have somewhere to be. [00:20:26] Speaker B: No, what you do? [00:20:29] Speaker D: I will be back and I run out the door. [00:20:32] Speaker B: Okay, that's fine. I was going to go to the library today, but we do need to discuss about if we're going back to copperberg it soon. I need to be back by the end of the week. [00:20:47] Speaker E: Well, we have a bit of time. [00:20:52] Speaker B: Hey, may I please stop playing your instrument and join the conversation? [00:20:55] Speaker D: I can hear also I am gone. [00:20:58] Speaker B: Yeah, we assume. [00:21:00] Speaker C: No, I'm just assuming. [00:21:01] Speaker B: If you're going to have a group. [00:21:02] Speaker D: Conversation without me, well, then leave. [00:21:04] Speaker B: I did. [00:21:05] Speaker C: Why don't you wait for Zafir to come back? [00:21:09] Speaker B: He could be gone all day. [00:21:13] Speaker C: Did he give you that thing. [00:21:15] Speaker B: What are you talking about? I see this time I've seen him today. This is the first time I've seen any of you also. Well, does anybody want to join me in the library today? [00:21:30] Speaker E: No? [00:21:31] Speaker B: Okay. [00:21:33] Speaker C: You're going to the library? I thought you were going to ask if you're going to leave immediately. [00:21:39] Speaker B: I just have to be in Copper burget by the end of the week. We have today. [00:21:46] Speaker F: I don't know. [00:21:47] Speaker B: And half of tomorrow. Technically, it only takes a couple of. [00:21:51] Speaker C: Hours to get back to Copper. [00:21:52] Speaker B: Oh, I thought it took a day and a half. [00:21:54] Speaker C: I always think the carriage, so it wouldn't take that long. [00:21:57] Speaker A: It's a day on foot. [00:21:59] Speaker B: Then we have three days. [00:22:03] Speaker A: Four days remaining now. [00:22:05] Speaker B: Four days. Four days. We have plenty of time, right? [00:22:09] Speaker F: I don't know if I am in the mood. [00:22:13] Speaker C: For what? [00:22:14] Speaker F: For the library. [00:22:17] Speaker E: How are you feeling, by the way? Good. [00:22:21] Speaker B: Does your head hurt from the slap hands? [00:22:26] Speaker E: Don't know that. [00:22:29] Speaker F: I don't remember that, but are you talking about from the bar? Yes, I am fine. [00:22:35] Speaker E: Wait, apparently, yeah, let's talk about the bar. Is there something else that happened? What happened? [00:22:45] Speaker F: Nothing of importance. [00:22:48] Speaker E: Yeah, all right. [00:22:50] Speaker F: Yeah. Either way, I think I will not go to the library today. [00:22:57] Speaker B: I think I will just so you're going to stay here, choose an eventually very loud tavern over a quiet, secluded library? [00:23:10] Speaker E: Normally you would go to the library. Something wrong. [00:23:14] Speaker F: There is some solace in having a bunch of people around you just telling their own stories or just being carefree in the world. And it is nice sometimes to be around that. [00:23:34] Speaker B: Okay. So who broke Uber? [00:23:36] Speaker E: I didn't. [00:23:38] Speaker B: Looks at hamir. Did you break UVair? [00:23:43] Speaker C: Just looks at you for a second, looks at Uber. [00:23:47] Speaker E: Why? [00:23:48] Speaker C: And then just keeps plugging. [00:23:51] Speaker B: Well, I'm going. [00:23:53] Speaker C: The beer will know. He's supposed to give you something. [00:23:57] Speaker B: I don't like how you keep saying that. He was at my house last night. He could have given it to me. [00:24:02] Speaker C: Then he didn't have it then. He got it during slap hands. I'll go with you to the library, but you need to give me 15 minutes. [00:24:21] Speaker B: Like, to finish the hour, so you'd heal your constitution. [00:24:26] Speaker E: Okay. My wounded condition go away? [00:24:29] Speaker B: Yes. [00:24:30] Speaker A: So if you ever have your wounds. [00:24:32] Speaker B: Treated or if it goes down one. [00:24:35] Speaker A: Per day, I think no, it goes away completely if you have your wounds treated or if you have a good night's sleep. [00:24:40] Speaker B: Okay. [00:24:41] Speaker C: If you give me about 15 minutes, I'll join you for the library. I need to finish the hour. [00:24:49] Speaker B: Sure. [00:24:50] Speaker C: And hopefully Zafir will be back. [00:24:53] Speaker B: Okay, well, in that case and then I turn to Rolf and I'm like, I guess I will take that food now. I didn't expect to be here that long. [00:25:04] Speaker C: You didn't want lunch? [00:25:06] Speaker B: This is my breakfast. [00:25:08] Speaker C: Didn't eat breakfast. [00:25:09] Speaker E: You didn't eat breakfast? [00:25:10] Speaker B: I thought you guys were going to wake up, so I kept turning him down. [00:25:13] Speaker E: You could have eaten without us. [00:25:15] Speaker B: Anyway. [00:25:18] Speaker A: He brings a plate of cold food. No, I'm kidding. [00:25:21] Speaker D: Preston, here was your breakfast 6 hours ago. [00:25:26] Speaker A: While Alward is tucking into his nice, well cooked breakfast, we'll find ourselves in the market. [00:25:35] Speaker C: Hello, it's the market. [00:25:37] Speaker B: I would like to buy that fish. [00:25:39] Speaker C: Oh, how much for the $0.02? [00:25:41] Speaker A: Seeing as it's noontime, there's plenty of activity and lots of trade going on. Zafir has a particular target he's looking for, though, and swallowed fire. [00:25:51] Speaker D: Roger. [00:25:52] Speaker C: Roger. [00:25:52] Speaker B: Oh, pies. Get your pies here. [00:25:54] Speaker D: Pies. [00:25:55] Speaker B: Oh, I love pies. [00:25:58] Speaker D: Do I spot Roger anywhere? [00:26:00] Speaker B: Yes. [00:26:01] Speaker A: You shortly find Roger, and he's, like, at a fishmonger's cart, like, looking at the various fish that are available. [00:26:09] Speaker B: I already told you, it's two cent per fish. [00:26:12] Speaker D: I walk up to him, and I start looking at the fish. [00:26:20] Speaker E: You got to blend in. [00:26:21] Speaker B: I don't know why. [00:26:23] Speaker D: Like in a basin or something. [00:26:25] Speaker A: We got crates of fish, but we've also got strings of fish. It's like a string of garlic. You hang it from your ceiling, and it makes the house smell nice. [00:26:34] Speaker D: You're not here. Go away. [00:26:36] Speaker B: I'm a random person trying to buy some fish. [00:26:39] Speaker D: You don't oh, you're in the right place. [00:26:40] Speaker A: Now go away. [00:26:42] Speaker E: Okay. [00:26:43] Speaker D: So the fish are nice today. [00:26:46] Speaker A: Yeah. Looks like you had a good catch this morning. [00:26:50] Speaker D: Sure did. I'm looking to get my pay for my wares. [00:26:56] Speaker A: Make a successful delivery last night. [00:27:00] Speaker D: You could say the delivery is with the fishes. [00:27:06] Speaker A: That's where we are, ain't it? And he pulls out a sack of gold. Reckon you've done your job. [00:27:13] Speaker D: Thank you. I take it and pack it away. Would you like to come with me for a moment? I'd like to speak with you about other fishy business. [00:27:28] Speaker B: Well, I'm not really sure what those blokes are talking about, but I don't think it's fish. [00:27:33] Speaker A: Sure. I'll be back. Jerry, keep those herring fresh. So you and Roger step away from the fishmonger's cart. [00:27:41] Speaker D: So I'd like to keep this a little quiet, but I was a little interested that fish had some interesting things to say. And I don't usually do this of my catch, but I'm very interested in knowing who requested this particular bounty. [00:28:09] Speaker A: I'm disappointed in you. Thought you were professional, going and asking about where we get the jobs and all that. [00:28:15] Speaker D: I am, but in the grand scheme of things, it felt like I understand it, and I needed to get the job done, but it felt like there was something he was a part of, something bigger, something that I feel like if I were to take care of him, a target would be put on my back. [00:28:40] Speaker A: Wow. Everybody's part of something, ain't? [00:28:43] Speaker D: Yes, but I don't want to be a part of something that's trying to kill me. I prefer to be on the other end of that. [00:28:50] Speaker A: Well, looks around a little bit, notices nobody's really paying any attention. He leans in close. Between you and me, if you don't like targets on your back, you don't like people out to kill, you might not want to stick around and Joel for much longer. Things are about to get bit hairy. [00:29:07] Speaker D: What do you mean? [00:29:09] Speaker A: You didn't hear it from me. There's going to be of a bit of an upset coming up here. Don't know when, don't know why, but I'm just fixing to get out of town myself for a while. Visit the countryside, you know. [00:29:22] Speaker D: I know that I can trust your information, but how do you know this? [00:29:32] Speaker A: We've got obeys. I'm sure you know things I don't know that you don't want to tell me how you learned. [00:29:36] Speaker D: Well, if you don't mind, I can keep your name out of it. But I'd be very interested in finding out what's going on. I have people. It's just that there are people in this town that I do feel a connection with, and I would like to, if possible, help in some way. Maybe not only warn them, but see if I can either delay what may be happening or potentially get myself involved in such a way that I can divert the problems away from them. [00:30:15] Speaker A: Sophia, if there's anybody in this town you care about, I'd recommend you find somewhere else to spend the next couple months. Listen, he puts a hand on your shoulder, you're a terrifying man, and I mean that in the best way possible. [00:30:29] Speaker D: Thank you. [00:30:30] Speaker A: But I'm not half so scared of as I am of you, as I am of what's going to happen here. [00:30:37] Speaker D: At least give me a hint. [00:30:43] Speaker A: I know you, but a little challenge to me. What would be a good hint? Push the story forward. You know, give you a bit of a lead to dig into. Yeah. [00:30:58] Speaker F: By the way, you two gents look nice, but can I set up my stall here? All right. Sorry. [00:31:10] Speaker B: Jackie. Jackie, can I set up next to you? Sure, mate. Come on. [00:31:17] Speaker A: How about a deadline? I'd say fifth of desmos. [00:31:20] Speaker B: What's today's date? [00:31:22] Speaker A: It's the Third of Gazrin. [00:31:24] Speaker B: Oh, it's like a month out. [00:31:28] Speaker C: The plastic and Psych soup I wrote down. [00:31:32] Speaker D: About a month until bad happen. [00:31:36] Speaker C: Solid. [00:31:37] Speaker D: Well, as much as you've conversated and told me today, I do appreciate your help and assistance. And I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you so much, Roger. [00:31:56] Speaker A: Of course. You're one of the best in your line. And if I have any know, deliveries fishy business, I'll let you know. [00:32:04] Speaker D: I pat him on the shoulder and I disappear into the crowd. I'm going to head back towards the tavern. [00:32:11] Speaker A: Meanwhile, back at the inn the inn. [00:32:14] Speaker D: I'm going to head back towards the inn. [00:32:16] Speaker B: I'm just saying he may not show up for another 30 minutes. Why do we have to wait? [00:32:20] Speaker C: All right, I finished my set my hours done. It's been done for 15 minutes. [00:32:25] Speaker D: I open the door quietly. It's a very quiet oh, luck. [00:32:33] Speaker C: It's him. [00:32:34] Speaker B: Oh, what fortuitous timing. [00:32:38] Speaker D: I am quite fortuitous. [00:32:41] Speaker B: Okay. [00:32:41] Speaker D: Were you waiting on me for something? [00:32:43] Speaker B: For some reason. Hey. Mia wanted to wait for you. [00:32:46] Speaker D: Well, I appreciate you. [00:32:48] Speaker B: I was just going to go to the library. [00:32:51] Speaker D: Oh, why didn't you go? [00:32:54] Speaker B: Because hey, Mia said he wanted to come with me and he said we should wait for you, and I hadn't had breakfast yet. [00:33:00] Speaker D: It took you that long to eat? [00:33:02] Speaker B: I was waiting on all of you. [00:33:04] Speaker D: How are you feeling, UVair? [00:33:07] Speaker F: I'm all right. [00:33:09] Speaker B: He doesn't want to go to the library. Don't let him lie to you. [00:33:15] Speaker F: It is just nothing too unordinary. I wish to stay in the end today. [00:33:24] Speaker D: May I speak with you for a moment? If that's all right with everyone? [00:33:28] Speaker C: I need to say something to you. [00:33:30] Speaker D: Oh, you do? Hoffraheit. [00:33:35] Speaker C: Yes. [00:33:37] Speaker B: Well, I'm going to go ahead and head off to the library, then. [00:33:41] Speaker C: You there? [00:33:42] Speaker B: Why didn't we do that in the first place? [00:33:45] Speaker C: Could have. [00:33:45] Speaker B: You told me to wait. [00:33:46] Speaker C: I needed your breakfast. [00:33:48] Speaker F: It's good for you. [00:33:49] Speaker D: Why do you always listen to instructions? [00:33:51] Speaker B: I'm a very lawful man. [00:33:54] Speaker D: But is that your alignment? [00:33:56] Speaker B: I don't know what you're referring to. I'm going to be off to the library now. [00:34:05] Speaker C: I forgot to tell you her name. [00:34:12] Speaker D: Usually that's the first thing I like to request, but it's hertha. [00:34:19] Speaker B: Hertha? Yeah, like her. The T-H-A. [00:34:26] Speaker D: Excuse me while I write this down in my mental notes. [00:34:30] Speaker C: I thought I should tell you. All right. Goodbye. [00:34:35] Speaker D: I'm still writing in my mental notes. [00:34:38] Speaker C: Fine. Also, I told Howard you're going to give him something at some point. [00:34:42] Speaker D: Yes, and about that, I do still plan on giving it to him. I just want to make sure that I know what I'm giving him. [00:34:51] Speaker C: Oh, that's fine. Uber can tell you all about it. I figured it's not my problem anymore. So goodbye. [00:34:58] Speaker D: All right, well, have a nice drink at the library for me. I hear that's where you can get some nice cocktails. [00:35:09] Speaker C: I follow Albert out because it was a very quick conversation. Hello? Alward? [00:35:17] Speaker D: Are you in? [00:35:22] Speaker C: Are you here? Neros? [00:35:48] Speaker B: I was reading in Lydia and I feel like I missed something. Very funny. [00:35:52] Speaker C: You just called Nearest. [00:35:57] Speaker E: Was still there and he was like. [00:36:02] Speaker B: That'S her nickname. [00:36:03] Speaker E: It's been Nearest's pet nickname from the nick. She has a nickname, but that's not it. [00:36:07] Speaker D: I don't think any of us know. [00:36:09] Speaker E: It, because I forgot about it until. [00:36:11] Speaker B: Literally it's NEARI no nene. All right, everybody just continuously call Nero something else. We figure this out. What? [00:36:25] Speaker C: What? Why'd you say me? [00:36:26] Speaker F: Oh, I thought you were doing jazz hand. [00:36:28] Speaker C: No, I was doing jazz hands. [00:36:29] Speaker D: Just don't pay attention to anything Sam does because he breaks us. [00:36:34] Speaker E: Why is everything just derailing today? [00:36:36] Speaker A: I think it's. Because I'm not trying to kill you all. [00:36:38] Speaker C: Petite. What are you doing now? [00:36:42] Speaker D: Well, first of all, I'm making sure I'm wondering if Nunu's in the room. [00:36:46] Speaker B: That's now Nero's nickname. [00:36:47] Speaker E: No, it's not. [00:36:48] Speaker B: You don't get a chance. [00:36:49] Speaker E: Don't call her that, please, I'm begging you. [00:36:54] Speaker B: Not up to me. [00:36:55] Speaker D: Say that. [00:36:59] Speaker E: Nerosis in the room. Yes. [00:37:04] Speaker D: Are there more people in the room? [00:37:06] Speaker A: There's one other guy in the innkeeper. [00:37:08] Speaker D: Only one other. And it's noon noon. [00:37:12] Speaker B: It's probably noon 15. Noon 30. Now it's noon 30 that broke our editor. [00:37:23] Speaker C: He couldn't hold it anymore. [00:37:29] Speaker E: You ah, I blame each and every one. [00:37:43] Speaker A: Anyway, so, yeah, it is more like noon 30. [00:37:50] Speaker B: 12 30 jordy noon 30, noon 3012, noon 30. [00:37:54] Speaker E: What's wrong with noon 30? [00:37:55] Speaker D: It's noon noon. [00:37:57] Speaker A: It's a little ways into the p. [00:37:59] Speaker D: M. Uber, may I talk to you for a moment? [00:38:03] Speaker E: It's noon noon here. Yes. Okay. I don't need to talk to you. [00:38:11] Speaker B: Nero. [00:38:13] Speaker E: I don't need to talk to you. [00:38:14] Speaker C: He just wanted to know if you were still there. [00:38:17] Speaker D: I am clearing the room. I am a man of murderous intent. I must make sure I know my. [00:38:24] Speaker B: Audience don't murder Uber. [00:38:27] Speaker D: Okay, well, I'm not currently of murderous intent. [00:38:30] Speaker B: Okay. [00:38:31] Speaker D: Uber, may I talk to you for a moment? [00:38:35] Speaker F: Of course. Yes. [00:38:39] Speaker D: We may step away. Isn't that your favorite corner over there? You spend a lot of time in it? [00:38:48] Speaker F: It is out of the way. [00:38:50] Speaker A: Yes. [00:38:50] Speaker F: Whenever I'm trying to do my work, yes. [00:38:53] Speaker D: So let's sit down. [00:38:56] Speaker F: Okay. [00:38:56] Speaker D: I was just looking for a yes. [00:38:59] Speaker F: What do you wish to talk about? [00:39:03] Speaker D: So now that we're sitting here, away from everyone else, I need to ask you about the helmet. [00:39:11] Speaker F: You just kind of see a look. [00:39:13] Speaker D: Of he shudders a little bit. [00:39:17] Speaker F: What do you wish to know about the helmet? [00:39:20] Speaker D: So Hamir and I were speaking last night, and he gave it to me to entrust into my possession for however brief it may be, and I wanted to make sure. For one thing, he said that you put it on. And, well, I was kind of curious what would happen if I put it on. He didn't tell me what happened. There seemed to be some sort of reaction that I was not aware of. [00:39:54] Speaker F: To be honest. I don't know what would happen if you put it on. For example, I know that Hamier put it on and nothing happened, but I don't know what would happen if you put it on. But I would not suggest that you try. I do not think there is anything good with that helmet. And as much as I want to learn about it and understand its secrets and its connection to any kind of gestures, to the Runish scars that you can see that is connected to these and the people that created them or did the magic. I almost think that it would be better to throw it into the ocean or into the river, never to be seen again. I think there is some evil or something far too powerful for us to understand. The things I what it did to me, I do not wish for anyone else to feel that. So do not try to put it on my friend. I do not think it would do you good. I don't know if it would do you harm, but if it did, it is not worth it. [00:41:17] Speaker D: I must entrust some secrecy from you because I don't want to let this to the others. Hamir did ask me to give it to Alward. I'm not 100% sure of the implications or his reasoning, but as you have more experience with it and you seem to think it has some sort of dangerous aspect to it, I am taking into account my friend's opinions. [00:41:51] Speaker F: You see, uber look very confused for a moment. Like, why would he suggest that, giving what he knows. I do not know what he is thinking when he said they gave it to him. I do not think it would be Vice, for instance. Z, nobody knew that he had the helmet. Not even I knew that he had the helmet. He only told me last night. But the people that came for us knew. They knew exactly who had the helmet. [00:42:29] Speaker D: They did. [00:42:30] Speaker C: They knew the group had it. [00:42:32] Speaker D: No, they went specifically after him. [00:42:34] Speaker C: I think it's because I was in the front. [00:42:35] Speaker A: No, no comment. [00:42:39] Speaker D: Yeah, they went specifically after you. [00:42:41] Speaker F: He said that one. [00:42:42] Speaker B: I don't remember him saying that one. [00:42:44] Speaker C: But my memory, I don't remember that either. [00:42:46] Speaker F: The leader that walked away and got away actually said, Capture him alive. [00:42:51] Speaker D: That doesn't matter. [00:42:52] Speaker F: The casualties don't matter. [00:42:55] Speaker C: I somewhat remember that, but that plays into the way my character is thinking. Anyway. [00:43:00] Speaker B: Yeah, that's good. [00:43:02] Speaker F: So anyway, okay, they knew exactly who had the helmet. You heard the man. He said grab him. And the rest, it don't matter, or something like that. Anyway, somehow they can sense, or they knew ahead of time that who wears a helmet is if we give it to Alward, not only him, but also his family could be in danger. [00:43:31] Speaker B: You know for a fact it has divination magic on it? I'm just putting that out there. [00:43:36] Speaker D: I'll try to do like that cued. [00:43:39] Speaker B: In my head the second he said divination, I don't know. But you do know this. [00:43:46] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:43:47] Speaker F: It's not something now I do. Thank you for reminding me. It's not something that I would necessarily share specifically. [00:43:53] Speaker B: No, and that's fine. I'm just yeah. [00:43:56] Speaker F: In fact, I think that they would know exactly where it is, no matter who had it, and that includes you. [00:44:07] Speaker D: Wouldn't we need to keep this safe if they want it so badly? [00:44:16] Speaker F: I do not think anything good would come of giving it to them. But on the other hand, I know that I need to find this Mad King to get the answers I seek, and they are the ones that could best lead me to him. Or answers. [00:44:39] Speaker D: Before we go on a Mad King hunt, I would also like to speak with the two of you and Neros over there. This may be connected, but I figure that without Alward and Haymir, who seem to be the most leading driving forces of our little group, I wanted to get your opinions on something that we may need to acknowledge. I'm going to call out Nunu. Can you come sit with us for a moment? [00:45:23] Speaker E: Not if you call me that. Name. [00:45:26] Speaker D: Nene. [00:45:27] Speaker E: Not that one either. [00:45:28] Speaker B: Try near. [00:45:30] Speaker E: No. [00:45:31] Speaker D: Near nana? [00:45:33] Speaker E: No, I'm not a grandmother. [00:45:36] Speaker B: Nero? [00:45:37] Speaker E: No. [00:45:38] Speaker D: Nuno. Neros. [00:45:40] Speaker E: Thank you. What? What did you say? [00:45:42] Speaker D: I said neros. [00:45:43] Speaker E: Okay. I had something else for a second. [00:45:47] Speaker F: Amsterdam. [00:45:48] Speaker E: Do you need me? [00:45:49] Speaker D: Yes, please sit with us, if you would. [00:45:51] Speaker E: Fine. Are there still mimosas on the counter? [00:45:55] Speaker B: I was basically in a conveyor line handing them. [00:45:59] Speaker E: So there's no more on the there. [00:46:00] Speaker C: Are mimosas depending on if you drank them all. There's mimosas on the table of an unconscious man? [00:46:05] Speaker A: That is correct. [00:46:09] Speaker E: Okay, I go over and grab a mimosa and then go sit down. But the chair is, like, backwards, so I'm, like, straddling the chair. [00:46:17] Speaker D: I reach up and I take the mimosa and say thank you. [00:46:19] Speaker E: That's not for you. [00:46:21] Speaker D: Oh, sorry. [00:46:22] Speaker E: Back. You want one? You go get one yourself. [00:46:25] Speaker D: They seem to all have been drank already. They're not a lot of empty glasses. [00:46:32] Speaker E: There's a lot, but they're not all. [00:46:34] Speaker B: There's, like, four. [00:46:35] Speaker D: Anyway, I wanted to bring together this small group of misfits intellectuals, less pronounced. [00:46:47] Speaker C: Of our group. [00:46:50] Speaker D: Uver here being the one who can't remember half of the things he's done, and Nero's here being the one who can't remember what she did this morning because she was probably asleep. Anyway, I wanted to see. [00:47:07] Speaker E: I'm yet offended, yet it makes sense. [00:47:10] Speaker D: I need your opinions before I talk to Hamir and Alward. Alward, I came across some information earlier. [00:47:21] Speaker E: Today which why you had to go. [00:47:23] Speaker D: To the market about 30 minutes ago? [00:47:25] Speaker E: Yes. [00:47:28] Speaker D: Supposedly, there is something about to happen here in Joel supposedly there's something about to happen here in Joel that may cause death and destruction for many people. I didn't get a lot of information, but I know it's happening about a month away from here, and I believe at least I feel a drive to. [00:47:57] Speaker B: Possibly figure out how to help. [00:48:03] Speaker E: Do you want to help people? From what I've seen, that's hard to believe. [00:48:10] Speaker D: Look, I'll be straight with you. I kill those who deserve to be killed, okay? If they don't deserve to be killed, maybe I'll hurt them in some way, but I won't kill them. I don't want to see an entire town die. But from what I've heard, it sounds like many, many innocent lives are going to be ruined, destroyed, or otherwise disappear. And I feel an obligation to help. [00:48:46] Speaker F: And this information that you got is reliable? [00:48:51] Speaker D: Yes. [00:48:54] Speaker E: Where'd it come from? [00:49:00] Speaker D: An informant. [00:49:03] Speaker E: So you're going to tell me? [00:49:04] Speaker B: Yes. [00:49:05] Speaker F: And did the cause of this? [00:49:09] Speaker D: I am not sure. [00:49:12] Speaker F: Do you have a guess? [00:49:15] Speaker D: Bad people? [00:49:19] Speaker F: Usually, yes, that is the case. But specific bad people? A group. [00:49:27] Speaker D: I don't want to give you incorrect information, considering I don't have any. All I'm telling you is that I want to help. Look, Alwood's family lives in this town. They're very nice. I grew slightly more connected with them, and they're the only family that I've really felt a connection to in years. So before I consult the other two, the ones that seem to have obligations of their own, I wanted to see what you thought. [00:50:12] Speaker F: It is not that I don't wish to help, but I don't know where to start. Where would we start? It's not like we could go screaming through the streets that the world is going to end and everyone would believe us. [00:50:26] Speaker D: Yes, but that would possibly bring it along faster. [00:50:30] Speaker E: Yeah, it might be fun not to bring it along faster. No, just to run screaming through the streets. [00:50:35] Speaker D: Well, I mean, you can do that without divulging anything. In fact, why don't you ten minutes. I'll meet you outside. No, I'm sure we could find a place to start. I mean, you're smart, you've got knowledge in your brain and apparently written on you. The others could also help. Alwood knows the city. [00:50:59] Speaker F: Perhaps we can speak with that Edward person that we put in prison the other day. [00:51:08] Speaker E: Eric Edwardson? [00:51:09] Speaker D: I don't believe we could do that, considering he's in prison and everything. [00:51:14] Speaker E: I mean, they're our visitors. [00:51:16] Speaker D: Not for these types of prison. He's dead. [00:51:30] Speaker B: No one expected that. [00:51:34] Speaker E: So good. Not for deadpan. [00:51:38] Speaker B: He's dead. [00:51:39] Speaker C: He's dead. I'm tired. She's dead. [00:51:45] Speaker B: Oh, boy. Okay. [00:51:46] Speaker D: I can only string it along so much. [00:51:49] Speaker B: No, that's perfect. [00:51:50] Speaker A: That's beautiful. [00:51:51] Speaker D: I love it. [00:51:53] Speaker E: Why is he dead? How do you know that he's dead? [00:51:56] Speaker D: I went to check on him earlier and I asked if I could talk to him. [00:52:02] Speaker E: Wait, why were you talking to him alone? [00:52:04] Speaker D: I was not. Because he's dead? Yes. I went to check on him to see if I could find more information. [00:52:12] Speaker E: Yeah, why did you go to do that alone? Why didn't you take someone with you? [00:52:17] Speaker D: Because I work alone. [00:52:22] Speaker F: And he was dead when you got there? [00:52:27] Speaker D: Yes. They didn't obviously. Let me air quotes, talk to him. [00:52:36] Speaker F: Zekot must have killed him to silence him. [00:52:40] Speaker D: That makes sense. [00:52:41] Speaker F: I thought I would bring him out. Why would they kill part of their family? [00:52:48] Speaker D: I have been told in the past by things that I work with, they often hire people to silence those who try to give information. And obviously we found some information. That sounds very likely. [00:53:03] Speaker F: But who would they hire that could do it in the NZ? [00:53:09] Speaker D: This is going to sound silly, but they're called hired killers. [00:53:16] Speaker F: It is a shame that it's not get caught before. [00:53:21] Speaker D: Well, that's what they do. It's kind of they're experts at getting in and getting out. [00:53:29] Speaker F: And you're aware of these people? [00:53:33] Speaker D: They usually stay to the shadows. I am usually only informed. I used to be one myself. But obviously things have changed. [00:53:44] Speaker F: It is unfortunate. Then you went to go see but why were you getting informed? [00:53:55] Speaker D: You're dwelling on this quite a lot. Let me start from the beginning. I went to talk to him. [00:54:02] Speaker F: No, you don't understand. What I'm asking is who told you about what's going to happen to sit down? [00:54:09] Speaker D: Oh, an informant. [00:54:12] Speaker F: And they just out of the blue told you this? [00:54:15] Speaker D: They informed me. [00:54:19] Speaker F: For what reason? [00:54:22] Speaker D: Well, they were leaving town. They told me that they were going to leave and they said that if I were smart I would leave as well. And I asked for what was going on and they said that they wouldn't tell me except for the possibility that it is happening on let me check my mental notes in about a month. It doesn't really matter anyway if we're going to be leaving within four days. But I thought maybe we could help within the four days that we're here. [00:54:55] Speaker F: GM. Does that particular date ring any bells to Uber? [00:55:01] Speaker E: Someone who's lost half his memory? [00:55:02] Speaker A: Make a society check. [00:55:03] Speaker B: Okay. Did you say chia? I thought you said Jim Holiday. [00:55:09] Speaker D: I think we canonically call him Jim Holidays. [00:55:12] Speaker B: Hey, Jordy, is it okay if we canonically call you Jim? [00:55:15] Speaker A: Only Jimothy. [00:55:17] Speaker B: Okay. [00:55:17] Speaker A: Jimothy, please. [00:55:20] Speaker F: 17Th. Nice. [00:55:22] Speaker A: Nothing comes to mind. [00:55:23] Speaker B: Sad days. [00:55:25] Speaker A: There are things that could be happening then. There might be some kind of like the winter is officially over and it's spring kind of shindig going on. But you're not aware of like it's not tornado season. There's not any scheduled warlords coming by or anything. [00:55:44] Speaker E: Do they have tornadoes in Galarian? [00:55:46] Speaker D: Do they schedule for the warlords? [00:55:49] Speaker F: It's warlord season. [00:55:51] Speaker B: One could assume they have the time. [00:55:53] Speaker A: Of year when the snow melts and kings go to war. [00:55:55] Speaker B: The question is, do they have tornadoes where we're at? [00:55:58] Speaker E: More than likely no, because it's like Canada. [00:56:01] Speaker B: Yeah, it's a coastal I mean, I. [00:56:03] Speaker E: Guess Canada could I don't know. New York has that's. [00:56:09] Speaker B: New York? That's not Canada. [00:56:10] Speaker E: I know, but it's north. [00:56:11] Speaker B: That is true. It is north. [00:56:12] Speaker D: Lots of planets. [00:56:13] Speaker F: Anyway, most Canadians that data doesn't bring anything to mind, unfortunately. Perhaps we can speak with our word. At the very least he would be able to get his family out. But I can't think at the moment of how we could convince the town or find out what. Unless the cult has something to do with it. That is but speculation on my part. I don't know, but they did say that he is returning. [00:56:49] Speaker D: You do have a point there. If anything bad is happening I would suspect a cult. [00:56:56] Speaker F: But I think for now, that watch your back. Any gestures to your bag? We need to all watch for anything that can attack us. I think. I do not think we've seen the last of these cultists until they find what they think they seek. [00:57:16] Speaker A: And with that, we'll cut away from the inn, and we'll find ourselves back once again at the Joel Library, just as Alward and Haymir are walking up the steps. [00:57:28] Speaker C: So what are you looking for here? [00:57:30] Speaker B: I thought it'd be good since we didn't get anything out of that Eric guy. He said it was his family, and surely that either here or maybe the town hall has some records of lineage that we could look up and maybe get some information. [00:57:42] Speaker C: Yeah, they could have something like that. Or some heraldry. [00:57:45] Speaker B: Yeah. Also, I'm here to study, and the books that we found all right. [00:57:52] Speaker C: Makes sense. [00:57:53] Speaker B: And some other things. [00:57:55] Speaker C: All right. [00:57:58] Speaker B: Why did you want to come to the library? [00:58:00] Speaker C: To talk to you. [00:58:02] Speaker B: We were at the tavern. [00:58:05] Speaker C: You were wanting to leave, so I thought I'd come with you for also. [00:58:09] Speaker B: There'S 15 extra minutes beyond your set. You could have talked to me at any point. [00:58:14] Speaker C: The GM didn't really give beat the time. [00:58:17] Speaker B: I don't know who this GM is, but he sounds very mean. [00:58:21] Speaker D: It's Jim. [00:58:22] Speaker B: Jim sounds nice. My bad. [00:58:24] Speaker C: Go where you need to go, and I can talk to you. [00:58:28] Speaker B: Okay. Is the librarian there? [00:58:31] Speaker C: She is. [00:58:32] Speaker B: I'm going to walk up and hello. [00:58:35] Speaker A: Hello. How did your expedition go? [00:58:37] Speaker B: Great. Do you have books of heraldry or lineage or, like, a book that explains where to find certain people about the Eridson family? [00:58:52] Speaker A: She looks at you curiously and is like, yes, we've got some books just over here, and starts leading the way. [00:58:59] Speaker C: You shouldn't tell people the specific family we're looking. [00:59:01] Speaker B: How else is she supposed to know where to direct me? [00:59:04] Speaker C: There are a bunch of cultists hidden. [00:59:06] Speaker B: Into what's your last name, madam? [00:59:08] Speaker A: She turns around with a knife. [00:59:11] Speaker B: That would be perfect timing. What's your last name? Madame Stout. I assume that anyone can be one of them. Well, that's the case. You could be one of them, but you're not so well pulled out a knife. Do you know anything about what they were talking about? But they pointed at you during the. [00:59:36] Speaker C: What do you mean? [00:59:37] Speaker B: For the helmet. It doesn't matter. [00:59:43] Speaker A: So following the librarian, you reach the section of the library where they keep books and annals and scrolls and all that stuff on just, like, census data and heraldry information, stuff like that. And she's like, I don't know particularly exactly about the family you're looking for, but if we have anything, it would be in this section. And then she kind of pauses for a little bit, and she's like, that name. Why are you looking for that name in particular? [01:00:15] Speaker C: Assignment like you're given just a name and go figure out what you can't. Nothing really important. [01:00:23] Speaker B: The expedition we went on yesterday, some of the items that we found mentioned that name, so I figured I would look into it a little bit more before heading back to turn in the info. [01:00:36] Speaker A: Either of you want to roll perception checks? [01:00:38] Speaker B: I would love to. [01:00:40] Speaker C: 24. [01:00:41] Speaker B: 23. [01:00:43] Speaker A: So both of you notice that when you say, oh, it's just something from the research we're doing, she looks a little bit disappointed. [01:00:51] Speaker B: Is everything okay? [01:00:54] Speaker A: Oh, it's fine. It's just that girl that was with you last time you were here, she had been looking into something, and I thought you might have had a lead. [01:01:04] Speaker B: Wait, no, she didn't tell us. [01:01:05] Speaker C: Was there someone looking for the same name? [01:01:08] Speaker A: No, just what name were they looking for? That was the question. [01:01:15] Speaker C: Who was this? [01:01:17] Speaker B: The only female that we travel with. [01:01:19] Speaker C: Oh, I'm sorry. [01:01:20] Speaker B: I must have the one dancing in. [01:01:22] Speaker C: The I must have blanked on that. My apologies. Nero's was okay. [01:01:27] Speaker B: Yeah, noon. Noon. [01:01:29] Speaker C: That's fine. No, that's fine. She was looking for something. I'm sure she found something that she. [01:01:36] Speaker B: Was looking for real fast. I'm assuming this is all categorized by, like, a library? [01:01:44] Speaker A: Yeah, they use the Dewey the Dew Words decimal system. [01:01:51] Speaker B: Okay. I would like just to use a feat that hasn't come up yet called I for numbers to get, like, a general estimate of how many books in this section there are for me to scour through. [01:02:03] Speaker A: 70 some. [01:02:04] Speaker B: Okay, so about 70 books here if you want to help. Assuming that there's only the last name, we'd only have to search through maybe five of them. [01:02:16] Speaker C: All right, sounds fine. [01:02:18] Speaker B: I'll start on this one, and you start on and I just sort of start grabbing books with my mage hand and passing them to him. [01:02:24] Speaker C: Thanks for your help, ma'am. [01:02:26] Speaker B: Of course. [01:02:27] Speaker A: If you need anything else, I'll be up at the front desk. [01:02:30] Speaker C: Sounds good. Thank you. [01:02:32] Speaker A: And she walks off. [01:02:38] Speaker B: You go ahead and start on that. I'm going to go find some more books about some things, and I'll be back. [01:02:46] Speaker C: All right, sure. [01:02:47] Speaker B: I would like to find books about just basically the kind of magic that I'm capable of. Like any noted history on it or anything like that. Anything involving, like, specifically aphorite? Yeah, my aphorite. Things like stories about those, specifically. It's nothing major. Don't freak out. [01:03:11] Speaker A: I would imagine you would find things. [01:03:14] Speaker B: Okay, I'm going to grab them and bring them back. I'm going to bounce back and forth between helping him out, searching for the name, reading that, and then trying to work on deciphering the language. [01:03:27] Speaker A: Could both of you roll library use? [01:03:30] Speaker B: Can I roll? I have accounting lore and society. Which ones? [01:03:34] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, it would be society. I was messing with you. [01:03:38] Speaker C: 81. [01:03:39] Speaker B: That's a lie. [01:03:40] Speaker C: Over, like, 20. [01:03:42] Speaker A: That's what I do. [01:03:43] Speaker B: You want to follow the expert what is it? [01:03:46] Speaker C: Society. I have a plus zero. [01:03:48] Speaker B: I have an 1814. [01:03:50] Speaker D: Oh, wow. [01:03:52] Speaker A: So the two of you make pretty reasonably good time sorting through the papers and books and stuff. How in depth of a search are you making? Are you trying to look through every book and just like, we're going to be here for 2 hours, let's skim them, or are you actually looking through the books? [01:04:09] Speaker B: Since Hamir is here, Albert's probably like, he just has to find a name and then once he finds a name, we'll go from there. So Albert's probably more focused on deciphering the writing than he is searching for the name, since he has you're working. [01:04:23] Speaker A: On deciphering the writing from the books. [01:04:24] Speaker B: You got from yeah, the Ancient, Thessalonian. [01:04:27] Speaker A: So that'll be more of like a long term project, learning specifically about a week. [01:04:33] Speaker C: Sounds fun. Approximately. [01:04:36] Speaker A: You're working on that? You're working on so that word was like this word and just deciphering things through dictionaries, leaving most of the researching this arid name to Hamir. [01:04:48] Speaker B: I'm using my book. That allows me to know languages, to decipher this language, not a dictionary. [01:04:55] Speaker C: What's the difference? [01:04:56] Speaker A: It's the same thing. [01:04:57] Speaker B: It is the magic it's a magic dictionary. [01:05:00] Speaker A: A mixtionary one mixtionary later. Hamir, you've been through about half of the books and you haven't seen a single reference to this name. [01:05:12] Speaker C: This isn't really going anywhere. [01:05:14] Speaker B: Just keep looking. You still have about three left. Listen, you're the one who wanted to come to the library, wanted to talk to you. [01:05:23] Speaker C: You haven't said a single word since we got here. [01:05:25] Speaker B: You haven't said a single word since we got here either. [01:05:28] Speaker A: A patron walks by and is like, sh. [01:05:31] Speaker B: Wait, you've gotten us shushed. I don't care. You're being very rude. [01:05:36] Speaker C: I thought I would come to clearly err on some things. [01:05:42] Speaker B: Oh, why you keep thinking that I need to impress you? Because I would love that. [01:05:46] Speaker C: I don't need you to impress me. [01:05:48] Speaker B: You keep assuming I don't know, the way you talk about how I'm a disappointment. [01:05:53] Speaker C: I just assumed you'd be more like your father. [01:05:57] Speaker B: No, obviously two different people. He died when I was very young. [01:06:02] Speaker C: I'm aware. I spent ten years with him, so I thought clearly not a little different. Well, I don't know how much you know about me. I don't know nothing, exactly. [01:06:17] Speaker B: You said you spent ten years with him. [01:06:19] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:06:20] Speaker B: I thought everyone so you were in his unit? Yeah, I was told everyone died. [01:06:26] Speaker C: No, clearly I survived, so they don't know. And one of our older commanding officers, who retired about five years ago, is also still alive over in where did I start? [01:06:47] Speaker A: Tom Grove. [01:06:47] Speaker C: Tom Grove? Tom Grove? [01:06:51] Speaker A: Tom Grove. [01:06:52] Speaker C: Grove. [01:06:52] Speaker B: Isn't that like right next to copperberg? [01:06:54] Speaker A: It is. It's like a half day's walk. [01:06:56] Speaker C: Yeah. Also, he's alive. Mostly. [01:06:59] Speaker B: I assumed the commanding officer was alive. They said everyone in the unit. [01:07:03] Speaker A: I would like to interject that is also the town that Alward was living in until up until recently. [01:07:09] Speaker B: That's what I assume. Yeah. I may have known him. [01:07:18] Speaker C: Maybe. [01:07:20] Speaker B: So was that it? You're going to drop those weird expectations? [01:07:31] Speaker C: I just wanted you to know that I was there with him in the war we spent ten years ago. We were very close friends. He talked a lot about his life and you people. [01:07:50] Speaker B: You people? [01:07:51] Speaker C: Your family. I thought, since we happened to be together, that I don't know if you have questions about your father or something. He certainly is interested in you. [01:08:12] Speaker B: He's dead. [01:08:14] Speaker C: What about sleep? [01:08:16] Speaker B: No, I knew a lot about him, minus his warring days, of course, but he did write us frequently when he could, but no, as far as it goes right now, I would have questions if he was here, but he's not. Granted, if he was here, I wouldn't be here. [01:08:39] Speaker C: Why not? [01:08:43] Speaker B: So I'm here because I need to take care of my mother and my sister, and we had to leave Cheliaks because of a job opportunity. But if he didn't pass away, I would need to you get what I'm saying? [01:09:12] Speaker C: No, not really. Are you all right, boy? [01:09:20] Speaker B: Boy? Hamier. [01:09:25] Speaker C: You'd still be in jelly axe. [01:09:28] Speaker B: Most likely. [01:09:29] Speaker C: Ten years ago. [01:09:30] Speaker B: Probably. [01:09:31] Speaker C: If he came back, things worked out. [01:09:36] Speaker B: No, I would much better play Jelly Axe. [01:09:42] Speaker C: Would you? [01:09:44] Speaker B: I mean, honestly, I would either much rather be in Chelliacs or Tom Grove. I had an office in Tom. [01:09:50] Speaker C: Why don't you just get a job at Jellyx again? Surely your old job might be interested. [01:09:57] Speaker B: No, I don't. My old job was working here and I did the same thing for the company, just different departments. And I got fired from and I'm. [01:10:10] Speaker C: Not really wanted you got fired because your dad died? [01:10:14] Speaker B: No. Your father's dead. Get out. [01:10:20] Speaker C: You need to go to the funeral. You're fine. [01:10:23] Speaker B: When my dad died, I was too young to work. [01:10:30] Speaker C: How old are you? [01:10:33] Speaker B: I know I'm in my 20s. [01:10:35] Speaker C: You're an elf? I assumed you were, like, 80. [01:10:39] Speaker B: No, very sorry. Very young for it. My mother is quite old. She's in, I think, 200s now. [01:10:45] Speaker C: Well, he was quite old, too. That's kind of why I thought you were he was also an elf. I know. [01:10:50] Speaker B: They didn't meet have a child for, well, ten years ago. Yeah, longer than ten years ago. [01:10:58] Speaker C: Right. [01:10:59] Speaker B: I'm the oldest of my family. [01:11:01] Speaker C: Yes. [01:11:02] Speaker B: I have not siblings, but I do have a sister. Yeah, I have a sister, but I'm talking I also have, like, cousins and stuff. [01:11:06] Speaker C: Well, you didn't talk about your cousins, though. Sucked by you and Lena. [01:11:14] Speaker B: We don't have to talk about my why do you know my sister's name? [01:11:17] Speaker C: I spent ten years with your father. [01:11:19] Speaker B: Right. [01:11:24] Speaker C: It I don't understand what not many. [01:11:28] Speaker B: People know her name. [01:11:29] Speaker C: What do you want me to ask? [01:11:31] Speaker B: What do you want? [01:11:32] Speaker C: Talking to you. [01:11:34] Speaker B: You're not talking to me. We've been talking. [01:11:36] Speaker C: I'm talking to your father. Shut up. [01:11:38] Speaker E: What are you talking about? [01:11:41] Speaker B: My father's dead. [01:11:43] Speaker C: I know. He won't leave me alone. [01:11:45] Speaker B: What? [01:11:46] Speaker C: Uber already knows this anyway. Uber met your father, like, yesterday. [01:11:56] Speaker B: I don't believe you. [01:11:57] Speaker C: He's haunting me. There there were 13 people alongside me when I got this thing, and I pulled out the chalice, and they're all dead. We all died that day. I'm here, and he's in their mind with the others. [01:12:21] Speaker B: So would you let Alward hold your chalice for a little bit? [01:12:30] Speaker C: Depends, I guess. What do you want with my chalice? [01:12:34] Speaker B: So how did you get the chalice? [01:12:37] Speaker C: We stumbled upon it. [01:12:40] Speaker B: See it? [01:12:41] Speaker C: Sure. Careful, though. [01:12:43] Speaker B: Can I read psychon on its resonance on this chalice? [01:12:46] Speaker C: Oh, boy. That's a good idea. [01:12:52] Speaker A: Why don't you remind us all exactly what that does? [01:12:55] Speaker B: So, read psychometric resonance with a touch. I can read a psychic impression left on an object by their previous owners. It's an exploration activity similar to detecting magic. So if I was moving, I'd move at half my speed. I must brush it with my bare hands or any object that I pass over with it. It detects the objects with significant emotional resonance attached to them, such as joy from a child's beloved teddy bear, sorrow from a widower's wedding ring, or fear from a victim's murder weapon. If you're looking for a particular type of emotional resonance, which I'm not, I can choose to ignore other emotions. If you find an item with the resonance, you can explore the resonance with the following action. I spend 1 minute concentrating on the object to get a vision of the face of the person who imbued the item. With such emotion in the first, it's really I would feel the emotion regardless, but it's really up to Sam if he wants me to be able to hold onto it for a minute. [01:13:54] Speaker C: I don't know what you're doing, so yeah, that's fine. [01:13:57] Speaker A: So, here in the library, you're going to focus on the psychometric resonance in this chalice. [01:14:03] Speaker B: Well, first, what's it feel like when I first touch it? [01:14:07] Speaker C: It's a good feeling. It's not a good feeling. It's a very bad feeling. [01:14:10] Speaker A: On the realm of good feelings. This is not a good feeling. [01:14:13] Speaker B: Would it be like it's an emotion, specifically? And it could be multiple. [01:14:21] Speaker C: There's multiple fear, like a hunger fear. [01:14:25] Speaker A: Hunger. Despair. [01:14:27] Speaker C: Despair. [01:14:27] Speaker A: Anger. [01:14:28] Speaker C: Anger grief. Yeah, those are good ones. [01:14:31] Speaker B: So upon touching it for just that brief moment, I'm going to have my mage hand take it out of my hands. What is this thing? [01:14:42] Speaker C: A chalice? No, that has some sort of I've. [01:14:47] Speaker B: Never touched a chalice that was hungry. What is this thing? [01:14:51] Speaker C: Well, I'm not for sure, but it seems pretty bonded to me. We found it while we were out and about on our missions. [01:15:03] Speaker B: Is this what killed everyone? [01:15:05] Speaker C: It didn't kill anyone. [01:15:06] Speaker B: Did you kill everyone? [01:15:08] Speaker C: No. [01:15:10] Speaker B: Then. What killed everyone? [01:15:13] Speaker C: Greed over the despair. Cowardice. Foolishness cowardice. [01:15:21] Speaker B: Were they scared of the Chatless? [01:15:23] Speaker C: Those of us who went to the war, we weren't heroes. We were I didn't scared small, little men full of greed and cowardice who just wanted to go home. [01:15:38] Speaker B: I mean, yeah, my father and then we all died. Wait, you died? [01:15:44] Speaker C: I might as well have. [01:15:47] Speaker B: Okay. There's much too much going on here. [01:15:52] Speaker C: So you're not doing the minute of holding? [01:15:54] Speaker B: No, I'm going to. [01:15:55] Speaker C: Okay. [01:15:56] Speaker B: I'm just building up to it. [01:15:57] Speaker C: That's fine. [01:16:00] Speaker B: Would you be fine if I looked at it for a little bit? [01:16:04] Speaker C: I guess. I mean, you've seen how I use it. [01:16:06] Speaker B: You drink it. I'm not going to do that. [01:16:08] Speaker C: It fills itself with that liquid, and it heals wounds. Have I fully described this chalice? [01:16:16] Speaker B: I don't think you have. You just said you've been holding it. [01:16:20] Speaker C: It's a stone chalice, and it's got 13 engravings in it around the cup, holding a little of it. And it's just like a grayish kind of stone with a bits of moss growing on it. And within the green water is that mist stuff that kind of seeps out of it. [01:16:41] Speaker B: I'm specifically looking for the hunger because I think that's very weird. A cup should not be hungry. A cup should not be a lot of things, but it should not be hungry. [01:16:54] Speaker C: So maybe as you're holding it and reading it, everything kind of fades back for a moment in your mind, and then you see the chalice there on like an altar, just in the edge of what probably used to be a temple of sorts, but now it's just part of the forest. And then we cut, and then there's like a big group of us, of Peep soldiers all kind of walking towards it. And then we cut, and you see one of them just get stabbed by another one. And then one of them runs up to the chalice and blood starts draining into it. And then another one kills another one. And then you can see Hamir kind of just standing there looking really confused and kind of lots of quick flashes of a lot of the emotions, but it keeps going back to the chalice just sitting there, who specifically was feeling hungry though the chalice. That's why it keeps kind of going to the chalice and you're watching it kind of like feed to where like and then it also keeps cutting to me between that and then cuts around. Some people are dying. And then you see your father with a knife in his neck and me holding onto it. [01:18:18] Speaker B: Figured, you monster. [01:18:23] Speaker C: And then you kind of get the sensation of, like, a soul going into it, into the chalice. And then everything's just calm. And you see the chalice sitting there surrounded by dead men and me standing there covered in blood. [01:18:42] Speaker B: So waking up from that, I'm going to drop the chalice very hurriedly grab all of the books that we were using for research. Go check them out at the library. [01:18:59] Speaker C: Howard, what are you walking away? Howard, what are you doing? What did you how? [01:19:04] Speaker B: I'm mad at you. [01:19:06] Speaker C: I'm gonna go after you. [01:19:09] Speaker B: Goodbye. [01:19:10] Speaker A: See you soon. [01:19:11] Speaker C: Howard, what are you doing? [01:19:14] Speaker B: I don't wish to speak with you right now. [01:19:16] Speaker C: What did you do? [01:19:17] Speaker B: Nothing. [01:19:17] Speaker C: It's what did you do? [01:19:21] Speaker B: I'm going to go find the others and just going to go back to the tavern. [01:19:26] Speaker C: I'm going to grab your Shulte. [01:19:29] Speaker D: Stop. [01:19:31] Speaker B: So when you do that, everything around us, like the stairs that we're on, just sort of fall underneath you and everything becomes a blank white space. And I turn to you and I'm just very angrily looking at you and roll for oh. [01:19:50] Speaker A: And that's where we'll end this. [01:19:55] Speaker D: Yeah, me, Michael Petite is the one who got the card. So the card that I got was shoot through. And I really like this one. It says play. When you're about to make your attack, roll for a ranged strike. If the path of the strike goes through another creature's space before reaching the target, the target is flat footed against the attack, and the other creature doesn't provide cover noise. And again, I appreciate everybody for nominating me, including Nunu, but I have to go. [01:20:28] Speaker E: Nunu has left the building. [01:20:32] Speaker D: Bye. I have to go tell a random stranger that they are beautiful. [01:20:36] Speaker B: Can that be me? [01:20:38] Speaker F: You're beautiful. [01:20:39] Speaker B: Thank you. [01:20:40] Speaker A: All right, beautiful listeners. We'll see you in the next episode. This has been an atomic broadcasting production pathfinder. Galerian and the Lost Omens world setting are copyright of Pizzo. More [email protected] music in the show is from Monument Studios collection as well as Assorted artists with some original tracks composed by Jordy Hake. More details in the description. If you enjoyed the show, please remember to share with a friend and we'll look forward to seeing you again next time. [01:21:14] Speaker F: I don't don't understand. [01:21:21] Speaker B: This time the GM messes something up. The gim gim. [01:21:26] Speaker D: No, don't start that. [01:21:27] Speaker F: Don't. [01:21:28] Speaker A: That was the tally marker for Uber saying he doesn't understand to going up another day.

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