Episode 38

March 18, 2024


Ep. 38 Trollforge

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Jordy Hake Michael Petete Samuel Sarver Abby Fincher Michael Jenkins Sven Nerness
Ep. 38 Trollforge
The Written and The Lost
Ep. 38 Trollforge

Mar 18 2024 | 00:58:50


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The party delves deeper into Trollforge, and discovers that there may be more to the place than they had assumed.


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[00:00:05] Speaker A: You are listening to an atomic broadcasting production. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the feature presentation. And remember, do your part, such as, like, comment rate, and don't forget to tell a friend to tune in for an atomic time. [00:00:32] Speaker B: Now, where did we leave off? Ah, yes. Upon entering the troll forge, the party was set upon by a pair of ice shamblers, frozen remains of unlucky adventurers gone before. With the new aid of Val and her divine protection, the creatures were felled and lay in peace at last. [00:01:03] Speaker A: So this last Friday, I had a fun day of hunting down books and buying books at Barnes and Noble and what kind of comic book store? It was all comics for me. My wife found, like, journals and stuff, but I found something that one I didn't know existed in this form. Two I've been looking to get for a long time, but haven't found it when I look for it is the Marvel comic series Oz by Eric Shannoer and Scotty Young. [00:01:35] Speaker C: Is it like a retelling of the wizard of Oz? [00:01:37] Speaker A: The first little miniseries is the wizard of Oz. The rest of it is all adaptations of the books of, like, several books of the Oz series of novels. So they're little adaptations. [00:01:50] Speaker C: Are they graphic novels of it? [00:01:52] Speaker A: They are comic books, yeah. [00:01:55] Speaker C: But do they tell the same story? [00:01:57] Speaker A: For the most part, yes. [00:01:59] Speaker C: That's so cool. [00:02:00] Speaker A: There are these wonderful little things. Now, I'm not super familiar with the wizard of Oz. I've seen that old movie. Is that it? That might be all I've experienced with the wizard of Oz. Oh, I saw that horrible movie with James Franco. [00:02:16] Speaker C: I was about to say there's multiple renditions, but there's the very old movie that was revolutionary because of the color swapping halfway through the film. And then there was another one with, like, horrible wheeled monsters. [00:02:28] Speaker D: What about the stage play, the musical? [00:02:31] Speaker A: I've never seen it. But anyway, I spent the yesterday reading. I read through the wizard of Oz, which is about a 10th of the 900 pages of the book, and that just goes through the wizard of Oz story. But I don't know if this is quite the same way in the original novels, but I'm finding these characters are very fleshed out while also being very simple, very fairytaley, and I'm loving it. I am getting invested in these guys. The scarecrow is my favorite. I love that guy. [00:03:01] Speaker C: I didn't know there was more than one wizard of Oz book for the longest time. [00:03:04] Speaker A: I think the original author did eight. And then there's a total of 40. [00:03:08] Speaker E: Like, the original story of wizard of Oz is so different from the movie. Oh, yeah. I listened to it as an audiobook growing up, and I like it. The characters are better. [00:03:21] Speaker A: Yeah. There's more to it. They show up. [00:03:22] Speaker E: The cowardly lion was still a lion. [00:03:25] Speaker C: That makes sense. [00:03:26] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:03:26] Speaker A: He's cowardly because he scares everything, because he's scared of them and has no chance to be courageous. [00:03:31] Speaker E: But in the end, he is courageous. Like, even before he gets to the. [00:03:36] Speaker A: Castle, wizard gives him liquid courage. That's what he calls it, and I love it. [00:03:41] Speaker C: This is an offshoot, and I apologize. Well, first, I want to compliment the art that you showed. That was beautiful. [00:03:47] Speaker A: I love Scotty young. He's always been a favorite of mine. [00:03:50] Speaker C: The other thing is, this is when playing remnant two. [00:03:54] Speaker A: Wow. Okay. [00:03:57] Speaker C: I'll draw it back to liquid courage. There's an item there called liquid courage, and it's basically. I don't think it's called liquid courage. It's something. Courage. [00:04:07] Speaker B: 140 hp. [00:04:08] Speaker C: It's a needle that you stab you. It's a drug in the game, anyway, bioshock, but it gives you bonus effects. But in the flavor text, it says. It makes a joke that it's just alcohol you're injecting directly. [00:04:20] Speaker D: So one of my favorite renditions of the wizard of Oz is just wicked. And I've never read the book, but I love the Broadway show. [00:04:28] Speaker C: Is there a book of that? [00:04:30] Speaker D: Yeah, it's based off of a book. [00:04:31] Speaker A: I have listened to the soundtrack several times in my oldest brother's car. [00:04:36] Speaker D: Chill. [00:04:36] Speaker A: Because he plays it all the time when I'm taking trips. I've never seen the play. I have only listened to the music numbers. [00:04:43] Speaker D: I saw it, which are great. Back in high school, our acapella. Actually, I think the entire choir group went to see it at the Muni. No, not the muni. The fox in St. Louis, which I think they're both in St. Louis. But it was really cool. Super cool effects. Super cool. The design of everything. And, I mean, I'm sure it's the same everywhere, but was it the Broadway. [00:05:09] Speaker A: Group, like, the actors, or was it, like, a local, like, students and stuff to that area? [00:05:16] Speaker D: It was not local, but I don't think it was Broadway either. [00:05:19] Speaker A: It wasn't the original cast? [00:05:21] Speaker D: I don't think so. [00:05:21] Speaker C: Okay. If the original cast went to a very small. Was it a small town? [00:05:25] Speaker D: St. Louis. [00:05:26] Speaker F: St. Louis. [00:05:27] Speaker C: Oh, I didn't know where that. [00:05:28] Speaker D: I know where St. Louis, but I. [00:05:30] Speaker C: Didn'T hear the St. Louis part. I'm sorry. [00:05:32] Speaker A: But, yeah, I found this. It's a little beaten because it's a used book, but I couldn't find it for the longest time. I didn't know they had an omnibus format of it, so it's all just collected in one. The last several times I've gone to this comic book store of mine in the last couple of months, I have been finding so many whales, which things that I can't find, like my white whales books I want to get, but. [00:05:56] Speaker C: I definitely expand on was I the. [00:05:59] Speaker F: Only one that got. [00:06:01] Speaker C: Well, my brain immediately went the video game term of whales, which is somebody who spends a lot of money. [00:06:06] Speaker A: No, not like that. [00:06:07] Speaker B: Yes, it is. [00:06:07] Speaker A: But I found a lot of things I've been looking for. They've just been buying from people around town as used items. So I've had a great time lately. [00:06:15] Speaker C: That's great. [00:06:15] Speaker A: And Oz is amazing. I recommend it if you have any chance to read it. I'm not interested in the wizard of Oz until I read this book. I love it. [00:06:24] Speaker D: So we'll get you an AMA on Reddit and we'll say, ama. I'm Sam. I am on a podcast all about Pathfinder, but ask me about comic books instead. [00:06:36] Speaker C: Ask me about the wizard of Oz specifically. [00:06:38] Speaker D: Tell me your interests and I will give you a suggestion. [00:06:42] Speaker B: Speaking of finding what we're looking for, let's jump back in. [00:06:45] Speaker C: Is it me? [00:06:48] Speaker D: I am looking for death and destruction. [00:06:52] Speaker E: Well, we just all ice people go loot the bodies. I'm going to go take a look at the pouches that are perfectly preserved pouches. [00:06:59] Speaker C: I was curious about that, but we didn't get to it. [00:07:01] Speaker D: I'm going to loot the bodies. Are they? [00:07:05] Speaker A: Please, could we just let Jody reset the scene? [00:07:10] Speaker B: I think you guys are already in the scene. The audience knows what's going on. They heard the previously on you guys are in it. [00:07:15] Speaker D: The audience has been listening since episode one. They know exactly what's going on. [00:07:19] Speaker B: Zafir, as you loot the bodies, you find some scraps of cloth that haven't quite deteriorated. [00:07:26] Speaker C: I'm going to take them and I'm. [00:07:28] Speaker D: Going to keep them for our new friend. [00:07:31] Speaker C: You were yelling at us that we didn't loot the bodies before. [00:07:35] Speaker B: I'm like, these guys have stuff and you've seen them use it in combat. You should loot bodies. Zombies. [00:07:41] Speaker C: I bet they've got loot zombies who only use their. [00:07:44] Speaker A: I was totally kidding. Val is going to shatter the two. [00:07:49] Speaker D: Ice ghouls after I take their tattered cloth. [00:07:53] Speaker A: And then she looks to Zafir who's still over here? Would you like some healing? Are you doing all right? [00:08:00] Speaker D: I could take some. [00:08:02] Speaker G: Just a little. [00:08:03] Speaker A: All right. She reaches out, her hand touches you, and there's more of those swirls. The comet swirl of curb, of crackles. And they kind of like, lay against your arm and you heal. 18 hit points. [00:08:16] Speaker D: Actually, that puts me back to full health. [00:08:18] Speaker C: You ran away. [00:08:21] Speaker A: Now, Uvair, I'll get to you here in about, like, ten minutes. I need to pray. [00:08:32] Speaker C: I'm also going to take some time to refocus. [00:08:34] Speaker B: I'm so confused. [00:08:36] Speaker F: The invasive thought won. [00:08:40] Speaker E: So I gesture a lot when I'm talking. [00:08:46] Speaker C: Gave me high five. Is that not why you gesture? [00:08:51] Speaker F: You were holding out your hand. [00:08:54] Speaker C: I don't understand. What does Uvair find in them? Pouches? [00:08:58] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:08:58] Speaker B: So, Uvair, you're looking through the pouches. [00:09:00] Speaker C: I thought. [00:09:00] Speaker B: Albert, you said you were going to go with. [00:09:02] Speaker C: I'm gonna. I need to refocus. And I figured since he's gonna pray, I'm gonna do the same. [00:09:07] Speaker A: You're gonna pray? [00:09:07] Speaker C: No, not pray, but. [00:09:10] Speaker F: Well, I don't know what I'm doing. [00:09:12] Speaker E: I'm standing in the corner crying reaction. [00:09:15] Speaker A: I can teach you some prayers. [00:09:17] Speaker F: Um, maybe another time. [00:09:19] Speaker A: Okay. [00:09:20] Speaker B: Alright, so, Uvair, as you go through the pouches, you find some assorted, like, travel gear, such as. What is that called? [00:09:32] Speaker C: A whip? [00:09:33] Speaker B: Grappling hook. [00:09:34] Speaker C: Grappling? [00:09:34] Speaker B: That's what it's called. A few petons, a length of rope. You also find 88 gold pieces. [00:09:42] Speaker C: Ooh. Wow. [00:09:44] Speaker D: Are you going to share with the class? [00:09:46] Speaker E: We'll see. [00:09:47] Speaker C: You better share with the class. [00:09:48] Speaker B: Two potion bottles. [00:09:51] Speaker F: Are they just bottles they'll need identified? [00:09:54] Speaker E: I'll identify them after you're done. [00:09:56] Speaker B: And a four foot long staff of you wood with coiling like scroll work going all the way around, made out of parchment. [00:10:08] Speaker C: That's definitely something. [00:10:09] Speaker A: Is it a scroll staff? [00:10:11] Speaker E: I'm going to have to identify a few things here. [00:10:15] Speaker C: I can help. [00:10:15] Speaker E: So somebody do the math to split up the 88 gold. [00:10:18] Speaker A: I got it. [00:10:19] Speaker C: Okay. [00:10:21] Speaker E: Much as I would love to keep it all to myself, Uvair wouldn't. [00:10:25] Speaker A: Don't be a jerk. 17. One of us gets 18. [00:10:30] Speaker C: Uber can have the 18. [00:10:31] Speaker D: It's only fair he found it. [00:10:33] Speaker C: I can now afford my mom's medicine. [00:10:37] Speaker G: Good for you, buddy. You got to pay him back first. [00:10:41] Speaker A: Shut up. [00:10:41] Speaker C: I can now afford my mom's medicine. [00:10:44] Speaker E: I like to think I'm handing out the portions and zapier, just like, thank you whenever I'm handing it out to. [00:10:48] Speaker C: You, Albert. [00:10:52] Speaker B: I think I may have mentioned this before, but I'm going to bring it up again because I like it. Is equipment and loot and stuff that you find in dungeons will need to be identified before it can be used. But you can essentially say, I know my stuff in long rests during daily preparations, and unless I have something specific about an item, we can just hand wave and say it's been identified. [00:11:15] Speaker C: Okay. So right now, if we wanted to use it, since we're not taking a long rest, as far as we know. [00:11:20] Speaker B: Right. So if you've already long rested, you can assume that you can just identify the stuff you have. I might say for this one, you need to roll, but usually you can just identify for free during a long rest. [00:11:31] Speaker E: So, as an expert in Arcana, I'm going to try identifying the staff first. [00:11:37] Speaker B: All right. Go ahead and make an arcana check. [00:11:43] Speaker E: You sweet Jiminy Christmas. [00:11:47] Speaker C: Good or bad? [00:11:48] Speaker E: Not one. [00:11:52] Speaker C: I feel you, Sven. [00:11:54] Speaker E: That sucks. [00:11:55] Speaker B: For 14, it appears to be a walking stick. Someone has pinned sticky notes too. [00:12:01] Speaker D: I was going to say, like a troll's toothpick. [00:12:03] Speaker F: That's a low blow. [00:12:05] Speaker E: That is hurtful on multiple levels. How about the potions? [00:12:10] Speaker B: Yeah, go ahead and let's see. Crafting or Arcana for either of them. [00:12:15] Speaker E: Because crafting is not my strong suit. Well, I thought Arcana was too. 24. [00:12:20] Speaker C: That's better. [00:12:21] Speaker E: Got you a plus 13 in Arcana. [00:12:24] Speaker B: So the first one, I feel you with society. The first one is an invisibility potion. [00:12:32] Speaker A: That's nice. [00:12:34] Speaker E: You can continue. [00:12:35] Speaker B: So it'll just take one action to just chug the potion, assuming you have it in your hand, and you will be affected by a second level invisibility spell. [00:12:44] Speaker E: And the other? [00:12:46] Speaker B: The other one will be another check. [00:12:48] Speaker E: Oh, really? [00:12:49] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:12:50] Speaker E: Okay. 27. Oh, sorry. 29. [00:12:55] Speaker B: Ooh. A critical success. You really know what this is? [00:12:58] Speaker E: I really know what this is. It's not really what I want to know. [00:13:02] Speaker B: This one is actually an alchemical concoction. That is a mist form elixir. When you drink that one, you become concealed for three rounds, as it, like, you just kind of emanate a mist from your skin. So it's obvious where you are, so you can't use it to hide or sneak, but it makes it hard to figure out exactly your position in that space. So it'd make them have, like, flat checks to try to target you. [00:13:29] Speaker E: You said mist form. Cool. [00:13:32] Speaker C: Yay. [00:13:33] Speaker G: Okay. I know what these things do. They're fairly simple, but I can't quite get a grasp on the staff. [00:13:43] Speaker D: I enter the room. I point at it, and I'd like to try to identify it. [00:13:50] Speaker B: All right. Make an Arcana check. [00:13:54] Speaker G: 24. [00:13:56] Speaker B: Nice with that, Zafir. You do recognize this from your studies. It's known as a librarian staff. [00:14:03] Speaker D: That is so not on character for me. [00:14:07] Speaker E: That's awesome. [00:14:09] Speaker D: I try to avoid those things at all costs. [00:14:12] Speaker C: What do they do? [00:14:13] Speaker D: It's a librarian staff. [00:14:16] Speaker C: So quiet. Make you very quiet. [00:14:20] Speaker B: A librarian staff has two functions. First off, it functions like a normal staff. So it has a list of spells that are stored as part of the staff. And when you attune to the staff in your daily preparations, it gets a number of charges equal to the highest level of spell slots you have. So at this point, you would get three charges, and then you can cast spells out of the staff, not necessarily using your prepared spells for the day. Based off of the spell list that the staff has access to. You can also burn a spell slot during your daily preparations to add bonus charges to the staff. [00:14:54] Speaker C: I didn't know that was a thing. [00:14:56] Speaker B: Yes. So it adds charges equal to the spell level. So if you burn a third level spell slot, then you have now six charges in your staff because you get three for free, and you add three extra. [00:15:05] Speaker C: That's good to know. [00:15:06] Speaker B: So this librarian staff, the spell list it has on there is cantrips, approximate and read aura. So those, of course, don't take any charges to cast. It has first level spells, pocket, library, quicksort, and share lore. [00:15:25] Speaker C: Every time I make a caster, I always want those spells, but they're never useful enough, so that's perfect. [00:15:32] Speaker B: And it also has second level spells, comprehend language and timely tutor. [00:15:39] Speaker G: That's so good. [00:15:41] Speaker B: So that's its primary function. It has a secondary special ability that's non standard for staffs. All staffs have, like, a list of spells on them. Like that. The non standard ability is as a three action activity. You can store or retrieve up to one bulk of texts in an extra dimensional space attached to the staff. [00:16:01] Speaker D: So what happens if the staff gets destroyed? [00:16:05] Speaker B: It doesn't say. [00:16:06] Speaker C: I think the items would just come out of the extra dimensional space. [00:16:09] Speaker A: They get shunted on a distraction, or perhaps you must eat them. [00:16:14] Speaker B: It's the only logical course of action. So, Zafir, you know all of this about the librarian staff. [00:16:21] Speaker D: Do I relay it? [00:16:22] Speaker B: That's the question. [00:16:23] Speaker D: I do tell you that all of it. [00:16:27] Speaker G: Oh, this is. [00:16:29] Speaker D: Can stay away from it. [00:16:31] Speaker G: It's evil. [00:16:36] Speaker D: Books are some of the worst things. [00:16:39] Speaker E: Uber kind of just, like, subtly glances to his pack. That is absolutely stuffed with books. [00:16:46] Speaker D: We went to a library and I sat outside. [00:16:49] Speaker C: No, you didn't. You specifically helped me find books. [00:16:52] Speaker D: Oh, well, there was monsters in that library. [00:16:55] Speaker C: You also went into the library with us the first time. [00:16:59] Speaker G: I've been wanting to ask you about that, actually. Another time. [00:17:04] Speaker B: Neros. [00:17:06] Speaker F: What do you want? [00:17:08] Speaker B: While these two, with their arcane Shenanigans are looking at the staff and kind of looking over what it can do, you notice a cubby? You know when you go to, like. [00:17:20] Speaker F: A kindergarten class cubby? [00:17:22] Speaker B: I was going to say that, but I was like. That makes it sound like we all visit kindergartens all the time. [00:17:26] Speaker F: I do. I don't. [00:17:28] Speaker B: Okay, so, you know kindergarten cubbies, there's, like one of those, but it's like 5ft up from the floor and it's near the door on the right when you enter. [00:17:37] Speaker F: Like the door we came in, that has the. [00:17:40] Speaker B: Near the door away. That would be on your right when you enter. So, like, where the caster line stood. [00:17:45] Speaker F: What? [00:17:46] Speaker A: In the first room we. [00:17:47] Speaker F: Oh, to my right, my other right. [00:17:49] Speaker A: Opposite of the room the creatures ran away into. [00:17:52] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:17:53] Speaker F: Okay. Is there anything in it? Can I look in there and you feel around? No. This isn't. No. [00:18:02] Speaker B: You find a wand. [00:18:03] Speaker F: Okay. [00:18:03] Speaker B: Inside the cubby. [00:18:05] Speaker F: Are you going to make me roll something? [00:18:07] Speaker B: It would be an arcana check. [00:18:08] Speaker F: Okay. [00:18:09] Speaker A: Or you could eat it. [00:18:10] Speaker B: Or a nature check. [00:18:12] Speaker E: Or nature. [00:18:14] Speaker F: I'm going to roll Arcana because I'm not trained in nature and I don't rely on a plus one to help. [00:18:19] Speaker A: Only it were divine. I could use it. [00:18:24] Speaker E: You got two other people. [00:18:25] Speaker F: I know nothing because I rolled three other people. [00:18:30] Speaker A: Plus what? [00:18:31] Speaker F: Eleven as total. [00:18:33] Speaker C: That's not too bad. [00:18:35] Speaker F: Not great. [00:18:36] Speaker B: You didn't critically fail, so you know that you don't know. [00:18:40] Speaker E: You know that you don't know. [00:18:42] Speaker F: Okay, guys, I found a stick. [00:18:45] Speaker G: What did you find? [00:18:46] Speaker F: A stick. [00:18:47] Speaker G: A stick that looks more like a. [00:18:50] Speaker F: I wave it around. [00:18:50] Speaker C: I think. [00:18:51] Speaker D: That is not a librarian staff. [00:18:53] Speaker C: How long has it been since we started praying and refocusing? [00:18:55] Speaker B: I'm going to look easily ten minutes. [00:18:57] Speaker C: Okay. I was. Been staying out of everything. I was like, I'm trying to do something here. [00:19:01] Speaker A: While Uber is looking and identifying 20, touch his arm and the crackles go along his scars and heal him. 18 hit points. That's nice. And then I. Then I sit back down and start praying again. [00:19:14] Speaker E: That brings me three below. [00:19:18] Speaker G: Thank you. [00:19:20] Speaker A: No problem. [00:19:21] Speaker B: And as you get that feeling of healing coursing through your being, find another rhyme. 24, you identify a wand of quench. [00:19:35] Speaker F: What? [00:19:36] Speaker C: I know what this is. [00:19:39] Speaker G: Can I see it real quick? [00:19:40] Speaker F: I throw it to you, I chuck it at your head. [00:19:46] Speaker E: Pointy side. [00:19:47] Speaker A: That's how Uber got an. [00:19:51] Speaker E: Wand. Uber misses it hits the wall, it. [00:19:54] Speaker B: Cracks, goes up, goes everywhere. Explosion. [00:20:00] Speaker E: He catches it. I'm not going to roll for that. [00:20:04] Speaker B: Yeah, he catches it. [00:20:07] Speaker F: Acrobatics check. [00:20:12] Speaker E: Um, he. [00:20:14] Speaker G: He got upset. I think this is. Yes, yes, it's. It's a wand of quench. [00:20:22] Speaker F: Okay. What does that do? Mechanically? [00:20:24] Speaker B: Well, you see, it has two functions. First off, you can use it to automatically douse any flames in the area of the 20 foot bursts that you target. [00:20:35] Speaker F: These creatures could have used this, but. [00:20:39] Speaker B: It can also be used to counteract a magical fire effect. So, for an example, if there was a plus one flaming longsword, you could use quench on the plus one flaming longsword and make a counteract check. And if you succeed, you would suppress the flaming feature for ten minutes. [00:20:57] Speaker C: Can it also damage fire constructs? [00:21:00] Speaker B: It can. So, like a creature that has the fire. I forgot to mention that a creature that has the fire trait would take four d eight damage on a basic fortitude save, the spell's duration is sustained. So, on your next turn, as long as you don't drop it in between, you could spend another action to keep it going, and then move that source of water elsewhere to quench something else or to try to counteract a different effect. [00:21:24] Speaker D: I have a spell called. What's the cup of dust? It makes you thirsty and take damage. [00:21:33] Speaker F: Why do you have that? [00:21:35] Speaker C: Why don't you? [00:21:36] Speaker A: What? If we're thirsty, can we drink from the wand of quench? [00:21:40] Speaker B: No. Because it's not like a bubble of water. The air is super saturated with water vapor. [00:21:47] Speaker E: Humid. [00:21:47] Speaker D: I could drink that. [00:21:49] Speaker E: It's like a sauna. You can use it as a sauna. [00:21:53] Speaker F: No, it's the wand of quenching. You're just over there drinking water. [00:21:57] Speaker B: Cup of dust was cast on me. [00:21:59] Speaker F: Okay, what's the spell list? [00:22:02] Speaker B: It's from primal. [00:22:03] Speaker F: Okay, I can't use it, guys. [00:22:05] Speaker C: None of us can. [00:22:06] Speaker B: So nobody has the innate ability. [00:22:08] Speaker F: Well, I do have. [00:22:09] Speaker B: You could roll trick magic item. [00:22:10] Speaker A: I also have trick magic item. [00:22:12] Speaker E: So do I. [00:22:13] Speaker B: So, since you've identified it, you would know that it would be a DC 20 nature check. [00:22:19] Speaker A: I have plus one to nature. I will not take that. [00:22:22] Speaker F: I also have plus one, plus ten. [00:22:24] Speaker D: Maybe we should just. [00:22:25] Speaker F: Do you have trick magic item? [00:22:27] Speaker A: Yes. [00:22:27] Speaker F: Do you want it? [00:22:28] Speaker E: I mean, no, but anybody else want it? [00:22:31] Speaker F: I don't want it. [00:22:32] Speaker E: How much is it worth? [00:22:34] Speaker B: 160 gold pieces. [00:22:37] Speaker G: I don't think we need to use it. But it is worth quite a lot of money. [00:22:42] Speaker F: Yeah, we could sell that. [00:22:44] Speaker A: Like ten. [00:22:47] Speaker G: More than that. [00:22:48] Speaker A: Multiply that 1660 math genius. [00:22:56] Speaker G: I will take it. And if I can, I guess, try and use it. It would be a little complicated, but we can certainly sell it. And we can get some money out of it. [00:23:07] Speaker D: We could use it on our adventures. [00:23:13] Speaker C: I personally would prefer to sell it. [00:23:15] Speaker G: It isn't much use. Otherwise it would be more of a hassle, I think, to use it than to keep it. [00:23:23] Speaker D: Know what they say, use it or. [00:23:24] Speaker C: Lose mean we could sell it. [00:23:27] Speaker D: So that's why we're going to lose it. [00:23:29] Speaker A: Jordy, that place we were in, there are now two dead, icy ghouls. Is that a dead end room? There's nothing else down that way. Yes, but there is a door to the north of us in the first room. And a door to the east. [00:23:43] Speaker B: Yes. [00:23:44] Speaker A: Okay. Which way should we get going in? Further. I don't want to bring Pilgrim in here when we haven't explored everything yet. [00:23:51] Speaker C: Do you think it's weird that two ghouls existed, but very violent people walked through here already? [00:23:58] Speaker A: Presumably. Unless they were with him. [00:24:00] Speaker C: The door was behind them. [00:24:01] Speaker D: Maybe they went. [00:24:04] Speaker A: Do we know that Saita has come through here? [00:24:07] Speaker C: Well, is there any? Told us that people came through, but. [00:24:11] Speaker A: He described the ghouls. [00:24:13] Speaker C: All right. [00:24:14] Speaker B: Yeah, Uber, go ahead and make a survival check. [00:24:17] Speaker F: What was Uber's question? [00:24:18] Speaker B: If there's dust on the floor. [00:24:20] Speaker E: Oh, 29. [00:24:23] Speaker B: Yeah. Uvair, you know that there was a scrabble in this room recently, but it looks like someone has made their way through and entered through the door next to where Nero's found the wand of quench. So, leaving the room through the east. [00:24:35] Speaker G: There was somebody that came through here, and it doesn't look like Pilgrim. [00:24:40] Speaker D: Somebody decides to have pilgrim, so they went which direction? [00:24:45] Speaker G: Actually, that doesn't make Sense. [00:24:49] Speaker E: Uber is going to go back out the door. [00:24:52] Speaker A: Why? Where are you going? [00:24:53] Speaker C: Uber? [00:24:54] Speaker E: Is Pilgrim out there? [00:24:56] Speaker B: Pilgrim and Cornelius are sitting, and Cornelius is, like holding the end of several dried grass, as Pilgrim is, like, breathing them. [00:25:03] Speaker C: That's just great. [00:25:05] Speaker G: Pilgrim, may I ask you a question? [00:25:08] Speaker B: Sure. [00:25:08] Speaker G: Did you come up here alone? [00:25:11] Speaker B: All by my lonesome. [00:25:12] Speaker G: There was nobody else here? [00:25:14] Speaker B: Not when I got here. [00:25:16] Speaker G: And when you walked in, did those things look like they'd been hurt at all? [00:25:23] Speaker B: I don't know. They looked like they were made of ice and hunger. [00:25:28] Speaker G: But you saw nobody else come up here? [00:25:30] Speaker B: No. [00:25:30] Speaker E: Is he lying. I want to look. [00:25:32] Speaker B: Make a perception check. [00:25:33] Speaker C: Can I hear Uber's question? [00:25:35] Speaker E: I wouldn't be whispering. [00:25:36] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:25:36] Speaker A: Do we not both have multiple people already? Check this. [00:25:39] Speaker C: No. [00:25:40] Speaker A: You rolled insight on him. 27. [00:25:43] Speaker B: He seems to be telling the truth. [00:25:45] Speaker D: Uber. [00:25:45] Speaker C: They could have arrived before Pilgrim. [00:25:50] Speaker E: Uber walks. Uvair hears that and just like. [00:25:55] Speaker G: Thank you, Pilgrim. I just want. [00:25:57] Speaker B: All right. Is it safe inside yet? [00:25:59] Speaker G: We got rid of the ice people, but we haven't cleared the entire place. I don't know if you just wanted to walk in the entrance, you could do that. [00:26:06] Speaker B: I do want to see inside. [00:26:08] Speaker G: Well, feel free to come inside this room, but we don't know if the rest are done. [00:26:13] Speaker B: All right. [00:26:15] Speaker E: And Uber comes up and then comes up close to Albert and to make. [00:26:19] Speaker G: Sure that he didn't come up and just forgot to tell us, come up with somebody else. [00:26:24] Speaker C: I mean, that's fair. [00:26:26] Speaker A: I think it's fine. He would tell us if there was someone else. [00:26:31] Speaker G: Yes, he did. And he seems to be telling the truth, so. [00:26:35] Speaker A: Well, I imagine so. I think, by the eternal rose, we should go. Right? [00:26:41] Speaker G: Indeed. That is where the person went. [00:26:43] Speaker A: Oh. All right. [00:26:44] Speaker D: Has Cornelius also entered? [00:26:46] Speaker B: Yeah. So Pilgrim and Cornelius both enter into that room that you've just cleared. And Pilgrim walks in and just starts, like, looking around, looking at the ceiling, looking at the walls, and kind of traces along some of the just decorative carvings on the walls. And it's just like. It's just as beautiful as I dreamed. [00:27:05] Speaker E: Any language on the walls? [00:27:06] Speaker B: There doesn't seem to be any inscriptions on the walls. Just, like, celtic knot style of. Just, like, decorations. [00:27:15] Speaker D: I walk up to pilgrim and I pull out my scraps of cloth and say, sorry for putting you in a prison. [00:27:24] Speaker B: Oh, was that you? [00:27:26] Speaker D: I thought you were going to smash us. But here, you can have some of these. [00:27:30] Speaker B: Well, that was very clever of you. That's a neat trick. [00:27:34] Speaker D: Thank you. I wonder if it'll come in handy later. [00:27:39] Speaker B: I'm sure it will. If you meet any other trolls, that might be a good idea to do, because not every troll wants to be an artist. [00:27:48] Speaker D: I will keep that in mind. You can have those, by the way. I took them off of the ice thingies. [00:27:55] Speaker B: Oh. Do your people make art with this? [00:28:06] Speaker D: I figured you might be able to use it. I don't know how art works. [00:28:13] Speaker G: It is the thought that counts. Think of it. A trophy of attrition. [00:28:21] Speaker C: Very even. Just looks a little like. I don't know where else to go with that. [00:28:27] Speaker D: Zafir just turns around and starts walking back the other direction. [00:28:31] Speaker A: Well, Bill Garme can use anything to make art. It's fine. It can always be beautiful in its own way. [00:28:37] Speaker B: But you've got to find my muse for this. And he starts kind of just looking deeply in thought. [00:28:43] Speaker A: Cornelius. [00:28:44] Speaker B: Yes. [00:28:45] Speaker A: I know you didn't see it, but there were ghouls in here. [00:28:49] Speaker B: That's awful. [00:28:49] Speaker A: It's just like when I got my glive, I was able to fight them and I felt really close to the gods. I felt my magic flowing through me again. [00:28:56] Speaker B: That's fabulous. It's great to see you coming into your own and really leading a group. [00:29:02] Speaker A: I wasn't really leading the group. [00:29:03] Speaker C: I'm just helping the group not to correct you. They weren't ghouls, they were frost shambles. They're different. They are still undead, but different. [00:29:13] Speaker A: Oh, right. Got you. Shamblers. Still really evil. Horrid things. I've never thought of fighting things like this before. It's really interesting. [00:29:27] Speaker D: Zafir shouts from the opposite side. I see things. [00:29:31] Speaker E: Val now has bloodlust, or undead the bloodlust. [00:29:37] Speaker A: And she kind of gets load of Cornelius. She's like, I'm so glad you decided we should meet with a group because it's so much better doing all this with people that's just not just you and me all the time, you know. [00:29:52] Speaker D: Of course, yes. [00:29:53] Speaker B: Community is important. [00:29:55] Speaker A: I agree. It's great. You got a really good idea, Cornelius. Like all your. [00:30:07] Speaker G: We probably, since we already think somebody's already here and it could have been Saito, I think was possibly already in here, or somebody was, and they went through that door we need to catch up with, so. [00:30:21] Speaker B: Right, yes. [00:30:23] Speaker A: I can get that door open and laid the way if I need to. So Val creeps up to the door. Excuse me, he's up here. I'll get this door. [00:30:34] Speaker B: But I already had my hand on it. [00:30:36] Speaker A: Well, but what if there's danger? Don't you want them to hurt me before you. [00:30:40] Speaker C: The door is pretty big. You both can open it. [00:30:43] Speaker D: Nobody said I was going to open it. I just had my hand on it. [00:30:45] Speaker A: Right. Give me just 1 second. She moves where her hands are on the glave and then it begins glowing blue just a little bit again, like it did when she first entered. And she's like, I don't want to touch your hand. Can I? Sorry. Not to be offensive, but rude. [00:31:06] Speaker D: The fear stands back. [00:31:09] Speaker G: Are you using that for a light source? [00:31:12] Speaker A: No. Accordingly. Ilius and I found this rune a long time ago. Put it on my weapon. If I move some of these runes around enough, it will have like a magical field that won't hurt people, it won't kill people. [00:31:27] Speaker G: Could I see those runes? [00:31:29] Speaker A: I'm about to open this door. [00:31:31] Speaker E: UV Harris suddenly completely lost interest in the door. [00:31:35] Speaker A: When we have some time, I'll let you look at it. [00:31:38] Speaker E: He's already just trying to. [00:31:40] Speaker A: But I can just basically move a few things. And it can be the blade can hit people or it can block the blade from cutting people. [00:31:49] Speaker B: As Val's like trying to explain this and show Uber, you're like trying to look over her shoulder and trying to see. And you very quickly realize it's just like regular enchanting runes. [00:32:00] Speaker A: Yeah, it's just like a rune we applied to my weapon. [00:32:03] Speaker E: Yeah. He finally catches a good glimpse of it and he says, you can see a little bit of disappointment, but wonderful. [00:32:11] Speaker G: Runes. [00:32:16] Speaker A: Open the door. [00:32:20] Speaker B: And as Uber is kind of like confused and lost in looking at the runes, Val pushes the Door open and you're able to push one of the two doors open at once. It takes you full on. [00:32:32] Speaker A: Two doors? [00:32:33] Speaker C: Yeah, it's a double door. [00:32:34] Speaker A: Sorry. [00:32:35] Speaker B: So it takes you, like, full on, both hands leaning against the door to push it several hundred pounds before you enter. [00:32:46] Speaker C: Let my servant go ahead and I'm going to move my servant ahead a little bit more. [00:32:52] Speaker E: What? [00:32:52] Speaker B: Looking down the hall. [00:32:53] Speaker A: What do you mean? What's moving? Something touched me. [00:32:56] Speaker B: About 15ft down the hallway, there's another set of iron doors that go off to the right. But there seems to be, like, chunks of blocks of stone that have fallen out of the ceiling and are blocking off the path. You can tell from the way that the hinges are set that the doors should swing outward. So it would take a lot of effort to move the stones out of the way to get through that door. [00:33:18] Speaker C: When you say outward, do you mean into the hallway? [00:33:20] Speaker B: Yes, the doors would swing into the hall. [00:33:23] Speaker C: That's terrible. Who designs doors like that? [00:33:27] Speaker F: Jordy, the GM troll. [00:33:31] Speaker E: Allegedly. [00:33:33] Speaker B: So the door on the right appears to be blocked by stones, and right at the end of the hall, just past the door, is what appears to at first be a straight wall, but on closer inspection is sort of tilted at like a ten degree angle with what appeared to be handholds. Like it's a stone ladder built into the wall. [00:33:54] Speaker A: Okay, now I'm understanding what I'm actually looking at because I was very confused by what this was. [00:34:00] Speaker E: But I'll take your word for it. [00:34:02] Speaker C: Just so I don't have to keep telling you where my unseen servant is while we're traveling. I always have it 10ft in front of the person leading. [00:34:12] Speaker B: Okay. [00:34:12] Speaker D: Not me. [00:34:13] Speaker A: Onward we go, I suppose. Safir? [00:34:18] Speaker D: Yes? [00:34:19] Speaker A: I should ask. When we're in places like this, are you the one who's normally in the front? Am I taking up from you wanting to be forward? [00:34:28] Speaker D: No. Usually I'm in the back or hiding or you don't know where I am. Nobody knows where I am. I'm a shadow, okay? [00:34:37] Speaker C: I reach out and touch the fear. [00:34:40] Speaker G: We used to have another party member that would be in the front where you are. [00:34:45] Speaker A: Oh, right. I've heard of that person. I'll solve it. Sigrin, why don't you wait outside and keep an eye out for other people coming? [00:34:55] Speaker B: And your raven flies out of the building. [00:34:59] Speaker A: That should work out. [00:35:02] Speaker G: Do you think that you could have rustafired out to do some scouting, Zavir? [00:35:09] Speaker D: Out where? Like outside or out in here? In here, I would guess so. [00:35:17] Speaker B: Rustaford, the little bird head is just like, poking out of the shadows in your. [00:35:23] Speaker D: I stroke his little beak. [00:35:26] Speaker B: Is that what you wanted? [00:35:32] Speaker E: Small comfort, friend. [00:35:36] Speaker D: The need to stroke your beak comes and goes. Uber had a great suggestion here. If you would fly ahead and kind of do some scouting and I guess let us know if there's any trouble ahead. [00:35:50] Speaker B: But of course. How far do you want me to go? [00:35:54] Speaker D: Uber, you were the mastermind behind this plan. [00:35:58] Speaker G: How far can you go before you lose contact? [00:36:01] Speaker B: How far can you go before you lose contact? [00:36:06] Speaker G: I am aware that you are familiar and you can only be so far away from your master. [00:36:12] Speaker B: Yeah, not that I'm aware of. I haven't tried it. [00:36:15] Speaker E: Oh, really? [00:36:17] Speaker A: Can just go wherever? They can't communicate wherever. [00:36:20] Speaker C: Unless you have a feet. [00:36:21] Speaker D: Just go about 50 or so feet ahead and if you see anything, turn around and let us know. [00:36:28] Speaker B: Rustaford nods and then flies up over the stone outcropping and down into the darkness that you can all see with your dark vision. [00:36:38] Speaker E: Well, and hopefully he has too. [00:36:40] Speaker A: He didn't say anything about this walk up, so I guess we're good. He didn't walk onward and forward, flies. [00:36:50] Speaker B: Back and lands on your shoulder. The path continues on ahead, dips back down to the level you're currently standing at, takes a sharp left turn, goes up a stairway, and then gives out entirely. [00:37:03] Speaker E: Question, does Uvair notice where any footsteps went? [00:37:08] Speaker B: Yeah. Continuing on with the survival check you made before. It looks like the person you're following went up and over in the same direction that Rustaford just went. [00:37:19] Speaker G: That would be the same direction that the person came and went. Presumably that's the way we need to go. [00:37:26] Speaker A: It looks like the only way to go. [00:37:29] Speaker G: That's right. [00:37:30] Speaker E: I forgot that doorway is closed off by rucks. [00:37:33] Speaker B: And there's also another door matching this one on the other side of this. Go up, go down. [00:37:40] Speaker A: But also broken. [00:37:41] Speaker B: No, it appears to be in good working order. [00:37:44] Speaker G: Did you notice any footsteps in the dirt? [00:37:47] Speaker A: Val's gonna start going now. [00:37:51] Speaker B: So Val, after you climb up over this rock ledge, which is designed to be climbed, but obviously to be climbed by a larger creature, what it's designed for is more of a just help yourself, pull up over. But because you are much smaller creatures, it's more of a climb. Luckily, it's seen some wear and damage, and there are smaller cracks and handholds you're able to get into to be able to climb up over. And when you get to the top, there is an iron grating that goes ahead of you, and underneath is a drop about 5ft back down. And there is a channel of. Make a nature check. [00:38:32] Speaker A: Okay, I roll the ten. So it's an eleven. [00:38:36] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:38:36] Speaker B: There's some kind of stone filling a channel beneath you. [00:38:39] Speaker A: I could roll survival. Okay. I just won't fall into the channel beneath me. [00:38:46] Speaker B: Yeah, you shouldn't have any trouble keeping from falling into the channel because the whole walkway you're on is like a catwalk of iron grating. [00:38:52] Speaker A: Shouldn't. So Val will turn to the others and she'll say, it seems fine, you can keep going. [00:38:59] Speaker E: I believe Uber will start climbing up afterwards. [00:39:03] Speaker C: We all shall. [00:39:04] Speaker G: We all shall start climbing. [00:39:06] Speaker D: Sophia stays to the back. [00:39:08] Speaker E: She stays to the back. [00:39:10] Speaker A: Sophia rolls behind Howard between Howard's legs, makes a. Yeah. [00:39:16] Speaker E: Hi. [00:39:18] Speaker B: Just as your group is beginning to pass over, the channel filled with some kind of stone. You know when you're sitting at home and it's a nice cozy winter's day, and the air has been still and it's been quiet, starts getting a little cold, and then you hear some furnace or machinery kick on the other room that starts happening, and there's just like this deep humming, and then like a move quicker, and as you're moving quicker, you hear a loud crack beneath you. And I'm going to need everybody to make a reflex. Save. [00:40:05] Speaker A: Christopher and the unseen servant. Weren't very helpful. [00:40:09] Speaker C: The unseen servant's not touching the ground. [00:40:12] Speaker A: Yeah. Why is he not touching the ground? [00:40:13] Speaker C: Because he's flying. He always flies. [00:40:15] Speaker A: He could be triggering stuff for us. That's what I thought was happening. [00:40:18] Speaker C: I don't think we triggered it. [00:40:20] Speaker A: I think us walking over triggered it. [00:40:23] Speaker C: I thought you already walked over it. [00:40:25] Speaker A: I don't know. [00:40:26] Speaker F: I feel okay about that roll reflex. [00:40:29] Speaker A: Is this damage related? [00:40:31] Speaker B: It is. [00:40:32] Speaker A: Oh, I get a bonus. [00:40:38] Speaker C: 1614. [00:40:43] Speaker A: Natural 20 for a 3016. [00:40:46] Speaker C: Sorry. [00:40:47] Speaker F: 28. [00:40:49] Speaker E: 29. [00:40:50] Speaker B: All right, so zafir and Alward got regular fails. Neros and Uber got regular successes, and Val, with the natural 20, got a critical success. She's able to just, like, slide, tumble, roll, however, she wants to get out of the way just in time before a shower of shards of stone come erupting up out of the iron grating, accompanied by little splats of lava that are just erupting out of the channel. The shards of stone deal. Eight piercing damage halved for the two of you who succeeded, so it'd be four. And then 18 fire damage from the lava splattering up on you, so then nine for the two of you who succeed. [00:41:42] Speaker A: Does this feel like it was triggered by us walking over it? [00:41:48] Speaker B: It feels like something is happening elsewhere and it's affecting you here. [00:41:51] Speaker A: Okay, cool. [00:41:52] Speaker C: 26 total. [00:41:54] Speaker B: Ow. Yeah. [00:41:55] Speaker A: Eight plus 16. Right? [00:42:00] Speaker B: It was 18. [00:42:01] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. 26. [00:42:02] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:42:04] Speaker B: And that sound is all continuing now. And just somewhere further away, and it's very deep. You can almost, like, feel it through the ground. [00:42:14] Speaker F: That was rude. [00:42:15] Speaker C: Is it a lava train? Did you make a lava train? All aboard the lava train. [00:42:25] Speaker A: Does anyone need healing? Is everyone all right? [00:42:29] Speaker D: I'm about halfway down. [00:42:32] Speaker C: Howard's almost dead. [00:42:34] Speaker D: Howard's almost dead, though. [00:42:36] Speaker C: I have 15 hit points left. 5015. [00:42:39] Speaker A: What's your total? [00:42:40] Speaker C: 41. [00:42:41] Speaker A: What are you at, Sophia? [00:42:43] Speaker D: 27 out of 53. [00:42:46] Speaker A: I'm going to lay on hands of fear. [00:42:48] Speaker C: That makes sense. [00:42:49] Speaker A: 18 flights. [00:42:50] Speaker C: Somehow. [00:42:54] Speaker A: It'S fine as I do that. [00:42:56] Speaker C: I'm in pain. I'm okay. [00:42:59] Speaker A: And then I turn around and look at Alward and get my glave and finish him off. And I press it against your forehead like the flat as a blade. [00:43:09] Speaker C: Please don't kill me, Frasma. I have a fate. [00:43:13] Speaker A: Goddess of fate, please understand is not his time yet. And grant him life, and she will heal you. [00:43:24] Speaker G: Bang. [00:43:25] Speaker F: Damage. [00:43:26] Speaker A: Five heal, cast a heel. 19 healing. So about the same. [00:43:38] Speaker C: Is there any other way you can do that, aside from touching me with a weapon? [00:43:43] Speaker A: That magic comes from the glave itself, but I have it set to where it's not sharp right now. [00:43:50] Speaker C: It's still very terrifying. Sorry, I thought you were going to kill me. [00:43:56] Speaker A: No. Why would I do that? [00:43:57] Speaker C: How do you worship God of the dead? I don't know. Put something out of its misery. [00:44:02] Speaker A: Asthma is a goddess who tends to the souls. She oversees death, but also oversees new life and fate. [00:44:11] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:44:11] Speaker A: I'm not going to kill you. [00:44:13] Speaker C: You could kill me and bring forth new. I don't know. [00:44:16] Speaker E: You guys just hear in the background pop. [00:44:24] Speaker A: I hope you all I. That's all the healing I've got right now. So if you have healing patients, that could work really well. [00:44:31] Speaker C: We are over the thing now. Right. [00:44:33] Speaker B: So I would imagine that you haven't moved off the grate unless you quickly scampered off. [00:44:39] Speaker D: I would have rolled after that happened. I booked it. [00:44:41] Speaker B: Yeah. I was going to narrate when there was more of a break in the action. That after that initial spurt, there doesn't seem to be much more violent activity beneath you. But in the center of that stone in the channel, there's like a thread of active lava that seems to be flowing into the room that had the blocked door. [00:45:01] Speaker C: I thought you were going to say you need to make a reflex save again. [00:45:08] Speaker A: It would seem that those people, Saita and them, are inside the forge. Perhaps they've turned it on. If they saw this flying the way it is, and we're not have a lot of time. [00:45:20] Speaker E: Uber looks very disappointed at his glass bottle. [00:45:26] Speaker A: It's really old, Uber. [00:45:27] Speaker F: I'm sorry, I should probably do that. [00:45:31] Speaker A: Yes. [00:45:32] Speaker D: I'm going to be honest, I don't really want to be in here anymore. [00:45:36] Speaker G: I want to get off of this. Great. So let's go. [00:45:41] Speaker B: So after you continue forward and you get down off of the elevated grate and back onto the first floor, as it were, you're immediately in front of another door that matches the previous door. But this one does not seem to be blocked by stone. And you can see just going around a corner to your left is a staircase. Going up. The stairs are about. What's that, ten inches deep? It's a ten inch rise on the stair, but then it's like 16 inches in before it goes up again. [00:46:11] Speaker C: It's a stair for trolls. Right, big bean? [00:46:14] Speaker A: Do we want to look through those or do we want to hit up these stairs? [00:46:17] Speaker D: Rustaford, why don't you fly on up the top of the stairs and let us know what's up there? We'll take a peek inside the door. [00:46:23] Speaker B: I already told you, it just drops. [00:46:26] Speaker C: Off like it ends. [00:46:29] Speaker B: Well, it does continue, but not for people like you. It's a cliff without wings. [00:46:34] Speaker G: You think it's a cliff? [00:46:35] Speaker B: Yes. [00:46:36] Speaker C: What is with trolls and making things dangerous? [00:46:39] Speaker A: It might have broken. You know, it's really old. [00:46:43] Speaker C: We're in a mountain. [00:46:44] Speaker A: Yeah. That door over there is covered in rocks. Things break. [00:46:49] Speaker C: Right, but it wouldn't break into a cliff unless there was like a sinkhole in the mountain. [00:46:53] Speaker G: Was it the bridge? [00:46:55] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:46:57] Speaker A: Well, we can check up there. I could go look real quick. [00:47:01] Speaker B: So, Val, as you step around the corner and you head up these stairs, they're tall enough that you could just take a step and lift up, but it would be know doing lunges to climb up the stair with one leg. And as you crest the top of the staircase, it was as Rustaford was describing, the pathway just kind of gives straight out. There's just like this shattered floor that goes straight down into a lava pit. And there is. On the right of this chasm, there's like a chunk of ice that's about 8ft across that has a jagged edge to it and is dripping furiously. [00:47:50] Speaker A: Interesting. Oh, maybe the ice things were trapped in ice and now it's melting because of the lava. So those creatures weren't a threat when those guys came in here. [00:48:01] Speaker B: Everyone, how close to the edge do you get, Val? [00:48:05] Speaker A: Just right up the stairs, I think so. She turns down to the others. She says, I think I might have found two things out. One, I might have found why Saita and have never ran into the ice creatures. And two, I think we can all jump the broken gap. It looked like maybe ten to 15ft at the longest. Most of us should be able to jump that without even making an athletic skill roll. [00:48:28] Speaker F: The dwarf and the short fetchling might have different opinions. [00:48:34] Speaker D: I don't want to risk that. [00:48:37] Speaker G: I don't know if you've noticed, but there are a couple of us that are rather short. [00:48:42] Speaker A: It's like the old books I used to read, like adventurer books, you know, with all the lava and the secret things in the hidden temples. It's exciting. We can go past this broken pathway, find some ingenious way to get around. Or just rope. [00:48:59] Speaker F: Maybe we could just toss you across it like a bag of potatoes. [00:49:05] Speaker A: I am very strong. [00:49:07] Speaker D: Why don't you half go up there and we'll go down here? [00:49:13] Speaker C: How about we just check out this door first before we try to jump over a lava? Wait, there's a door right there. And I point to the door that's right beside us. [00:49:25] Speaker A: It's funny. Near us, Val will start hopping down. [00:49:31] Speaker F: Like a buddy wee. [00:49:34] Speaker A: That was fun. You should really try it sometime. Howard. You want to open the door or. [00:49:38] Speaker C: Do you want me to open. You should probably open the door. I don't think I'd be strong. [00:49:42] Speaker D: I'll open the door. [00:49:44] Speaker A: Is it a double door or a single door? [00:49:45] Speaker B: It's another double door. [00:49:46] Speaker A: I'll help you, Zafir. [00:49:48] Speaker D: I want to try to open the door by myself. [00:49:50] Speaker B: You want to open both of them? [00:49:51] Speaker D: I want to try to open both of them by myself. [00:49:53] Speaker A: Athletics check, Eric. [00:49:55] Speaker C: So while me and Val are getting. [00:49:58] Speaker A: Situated, my goal is just get right behind him because I'm so much taller than him. [00:50:03] Speaker D: Just push. [00:50:03] Speaker G: I'll roll to help you. [00:50:05] Speaker E: I have to roll in at 20. [00:50:06] Speaker D: It's an 18. [00:50:09] Speaker B: So you really give it your all and you start pushing and there's like a little bit of give, but the doors don't really start swinging. It's just kind of like, I think. [00:50:20] Speaker D: These ones are blocked too. [00:50:21] Speaker A: Here, let me give you some help. [00:50:24] Speaker B: So with Zafir pushing at his height and then Val being very tall pushing over top of him, the two of you do like an aragorn and the camera cuts to the other side and the door opens and there's both of you aragorning into the room. [00:50:40] Speaker C: As soon as the doors are open, have my unseen servant fly ahead. [00:50:44] Speaker E: Fly unseen servant. [00:50:46] Speaker A: Gives me chills every time it gets past me. [00:50:49] Speaker D: Russian make it go above there if you want. [00:50:51] Speaker A: It's fine, don't worry about it. [00:50:53] Speaker B: Now that the doors are open, you see directly ahead of you. So on the left side of this room, the room itself is like a semicircle shape and you're entering from the flat side, so it's all rounded ahead of you. And ahead of you on the left end of this semicircle is a frozen waterfall pouring out of the wall about 15ft up into a pool which is all frozen over in the center of the room. Coming down out of the side that faced where you walked over the metal grate is a channel of what is now more steadily flowing lava. And on the far side of the room is an anvil just a little bit over, twice the size of a normal anvil with a massive smith's hammer leaning against it. [00:51:43] Speaker A: Oh, that's cool. [00:51:45] Speaker D: I so want to go pick up that hammer. Try to pick up that hammer. [00:51:51] Speaker A: You said this ice waterfall goes up 18ft. [00:51:55] Speaker B: It's like 15ft up is where the waterfall comes out and is just frozen mid waterfall. But there appears to be about eight to 10ft of headspace over the water before the ceiling of the channel. It's coming through. [00:52:08] Speaker A: We could throw our grappling hook up there, try and climb up. [00:52:13] Speaker G: We could try. [00:52:14] Speaker C: Why? [00:52:15] Speaker G: I don't think I would be the best one to do so. [00:52:18] Speaker A: There's a chance that it could lead us to something secret, or it could let us get the drop on Saito and those all. If this leads to the same place. [00:52:27] Speaker C: It could just lead outside. [00:52:29] Speaker A: That's also true, Howard. [00:52:32] Speaker G: It is better, I think, than trying to go jump over a lava pit. [00:52:36] Speaker C: Oh, I fully agree with you on that. [00:52:38] Speaker A: It's easy to jump over the lava pit. [00:52:41] Speaker C: It's not the fact that it's easy or not. It's the fact that the lava pit. [00:52:46] Speaker G: Itself, fairly certain it would be easy. [00:52:48] Speaker D: Easier if you fail. There's a lot of consequence for failure. [00:52:52] Speaker C: Also, who's to say that the staircase won't crumble more with us jumping on it? [00:52:57] Speaker A: That wouldn't happen. [00:52:59] Speaker C: This isn't a storybook, you know. [00:53:01] Speaker A: I know. [00:53:03] Speaker D: What's the temperature like in this room? [00:53:06] Speaker B: As you're entering the room? It's about the warmest you've been since last summer. [00:53:12] Speaker D: Irl or in the game? [00:53:15] Speaker B: Both. If you had to wager a Guess. It's pushing 90. [00:53:22] Speaker D: I'm going to go fahrenheit. [00:53:27] Speaker C: I want to know how the ice wall is. Ice. [00:53:30] Speaker B: It's melting. [00:53:31] Speaker C: Okay, that makes more sense. [00:53:33] Speaker F: Magic. [00:53:34] Speaker C: I also want to go check out that anvil. [00:53:37] Speaker B: All right, so Alward is heading to the opposite side of the room, presumably walking around the lava channel. [00:53:41] Speaker C: I am jumping over the lava channel. [00:53:43] Speaker D: I am following Alward. Zafir is following Alward. [00:53:46] Speaker B: All right, so with the two of them heading to the other side of the room, what are the remaining three of you doing? [00:53:51] Speaker A: Grappling hook. [00:53:53] Speaker E: I hand her the grappling hook now. [00:53:56] Speaker A: Come on, Uber. It'll be fun. Let's try this out. Yeah. [00:54:01] Speaker F: Against a melting wall of ice. [00:54:06] Speaker A: Should I not do this? Is this a bad idea? Neros? [00:54:09] Speaker F: That was out of character. Did you hear an english accent? [00:54:12] Speaker C: It should have been in character. [00:54:15] Speaker F: I can do it again. Against a melting wall of ice. [00:54:20] Speaker G: Is it melting very, very quickly? [00:54:23] Speaker B: Surprisingly slowly. Given how warm it is in here. [00:54:26] Speaker G: We might have a little bit of time to at least take a look. Or Rustaford could also look. [00:54:33] Speaker E: And I kind of say that a little louder. Over to Zafir. [00:54:36] Speaker D: Can I hear him from there? [00:54:39] Speaker B: Yeah. So the room itself, you're only, like, 50ft away standing at that anvil. The room is fairly large. It's actually. The ceiling in here goes up. It's 40ft up to the ceiling. And if you were to look directly over your head, you would see there's a few crisscrossing metal grates about 20ft up. [00:55:01] Speaker D: Rustaford, go fly above that waterfall and tell Uvair you don't have to come back to me to tell me what it is. Tell Uvair what it is. [00:55:09] Speaker C: First, can you just have him attach the grappling hook? [00:55:13] Speaker D: Oh. [00:55:19] Speaker B: Yes. And as you turn to suggest this new idea to Rustaford, you realize he has already flown off and up over the waterfall. [00:55:27] Speaker C: I'm going to have my unseen servant go do it. [00:55:29] Speaker D: He'll come back. [00:55:31] Speaker B: So, while Rustaford is up there, Alward and Zephyr, you go up to that anvil. And the anvil itself is massive, but you wouldn't even need to make a crafting check to know this is a very well made anvil. It's not just a small town Smithy's anvil of I need something heavy to beat against. It's somebody put effort into making this anvil. [00:55:54] Speaker D: Does the mallet or hammer that you said, does that look magical at all? Like, if I were to touch it, it would zap me or something. [00:56:03] Speaker B: It looks more well made and more enchanted than the anvil. [00:56:07] Speaker G: I don't know if I want to touch it now. [00:56:09] Speaker F: You should lick it. [00:56:14] Speaker C: It's odd that people call this a troll forge, because giants are known to do more of this stuff than trolls are, and they can easily get smaller than this rooms. [00:56:29] Speaker D: Are you insinuating that this is a giant anvil? [00:56:33] Speaker C: I mean, it would make more sense to me if giants were here, not trolls, before. [00:56:39] Speaker D: But what about the name? It's called troll forge. [00:56:42] Speaker C: I think that's just because trolls found it and keep finding it. [00:56:47] Speaker B: Alward, you've studied and spent a little bit more time looking into these things than Zafir. So it comes as little surprise that you notice first that that hammer that's leaning up against this anvil. You recognize the runes on the hammer? [00:57:04] Speaker C: I don't like where this is going. [00:57:06] Speaker B: And that's where we'll end this. [00:57:08] Speaker C: What? I lied. I love where this is going. [00:57:12] Speaker A: Tell me more, tell me more, tell me more. [00:57:16] Speaker C: Sorry, Abby, you look in shock. [00:57:19] Speaker A: She doesn't like recognizable hammers. [00:57:24] Speaker B: All right, so for today's hero point, we're actually going to have one pending because we didn't have a whole lot of cool stuff that happened this episode. We kind of forged on, did some exploration, had a few more, maybe. [00:57:36] Speaker C: Don't say that we didn't do fun and interesting things. [00:57:39] Speaker A: Really, what we're saying the end of the episode is. [00:57:41] Speaker D: Fine. [00:57:42] Speaker A: What we're saying is, jordy's messing with the economy. It doesn't want to help us. [00:57:45] Speaker B: I am. So what's going on is the shipment of hero points has been delayed, there has been a blizzard, and one of the trains is stopped in a snow. [00:57:53] Speaker A: Drift, but it's 90 degrees. [00:57:54] Speaker B: Worry not, the train will be unburied and will arrive in time for next episode. [00:58:00] Speaker A: I have a snowmobile and I will go get that early. [00:58:04] Speaker B: All right. As Sam heads out to pick up that hero point from the train, we'll see you all in the next episode. This has been an atomic broadcasting production. Pathfinder, Galerian and the Lost Omens world setting are copyright of Piso. More [email protected] music in the show is from Monument Studios collection, as well as assorted artists with some original tracks composed by Jordy Hake. More details in the description. If you enjoyed the show, please remember to share with a friend and we'll look forward to seeing you again next time. [00:58:41] Speaker E: I want to go over and look. [00:58:45] Speaker D: But you have to wait till next week. [00:58:46] Speaker C: You don't know. Wait until next week anyway.

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