Episode 36

March 04, 2024


EP. 36 You Can't Pay, Get Taken Away

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Jordy Hake Michael Petete Samuel Sarver Abby Fincher Michael Jenkins Sven Nerness
EP. 36 You Can't Pay, Get Taken Away
The Written and The Lost
EP. 36 You Can't Pay, Get Taken Away

Mar 04 2024 | 01:08:04


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The party stops at an odd town as they finish their journey to the Summermelt valley.


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:05] Speaker A: You are listening to an atomic broadcasting production. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the feature presentation. And remember, do your part, such as, like, comment rate. And don't forget to tell a friend. [00:00:19] Speaker B: To tune in for an atomic time. [00:00:31] Speaker C: Now, where did we leave? Ah, yes. Our heroes, accompanied by their new member Val, took some time to get to know each other a little better on their way to Saito in the summer melt valley. [00:00:54] Speaker D: So I see you got some new dice there, Sven. [00:00:57] Speaker B: Yeah, so funny. I do have some new. Nice new dice. [00:01:03] Speaker E: New dice. [00:01:05] Speaker B: They're nice dice. [00:01:05] Speaker D: They are very nice, dude. [00:01:08] Speaker B: So the story behind these is one, they're obsidian. I've always wanted obsidian dice. [00:01:13] Speaker D: That. [00:01:13] Speaker E: Like real obsidian? [00:01:14] Speaker B: Yeah. Like for minecraft? Yeah, they're Minecraft obsidian. No. Yeah. They're obviously flat black, but they have instead of engraved in there, they just have this silver overlay for all the numbers. [00:01:34] Speaker D: You should take a picture and send it to Olivia. [00:01:38] Speaker F: Yes. [00:01:39] Speaker B: I can actually do better. I have pictures of them, so I will do so. [00:01:43] Speaker E: But make everybody else bring me pictures of dice. [00:01:46] Speaker F: I can do one better. [00:01:47] Speaker B: You should take pictures. Somebody else took pictures of them who are better than me at taking pictures. That's why they're better. Yeah, but the thing is that these were actually a gift to me. They were from a friend outside who I'm actually in another campaign with, but he went to Gencon and I didn't ask him to get anything. He saw these and he got them for me, but he's actually a listener of our podcast. [00:02:16] Speaker D: Oh, my goodness. [00:02:17] Speaker A: Hello, listeners listening. And go. [00:02:19] Speaker E: Don't have to say their name. Don't out. [00:02:21] Speaker D: Yeah, don't dox. [00:02:22] Speaker E: Just say. [00:02:23] Speaker B: Well, I wasn't going to give a last. [00:02:25] Speaker E: They're wonderful human beings. [00:02:27] Speaker C: Use a nickname that only we know. [00:02:30] Speaker B: Volkus, thank you very much for these have. I am using them in this campaign, and, you know, I'm using them in the other campaign, so. They are beautiful. So shout out to you. [00:02:41] Speaker D: Yeah, they really look beautiful, and I love the texture of them. [00:02:47] Speaker C: Sorry, I was trying to mime to Sam who Volkus is. [00:02:50] Speaker A: That's not what I was asking. [00:02:53] Speaker C: Well, you got your answer. Speaking of getting your answer, let's jump in. [00:02:57] Speaker E: Sorry, the two on that other side just drank their drinks at the same time. On the same side. The same mountain. Well, it's not the same. [00:03:04] Speaker D: Mountain Dew. [00:03:05] Speaker E: Mountain Dew. [00:03:05] Speaker D: It's a well held podcast secret that Sven and Abby are the same person. [00:03:10] Speaker E: That is so scary. [00:03:15] Speaker D: They even laugh. I didn't mean to break them. I'm sorry. [00:03:26] Speaker E: Sorry to ruin your transition. [00:03:27] Speaker F: Jordy, you should know by now. [00:03:33] Speaker E: As. [00:03:33] Speaker C: Morning dawns, it's been the first day of your six day travel, and we are now counting travel time as downtime. So any downtime activities that actually make sense to be able to do on the road, or even hand waving makes sense to do on the road, you can do. If you want to learn a language or craft a warhammer. Or on the road, we'll hand wave those. [00:03:57] Speaker E: I'd like to set up a busking stand. [00:03:59] Speaker C: We can't do is like, do you want to go teach the orphans history? Well, there are no orphans on the road with you, so you can't do that. [00:04:10] Speaker E: They have. [00:04:12] Speaker C: Well, okay. [00:04:13] Speaker F: Excuse me. [00:04:14] Speaker D: As we established last session, I'm one of the only non orphans in the party. [00:04:18] Speaker C: I stand corrected. [00:04:19] Speaker A: Also, Val is half orphan. [00:04:20] Speaker B: Hey, you can't be half orphan. [00:04:22] Speaker A: I don't quite qualify, but I'm almost there. [00:04:25] Speaker C: We have very strict rules for what counts as an orphan. [00:04:27] Speaker B: I guess I'm technically an orphan because I don't my parents would be alive. [00:04:31] Speaker F: Did you know your parents before? [00:04:33] Speaker A: Were they alive while you were 21? Or the dwarf equivalent of 21? [00:04:38] Speaker E: Are we gatekeeping orphans? [00:04:40] Speaker A: Yes. [00:04:41] Speaker D: Listen to the bonus episode. [00:04:43] Speaker C: So, all that being said, sorry. I want to know if anybody's working on any downtime activities that they want me to know about. [00:04:50] Speaker D: At this point, I have nothing. I just realized Albert has library books. He needs to go back and check in. [00:04:56] Speaker E: You're a little late now, so I. [00:04:58] Speaker D: Guess he's going to be working on getting those mailed back. [00:05:01] Speaker E: Mailed? [00:05:04] Speaker C: Are Neros and Uber doing anything interesting in their downtime learning spells? That makes sense. [00:05:12] Speaker B: I've also forgotten where you put the spell book. [00:05:15] Speaker E: I'd like to ask something very trained in religion lore specific. Is the pony Express actually a pony or is it a snail with snail mail? [00:05:28] Speaker C: So the pony express irl was actually just horses. However, in Galarian, the male is all run by one guy who just runs around on foot. [00:05:38] Speaker A: Postman Paul. [00:05:41] Speaker D: He's very fast. [00:05:42] Speaker A: I love him. [00:05:43] Speaker E: He is neither the snail nor the pony. [00:05:45] Speaker C: Yes, the snail is that one that if it touches you, you die, but you get a lot of money. And they tried to just keep that over an old aslant. [00:05:53] Speaker D: That makes sense. [00:05:54] Speaker A: Well, wait a second. [00:05:57] Speaker E: It's free. [00:05:59] Speaker D: Alward has a new mission. [00:06:00] Speaker A: It's an avalanche. [00:06:02] Speaker C: So as you continue on your journey fleeing from the snail, the road starts to smooth out from here. As you're getting down out of the foothills and up into more of, like, the moors that are just to the south of the Gringir forest. And you can actually begin to see, just like, the dark, hazy shapes of the forest to the north just as the road begins to curve east around the end of that range of the Kodar mountains. And at the end of the day, the second day of travel, you begin to come up to the outskirts of the small town of Solskin. I did not name it. [00:06:40] Speaker E: Don't look at me like that. [00:06:41] Speaker D: The gross name. [00:06:42] Speaker A: Solskikin. [00:06:45] Speaker C: Two n's. [00:06:46] Speaker D: Two n's not as gross, but still gross. [00:06:49] Speaker E: I have to create a new page in my notes now to have a new town. [00:06:53] Speaker C: Soul skin translates to sunshine. [00:06:57] Speaker A: How big is this town? Just small. [00:06:59] Speaker C: It's a small town. I think it's a couple hundred people. [00:07:02] Speaker A: Oh, is there going to be, like, an inn to stop at? Since it's like a travel town, it's. [00:07:07] Speaker C: On the main roadway, so they do accommodate travelers. However, those of you who've been in the area before. So, Val, you would know this for sure. Uber, you remember this. [00:07:18] Speaker B: Good. [00:07:20] Speaker C: They do have an extremely strict curfew, so once sun's down, people are inside. [00:07:27] Speaker A: And I'll stay inside the sun to be down. [00:07:29] Speaker C: You've got, I don't know, some time, maybe about an hour as you're approaching the town before. It's like, you got to be inside. [00:07:37] Speaker D: Why? [00:07:39] Speaker C: Because werewolves. People tend to go missing if they're outside at night. [00:07:47] Speaker A: Werewolves? [00:07:48] Speaker D: Uber. [00:07:49] Speaker C: You've probably heard many tales of the shadows that abduct people who stay outside after dark. [00:07:53] Speaker E: Sorry, that was me. [00:07:57] Speaker D: He did a lot of work in this town. [00:08:00] Speaker B: Cleaned it up real nice, though. [00:08:05] Speaker C: So I'll pass it over to you. As you're approaching town. Do you want to do anything narratively here or just kind of stock up on rations, find a somewhere to stay? [00:08:13] Speaker E: I look over to the rest of the people. You know, when we passed by the forest back there and it was all misty and dark. If anyone asks about me, describe me that way. [00:08:24] Speaker A: Misty and dark. [00:08:25] Speaker D: Why would anyone ask about you? [00:08:28] Speaker E: I don't know. Just in case. [00:08:30] Speaker A: Are you famous? [00:08:31] Speaker E: Not really. I try to keep my work on the down low. I got you just in case. [00:08:40] Speaker D: So shadow people kidnap people in this town. [00:08:46] Speaker B: The local stories say that if you've been out on the town or they stay out late at night, that you are abducted by the shadows or something like that. [00:08:58] Speaker E: Who enforces this curfew? [00:09:01] Speaker C: Because I do. [00:09:04] Speaker E: When did you get here? [00:09:05] Speaker C: I'm an efficient guard. [00:09:08] Speaker A: Hello. [00:09:09] Speaker E: Hi. [00:09:11] Speaker D: So you stay out past curfew to enforce curfew. [00:09:15] Speaker C: I can fight shadows. [00:09:17] Speaker D: What are the shadows? [00:09:20] Speaker C: You see that? He points at the ground where your body is blocking the sunlight. [00:09:27] Speaker A: Do you fight them often? [00:09:29] Speaker C: No. I stay inside this little guardhouse, and he steps inside a little guardhouse, and they leave me alone. But if I see somebody outside, I throw rocks at them. [00:09:41] Speaker A: How long has this been going on? [00:09:44] Speaker C: A few years. [00:09:46] Speaker A: No one's looking into it? [00:09:47] Speaker C: Oh, we're looking into it. But stare long enough into the shadows, and the shadows stare back. [00:09:54] Speaker F: It's the Vashtinarata. [00:09:57] Speaker D: How close are we to our destination? [00:09:59] Speaker C: Currently, you've got another four days from here. [00:10:03] Speaker E: Should we take refuge in this shadowy town? [00:10:07] Speaker D: I mean, we kind of have to. [00:10:09] Speaker F: I mean, from what it sounds like, if we stay inside, we'll be fine. [00:10:12] Speaker E: Well, I question, though. What if we stayed outside of town? [00:10:15] Speaker A: Well, what if we just stayed in Tan at night and tried to take care of the problem in Tan? [00:10:20] Speaker D: I don't think we have enough time to do that. [00:10:22] Speaker F: Yeah, we're on a mission. We could always double back and take care of it then. But right now, we really have to go. [00:10:30] Speaker A: I really hate the idea of leaving people who we could help. [00:10:33] Speaker E: Well, they seem to be in an okay situation. It's been years. And as long as they stay inside, they're fine. [00:10:38] Speaker C: We only lose, like, two people a year now. [00:10:43] Speaker F: Average. Not bad. [00:10:44] Speaker C: Yeah, in a town of 900. [00:10:47] Speaker D: I'm with you, Val, on not leaving these people to suffer. But at any moment, the person who we're hunting can get the item that they're hunting. And that could cause more harm than good. [00:11:02] Speaker E: 899. 898. [00:11:05] Speaker A: You're right. [00:11:06] Speaker C: I said to a year. [00:11:08] Speaker D: No, he's counting the seconds. [00:11:10] Speaker A: Cornelius. [00:11:11] Speaker D: Backwards. [00:11:12] Speaker A: Cornelius. What do you think? [00:11:15] Speaker C: I think this is a project. That's what happened to my voice. I think this is a project that's outside of our purview. We have our own work to be doing. Other heroes can deal with this. [00:11:30] Speaker E: All right, we can double back. [00:11:34] Speaker D: Okay, we do have to come back through here. [00:11:37] Speaker E: Hey, what's your name, Mr. Efficient Guardman? [00:11:41] Speaker C: Robert. [00:11:42] Speaker E: Robert. [00:11:43] Speaker D: Robert, what happened to your voice? [00:11:45] Speaker C: I got priority. [00:11:48] Speaker F: You got what? [00:11:49] Speaker C: I got priority. [00:11:52] Speaker A: Robert, I'd like to say, in the name of Shailene, I find her eye patch very beautiful. The flower design is great. [00:11:59] Speaker C: Thank you. My daughter painted it for me. Anyway. [00:12:06] Speaker B: I had the question of. Uber knows about this. Did he ever look into it? [00:12:12] Speaker F: You remember? [00:12:13] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:12:16] Speaker C: I would imagine Uver had done some study on it and stuff and had stopped in at town, but any attempts he'd made to get out at night and stuff were met with rocks effective resistance and rocks effective. [00:12:31] Speaker B: Okay, no, that's fair. [00:12:32] Speaker A: This was the first time he lost any memory. It was a rock to the head. [00:12:37] Speaker B: I remember that one very clearly. [00:12:40] Speaker C: It was the sort of thing where you want to help, you want to get involved, but the town sort of resists, and they're more along the lines of, we're okay with the things as they are. We don't know if you getting involved is going to rile things up and make it worse. [00:12:53] Speaker B: That makes sense. [00:12:55] Speaker D: We should probably find a place to get in before Robert throws Robin in. [00:12:59] Speaker A: Right there. [00:13:00] Speaker C: You've got about 15 minutes before I start throwing. [00:13:03] Speaker F: Okay? [00:13:03] Speaker E: Go. Wait. [00:13:05] Speaker D: Where do we put our horses? [00:13:07] Speaker C: There's a stable. Go. [00:13:08] Speaker A: Wait, but that's outside. Are they safe in the stable? [00:13:12] Speaker E: They kidnap human stable. [00:13:13] Speaker C: That's inside. There's doors. [00:13:15] Speaker A: Oh, interesting. [00:13:17] Speaker C: Keeps the shadows out. [00:13:18] Speaker D: This place is being attacked by vampires, right? [00:13:20] Speaker E: Am I not allowed in? [00:13:23] Speaker B: Anytime I try. [00:13:24] Speaker C: Why would we not let you in? [00:13:25] Speaker B: Doesn't work. [00:13:26] Speaker A: Think so? [00:13:27] Speaker B: Say what? [00:13:28] Speaker A: Yeah, werewolves, probably, but werewolves don't have. [00:13:31] Speaker D: The thing about just be. [00:13:32] Speaker A: The shadow plane is strong around here, and perhaps there's creatures climbing out of it and taking people back in. [00:13:38] Speaker E: See, they're having an important conversation, and I just want to know if I'm allowed in the house. [00:13:42] Speaker A: Why would you not be allowed in the house? [00:13:43] Speaker E: I'm a shadow. [00:13:44] Speaker C: Are you a vampire? [00:13:45] Speaker E: No. [00:13:47] Speaker D: He does bring up a good point. What are the actual names of fetchlings? I forget. [00:13:52] Speaker F: Kyle. [00:13:53] Speaker D: The Kyle among us might not be taken kindly in these parts. If it is to do with the shadow plane. [00:14:00] Speaker A: I think it'll be all right. [00:14:01] Speaker F: Do you hate us? [00:14:06] Speaker E: Now, that's a loaded question. [00:14:08] Speaker C: He shifts his eye patch to his other eye, and the eye beneath it was fine. No, I think you're all fine. [00:14:14] Speaker F: Okay, then say we're fine. [00:14:16] Speaker E: I really enjoyed how your pupil did that thing when you moved your iPad to just. [00:14:21] Speaker C: Thanks. I do do to without even trying. [00:14:24] Speaker D: We got about 13 minutes now. [00:14:25] Speaker F: All right, let's go. Come on. [00:14:27] Speaker A: Yeah. I'll hold the door. [00:14:28] Speaker D: Move. [00:14:30] Speaker C: And we go into a slow motion scene as you're all running to the end. [00:14:33] Speaker A: Rock's being felt ahead. [00:14:39] Speaker D: A rock hits uvair in the head again. [00:14:47] Speaker A: I remember now. [00:14:50] Speaker E: What kind of doors does this inn have? What? [00:14:55] Speaker D: You heard him. [00:14:56] Speaker F: Why is it important? [00:14:58] Speaker C: They look like they're made out of you. Wood and engravings. That's been done all around, like, the edges. And it looks like somebody started doing engravings. Going up like the planks making up the middle, but they haven't finished yet. [00:15:12] Speaker E: Or they're too short. [00:15:13] Speaker D: When you say engravings, is it just like, ornate or does it like, runic? [00:15:18] Speaker C: Yeah, so like celtic knot designs kind of thing. [00:15:21] Speaker F: There goes my theory. [00:15:22] Speaker E: I open those beautiful doors. Half beautiful doors. [00:15:28] Speaker A: Hello, how do we do rooms in here? [00:15:32] Speaker C: You're looking for somewhere to stay? [00:15:34] Speaker A: Yes. [00:15:34] Speaker F: No, she just asked that for the nearest. [00:15:38] Speaker E: Rude. [00:15:38] Speaker C: Well, we just had an inspector come through. [00:15:42] Speaker A: Do you do single rooms or big rooms? [00:15:44] Speaker C: We've got both. We've got three single rooms and two big rooms. [00:15:48] Speaker D: I would like a single room. [00:15:49] Speaker A: What do you mean by big room? [00:15:51] Speaker C: There's about eight beds in a row. [00:15:53] Speaker B: Okay, if there are only three single rooms, then I think the ladies would like her own room. [00:16:00] Speaker D: Yeah, that's two, but I'm saying I would enjoy the other if possible. [00:16:03] Speaker E: Why are you all being so darn quiet? I can barely hear you. [00:16:09] Speaker A: That's what you do when you huddle into a group. You speak low. How many people can fit in a room? [00:16:17] Speaker D: Eight. [00:16:18] Speaker A: A single room? [00:16:19] Speaker C: Well, there's only one bed in the room, but we could make some room, bring some extra bedding. [00:16:24] Speaker A: What size is the bed? [00:16:27] Speaker C: It's bed sized. [00:16:28] Speaker A: Like, could two people sleep on it or only one person? [00:16:31] Speaker C: It would be a bit snug. [00:16:33] Speaker D: How much for the room with eight beds? [00:16:36] Speaker C: Well, hold on, let me get my chart up. [00:16:39] Speaker E: So what you're saying is the bed in the singled room is not an Eritzin. I mean a king. [00:16:43] Speaker A: We could actually take up the three single rooms by splitting into groups. [00:16:47] Speaker C: It'd be one silver piece. [00:16:48] Speaker D: So if I paid you eight silver pieces, can I just have one of those rooms and you not rent it to anyone? [00:16:54] Speaker C: That's exactly the price to do that. [00:16:56] Speaker D: I'm going to do that. [00:16:58] Speaker A: How much is a single room? [00:17:00] Speaker C: Eight silver pieces. [00:17:04] Speaker F: I'm just going to pay for my room and leave. [00:17:07] Speaker C: Do you even have. [00:17:09] Speaker B: Oh, you got to go. [00:17:09] Speaker A: I will also pay for my room. [00:17:11] Speaker D: All right. [00:17:12] Speaker C: I'm making change. Making change. [00:17:14] Speaker E: Do you mind if I just sleep in this area here? [00:17:18] Speaker C: That would be weird. [00:17:21] Speaker E: Yes, but Zafir, let's free. [00:17:25] Speaker C: It wouldn't be free. [00:17:26] Speaker B: No, let's just get one of the larger rooms. [00:17:31] Speaker E: All right. [00:17:32] Speaker D: Wait, you would kick somebody out for the shadows if they couldn't give you silver? [00:17:36] Speaker C: Well, if they decide to stay in the common room to save money, yes, that's fair. [00:17:41] Speaker E: You can't pay. Get taken away. [00:17:44] Speaker C: That's our motto. And she points it aside. [00:17:51] Speaker D: Very harsh. [00:17:52] Speaker E: I know this is very inconsequential. But what do you call this place? Besides the inn? [00:18:01] Speaker C: So for the last couple of minutes I've had a tavern name generator that I've been clicking through because I didn't name this one. I'm gonna just. I'm just gonna pick one, two, three. It's the. I can't even say it. [00:18:18] Speaker F: The what? Does one of us need to come around and read it? [00:18:23] Speaker C: The chunky loaf pub. [00:18:27] Speaker D: Their specialty is the chunky loaf bread. [00:18:32] Speaker C: Normal people call them bread knots. We call them chunky loaf. [00:18:41] Speaker F: That's beautiful. [00:18:43] Speaker B: Chunky loaf. [00:18:44] Speaker F: Chunky loaf, otherwise known. No. [00:18:48] Speaker E: The bread knot. [00:18:49] Speaker F: The bread knot. [00:18:50] Speaker E: The bread knot. [00:18:52] Speaker C: So I imagine you all get a warm meal with a nice buttered chunky loaf on the side. [00:18:57] Speaker E: Does that come with a room? [00:18:59] Speaker C: Sure. [00:19:00] Speaker E: Yeah. Swear. [00:19:03] Speaker D: Does that mean I get eight meals? [00:19:06] Speaker B: Eight. [00:19:09] Speaker C: I'll give you a rain check for the other seven. [00:19:11] Speaker D: Okay. [00:19:13] Speaker C: Come back now. You here. [00:19:16] Speaker D: Maybe I did buy a room with eight beds, so I guess if Zafir and Uvair want to stay in that room, you can. [00:19:26] Speaker A: Cordelia will. [00:19:31] Speaker C: I'll stay with you, Cordelia says. [00:19:34] Speaker D: I just didn't want to sleep with the stranger. [00:19:37] Speaker B: That's fair. [00:19:38] Speaker C: Don't worry. Cornelius puts his hand on your shoulder. [00:19:40] Speaker E: Why? [00:19:41] Speaker C: We are friends. [00:19:41] Speaker D: Why is it slimy? [00:19:43] Speaker C: That's just the way I am. [00:19:45] Speaker D: Please stop touching. [00:19:46] Speaker B: Reach his shoulder. [00:19:48] Speaker C: He's like standing on tippy toe and putting his arm straight up. [00:19:51] Speaker D: Please stop touching me. [00:19:53] Speaker B: We'll do that. But what Uber will do is he'll just give you a silver. [00:19:58] Speaker D: Okay, that works. [00:20:00] Speaker E: I also give you a silver. [00:20:01] Speaker D: I don't accept your silver. No, I figured you wouldn't. I now owe you 39 gold and nine silver. [00:20:11] Speaker E: I'm not keeping track of that. [00:20:13] Speaker D: I am. [00:20:16] Speaker C: Night falls. You have all gone to your rooms. Any objections to dawn rising? [00:20:23] Speaker D: I want a shadow thing to try and kidnap all of us. I was joking. [00:20:28] Speaker C: No. [00:20:29] Speaker D: Stop rolling. [00:20:33] Speaker C: Alward in the middle of the night. [00:20:37] Speaker D: I don't know if he's serious or not. I'm scared. [00:20:40] Speaker C: You awake to a rattling at the window and in a half sleep kind of like. Wait, what am I kind of looking at kind of thing? You look over at the window and you just see just like a dark figure, just like a form that seems to be trying the window. And you get the sense that this formless shape looks at you and then just like disappears and the night is calm outside again. [00:21:04] Speaker D: I'm going to wake up Zafir. [00:21:06] Speaker E: He's in the joint room, right? You don't find me in the. [00:21:13] Speaker D: Um. Gonna wake up. Uber. [00:21:19] Speaker B: What is it? [00:21:21] Speaker D: Oh, you don't know, right? Do you know where Zafir is? [00:21:25] Speaker B: He was sleeping and he vaguely gestures in a kind of a foggy haze over to where his bed was. I thought he was sleeping over there. [00:21:34] Speaker D: That's what I thought. Did he go and buy another room? [00:21:41] Speaker B: At this point, Uber's just sitting up groggily and, like, what do you mean? His stuff is clearly there. [00:21:49] Speaker D: I just saw something and thought Zafir might want to know of it. [00:21:54] Speaker C: What did you see? [00:21:55] Speaker D: I don't know, but it looked at me. [00:21:58] Speaker B: It looked at you? Through where? [00:22:01] Speaker D: The window. [00:22:05] Speaker E: You start hearing giggles from the darkest corner in the room. [00:22:21] Speaker D: Shockingly, that actually consoled. I was about to say, you can. [00:22:27] Speaker B: See probably Howard and Uber just visibly. You can see Uvair was starting to get worked up. [00:22:33] Speaker E: And then it's like, oh, yeah, honestly, I'm seeing a shaggy and Scooby doo situation where you're just hugging each other on the bed and you're just rattling, go back to sleep. [00:22:43] Speaker C: And with that, we will cut to morning as the group is assembling and hitching up the horses again and getting ready to set out. [00:22:51] Speaker A: There's nothing to hitch to. [00:22:53] Speaker D: That's true. [00:22:54] Speaker E: Just so you know. [00:22:55] Speaker F: Saddling the horses. [00:22:56] Speaker C: Saddling up the horses. [00:22:57] Speaker E: I'm neither confirming nor denying to each other. If that was me. [00:23:01] Speaker B: Yeah, we got you. It didn't stop Uve going, oh, that's. Whatever. [00:23:12] Speaker C: As you continue on your way, beginning the third day of your journey, you mostly just move around the tip of that range of the Kodar mountains and you begin entering into the summer melt valley proper. At the end of that day, you are coming by the southernmost tip of the grunger forest and you can really start to see actual forms of trees in the distance. It's less of the just, like, shapeless, dark green and it's more there is a forest on the horizon. As the grungeir forest comes down to meet the thundering river you've come up to the junction between the thundering river and the somermelt river. [00:23:54] Speaker D: Is the thundering river the name or the adjective to describe it? [00:23:58] Speaker C: The thundering river is the name. It's this larger river on the map that is kind of going along the border of the land of the Linum kings. The smaller river that comes off to the south is. The smaller river that comes off to the south is the summermelt river. It's a tributary of the thundering river and forms the valley that you're now entering of the. [00:24:26] Speaker D: Oh, sorry. [00:24:27] Speaker B: I was going to say, is this the same route that Uber took when he was coming out of the grunger forest? [00:24:32] Speaker C: No, it's the other side of the woods, actually. You came out on the west side, moving southeast to Joel. [00:24:38] Speaker E: Gotcha. [00:24:39] Speaker C: You are now on the southeast side of the grunger forest. [00:24:42] Speaker E: Gotcha. [00:24:42] Speaker C: And then now moving south into the summermelt valley. [00:24:46] Speaker D: All right, do we know where exactly he's at in here, or are we just on a wild goose chase? [00:24:53] Speaker A: Cornelius, you had a more direct idea, didn't you? His exact location, maybe? [00:24:58] Speaker C: Well, last week, we're told he was heading off in the direction of what I'm assuming is his destination. It's a strange structure built into the side of the mountain. The locals call it troll forge. [00:25:11] Speaker A: Oh, that sounds interesting. [00:25:14] Speaker C: It's been called that for several generations, and nobody really knows why. The local legends rumor that trolls used to smith there for their wars. But as we all know, trolls are incapable of smithing. [00:25:30] Speaker D: Can I make a society check on that? [00:25:32] Speaker B: Sure. [00:25:33] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:25:36] Speaker D: I'm going to give everyone deja vu again. Yeah. I'm glad to know that. My luck of rolling things specifically for my characters carries still. [00:25:51] Speaker C: Yeah, it's a tradition. [00:25:52] Speaker D: I got 20. [00:25:53] Speaker E: I hate it when it works. It works. [00:25:55] Speaker D: I rolled a one. [00:25:56] Speaker E: Makes sense. [00:25:57] Speaker D: And then I made everyone have deja vu, and then I rolled a two. [00:26:01] Speaker C: Nice. So, alward, you got a 17, and, uber, you got a 28. Between the two of you, you have heard of this troll forge before. Alward, your information goes so far as to be like, yeah, I've heard of these rumors of I wanted to roll. [00:26:15] Speaker D: A society check on trolls to know if they can smith. [00:26:18] Speaker C: There have been stories here and there of trolls smithing. The most notable one that you actually would know of from your 17 is not too long ago, about 20 years ago, in the river kingdoms, there were some trolls that teamed up with some. What were they? Trolls that teamed up with cobalt's and the two of them together, work together. Smithing. Okay. They are capable of it physically, but not mentally. That's where the cobalts came in. Uber, your information extends a little bit further. And you know that in recent years, there have been groups of trolls that were sighted in the forge, and occasionally, adventurers would go in, drive them out, and then a few years later, some more trolls would come in, and adventurers would drive them out. And it's become sort of like a rite of passage thing for hunters in the area to be like, oh, it's troll hunting time again. You also know with a 28 that it's not that far from the rumored throne of the Troll king. Which, legend has it, if you sit on the throne of the Troll king over the course of the night of Midwinter, then you will become king of the Trolls. For the next year, I'm going to. [00:27:29] Speaker D: Go sit on the throne. [00:27:30] Speaker C: It is, however, heavily guarded by trolls who don't want a new king. [00:27:35] Speaker B: We're not becoming king of the Trolls. [00:27:37] Speaker C: I am becoming king of the trolls. [00:27:39] Speaker E: Alward the troll king. [00:27:41] Speaker B: And for my first decree. [00:27:47] Speaker C: So this is what you learn with your society checks. [00:27:49] Speaker E: So, just so that I know the location and whatnot, where are we in regards to where we are trying to go? Like, how many days away? [00:28:00] Speaker C: I think we're three days away now. [00:28:01] Speaker D: Okay. [00:28:02] Speaker E: Because he started describing the destination when we were three days away. [00:28:08] Speaker A: No, he was describing the valley which we're entering. [00:28:11] Speaker E: Okay. [00:28:12] Speaker C: And then somebody asked, do we have more details about where exactly we're going? Oh, I see. So at this point, you've got, like, one more day of travel in the plains, going along the summer melt river as you're heading up into the valley, but then to reach where he was last seen, not too far from troll forge. And that's why Cornelius is suggesting checking there first. It's about two more days as you're zigzagging up through the. [00:28:41] Speaker A: Plains. It's a nice, big open area for us to get to work on the ravens. Yes, a lot of open air, so you can see everything. [00:28:52] Speaker E: I'm glad you brought that up. I've completely forgotten. I do need some help with Rustaford's attitude. [00:29:03] Speaker A: Well, don't expect his attitude to change. Just learn to work together as a group. [00:29:09] Speaker E: But he just doesn't do what I say. [00:29:12] Speaker A: Well, how do you tell him what to do? [00:29:15] Speaker E: I usually just. [00:29:18] Speaker D: But, you know, cut to Rustaford. I'm willing to do anything, master. [00:29:25] Speaker E: Well, here, I'll give you an example. Have you gotten your tent set up? I don't want to take you away from that. [00:29:32] Speaker A: It's already over there. Cornelius is setting it up right now. [00:29:35] Speaker E: Look at this. [00:29:36] Speaker A: Gordon. [00:29:45] Speaker E: I think my headphone just cracked. Sorry. Usually I'm the first one to put up the tent, so I worry about the others, even if they're capable. [00:29:56] Speaker A: So it looks like your tent's usually just already set up during travel time. It's impressive. [00:30:02] Speaker E: It's one of my many skills. [00:30:05] Speaker A: All right, call Rustaford out here. [00:30:07] Speaker E: Oh, sorry. Rustaford. [00:30:12] Speaker C: His head pokes out of the shadow of your cloak. Yes, master. [00:30:16] Speaker E: Come on out. We're going to do some training. [00:30:21] Speaker A: Pretty well there. [00:30:23] Speaker E: Well, I mean he comes out. Not usually a problem having him get out of the cloak. [00:30:30] Speaker A: 1 second here I do a little whistle and go sigurd. And then Sigurd comes flying out from the woods. [00:30:38] Speaker E: Does she stay close? [00:30:40] Speaker A: Oh yeah, she's always nearby. She can usually always hear us. [00:30:44] Speaker E: That's pretty neat. Why don't you do that, Westaford? I mean, I guess you do. I'm really confused about how you work. [00:30:54] Speaker C: Do you want me to stay less close? [00:30:56] Speaker E: I don't know how you could. You're part of my shadow but I. [00:31:02] Speaker C: Can separate myself and he kind of flutters away from you. [00:31:06] Speaker E: Great, now I've lost him till. What do you do to you whistled. [00:31:12] Speaker A: I usually just call to her if she's far away. I whistle. Usually helps more. [00:31:17] Speaker E: I whistle. [00:31:18] Speaker C: Do you, Zafir, do you think that that will work? [00:31:21] Speaker E: I don't know. As Zafir, he does not know. [00:31:27] Speaker C: Rustaford kind of looks, kind of cocks his head a bit and then like shrugs a bird shrug and then flutters onto your arm. [00:31:35] Speaker E: Is that what he was supposed to do? [00:31:37] Speaker A: Is that what you wanted him to do? [00:31:40] Speaker E: I don't know. [00:31:42] Speaker A: Well, that seems to be a bit of an issue. You should probably know what you'd like to ask of your friend before you ask him stuff. [00:31:49] Speaker E: What should I ask him? He's a bird. [00:31:54] Speaker A: Well, they can fly and scout for you. They can keep an eye out for some easy food fodder to catch. It could just be your friend. He talks to you. [00:32:04] Speaker E: Assad Rustaford? [00:32:07] Speaker C: Yes. [00:32:08] Speaker E: And Zafir just vaguely points to the sky. [00:32:12] Speaker C: Rustaford. I'm free about 15ft and then just like lands on a tree and just like smirks. [00:32:22] Speaker A: Do you know, does he have anything to do with. I guess I should ask this because I'm curious. Does the rest of her have anything to do with phrasma or cycle pumps or anything like that? [00:32:33] Speaker E: I don't think so. [00:32:35] Speaker C: Not that I'm aware of. [00:32:37] Speaker A: You're not aware of anything like that? Oh, all right. Just thought I'd ask just in case. [00:32:44] Speaker E: I mean, neither of us have asthma and neither of us work with or wear pumps. [00:32:52] Speaker A: Okay, you don't understand what I'm talking about. That's all right, that's fine. So what are you hoping to gain from? I don't know. What is your goal with Rustaford? [00:33:02] Speaker E: Find his usefulness. [00:33:04] Speaker A: Is his existence not useful to you? [00:33:07] Speaker E: I don't. [00:33:08] Speaker A: He's a familiar, right? [00:33:11] Speaker E: I am familiar with him, but. [00:33:13] Speaker A: Well, typically familiars are used as assistance. They can often cast spells through them. [00:33:19] Speaker E: I don't know where he came from. I usually work alone. Have you asked him? I mean, has anyone asked you where you came from? [00:33:29] Speaker A: Me, all the time. I come from other town, not too far from here. [00:33:35] Speaker E: Rustaford, can you come down here for a moment? [00:33:39] Speaker A: It's not where I was born. [00:33:40] Speaker C: And do you believe that'll work? That sounded convincing. [00:33:43] Speaker A: Do you believe it? Yeah, it sounded about right. [00:33:46] Speaker C: With no hesitation, Rustaford flutters down to your arm. [00:33:49] Speaker E: I pay no attention to the fact that that worked. Where did you come from? [00:33:55] Speaker C: Well, you see, when I was a boy. [00:34:01] Speaker E: See, he just gives me. [00:34:04] Speaker A: That's the start of a conversation. He's going to say more. [00:34:08] Speaker C: No, I was done. [00:34:09] Speaker A: That was all. [00:34:10] Speaker E: Well, I just assumed he came from my cloak, my shadow. [00:34:14] Speaker C: I was born from your need to have an ally. [00:34:18] Speaker A: There you go. That's something. [00:34:20] Speaker E: I never thought I needed an ally. [00:34:22] Speaker A: But Stuford, what do you want to do for him or with him? [00:34:27] Speaker C: I want to be of great use. I want to be a hero. [00:34:34] Speaker B: Big ambitions, Rust? [00:34:36] Speaker C: Keep your mouth shut, dwarf. [00:34:41] Speaker D: Like 30ft away. [00:34:43] Speaker A: It's a bird. [00:34:44] Speaker D: Like talking with Elward. [00:34:46] Speaker E: Talking with what? Rastaford? I'm beginning to like you more and more. I see this as the beginning of a beautiful friendship. [00:34:57] Speaker A: That's really all you need to do with him, Safir. You just need to talk to him, get to know him. And you guys will work it out. [00:35:07] Speaker E: I'm sure we'll get to know each other. [00:35:10] Speaker A: It's much different talking and learning how to use and be friends with a sentient familiar than with like, Sigur. [00:35:18] Speaker E: And here. [00:35:18] Speaker A: It's very different training techniques. [00:35:21] Speaker E: Well, I will also put in that it's very hard to get to know any other sentient beings, period. [00:35:28] Speaker A: Yeah, I agree with that. [00:35:30] Speaker E: All of the people that I've been walking around with for the last month or so has just. They have so many questions. [00:35:39] Speaker A: Questions. [00:35:40] Speaker E: It's like, aren't you supposed to know who you. [00:35:44] Speaker A: Oh, Sophia, not everybody always knows what they are. Sometimes you just need time to figure it out for, you know, it's all right to be confused. It's all right to not be okay. Sorry, that's from a song I wrote. But sometimes it just takes time. We don't all always just know what we are right away, even if others expect us to. [00:36:16] Speaker E: I appreciate you telling me that. I am under the impression, of course, that I know who I am, but where I'm going is often a question on myself. [00:36:32] Speaker A: That is the journey. Just don't focus too much on the end that you lose track of the. [00:36:38] Speaker E: Now, not that I want to be this person, but I want to know. You're very easy to open up to. I don't think I've ever opened up to someone as. As easily to you. I want to know everything that's going on in my life. Things have seemed to pop up, and I will warn you, as you are part of our group, things have popped up that are quite unexplainable. [00:37:12] Speaker A: It sounds like that type of stuff probably happens. For sure. I mean, Uber doesn't even seem to remember half his life. [00:37:23] Speaker E: Oh, I'm not talking about him. That just seems normal. [00:37:27] Speaker D: I know what you're talking about. [00:37:29] Speaker E: See, I assume with his life, he's just old. He's always in the pursuit of knowledge. And to make room for new knowledge, he gets rid of the other stuff that he doesn't assume he needs. At least that's my running theory. [00:37:45] Speaker A: I understand. Well, I should be here with you guys. So I'm willing to overcome or help out or help overcome whatever we come across. I want to help you guys. I want to be abuse. [00:38:02] Speaker E: Are you a healer of any type? [00:38:05] Speaker A: Yeah, I've got some healing, actually. Shailen and Farasma have blessed me with such things. [00:38:13] Speaker E: So I would ask you to be very. I know that you are quite apparent about wanting to just. I'm not sure if we filled you in on what happened with the whole Eridson situation and me falling out a window and them falling out a window. [00:38:36] Speaker A: Oh, the ball. [00:38:37] Speaker E: Yes, the ball. [00:38:38] Speaker A: I heard a bit about that. But there's been told a lot of things. Actually, it's a lot of. To catch up on. [00:38:48] Speaker E: Yes. Most of us were in a very bad spot at the end of that. Including the one I stabbed and shoved through the window. [00:38:57] Speaker A: Right. Yes. There's Daisa. Right. [00:39:01] Speaker E: Yes. I actually forgot her name. Once you kill at least ten people, you tend to forget names. [00:39:10] Speaker A: I'll keep that in mind. I suppose if I ever do that. [00:39:13] Speaker E: You haven't killed anyone? [00:39:15] Speaker A: She kind of looks off for a second. Well, no, not anyone living, I don't think. [00:39:24] Speaker E: I'm sure that's how that works. They are dead once you kill. At least that's how it's gone in my. [00:39:31] Speaker A: I believe very strongly in the ideals of redemption. I don't want to have to kill anyone who's alive. I've killed many undead. And rats. Giant rats. [00:39:45] Speaker D: Rats aren't worth redemption. [00:39:49] Speaker E: But rats are. Ravens are the rats of the sky. [00:39:54] Speaker A: How dare you? [00:39:56] Speaker F: I think you're thinking of crows. [00:39:58] Speaker C: Rustaford scoffs and flies off into the trees. [00:40:02] Speaker E: Sorry, did I use the wrong bird? [00:40:06] Speaker A: Yes, Rustaford. [00:40:07] Speaker F: Crows are vultures are more accurate. [00:40:10] Speaker D: Vultures are vultures. [00:40:11] Speaker A: That's true. [00:40:12] Speaker F: That's true. Crows can be the rats of the sky. [00:40:15] Speaker A: Well, Zephyr, I understand that I'm in a position myself where, I don't know, the future lies for me, or what exactly I am right now. But as you're figuring it out and as you're learning more, I'll do my best to be here to help you. [00:40:32] Speaker E: Thank you. [00:40:33] Speaker A: You can always talk to me about things. [00:40:37] Speaker E: Well, just to forewarn you from what I was talking about earlier, I do want to give you a little bit of heads up, because it has popped up. If you see any creepy images, very tall and smiling usually let me know. That's all I can say. [00:41:06] Speaker A: Okay? [00:41:07] Speaker E: Yes. [00:41:07] Speaker A: All right. Images like paintings? [00:41:10] Speaker E: No, images. [00:41:14] Speaker A: Images in your brain. [00:41:16] Speaker E: I mean, they're there, but they're like. [00:41:18] Speaker A: When you close your eyes, it's like, oh, a big scary man. [00:41:21] Speaker E: No, your eye is open eyes. [00:41:24] Speaker A: So are you talking about a real being who's walking in front of you? [00:41:27] Speaker E: Well, I don't know. I've never seen him walk, actually, now that I think about it. [00:41:31] Speaker A: Has he talked to you this? [00:41:34] Speaker E: Yes, a few times. [00:41:37] Speaker A: Has anyone else seen him? [00:41:39] Speaker E: I believe so, yes. I think both Nero's and alwood both saw him. He said creepy things. And again, you're very easy to open up to. I don't know anything about him. And this is one of the things that I'm worried about for the future. [00:42:05] Speaker F: Okay. [00:42:05] Speaker E: Because I don't like not knowing. [00:42:07] Speaker A: Well, I understand. I'll tell you now, if he's any harm or threats to any of you, I will help you deal with him. But it's getting late right now, and I think we ought to get some food and head to bed. [00:42:23] Speaker E: All right. I agree with you, Rustaford. Sorry for calling you a rat. Come down now, please. [00:42:31] Speaker B: Thank you. [00:42:32] Speaker E: That's a good boy. [00:42:33] Speaker C: And Rustaford flutters out of the trees and back into your cloak. [00:42:38] Speaker E: That was easy. You're a good teacher. [00:42:42] Speaker A: Thank you. So I think it was mostly you, not me. Vowel. Head back and play her fiddle. [00:42:52] Speaker E: How many instruments do you have? [00:42:54] Speaker A: Three. The violin slash fiddle, the drum, and the pan pipes or pan floop. So she'll just give some music. As we're heading to bed. [00:43:05] Speaker D: I speak with Cornelius when this was going on. Yeah, I would like to do that. [00:43:11] Speaker C: A rare moment when Cornelius and Val have been separated. [00:43:14] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:43:16] Speaker D: I'm going to walk up. What's Cornelius doing? [00:43:19] Speaker C: Still trying to set up a tent. [00:43:21] Speaker D: I'm going to go help him best I can. [00:43:25] Speaker C: Thank you. Much appreciated. Your mage hand kind of slides on one of the tent poles. It's kind of slimy still. [00:43:32] Speaker D: Cornelius, I noticed something. How do you think my pronunciation of Thessalonian was? [00:43:42] Speaker C: He kind of looks around, realizes there's nobody else around, and he's like, it's a little stiff. You need to be a little bit. The Rotel R needs to be more involved. [00:43:56] Speaker D: Well, it hasn't been spoken in nine or so millennia, so how am I to know what it sounds like? [00:44:06] Speaker C: You got to find a native speaker to learn from. [00:44:10] Speaker D: Right. Maybe you can assist. [00:44:14] Speaker C: Now everybody I know who spoke the language is dead. I'm afraid he won't be able to learn from them. [00:44:19] Speaker D: I'm going to try to subtly slip into ancient Thessalonian to see if I can't get him to queue in with me. [00:44:26] Speaker C: Make a deception check. [00:44:28] Speaker D: I suck at deception. [00:44:29] Speaker A: I like this, so you should roll. [00:44:31] Speaker B: Fine. [00:44:32] Speaker D: Yeah, this is fun. Is this the day after I already used my ability? I can't remember. [00:44:37] Speaker C: Yeah, this is the next day. [00:44:39] Speaker E: Sick. Yeah, you can do the thing if you need to. [00:44:42] Speaker A: Hopefully you don't. [00:44:43] Speaker F: Totally sick. [00:44:45] Speaker D: I think I'm going to keep that. It's a 20, not nat. [00:44:49] Speaker C: So you're able to transition the conversation into Thessalonian and he doesn't seem to notice that the language has shifted and he actually seems to be speaking more confidently and more casually now that you've changed languages. [00:45:07] Speaker D: Perfect. I love the idea that if anybody overhears, they'll have no idea after speaking on him with him just rambling, essentially. I'm going to, like. Albert's picking up mental notes about how he pronounces his things and stuff like that. And at the end I'm going to swap back to scowled. [00:45:27] Speaker C: Are you doing, like, a hard swap back or are you transitioning out? [00:45:30] Speaker D: Oh, it's a hard swap back. And I'm like, thank you so much for your help. [00:45:34] Speaker C: And he replies, you're welcome in that ancient Thessalonian. And then stops and just kind of looks like, oh, no. [00:45:44] Speaker D: Your friend is very old. [00:45:46] Speaker A: He said he was old. [00:45:47] Speaker D: Yeah, that's very old. And then Alward's going to go finish setting up his tent and start cooking. [00:45:54] Speaker C: And as Alward walks off, he just kind of, like, watches Alward go and then kind of like, looks around and just kind of dips into the tent. [00:46:03] Speaker E: It's a good thing he made that tent, otherwise he wouldn't have anywhere to dip. [00:46:07] Speaker C: Just jump in the river. [00:46:10] Speaker B: And he comes out sparkling clean with no trace of slime whatsoever. [00:46:15] Speaker E: Clean Cornelius. I forgot his name. [00:46:19] Speaker D: Cornelius. [00:46:20] Speaker E: Clean Cornelius. Clean alias. [00:46:22] Speaker D: Clean alias. [00:46:23] Speaker E: That's his clean alias. Clean alias. [00:46:26] Speaker C: The next day, as you begin your travels, you start heading up into the mountains proper. Just kind of moving up the hills. There's the switchbacks, where it's too steep to just go straight up, so you go back and forth and back and forth, and eventually you reach a spot where there's a smaller stream that feeds into the summer melt. It's not by any means, it's not like 3ft wide. It's a pretty good span. It is moving quickly as it seems to be like a glacier fed snow melt river, but it's pretty deep as well. And over this is where your path leads. And along this path is a bridge. What? [00:47:13] Speaker B: And under this bridge is a troll. [00:47:16] Speaker C: Punch the troll. [00:47:17] Speaker E: That would be so appropriate. I wonder if he can Smith. [00:47:21] Speaker A: Oh, it's Troll J. Smith. [00:47:23] Speaker B: And he is a smith. In fact, he is a word smith. [00:47:28] Speaker D: I like this troll. [00:47:29] Speaker E: This troll makes riddles. [00:47:33] Speaker D: Answer his riddles. [00:47:34] Speaker C: Three. What are your perception bonuses? [00:47:37] Speaker E: Eight, I think. Ten. [00:47:38] Speaker F: I think mine. [00:47:38] Speaker B: Ten. [00:47:39] Speaker F: Eight. [00:47:40] Speaker B: We wise eight. [00:47:42] Speaker C: Sam, I didn't catch yours. What was yours? [00:47:43] Speaker E: Eight. [00:47:44] Speaker A: I said it first. [00:47:46] Speaker D: Eight. [00:47:46] Speaker C: So Val is the only one who does not observe. [00:47:50] Speaker D: Hers is. [00:47:50] Speaker F: Mine's eight, too. [00:47:51] Speaker C: I did secret. [00:47:56] Speaker F: Perception. [00:47:57] Speaker A: And Val's just chatting with nearest. [00:47:59] Speaker C: Yeah, and Val just kind of chatting is the only one who does not know or does not notice that this bridge is not in the best condition. [00:48:08] Speaker D: This bridge is not in the best condition. [00:48:11] Speaker E: Not in the best condition. [00:48:13] Speaker D: That's what I just said. [00:48:14] Speaker B: I remember that this bridge was in better condition before. [00:48:19] Speaker A: I'm sure it will be high. [00:48:25] Speaker E: Val, I am relaying this information to you that this bridge has seen better days. [00:48:32] Speaker B: I remember those days. [00:48:34] Speaker A: No one's just going to leave a. [00:48:35] Speaker E: Broken remember something, Uber. [00:48:37] Speaker A: Someone's going to repair. [00:48:39] Speaker C: Are you riding your horse out onto the bridge? [00:48:41] Speaker A: No, because the others are in front of me. [00:48:43] Speaker D: Have stopped. [00:48:44] Speaker E: At least four of us have told you. [00:48:47] Speaker D: We may have to find a way around. [00:48:49] Speaker E: I feel like if we're careful enough, we could do something sent one at a time. How far is the drop that the bridge gives? Is it into a river, or. [00:48:59] Speaker C: It's about 25 foot drop, but the water is deep enough that if you were to fall in, then it would kind of cushion the fall. [00:49:06] Speaker A: There's water below? [00:49:07] Speaker E: Yes. [00:49:08] Speaker B: Is it a torch? [00:49:10] Speaker C: It's moving pretty swiftly, but you're not going to be at risk of being carried away. [00:49:15] Speaker D: Can we make, like, a crafting check to see to get a vibe on how sturdy it is? [00:49:21] Speaker C: Yeah, go ahead and make a crafting check. [00:49:23] Speaker E: You don't want me to make point. [00:49:25] Speaker A: How far away are we from our destination? [00:49:28] Speaker C: Just over a day's travel. [00:49:30] Speaker B: Okay, well, I'll say this is not my special. [00:49:32] Speaker A: Don't want to leave the horses here. [00:49:34] Speaker F: No. [00:49:35] Speaker A: And there's not, like, another path further down to get across? [00:49:39] Speaker E: No. [00:49:39] Speaker D: Really delay you is like surveying the bridge and going as far as he feels comfortable. Again, everyone gets a weird memory of Albert falling down through a crack of the bridge, but when you look, he's still standing there. And I rolled a 23. [00:49:59] Speaker A: A different alward fell to, and then. [00:50:01] Speaker E: Zafir comes up and says, whoa, I feel like Zafir. I feel like alward just fell down that he rolled a 28 on your crafting check. Crafting check. Yeah. [00:50:11] Speaker C: Okay. So, alward, you're, like, examining the bridge, and you're finding the weak spots where the rope is frayed. This board is kind of splintered, and you're thinking, if we took the time, we could probably fix this. But if we were to try to cross it right now, even one horse would be enough to just collapse the bridge without a rider. [00:50:30] Speaker A: Bird, if it helps in crafting. Yeah. [00:50:34] Speaker C: Nice. [00:50:35] Speaker A: It's a deity skill. [00:50:36] Speaker D: Nice. All right. [00:50:38] Speaker C: And with the combined result of Zafir's check for crafting, and with val being an expert, if you stopped off, cut some trees, collected some shrubbery, maybe used some rope from your packs, you would be able to reinforce the bridge to repair it and make it back up. [00:51:00] Speaker D: To usable counter option. Can we say we have ten gold worth of bridge repair stuff to save time since we have that pack? [00:51:10] Speaker C: That would clear out the pack, right? [00:51:12] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:51:12] Speaker C: From, like, I'm down for that. [00:51:14] Speaker D: You guys good for that? [00:51:15] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:51:15] Speaker B: Wait, since we're probably never going to. [00:51:17] Speaker E: Eat, where's this pack from, like, episode five? Wait, from the closet? Dang, I thought we used that for climbing. [00:51:26] Speaker F: No, that was the random. [00:51:28] Speaker A: We have used it, I think, once or twice. [00:51:30] Speaker C: Yeah. There's one time where you guys pulled some small item out. [00:51:34] Speaker F: Yeah, I forgot all about it. [00:51:36] Speaker C: Sure. [00:51:36] Speaker A: Why not just pull out some ports. [00:51:38] Speaker C: And lumber so we do like, a montage of you guys repairing the bridge. And it's like, we finish, and there's like, a pipe transition as the music comes to an end. And it's like, fixed with random broom closet supplies. There's, like, a mop that's tied in here. [00:51:55] Speaker B: There's a struggling broom and mop shaking. [00:51:58] Speaker E: So if you've ever played bridge constructor, I'm imagining just. It's just sitting there, bouncing, like, up and down with really flexible toothpicks. [00:52:08] Speaker A: You're going to have to look good now. [00:52:11] Speaker E: There's a million of them. [00:52:12] Speaker C: It is now sturdy enough that two horses and rider could cross at the same time without it collapsing. [00:52:18] Speaker E: Nice. [00:52:18] Speaker C: Excellent. [00:52:19] Speaker F: Beautiful. [00:52:20] Speaker A: Onward and forward, friends. [00:52:22] Speaker E: This is an interesting bridge. Hey, while we're over here, does anybody mind if we just, well, actually get to the other side? [00:52:28] Speaker C: Just. [00:52:29] Speaker E: Rustaford, can you fly under the bridge just to see if there's anything down there? [00:52:34] Speaker F: It's actually not a bad idea. [00:52:36] Speaker C: What am I looking for? [00:52:39] Speaker E: Creatures. Gold? Orphans? [00:52:43] Speaker F: Trolls. [00:52:44] Speaker E: Trolls? I think that works in with creatures. I think orphans does, too. [00:52:49] Speaker C: Rustford, jump. [00:52:50] Speaker E: Orphans are a creature type, not trolls. I meant creatures. [00:52:53] Speaker B: Orphans are trolls. [00:52:54] Speaker E: Orphans are creatures, yes, we're all creatures, technically. [00:52:59] Speaker A: We have the creature subtite, all of us. [00:53:01] Speaker C: So Rustford flies under the bridge. This creature flies under the bridge, looks around, flutters back up, lands on your shoulder. There are three trolls, each one with massive Ivory fangs. I suggest that we move on post haste. [00:53:19] Speaker E: How on earth. How on Galarian did we fix this bridge without noticing them? [00:53:24] Speaker C: He looks over at neros and winks. [00:53:30] Speaker A: It's a frike, bro. Well, let's make haste. [00:53:35] Speaker E: Zephyr moves a little quicker. [00:53:39] Speaker D: You good? [00:53:40] Speaker F: Yeah. Neros is having a chuckle. [00:53:44] Speaker E: Okay, I'm going to look up to see if birds can wink. [00:53:48] Speaker F: This bird is a familiar. It can do whatever the heck it wants. [00:53:51] Speaker C: I'm talking to you. [00:53:54] Speaker B: Why don't you look up if birds can talk, too, while you have it? [00:53:58] Speaker F: Paris. [00:53:58] Speaker A: There's at least some realism. [00:54:00] Speaker F: Paris can talk. [00:54:01] Speaker B: Raven. [00:54:02] Speaker A: Miros. Well, is that bird lying? [00:54:07] Speaker F: Maybe. [00:54:08] Speaker A: All right, cool. [00:54:10] Speaker F: We can go. [00:54:11] Speaker A: Cool. I'm in on a joke. She's. She's just happy and pleased. [00:54:23] Speaker C: As you make your way away from the bridge, a little bit further on into the foothills, you come to a spot. As you approach it, thinking, oh, this would be a great place for a camp. As you arrive, you find the white stomped out coals of a campfire that had been put out recently. [00:54:43] Speaker F: It's probably who we're following. [00:54:46] Speaker A: Sugar gunk. [00:54:47] Speaker D: I mean, it could also just be a person. [00:54:50] Speaker F: Oh. It could be who we're following. [00:54:52] Speaker E: I feel like this is a cop out, but I could send Rustaford into the sky as a scout. [00:54:57] Speaker B: I don't see as a cop out. [00:54:59] Speaker E: As a just scout? Yes. [00:55:01] Speaker F: I feel like that's very bad idea. [00:55:03] Speaker B: That's actually a really good idea. [00:55:04] Speaker D: Very helpful. [00:55:05] Speaker A: I'll send Sigurin with him. [00:55:07] Speaker E: Yes, except she can't talk, but I can feel her. That's true. Does she feel feathery? Rustaford, go in the sky, please. [00:55:16] Speaker C: Rustaford takes off and flies up and. [00:55:18] Speaker A: Up, and Sigurin follows. [00:55:20] Speaker C: Crap. [00:55:20] Speaker E: I forgot to tell her to stop him to stop. [00:55:23] Speaker C: And once he reaches a sufficient height, he kind of starts swirling, circling the area. [00:55:32] Speaker A: Cornelius, do you know how big of a group is with Saito? [00:55:37] Speaker C: According to what we'd heard, he should be alone. [00:55:40] Speaker A: Oh, so this could be his camp. [00:55:43] Speaker B: We make a check and see if it's only one person that was here. [00:55:46] Speaker C: Survival or perception checks. [00:55:47] Speaker A: I was expecting, like, a large group. [00:55:51] Speaker D: Okay, this dice is going away. [00:55:53] Speaker E: 28. [00:55:55] Speaker A: No, sorry. 27. [00:55:57] Speaker C: 25, definitely. This camp was for one person. You actually are able to trace out. Oh, this is where the tent was pitched, and this is where he'd put this part here. And it's like, definitely one person. [00:56:10] Speaker A: One night only. [00:56:14] Speaker C: But one night only. You also, however, learned that it was not one night. They had been camping here for a while and then struck camp for two weeks only. [00:56:25] Speaker B: How long do we get that sense? [00:56:27] Speaker C: About three or four days. [00:56:29] Speaker A: Maybe they were using this as a point to return to every night or scouting different directions. [00:56:35] Speaker E: Maybe they were afraid of the bridge trolls. [00:56:40] Speaker C: Rustopher dives back in just, like, straight for Zafir's head and just barely, like, pulls out of the fall to land on his shoulder. [00:56:48] Speaker D: I thought you're going to say on his head. [00:56:50] Speaker B: Is it fear? [00:56:50] Speaker E: Doesn't twitch? Twitch? [00:56:53] Speaker C: Flinch? [00:56:54] Speaker F: Flinch. [00:56:56] Speaker B: Were you able to see anything? [00:56:58] Speaker C: I was able to see looking 3 miles up into the mountain. I'm afraid you with legs would have to take a longer path up. But 3 miles from here, there is a large set of ornate iron doors built into the side of the mountain. Well, they were built into the side of the mountain. Now they're lying on the floor, the forest floor, next to the mountain. [00:57:21] Speaker A: Look to sigurd to see if she agrees. [00:57:24] Speaker C: Sigern nods. [00:57:26] Speaker E: You're very smart, Rustaford. I can't believe I didn't take you out before. [00:57:31] Speaker D: Yeah, I'm a little shocked at this, too. He's honestly pleasant. [00:57:34] Speaker B: How long have you had Rustoford? [00:57:36] Speaker E: At least since level two. I don't know what that means. [00:57:39] Speaker A: Has grown so much in this one. [00:57:42] Speaker D: Session five months ago. [00:57:45] Speaker F: In real life, not game time. [00:57:48] Speaker D: In game time. [00:57:50] Speaker A: Well, is this where we're going to set camp, then? Maybe he comes back. [00:57:55] Speaker E: If we all set our tents in the exact same spot as the first original tent, then it'll look like there was only one person. [00:58:04] Speaker F: A tent up top. [00:58:05] Speaker E: Mine is already set up. It's right. [00:58:11] Speaker B: Said. Would it be a three days climb on foot? [00:58:15] Speaker C: It's 3 miles directly. [00:58:16] Speaker B: Oh, 3 miles? [00:58:18] Speaker C: So with Rustaford scouting, you know that you could probably get to those rusted iron or the ornate iron doors just like an hour after sundown. So you'd have to use some kind of light source to get up there. But if you wanted to push it, you could get there, like, not so late that it would be unreasonable to push. [00:58:38] Speaker B: Who needs light source? [00:58:40] Speaker D: Yeah, all of us except for maybe Sam has dark. [00:58:43] Speaker A: I have dark vision. [00:58:44] Speaker D: We all have dark vision now. [00:58:45] Speaker C: Well, then you would not need a light source. [00:58:46] Speaker A: I have special eyes. [00:58:48] Speaker C: I forgot about your specialized. [00:58:49] Speaker D: We all have special eyes. [00:58:51] Speaker A: I told you all about them. When I was looking at her locket. [00:58:54] Speaker C: I was thinking special in a completely different sense, and I was like, why didn't he tell me about, do they. [00:58:58] Speaker A: Know my special eyes? [00:58:59] Speaker D: Do they look normal or do they look special? [00:59:02] Speaker A: They look normal in the light, okay? [00:59:04] Speaker D: That's all I care about. [00:59:05] Speaker B: In the light. [00:59:05] Speaker F: In the dark, do they glow? [00:59:07] Speaker D: They're like cat eyes. [00:59:08] Speaker A: There's like a little bit of divine energy around them. [00:59:11] Speaker C: So, yeah, you wouldn't even need a light source if you wanted to push it. You could get up to the location that Rustaford saw just an hour after sundown, and then we could set up. [00:59:20] Speaker D: Camp a bit closer. It might be a little bit more. [00:59:22] Speaker B: Dangerous, but I think it would be worth trying to close the distance a bit more. [00:59:28] Speaker E: I can take my tent down really quickly. [00:59:30] Speaker A: We could just stay up late and just go in right now. [00:59:33] Speaker D: It really hasn't been that taxing of a day. Aside from the bridge building. [00:59:38] Speaker E: Sounds very taxing. [00:59:39] Speaker F: All of us were doing it. It wasn't that bad. [00:59:42] Speaker B: Your magent helped out a lot. [00:59:44] Speaker D: It's very. [00:59:44] Speaker B: And you're an unseen servant too. [00:59:46] Speaker A: What? [00:59:47] Speaker D: Please don't make me cast that and waste the spell. Spot. [00:59:50] Speaker A: You don't have it. [00:59:52] Speaker B: You usually keep it up all the time. [00:59:54] Speaker D: Normally I do, but I haven't needed it for a minute. [00:59:57] Speaker C: He doesn't have a horse. [00:59:59] Speaker B: I retract that statement. [01:00:00] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:00:01] Speaker D: Normally I don't have a horse. [01:00:02] Speaker F: So are we going up there? [01:00:06] Speaker A: Yes, sure. [01:00:07] Speaker B: I think that would be wise. I don't feel strained. [01:00:11] Speaker D: We can stop like a 30 minutes walk away or something. That way it's not as dangerous, I think. [01:00:18] Speaker B: And we won't light a fire. [01:00:21] Speaker E: Rosterford, why don't you hop back in? We don't need your use anymore. And you see my shadow that has been cast by the somewhat setting sun. My shadow lifts my cowl for me and Rustford hops in. [01:00:41] Speaker F: You're so weird. [01:00:42] Speaker B: What the what? [01:00:43] Speaker F: But I love it. [01:00:45] Speaker A: Sort of just going straight there or are we resting before we get there? [01:00:48] Speaker D: We're going to go there, but then we're going to rest sort of closer to it. But not get in tonight because it could be dangerous. [01:00:56] Speaker A: Get in by surprise. [01:00:57] Speaker D: I'm tired. [01:00:58] Speaker A: Maybe he's tired. [01:00:59] Speaker C: I'd like to offer the party a devil's bargain. [01:01:01] Speaker A: Oh, I love devil's bargains. [01:01:05] Speaker C: With the knowledge from Rustaford, you know the path directly there, but it's not a convenient path for humanoids to track. However, if you succeed on a survival check, you could go directly there and reach your location with an hour of daylight to spare. The caveat would be if you fail, then you will take one level of exhaustion for the attempt. [01:01:30] Speaker D: Whose survival are we using? [01:01:31] Speaker F: Not mine. [01:01:32] Speaker C: It would be whoever's leading the party because they would be charting the course and everybody else would just go, oh, I found the way up. [01:01:39] Speaker D: It would be Uber's then. [01:01:40] Speaker A: Are you an expert in survival? [01:01:43] Speaker F: He doesn't look happy that he has a plus ten. He's got the best survival. [01:01:47] Speaker B: I'm not an expert but yeah. [01:01:48] Speaker E: How dare you be good at some things, Finn. [01:01:52] Speaker B: I've built him to be this way. [01:01:54] Speaker A: But I have a plus eight. [01:01:57] Speaker F: You don't want me to roll same. [01:01:59] Speaker D: I only have a plus three. [01:02:00] Speaker F: I have a plus one. [01:02:01] Speaker D: Which granted with my luck it means. [01:02:02] Speaker E: I'm going to roll. You'd be really good at it. I mean, I have a plus eight too, but. [01:02:09] Speaker D: I don't know. Worst that happens is we just camp early. Yeah, but that could be all part of Jordy's plan to send us on a wild goose chase. [01:02:21] Speaker A: I'd rather get in there tonight. [01:02:22] Speaker D: Well, if we don't take his bargain, we can get in there tonight. But it'd be late. [01:02:27] Speaker E: Let's do it. [01:02:28] Speaker C: So you'd be saving 2 hours if you just cut straight through and just. [01:02:32] Speaker A: Climb, the possibilities are save 2 hours or get exhaustion. [01:02:38] Speaker C: Yes. So on a success, you save 2 hours. On a failure, you get exhaustion. [01:02:42] Speaker A: So normally I'd be like, let's just take the 2 hours. But I feel like there's a reason he's offering this to us. Like, it could have some benefit to us if we got there early. [01:02:52] Speaker B: Honestly, I have a hero point I can use and I have a plus ten. [01:02:57] Speaker D: Okay, then let's go. [01:02:59] Speaker A: I can try and aid you, too. [01:03:01] Speaker B: Yeah, you could try to aid. [01:03:04] Speaker A: Okay, you want me to. [01:03:05] Speaker D: Wait, do we get to know the DC or. [01:03:09] Speaker B: Petite? What's your survival? Just curious. [01:03:11] Speaker E: Eight. [01:03:12] Speaker A: Oh, just like mine. [01:03:13] Speaker E: Okay, wait. [01:03:14] Speaker D: Can somebody cast guidance on him? [01:03:16] Speaker F: I don't have that. [01:03:17] Speaker E: Anybody have guidance? [01:03:18] Speaker D: You had guidance. [01:03:19] Speaker C: Not for this check. Because he's not monster. It's not the work of a moment. It's the work of, like 3 hours. [01:03:24] Speaker D: I get you. [01:03:29] Speaker A: Do you want me to aid or not? [01:03:31] Speaker B: Well, so you can aid, and that could help. That'd be great. But what's the ods? That you don't need a roll of 15 or higher, right? [01:03:39] Speaker A: You need to roll like a 20 or higher. [01:03:40] Speaker D: He needs to beat the d. But. [01:03:41] Speaker A: On a fail doesn't hurt you. Only a critical fail hurts you. [01:03:44] Speaker E: Okay. [01:03:45] Speaker B: You can try aiding. [01:03:46] Speaker F: No pressure. [01:03:47] Speaker D: I do want to say if we learn that this is a crit fail, it means we've committed to it. [01:03:51] Speaker A: 24. [01:03:53] Speaker C: That'll be a success. You get a plus one circumstance bonus. [01:04:01] Speaker B: Well, I can take this 18. [01:04:03] Speaker A: Yes. [01:04:03] Speaker B: With a 19. That's good. Or I can try rerolling and take the better, because it takes the better. [01:04:08] Speaker A: I would take the 18. [01:04:09] Speaker F: That's a really pretty good roll. [01:04:10] Speaker D: Did you roll it? [01:04:11] Speaker B: I rolled an eight. [01:04:12] Speaker A: Oh, you rolled an eight? [01:04:14] Speaker B: Yeah, it's a 19. [01:04:17] Speaker F: I thought you meant 18 on the way. [01:04:18] Speaker D: You made a sound is like, I rolled 18. [01:04:21] Speaker B: No, if I rolled an 18, I. [01:04:24] Speaker F: Thought you meant on the die. [01:04:26] Speaker B: That's better. 24. [01:04:28] Speaker D: There we go. [01:04:29] Speaker C: That's a success. [01:04:31] Speaker F: Would a 19 have been a success? [01:04:33] Speaker C: No. Okay, so your hero point caused success. So I imagine you begin climbing up, and you're, like, finding a way up the bluff, finding handholds, and you're just beginning to reach for this one rock to pull onto. And then you're like, oh, I see the cracks in the hairlines. And you go for a different grab. You warn everybody of that, and you're able to climb up this bluff, make your way around this hill, use a tree, and then jump to a nearby hill, and you're able to shave two full hours off the journey that way. [01:05:03] Speaker F: Wow. [01:05:04] Speaker E: Just so you know, I am the last one in the group climbing. I'm trailing, as it were. [01:05:11] Speaker D: Makes sense. You're small. [01:05:16] Speaker E: I am six three, and I take offense to that. [01:05:20] Speaker D: The fear is not six three. [01:05:22] Speaker C: No, I am six three. As you get to the top of the last of these ridges, the switchback that you just skipped over, climbing over the hill, you see a small clearing in the trees up against the side of the cliff. And as Rustaford had described, there are massive iron doors. Now that you're close enough and you can see them for yourselves, these doors are at least 12ft tall apiece, but they look like they've been ripped off and thrown onto the ground outside of where they should be set in their hinges. And sitting next to this door with its back to you is a troll. And that's where we'll end this episode. [01:06:04] Speaker A: Yeah, I was hoping it was just going to be here's the place I do see end of episode. [01:06:09] Speaker B: I knew it wasn't going to be. [01:06:10] Speaker A: That I was hoping it would be. I like those no said it's here's the place. And a troll. At least one, maybe three. [01:06:17] Speaker C: And for tonight, petite, you get the hero point for your cool bits with Rustaford. Cool scenes Rustaford I am motivated by enjoying playing Rustaford. [01:06:29] Speaker E: I enjoy you playing Rustaford. Well, I do thank you all for letting me not know how birds work or familiars or really how to play this game. I am going to officially find out if crows. [01:06:44] Speaker A: Ha. [01:06:46] Speaker E: If ravens can blink or wink or both. [01:06:51] Speaker D: Do they have eyelids? [01:06:53] Speaker F: Yes. [01:06:55] Speaker C: And we'll see you next time. In the blink of a raven's eye. [01:06:59] Speaker D: Man, they take a long time to blink. [01:07:03] Speaker C: This has been an atomic broadcasting production. Pathfinder, Galerian and the lost omens world setting are copyright of Piso more [email protected] music in the show is from monument Studios collection as well as assorted artists with some original tracks composed by Jordy Hake. More details in the description. If you enjoyed the show, please remember to share with a friend and we'll look forward to seeing you again next time. [01:07:30] Speaker F: We need to find gwibs. [01:07:32] Speaker B: We need to find gwibs. [01:07:33] Speaker F: We need to find gwibs. [01:07:34] Speaker C: I will tell you after that session I was like, okay, Jacob and Nolan, I have three different things that glibs could have gone off to do, which is the best, and we decided what Gwibs is off doing now. So Gwibs is now a line that has been set in motion and Gibbs is doing things. [01:07:50] Speaker F: Guys, I need to go find gwibs. [01:07:52] Speaker D: We can do that when we. [01:07:54] Speaker B: You know what? We shipped gwibs as a joke, but now we're actually shipping. [01:07:59] Speaker F: Sorry, the OTP attached to NPC. [01:08:01] Speaker D: Screw the king is the OTP.

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