Episode 25

October 30, 2023


EP. 25 Alward's Mom

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Jordy Hake Michael Petete Samuel Sarver Abby Fincher Michael Jenkins Sven Nerness
EP. 25 Alward's Mom
The Written and The Lost
EP. 25 Alward's Mom

Oct 30 2023 | 01:10:11


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With the anticipated threat a month away, the party has time to prepare. Sounds like a perfect time for some downtime activities! Should be easy, as long as nobody provokes the plot! But who would do that...


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:05] Speaker A: You are listening to an atomic broadcasting production. [00:00:08] Speaker B: So sit back, relax, and enjoy the feature presentation. And remember, do your part, such as like, comment rate. And don't forget to tell a friend. [00:00:19] Speaker C: To tune in for an atomic time. [00:00:31] Speaker D: Now, where were we? Ah, yes. The party managed to escape with troff and ask him for information. They learned that the eridson family had major plans for a party in a month's time. [00:00:55] Speaker B: Petite, stop sweating so much, please. [00:00:57] Speaker A: I don't have my almonds. [00:01:01] Speaker C: Almonds prevent you from sweating. It prevents brennan lee mulligan from sweating. I thought it prevented brennan lee mulligan from having like a diabetic episode. I thought he was diabetic. Maybe it helps fatigue. [00:01:13] Speaker B: Doesn't really know. [00:01:14] Speaker E: Do you need a personal fan? [00:01:16] Speaker C: I do. [00:01:16] Speaker F: Jordy, can you not talk and just blow on me this whole time? [00:01:20] Speaker B: Or could you just get one of those really big, like, egyptian pharaoh fans? [00:01:27] Speaker E: Well, yeah, the giant palm leaves. [00:01:31] Speaker C: Yeah, with a plate from over there. Is it working? I got your mic. I can't even feel oh, no. I felt it. What is that? Domino's with a slight scent of mountain dew. [00:01:51] Speaker B: Code red. [00:01:52] Speaker A: Code red. [00:01:53] Speaker E: Second domino's with a code red. [00:01:55] Speaker C: Not sponsored. Yeah, not sponsored. [00:01:57] Speaker E: Unless a wouldn't. [00:02:01] Speaker D: Have we told you how much we love mountain dew here at atomic broadcasting? [00:02:06] Speaker E: It's actually not a lie. [00:02:07] Speaker C: Aren't we here to play a game? [00:02:09] Speaker E: I think so. I'm just here. [00:02:11] Speaker C: Same. Honestly, I missed you guys. [00:02:14] Speaker E: That's petite. That was threatening and I don't know don't waggle your eyebrows at me. [00:02:20] Speaker B: They are waggling. I think waggling is a good word for that. [00:02:23] Speaker D: Wiggle. [00:02:23] Speaker A: Wiggle. They're doing the wave. [00:02:26] Speaker C: It's too hot. [00:02:28] Speaker A: Take off your out your shirt and let's just see that you have wonderful. [00:02:32] Speaker C: I know, I want to because then. [00:02:33] Speaker F: You'D have like a seven inch diameter. [00:02:35] Speaker C: Of pit sweat and that would be. [00:02:38] Speaker F: More distracting than me fanning my face. [00:02:40] Speaker E: Don't judge here. [00:02:41] Speaker C: I do. [00:02:42] Speaker D: So, in case anybody's wondering, we do record these episodes a little bit ahead of when they're released. So it is summer right now for us. [00:02:49] Speaker C: Yeah, no, we're just recording on location. [00:02:51] Speaker B: Wait, is it technically summer? [00:02:53] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:02:54] Speaker F: Also, we have to throw in that we're in missouri. [00:02:58] Speaker C: Well, I mean, considering the weather thing that yes. [00:03:02] Speaker F: Doesn't always help. It could be april and it could be 90 degrees. [00:03:05] Speaker E: True. It's a good old ozarks. [00:03:06] Speaker C: It was june 1 year and it snowed eel. [00:03:09] Speaker B: Springfield, missouri. [00:03:12] Speaker C: Stop doxing people. [00:03:13] Speaker D: Sam, speaking of may, there is no may in galarian. There is, in fact the month of desnan, which is the month that is coming up. [00:03:23] Speaker C: Isn't the fifth of Desna when that. [00:03:25] Speaker F: Whole bad thing's going to happen? [00:03:26] Speaker D: It is. And that time is fast approaching. [00:03:28] Speaker C: It sure is. [00:03:29] Speaker F: It's tomorrow. [00:03:31] Speaker C: It's not tomorrow. [00:03:37] Speaker D: Everything is black. An empty quiet interrupted by the rhythmic dragging of chains. One sullen step into the darkness after another. The jeers are sudden and piercing murderer. Killer. [00:03:53] Speaker C: Deserter. Kill him. [00:03:55] Speaker D: These are repeated amongst a growing crowd in a small town. More than 50 people gathered around a stage in the center of their town. We look up to the stage, through the people surrounding us to see a man wrapped in chains, muttering to himself. [00:04:09] Speaker B: I didn't kill her. Someone took her. They took her. Please, I need to find her. Need to beat Hull again. [00:04:22] Speaker D: The lawman gives a quick and decisive blow to the man's gut. He begins to speak to the crowd, but Haymir can't hear them. He doesn't listen. He cannot listen. Father. A gentle whisper drowns out the call for death. Hamir's eyes grow wide as he sees a young woman in the crowd. He recognizes his daughter, but there's doubt in his mind. Her bright hair is darker. Her fair skin is pale with dark veins marking her skin. The tattoo under her eye has overgrown like roots. Her eyes dark as she steps through the crowd. A pale green mist begins to cover the ground. The crowds call on whispers in a long since forgotten language drift on a foreboding breeze. [00:05:11] Speaker B: No. Not her. Please, not her. [00:05:15] Speaker D: Hamir tries to pull away as he sees her garb, her dark, rusted armor adorned with the markings of Ergothoa, the pallid princess of the undead. Hamir ward to end. As she stalks closer, he sees the scars of undeath, her face torn. Her words come not from lips, but bone. This is your legacy. This is destiny. Do not run. Do not resist. Give in. Rest. [00:05:50] Speaker B: No. My oath may mean little to me, but my daughter, she means nothing. [00:05:58] Speaker D: You don't care about her. Selfishness does not win a daughter's heart. Years of self pity in an empty home wallowing to prove your motivations. You only fear the truth. [00:06:15] Speaker B: No. What truth are you? [00:06:19] Speaker D: That she wasn't taken. She left. She left you and doesn't want you to find her. You truly were a father. That drives love away. Do you think the people in town laughed when they received the letters you were sending to your dead wife? Don't you wonder why they never responded? To let you know? Like moving in slow motion, the people begin turning to the rising fog. Screams begin to slowly rise on their faces. [00:06:51] Speaker B: I'm going to save her. If you did anything to her the. [00:06:56] Speaker D: Ancient whispers grow louder, but Hamir understands what they ask. I did nothing to her. This is your doing. [00:07:06] Speaker B: You're wrong. Something did this to her. And I will have vengeance upon whatever being seeks to corrupt hertha. Whispers. [00:07:17] Speaker A: I accept your bargain. [00:07:19] Speaker D: Hamir stands as his daughter fades away. The people scream and move again, each of them focused on Hamir, watching his skin bulge, something long moving under the skin, pushing, trying to get out. And it does. Hamir sits bolt upright in his bed at the inn, a burning feeling of pain in his shoulder as this three fingered carapace appendage bursts out three inch claws at the end of each finger, grasping at the air, and we cut to black. Can I take the opportunity to say gross. We cut to see Alward Volden sitting in what appears to be sort of a waiting room sort of situation at the copperberg at Mines. Alward, what do you have with you, like, in your lap on your person right now? [00:08:18] Speaker C: Right now on my lap is sort of just sitting my backpack. Normally I would set it to the side, but I need something to fiddle with and the staff that I normally bring along with me. [00:08:30] Speaker D: Got you. And as you're sitting there waiting, there's just, like, a door opening, and this gnome pokes her head out through the door, and she's like, the master will see you now. [00:08:40] Speaker C: Good. And you sure this isn't too inconvenient for him? I know it's sort of well, not impromptu. I asked about it a while ago. [00:08:50] Speaker D: But, you know, he's between things now, so he said it would be a good time to speak with you. [00:08:55] Speaker C: Good. I'll follow you then. [00:08:59] Speaker D: I need to get back to my own projects. And she's, like, putting back on her oil stained gloves and heading towards a workbench, and she points down to the other side of the room, and she's like, you'll find him over there. [00:09:11] Speaker C: I thought she was a secretary. [00:09:13] Speaker D: I'm an apprentice. [00:09:15] Speaker C: I'm going to start walking down the hall. [00:09:19] Speaker D: As you walk down this hall, the workshop of Bran, the inventor dwarf who had first contacted you to get involved in this whole adventure. To begin with, you're passing by what appear to be half finished projects, many of them using the same sort of brassish, copperish, metal that the constructs that guard the mine are created out of. But as you're getting deeper and deeper, you're seeing more and more ambitious constructions. There seems to be something that we, as the audience would recognize as, like, a primitive motorcycle. Alward, of course, just sees some sort of wheeled vehicle as he goes by. But you soon come across Bran, who is sitting on a stool, just kind of staring at this squat construct. It's only, like, 6ft tall, which is much shorter than the ones that guard the entrance to the mines. But this one seems to be much bulkier and far more imposing of a figure, and he's just kind of, like, munching on a sandwich as he's just staring at it in thought. [00:10:22] Speaker C: Before I make my introduction to Bran, can I try to roll to see what this construct could be used for? [00:10:30] Speaker D: Sure, go ahead. [00:10:31] Speaker C: Make the intention. Crafting check 18. [00:10:34] Speaker D: Nice. With an 18 that you would recognize the structure of the arms and then, like, looking at the design of the hands of this construct, and you realize that this is like a digging construct. [00:10:48] Speaker C: Making something to help the miners. [00:10:51] Speaker D: Bran, despite his focus on the construct, doesn't seem surprised at your approach. And just like, nods a little bit as he takes another bite, finishes chewing and is like revolutionizing the way that the minds are run. That's what we do, isn't it? Men of intellect is you and I. And he turns to look at you. We revolutionize things. [00:11:13] Speaker C: My landlord seems to think so. I have a question and then a favor to ask of you. [00:11:23] Speaker D: Of course, ask away. [00:11:25] Speaker C: What? And I'm going to grab in the backpack and pull out the orb he gave me. What is this and why did you give it to me? Well, I mean, I think I know what it is, but why did you give it to me? [00:11:37] Speaker D: And what do you think it is? [00:11:39] Speaker C: It's something to power. And then I point to the construct like that, but maybe smaller. [00:11:46] Speaker D: Kind of nods a little bit and reaches into one of the constructions next to him and pulls out a smaller orb than the one that you have. And he's like, this is the crown jewel of my work. This is the secret sauce behind all of my constructions. It's what makes everything run. [00:12:05] Speaker C: Just that one? [00:12:06] Speaker D: No, these sort of things. [00:12:09] Speaker C: Oh, that makes sense. [00:12:10] Speaker D: You might call them the power source. Now, you seem like a very trustworthy chap. [00:12:17] Speaker C: Don't shake your head at that. Sam, I was wondering, with your technical expertise and hopefully I didn't catch you at a bad time, if you could aid me in making a staff with the one you gave me. [00:12:37] Speaker D: Sort of a spell casting focus, something to help draw your power through the ether and channel it through that power source. [00:12:45] Speaker C: I see, kind of, but something more of like a traditional staff to hold spells. [00:12:50] Speaker D: I suppose it could work that way. [00:12:52] Speaker C: Too, but would that be a possible I don't know why you I don't make constructs, as far as I know, so I don't know what else to use this thing for. [00:13:05] Speaker D: Well, I'm sure you'll find out as further on down the line. You're a young man of promise and I'd like to help encourage sort of the blooming promise I see in you. So to that end hi. Let's sit down. Have you drawn up any designs for this staff? [00:13:23] Speaker C: And then I'm going to reach into my backpack and take out like 25 sheets of paper that are all different blueprints for the staff and explain each. This one I was thinking maybe if I were to do this and this one, I'm thinking maybe lean in more to this. And this is just some notes on how to and I sort of just continue to mumble on as such. [00:13:44] Speaker D: And as Alward is like showing all of the details on the blueprints and the diagrams and showing notes and everything. The camera starts kind of like orbiting around the table, passes behind a support beam. And now we're like doing a close up on their faces and we see the look on Bran's face as he's looking over everything, and he looks, like, really proud of Alward in a weird way of like, wow, you've come along further than I thought you would. Kind of look on his face. And the camera continues orbiting and passes around another structure. And before we receive the results of this staff, jenkins going to need a crafting check. [00:14:21] Speaker C: Oh, boy. Also, you're using our whole budget on my tiny scene. [00:14:27] Speaker B: I believe in you. [00:14:30] Speaker A: Do it. [00:14:32] Speaker C: OOH, that's good. 25. [00:14:34] Speaker B: Told you. [00:14:35] Speaker C: Nice. [00:14:36] Speaker D: As the camera finishes its orbit around that support beam, we see lying on the table in front of Alward and Bran, this exquisitely designed, like, same copperish brassish staff design. And perched like, impossibly levitating above the head of the staff is the orb that Alward had been talking about earlier, kind of just like, softly emanating a glowing light with a critical success on your crafting. Jay, once you've factored in Bran's assistance on the crafting, if you tried by yourself, you would have succeeded, but not critically so. Jenkins, before we move on to our next scene, what new stuff does your staff do? [00:15:20] Speaker C: It essentially gives me additional spells that I can use. It's technically using the trait of Force. So it is a Force staff for the Jedi? Yeah, with some other shenanigans, if you'll let me. But, oh, that's not going to come until way later, because right now I think he can only cast one level, one spell in a can trip. [00:15:42] Speaker D: So, Uber, you've been in the area before. You're familiar with Tomgrove. Last time you were here, you had seen that the school was, like, in need of repair. They could have used more funding and stuff, but this time, as you come by, it seems like things have slipped a little bit even further. Like, the building itself is just in a sad state of condition, and it really just seems to be a little bit OD because the rest of the town, as you're approaching the school, is, like, in much better shape and obviously better off. And you know for a fact that Tomgrev recently struck Mithril in the mines, so they should have the funds. But as you're approaching the school definitely doesn't look like they're flowing here. [00:16:29] Speaker A: This is very OD. The last time I was here, the school wasn't the best, but the town was struggling a little bit. But I would expect that the school would be a bit more put together since I am surprised. It used to be much better school. [00:16:53] Speaker D: Lena, Alward's sister, looks up at you and she's just like, I don't know what you're talking about. It's been like this ever since we've lived here. [00:17:05] Speaker C: Jordy Jordy. I mean, you're not wrong. I did live there at one point. [00:17:16] Speaker D: And as Uber has a moment of horror wash over him, he realizes that last time he was here was probably before Lena was born. [00:17:30] Speaker A: I forget that I haven't been here in a honestly, I don't know the last time I was here. It has been this way for this long, you say? [00:17:45] Speaker D: Well, yeah, ever since the company came into town, that's what they've been telling. [00:17:50] Speaker A: Me, and they haven't kept up. The school that is one of the most important places in a town is where you teach the young ones and the children how to the history and the skills necessary. It's how you build a town. And they wouldn't invest more into this. [00:18:13] Speaker C: Cut to alert explaining the company's plan for this town. Like a session or two ago. Basically being like they want to destroy this town and make to where everyone has to work for them. [00:18:24] Speaker B: This is my town. [00:18:25] Speaker D: We cut back to the scene, as Lena says. Albert says they don't really care about longevity. [00:18:34] Speaker A: Oh, that is a good word, longevity. But that is preposterous. Why would they not want to worry about the longevity of a town that is so prosperous as this one? Now I realize I am seeking out loud, you would not have the answers. You are too young. But it is foolish, I think. Very, very foolish. [00:18:57] Speaker D: And he's lena nods and she's like, yeah, school's dumb. And she turns to start walking away. [00:19:04] Speaker C: I expected you to pop out with her. Giving him the answers from this little child. [00:19:10] Speaker A: No, school is not dumb. I think the state of thinking about school as not being useful is dumb. But school is very useful. School is what got your brothers where he is today at that uber kind of stops and thinks. School is what made your brother as knowledgeable as he is, young though he may be. [00:19:34] Speaker D: School got Albert in trouble. [00:19:39] Speaker A: Your brother is very intelligent for once. So young. [00:19:46] Speaker D: So you're saying if I go to school, I can go on adventures like Albert? [00:20:02] Speaker A: That, I think, is a conversation that you could have when you're more grown up. Perhaps. Maybe you can talk to your mother about this. Many years hence, when I'm not here. [00:20:22] Speaker D: And with a renewed interest in her education, lena follows UVair into the school. [00:20:29] Speaker C: Alward will remember. This pops up in the corner of the screen. [00:20:35] Speaker D: So as the guest teacher, Uver, what sort of topics are you teaching the students? [00:20:41] Speaker A: History and nature. Survival of sorts. Well, things to watch out for if you are out adventuring. [00:20:50] Speaker C: I know. [00:20:51] Speaker D: So you're doing the Stranger Danger presentation? [00:20:54] Speaker E: Adventuring 101. [00:20:56] Speaker C: Adventuring 101. Always going to never split the party. [00:21:03] Speaker A: Actually, no, I will say this. It is mostly history, but it will be thrown in. There will be my own experiences as I've seen this history or what I've come across and whatnot. So yes, history is the main topic, but kind of the adventure storytelling, because he's more of a storyteller, will be the vibe, so to speak. [00:21:30] Speaker D: Got you. Go ahead and make a society check. [00:21:33] Speaker A: Oh, boy. 20. [00:21:36] Speaker C: Nice. Wait, what's your society? [00:21:38] Speaker A: Ten. [00:21:39] Speaker C: Nice. [00:21:41] Speaker D: And the lesson actually goes really well. The kids are obviously interested in paying attention, definitely bringing in your personal experiences to the stories or helping them actually be engaged. And they really seem like they're learning a lot. And the teacher, who's, like, an older gentleman, is like, thank you for stopping by and bringing us your own insight from outside of our small town, and I'd like to give you a little something, some thanks. And he hands over a small bag of money. [00:22:12] Speaker A: I don't know if I could take this. I tell you what. I realize that I don't want to negate your generosity, but this school, I think, could use this more than me. Perhaps for some new writing utensils or desks for the children. [00:22:33] Speaker D: Are you sure this is our budget for hiring in guest speakers. [00:22:38] Speaker A: Osin I would like to donate to this school itself for its improvement, continued improvement, and for continuing to improve these young ones here. [00:22:47] Speaker D: He reaches out and he takes your hand, puts the bag of gold in your hand, and then takes it back out. Thank you for your generosity. [00:22:58] Speaker B: We get to fix the hole in the wall. [00:23:00] Speaker C: I have to sit next to this. [00:23:03] Speaker D: One kid just, like, dressed and, like, remembers the pamportidric. [00:23:09] Speaker B: It's so cold. [00:23:16] Speaker A: Is there a fireplace in this cool house? [00:23:19] Speaker D: There is. [00:23:19] Speaker A: There is. Is there fuel in it? [00:23:23] Speaker C: Yes. You mean hood? There's diesel. You asked if there was fuel. [00:23:34] Speaker D: No, there's wood. [00:23:35] Speaker A: There's wood. [00:23:36] Speaker D: Is it lit? [00:23:37] Speaker A: It is, too. [00:23:40] Speaker C: You accidentally light the schoolhouse on fire. [00:23:43] Speaker D: In the land of the lunar Kings. Late April is still a good time to be having a fire in your building in the fireplace. [00:23:55] Speaker C: I like to keep my fire out in the center of the house. Really? [00:23:59] Speaker D: They haven't invented Franklin stoves yet. [00:24:03] Speaker A: Uber takes a look at that child next to the hole in the wall since that's canon now. And he just looks at the teacher and says, I think that perhaps some structural improvements could be useful. [00:24:25] Speaker C: Man, you're really going to go into the schoolhouse and just talk about how horrible it is? [00:24:33] Speaker A: No. [00:24:33] Speaker C: First you get my sister on, want to go on an adventure? Now you're insulting this teacher. [00:24:40] Speaker A: There's more to this. Keep going. [00:24:43] Speaker D: Of course. Yes. We can finally patch that hole. [00:24:47] Speaker A: And as Uavera just reaches out a hand and produce flames to increase the. [00:24:52] Speaker D: Fire a little bit. [00:24:57] Speaker E: I thought you. [00:24:58] Speaker C: Were just going to burn the school. [00:25:02] Speaker D: All of the kids just start, like, chattering really quickly, and he's like, now, calm down. Calm down, sir. We try not to use magic in the classroom. Keeps things a little more orderly. [00:25:14] Speaker C: Telling me these kids have cantrips. [00:25:16] Speaker D: Like, 30% of the people in this world have cantrips. [00:25:22] Speaker C: Little Jimmy running around with produced flame. [00:25:24] Speaker D: Why, you see that? What is that called? Like, a Russian doll. [00:25:28] Speaker C: Fear will remember this, but it's up. [00:25:31] Speaker D: There in the ceiling. That's what's lighting the place. I just cast light on that doll and stuck it in the ceiling. [00:25:45] Speaker E: What is happening? [00:25:47] Speaker D: World building. [00:25:53] Speaker A: Of course. And he dispels it, but made sure it stayed a little bit near the well, you've already done it. [00:26:04] Speaker C: He dispelled the light. Obviously, I dispelled the light. If you don't like my magic, I'm taking it back. I dispelled the light, and I just kept my slay. [00:26:19] Speaker D: You will learn under the fires that. [00:26:24] Speaker C: Actually, to dispel magical light, you need to cast darkness do not worry. And make a counteraction. [00:26:31] Speaker B: I could still read. [00:26:33] Speaker C: And we cut away with Uber's hand on fire in the dark classroom. [00:26:43] Speaker B: Children. [00:26:44] Speaker C: Screaming in the back. [00:26:47] Speaker D: So, Uber, are you continue working with the school as, like, a guest teacher in your I will. [00:26:52] Speaker A: I actually was going to talk to the headmaster, or whomever. [00:26:58] Speaker D: That's me. It's a small town. It's a one room schoolhouse. [00:27:03] Speaker A: After school was done, right before I took her back home. [00:27:06] Speaker D: All right, so you wanted to take me aside and talk to me after school? [00:27:09] Speaker A: That's exactly right. [00:27:12] Speaker D: Am I in trouble? I've had my share of that. [00:27:17] Speaker B: Teacher will read off as lean. [00:27:20] Speaker E: This is beautiful. Content. [00:27:21] Speaker C: Oh, my goodness. [00:27:27] Speaker A: Why is the school not being kept for, like the rest of the town? [00:27:32] Speaker D: Well, you see, the town itself has fallen in hard times in the last couple of decades, and everything was moving along slowly but surely, making things better. Until the Infernal Mining Company swooped in. They bought up half the property, took most of the means of production, and kind of just sort of consolidated it to themselves. And they're really bleeding the town dry. All the profit and the money that's being made is sent off south to. [00:27:59] Speaker A: Chilex, but the rest of the buildings around here are a little more upkept. But the school mean I know I was here a long time ago, but. [00:28:13] Speaker D: It'S a bit of a you might call it a facade. If the town looks nice, then they can convince people to come and work here. But if you were to take a closer look, you'd see these buildings wouldn't last more than a few winters. [00:28:25] Speaker A: But why not do the same with the schoolhouse, at least? [00:28:29] Speaker D: Yeah, schoolhouses don't make money. [00:28:34] Speaker A: The more I learn about this company, the less I like about it. [00:28:39] Speaker D: I heard tell there's a young lad who used to work here, and he's starting a revolution against him. [00:28:46] Speaker B: It's Dietrich. [00:28:49] Speaker D: It goes by the name of Bolden. [00:28:59] Speaker C: That's why you were fired. [00:29:00] Speaker B: Is that what you call what you did? Revolution? [00:29:07] Speaker D: They say he's gone off to Joel because things got too hot around here for him. He's moved his base of operations, but he's still keeping the fight strong. [00:29:16] Speaker A: Uber quickly looks over to see where Alward's sister is right now. [00:29:22] Speaker C: She's burning down a so. She's part of the resistance. [00:29:29] Speaker B: Didn't you just say she left? [00:29:31] Speaker A: No, I didn't. [00:29:32] Speaker C: He said before he took her home. [00:29:36] Speaker D: The headmaster looks over and he's like, that's your daughter. Wait, I forgot. You were visibly very old. Is that your great granddaughter? [00:30:10] Speaker A: She is an old friend's sister. Thank you for the information. I am sorry that the school has gone to this level. Perhaps it will turn around in time. But I do thank you for allowing. [00:30:32] Speaker D: Me to teach today. [00:30:33] Speaker A: It has been a while, and I have missed teaching. Young ones, come along, we shall go back home. Young one. [00:30:44] Speaker B: Nameless, child. [00:30:46] Speaker C: Same breath as talking. It sounded like you were talking to the teacher. Come along, we shall go back home. He couldn't very well say her name. [00:30:57] Speaker D: No. [00:30:58] Speaker F: Come along, young Volden. [00:31:00] Speaker C: You could have said Lana. [00:31:02] Speaker D: Her name's Lena. [00:31:03] Speaker C: Lena don't even know your own. It's written down somewhere. [00:31:09] Speaker D: This is why we call this show the written because you write things down and then you forget about Wait. [00:31:16] Speaker F: Did she go to Sweeping 101? [00:31:19] Speaker C: Is that her class? [00:31:20] Speaker E: What? [00:31:21] Speaker C: Sweeping 1100? [00:31:22] Speaker D: Taking an elective in Joel because she's learning how to sweep and go to market. [00:31:27] Speaker E: How hard is it? [00:31:28] Speaker C: That's what she did the whole time. Dust just keep accumulating. [00:31:32] Speaker B: She's getting her masters. [00:31:33] Speaker C: Getting her masters. [00:31:38] Speaker D: As Uber heads away from the school with Lena and Tow heading back towards the current temporary residence of the Volden family, camera dollies out on a helicopter and zooms back in to see a small figure wrapped in his dark cloak as Zafir is making his way down the alleyway. [00:32:02] Speaker A: Pitter, pitter, pitter, pitter, pitter. [00:32:03] Speaker F: That's me walking, running. [00:32:07] Speaker C: Limping. Why are you limping? [00:32:14] Speaker B: I imagine you Daris are running, though Trudging is a good one, too. [00:32:22] Speaker F: Hey, if they're going to put a. [00:32:23] Speaker C: Hopscotch in the middle of the alleyway, they might as well do it. [00:32:28] Speaker D: So Zephyr walks down the alleyway, runs a bit, naruto runs a bit, does a hopscotch, and then kind of, like, limps a few more steps and stops at a corner. And there's another guy standing at the corner, and he's like, Nice hopscotch. And that's their call. [00:32:48] Speaker B: What timing on that drink? [00:32:50] Speaker D: What? [00:32:51] Speaker F: Haven't you seen West Side Story? That's how they run. [00:32:56] Speaker D: And the two of you aggressively snap your fingers to a darker part of the alley to talk. [00:33:02] Speaker F: Oh, so I'm actually talking to this guy? [00:33:04] Speaker D: That's the idea. You arranged a meeting. You hopscotched down the halt, the aisle and everything? [00:33:10] Speaker F: Well, haven't you seen the alleyway? It's made for it. [00:33:14] Speaker D: So Wait pulls out a knife. You weren't trying to get information. [00:33:19] Speaker F: Oh, yes, I was. Okay, you don't realize you have to establish a conversation before getting down to business. Otherwise you may be talking to the wrong person. [00:33:34] Speaker D: How's your day been? It's all right. [00:33:37] Speaker F: I went down an alleyway, did some hopscotch. [00:33:41] Speaker D: I was there for that part. [00:33:43] Speaker C: That's all I've got. [00:33:44] Speaker F: Yeah, I didn't do much else. Oh, I stabbed a guy. Just kidding. It wasn't a guy. [00:33:51] Speaker C: It was a horse. [00:33:53] Speaker F: I do not hurt animals. [00:33:57] Speaker D: I mean, I had a pretty rough day. [00:33:59] Speaker A: Good. [00:34:00] Speaker D: Yeah. So, anyway, what are we looking at? [00:34:08] Speaker F: How's the wife and kids? [00:34:13] Speaker D: Well, you know, ever since I took up this new gig, money just hasn't been flowing in as well as before, and I'm really starting to rethink all of my life decisions. But enough about me. What is it you want to know? [00:34:27] Speaker B: How are these guys still in business? [00:34:30] Speaker F: Okay, first of all, I'm going to give you a little bit of life advice. Usually, as an informant, you also have a day job. You cannot always rely on the shadow businesses. [00:34:45] Speaker D: Informing isn't my day job. This is my side hustle. [00:34:52] Speaker C: So his day job is causing him issues? [00:34:54] Speaker B: He's the janitor at the school. Things aren't going well. [00:35:05] Speaker F: You need another side that brings the. [00:35:09] Speaker D: Pitiful thing about this country. You can work two jobs and a side hustle and still not make ends. [00:35:14] Speaker C: Are we bringing hustle culture into pathfinder? [00:35:18] Speaker E: Yes. [00:35:19] Speaker B: We see downtime activities. [00:35:24] Speaker F: So enough about you. Down to business. So I'm going to keep my voice down a little bit because I don't want anybody to hear us. Obviously. That's why we're in this dark alleyway. [00:35:36] Speaker D: Yeah. Just the two of us alone in this room. That sounds nobody listening, not even an audience. [00:35:41] Speaker F: Oh, right. What about that guy over? Oh, he's drunk. [00:35:46] Speaker B: Oh, it's just me diedrich. [00:35:48] Speaker C: I thought they closed the hole. [00:35:52] Speaker B: Do you want me to play my flute? [00:35:56] Speaker C: Just imagining that's the school wall with the hole, and I'm looking through it. [00:36:02] Speaker D: Oh, sorry. I left it open. And he, like, hangs the little curtain up. [00:36:07] Speaker C: It was for the school children. [00:36:12] Speaker D: All right, I think this little charade has gone on long enough. What do you want to know? [00:36:18] Speaker F: So I have this friend. You may see him around town. It's a small town. And he's asked me to get some information, possibly some leads to help find his daughter, and I thought maybe you'd be the best person to talk to. [00:36:36] Speaker D: Are we talking about Hamir? [00:36:38] Speaker F: Exactly about hamir. Are you familiar with him? [00:36:41] Speaker D: Used to live here. [00:36:45] Speaker F: I think he still does. [00:36:48] Speaker D: Am I getting this mixed up? [00:36:49] Speaker B: I've lived here for, like, six years. [00:36:52] Speaker D: Yeah, but you left, and you've been wandering around looking for stuff. [00:36:55] Speaker A: Two weeks. [00:36:56] Speaker D: Yeah, the two weeks is a long time. [00:36:59] Speaker B: Also, I imagine this happening outside the window where Uber's teaching. [00:37:05] Speaker C: There's not a lot of buildings in. [00:37:07] Speaker D: This town to make ally. Yeah, he used to live here about two weeks ago. Then he went off adventuring with some weirdos who came into town. [00:37:17] Speaker F: Well, he's back now with me. [00:37:20] Speaker D: Really? The weirdos? I might have something to do later tonight, but anyway, what was your question? [00:37:32] Speaker F: If it's talk to Alward's mom, I strongly advise you not to. [00:37:37] Speaker C: Why are you just giving a shady person my name? [00:37:42] Speaker F: Doesn't know you. [00:37:48] Speaker D: She used to live I haven't talked to her. Since I took have this job. [00:37:58] Speaker F: You're very good at your job. [00:37:59] Speaker C: I don't know if you have a lot of information well, I do, but I don't. [00:38:04] Speaker E: Everyone wants to talk to Albert's mom. [00:38:06] Speaker C: Everyone wants to talk to my. [00:38:22] Speaker D: It for me. [00:38:23] Speaker E: I know it might be wrong, but I'm in love with our. [00:38:31] Speaker B: Blueprint. [00:38:34] Speaker F: So as far as I know, she either left of her own volition or well, actually I'm not really sure. He doesn't give me a lot of information. He just says that he was a bad dad. [00:38:48] Speaker D: I mean, you got to agree with that one there. [00:38:51] Speaker F: I'm going to need some backstory. That doesn't make any sense to me to be honest. [00:38:57] Speaker D: I mean, have you met the guy? [00:39:00] Speaker F: I mean, he seems pretty great to me. We're a lot alike. [00:39:05] Speaker D: Okay, might need a little bit more explanation on this one then. We don't even really have the budget left for a ripple transition, so I'll just explain it here. Okay, so you see, back when this guy went to the war his wife was expecting he's gone fighting undead or who knows what he's doing there. Well, when time comes, baby's born wife, unfortunately she doesn't make it. So we all in town. Not this town. Next town over where I lived. We all took the kid in, raised her up as our own. When this guy gets back from the war, he's totally different. He's like a shell of himself. Doesn't care about of anything. Takes the kid in, but he just doesn't seem to care about her at all. Gives her the necessities of life. But he doesn't love her. It's hard. It's hard watching a kid grow up in a home with no love, but then one day she just ups and disappears. You ask me, it was he that did it. He just couldn't take it anymore. [00:40:16] Speaker F: You see that's where I think you may be wrong. He keeps getting into everybody else's business just asking where she is and if they have any ideas or heck, I think he's even trying to replace her in some places, but I don't think that he would be acting that way if he had something to do with it. [00:40:37] Speaker D: Well, maybe he is, maybe he isn't. But I think if that's what's going on, it's just a cover story. We took him out and we tried to crowd justice when his daughter went missing. And as far as it seems, it was just me and Hamir himself were the only ones to survive. [00:41:00] Speaker F: What did you try to do to him? [00:41:03] Speaker D: Hanging, lynching, whatever you want to call a man. Fought like a demon. I don't know what got into him. Took the whole town on by himself. [00:41:13] Speaker F: Pretty sure that's called the will to live. That's what got into him. [00:41:18] Speaker D: I mean, if that's what it is. The guy has more will to live than anyone I've ever met. [00:41:23] Speaker F: Well, I'd like to take that will to live and turn it into a will to find his daughter. Do you have any possible information that could lead me to where she is? [00:41:34] Speaker D: Maybe. If I tell you, is Hamir gonna find out? [00:41:42] Speaker F: Not until I find her. If I find her first, I'll make sure she's okay before I do any thinking about telling Hamir? After what you've told me, I think I want to make sure things are safe before then. [00:42:00] Speaker D: Well, you seem like a good man, so I'll let you know. I've heard she's been seen around Joel. The big city down the road. [00:42:11] Speaker F: Never been there. [00:42:13] Speaker A: I'll have to visit sometime. [00:42:15] Speaker D: It's a nice place. Yeah. I'm surprised you haven't been. [00:42:20] Speaker A: I know. [00:42:20] Speaker F: Me, too. [00:42:24] Speaker D: Yeah, you should definitely stop by, even if you aren't going to follow that lead I gave you. But yeah. [00:42:31] Speaker F: Thanks, DM. [00:42:34] Speaker C: Perfectly fine. Name dropping his friends and his friend's mother. No, I never been to Joel. I don't know if any of that part was actually on record. That's fair. [00:42:46] Speaker D: This entire thing has been recorded by my stenographer. [00:42:55] Speaker B: Diedrich's not paying attention to Uber. He's just looking out the curtain. Hello, It's. I'm just writing down what I'm heedrix. [00:43:04] Speaker D: But that's all I've got for you. And he turns and he takes the curtain back down. [00:43:08] Speaker C: I think it's time for you to. [00:43:09] Speaker D: Go. [00:43:13] Speaker C: Through the hall. [00:43:17] Speaker B: Good Lord, I wish she would leave the curtain. [00:43:21] Speaker D: Curtains are expensive, kid. I'm hoping the audience finds this as entertaining as we do. [00:43:29] Speaker E: Generally, people laugh along with other people. [00:43:32] Speaker C: Tag nickel, though how much are they going to hear? [00:43:38] Speaker B: That's a good question. [00:43:40] Speaker C: Oh, man, I can hear our audience already. That was an amazing rendition of the laugh in Final Fantasy X. Thank you. [00:43:47] Speaker D: I was trying to do all might. [00:43:51] Speaker B: Are you here? [00:43:52] Speaker F: He is not here. [00:43:54] Speaker B: Get out of here. [00:43:55] Speaker C: Wait, don't I need to pay the guy? [00:43:57] Speaker D: I assumed it happened. [00:43:59] Speaker F: Well, I don't know how much to give him. [00:44:01] Speaker C: 90 gold. [00:44:03] Speaker F: Hold up. [00:44:03] Speaker D: Deb a reasonable amount of gold. Given the fact that this is a downtime activity, wouldn't that be like a two silver? Yeah, two silver. [00:44:15] Speaker F: I was going to give you, like, 15 gold, but okay, two silver. [00:44:18] Speaker D: I mean, I'll take 15 gold. [00:44:19] Speaker A: Two silver it is. [00:44:21] Speaker D: That's like a day's wages for a janitor like myself. [00:44:25] Speaker F: Not supposed to tell other people your occupation. [00:44:29] Speaker D: Everybody knows I'm a janitor, right, Diedrich? [00:44:32] Speaker B: Yes, it's true. Look, he's got his mop bucket. [00:44:37] Speaker F: Thank you, sir. I don't even remember your name, even though I probably already know you. Anyway, it's for the best. I sink into the shadows. [00:44:47] Speaker A: Robert, that's a 21. I know. [00:44:53] Speaker F: It's not a secret. [00:44:54] Speaker C: Check. [00:44:54] Speaker D: But he's gone. As Zafir fades into the shadows and slinks out of the alleyway, his contact just staring, shocked at his disappearance. The camera again zooms out down the alleyway, and we find Alward standing off on the edge of town towards the woods. Just off, like in a secluded portion of pastureland and everything, and he's holding his brand new staff, just kind of like, getting used to the feel of it, getting ready to pull it out at a moment's notice if he needs it. And just as he's getting ready to cast the new spell from his staff, he hears a voice. [00:45:35] Speaker E: Alwood. Did I scare? [00:45:42] Speaker C: Turn around a little. It's fine. [00:45:44] Speaker E: Many people don't expect a sudden Neros it's fine. [00:45:48] Speaker C: Sudden neros appeared. [00:45:51] Speaker A: You'll never know when she's nearest afaros. [00:45:57] Speaker E: She'Ll always find you. [00:46:01] Speaker C: Were you just following me? [00:46:03] Speaker E: No, I just happened to see you. [00:46:05] Speaker C: I'm on the outskirts of town. [00:46:07] Speaker E: Yeah, well, you know, I wander around from here to there. [00:46:12] Speaker C: Okay. I got a new staff. [00:46:16] Speaker E: Pretty. What's that for? [00:46:21] Speaker C: Magic. What do you need? [00:46:26] Speaker E: You said a while back that you could read this, like, something resonance, mud, sugar, or whatever it is of my locket. [00:46:34] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:46:34] Speaker C: It essentially just allows me to read emotions, like strong emotions that are tied to the object. I don't like to touch things because you'd be surprised what things have emotions tied to them. [00:46:49] Speaker E: Is that why you don't use your hands? [00:46:51] Speaker C: That's part of it. I once touched a fork, and it gave me nightmares for about a week. [00:46:57] Speaker E: From a fork? [00:46:58] Speaker C: Yeah. It was in the family for a long time. [00:47:07] Speaker E: So could you yeah. Would you be willing? [00:47:11] Speaker C: Yeah, of course. [00:47:11] Speaker E: I mean, I don't know what you're going to get from it, if anything. [00:47:15] Speaker C: But hopefully I get something. It's tied to your family? Yeah, it'd be weird if I didn't get anything. I mean, can you imagine not having any emotion toward anyway, yeah, it does take some time, but yeah. Let me okay. [00:47:33] Speaker E: Yeah, she takes it off and gives it to you. [00:47:34] Speaker C: All right. And then I'm going to do the thing. [00:47:39] Speaker D: Alward. As you are holding the locket and just kind of focusing your senses to try to read back through the history that this locket has, the first thing that comes to your mind is you're realizing its connection to Neros and the hope that she's poured into it. And then as you're pushing further past that and digging, like, what more is there to this? Then you get, like, a deep sense of regret. And as you're kind of latching on to that emotion and pushing forward into that, a face kind of takes shape in your mind's eye. And you see the face of a fetchling man, and the look on his face is one you've rarely seen before, but it's got the sense of determination to make things right. [00:48:42] Speaker C: So after coming out of it, do I see the face on the locket? [00:48:48] Speaker D: When you open your eyes, you do see the face on the locket, and it's the same face. [00:48:56] Speaker C: Who is this? And I sort of point to the. [00:48:58] Speaker E: I'm assuming it's my dad. [00:49:01] Speaker C: He was very sad and very determined about something, and I hand her you back the locket. [00:49:11] Speaker E: You actually saw his face? [00:49:13] Speaker C: Yeah, he looks like that. And I just point to the locket. [00:49:16] Speaker E: No one else. No one's ever seen his face but me, apparently. [00:49:22] Speaker C: But it's right there. [00:49:24] Speaker E: I know, but it's been blurred out for everyone else. You can see it. [00:49:28] Speaker C: That doesn't make sense. [00:49:30] Speaker E: I'm aware. [00:49:33] Speaker B: You've seen it blurred out, haven't you? [00:49:34] Speaker C: I don't know. [00:49:38] Speaker D: This is the first time al word has seen the locket, and he just immediately started focusing on it. [00:49:43] Speaker E: Got you. [00:49:47] Speaker C: I have time. I'm just trying to cast the spell from this staff. In fact, this would be a good and I'm going to go ahead and cast the spell to make, like, a makeshift table if you want to. [00:49:59] Speaker E: What? [00:50:00] Speaker C: Lay anything down. We can sit here, and I have time. If you have time. Do you have anything else? Yeah, I don't like to do it typically because sometimes it hurts, but this seems important to you. [00:50:11] Speaker E: Are you sure? [00:50:12] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:50:12] Speaker E: Because you said you got nightmares from a fork. I don't want to give you nightmares. [00:50:15] Speaker C: Hurt a lot, but that's kind of. [00:50:18] Speaker E: Funny if you got nightmares, but yeah. And I pull out the letter that she has and she hands it to. [00:50:25] Speaker C: You, could I read it as well? [00:50:31] Speaker E: Sure. [00:50:32] Speaker C: Okay. I'm going to read it while focusing on it. [00:50:36] Speaker B: That's typically how reading works. [00:50:38] Speaker C: Yeah, but that's what I'm ewing to focus on. It is reading the letter. If she would have said no, I wouldn't have read it. To whom it may concern, wrapped in this blanket is a treasure unlike any other. We put her in your charge. Please ensure she is safe and well cared for. We trust her. Already messed up. We trust her to your care, as she is much safer with you than she would be with us. We choose to name her Neros, a name we pray you continue to call her by. Do not send her to an unloving home, as we deeply love our baby girl, please tell her she is loved beyond all measure, and remind her she is destined for greatness. With deepest gratitude, nearest's loving parents. [00:51:24] Speaker D: And as you begin to focus on the letter and try to see through the emotions that's attached to it, the strongest emotion you're able to connect to is one of there should be one good word for it, but a fear of inadequacy. A concern that you won't be good enough to meet the challenge that's facing you. And as you're focusing harder and harder on that, there's something that just seems very familiar until the face that coalesces out of it is your father's face. Alward. [00:51:58] Speaker C: What? [00:52:06] Speaker B: They're siblings. [00:52:08] Speaker C: No. Yes. [00:52:09] Speaker E: What? [00:52:11] Speaker C: Albert's just gonna on the bright side. [00:52:13] Speaker B: You two have a kiss, so it's not weird. [00:52:19] Speaker C: That just made the list. [00:52:25] Speaker B: Albert, I have your followers. [00:52:27] Speaker C: Well, now I definitely have to talk to you. Anyway, albert is just going to drop the letter sort of without thinking about it, and it's going to slowly fall down onto his disc that he summoned, and he's going to look at you with just the most confused look, and then just I. [00:52:59] Speaker E: What? [00:53:02] Speaker C: Are you sure that man in the locket is your father? [00:53:06] Speaker E: I don't know. I'm assuming, but I actually don't know because that's apparently my mum next to him. [00:53:13] Speaker C: Right. I need to go. [00:53:18] Speaker E: But what? What do you mean you need to go? [00:53:22] Speaker C: I need to go ask for you can come along. Actually, I need to go talk to my mom. Why? Well, I saw my father's face. [00:53:39] Speaker E: I'm sorry, I didn't quite get that. [00:53:41] Speaker C: What? I saw my father's face. [00:53:44] Speaker E: Your father? [00:53:46] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:53:48] Speaker E: Your father? [00:53:50] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:53:55] Speaker E: What does that mean? [00:53:56] Speaker C: Well, I don't see anybody who doesn't imbue the thing with emotion, so that means my father imbued it with an emotion of inadequacy. He wrote, I don't know, sister. [00:54:15] Speaker E: Why is it happening? [00:54:19] Speaker C: Wait, but you're a fetchling. [00:54:20] Speaker E: What? [00:54:23] Speaker C: This doesn't make sense. [00:54:24] Speaker E: No, I actually literally didn't hear the word you said because I put my headshuling yeah. [00:54:29] Speaker C: I'm an aFrite. [00:54:31] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:54:31] Speaker C: My dad's an aFrite. Shouldn't you also I don't know. [00:54:35] Speaker E: Okay. [00:54:36] Speaker C: I think we can rule out siblings. [00:54:38] Speaker E: I think potentially. [00:54:40] Speaker C: I don't know. [00:54:41] Speaker E: I don't know, Jenkins. [00:54:43] Speaker D: With Alward's understanding of how aphrotes and genetics and everything works, that is correct. [00:54:48] Speaker B: Okay, so not your sister? [00:54:52] Speaker C: No. Maybe adoptive. I don't know. [00:54:59] Speaker E: I just pick up the letter again and, like hold it. I have no words. [00:55:08] Speaker C: My father was very old for, like, human standards. He was very young for an elf. But maybe he knew your father. [00:55:22] Speaker E: Maybe, but that wouldn't explain he could. [00:55:27] Speaker C: Have been the one to write it for them. I. [00:55:36] Speaker E: Have blank mind. Nothing. [00:55:39] Speaker C: I'm gonna I'm gonna go ask my mom. [00:55:41] Speaker E: Can I come with you? Yeah. Okay. [00:55:43] Speaker C: Maybe she could see the locket. [00:55:46] Speaker E: Yeah, let's go do that. [00:55:48] Speaker C: Let's go do that. [00:55:50] Speaker D: And as Alward and Neros head back into town, the camera zooms in ahead of them to the bolden house and up to the door as Hamir walks up to the front door. [00:56:06] Speaker B: It's not the bolden house, it's my. [00:56:08] Speaker D: House, Hamir says, churning and arguing with the narrator. [00:56:14] Speaker C: There's more voldent living in this house than whatever Hamir's last name is, because she's missing. [00:56:19] Speaker D: Helvig okay, before we do this scene, so while you two are agitatedly walking towards the house that's more my desk. [00:56:30] Speaker C: Is just floating behind me. [00:56:32] Speaker D: Hey, mirror. You have just burst into the building, or rather, you have walked in without announcing your I walk in. [00:56:39] Speaker B: Hamir looks over at the children. Lena diedrich. Wait outside. [00:56:46] Speaker C: Why did you bring Deidrich back? [00:56:49] Speaker A: I didn't. [00:56:51] Speaker B: He just, like, a week since. [00:56:54] Speaker C: Oh, okay. Well, the way he made it seem, it seems like we are walking up as you were up a week since. Oh, okay. [00:57:02] Speaker D: So Lena runs outside with Diedrich and Tow, and they leave the house, and Alward's mother looks up, and she's just like, is something just I'd like to. [00:57:15] Speaker B: Talk to you if I could. And I figured these kind of conversations aren't great for kids to be around. Get out of here. Rubera, you go play with the kids outside. [00:57:28] Speaker A: I think I'm going to take my tea. [00:57:30] Speaker B: You know, I think I saw I think I saw a nice hopscotch by the school. [00:57:36] Speaker A: I am a bit old for that, but thank you. [00:57:39] Speaker C: Uber just walks out the door. [00:57:42] Speaker B: Is there anyone else in here? [00:57:44] Speaker D: I think we're alone now. What was it you wanted to discuss? [00:57:50] Speaker B: I had more I wanted to say last time we spoke, when Albert said. [00:57:55] Speaker D: I want to leave, and her face kind of, like, hardens a little bit, and she's like, I'm ready to hear. [00:58:08] Speaker B: On one hand, I'm kind of looking for some advice. Also, I wanted to let you know it's been a week. We moved a trunk of your husband's stuff into the basement, so if you'd like to look through that, you're welcome to. It was on my mind. I knew I'd forget. Sorry. [00:58:34] Speaker D: I think I would like to look through that later. [00:58:38] Speaker B: Yes. [00:58:44] Speaker D: We cut to a longer angle of Hamir just, like, awkwardly tapping his fingers on the table. [00:58:53] Speaker B: You and your family have gotten along pretty well, it seems. [00:59:01] Speaker D: Yes. [00:59:05] Speaker B: I haven't had as much luck with with that, and I mean, I've seen you and your family acting like a family, and it reminds me of my time as a father, and it didn't go well, and I don't know why. I thought talking to you about family stuff might help. [00:59:41] Speaker D: Hamir, you're asking me for parenting advice? [00:59:45] Speaker B: I don't know. I had a dream last night. I've had a dream that's been bugging me for a while, and I think might if I could just start at the beginning, this might make things easier for me. I'm sorry. [01:00:11] Speaker D: When I was a boy. [01:00:17] Speaker B: When I was a boy young, younger, when I went out to war, my wife was pregnant with my daughter, and I went to war. I thought they were fine. I didn't learn until after all that stuff happened and I got home, that my wife had died, passed away in childbirth. My daughter was raised by other people. [01:00:49] Speaker C: And. [01:00:52] Speaker B: Well, with the others in my life haunting me, it made it hard to focus on being a father. I told everyone I got that talharpa of mine to try and connect with my daughter, but she got it for me, and I never really played it till she left or until she was taken when she was I think she was taken from us when she was a few years ago. And I'm trying to find her, but before I find her, I want to make sure I can be better, because I'm here and so many others aren't here. So I should try to make the best of that and not be the way I've been. But now everyone thinks I killed my daughter, and a lot of people want me dead. Well, actually, not many people currently want me dead. That's kind of a confusing part of my life. Sorry. [01:02:18] Speaker D: Hey, Mir. I don't know all of the details. It seems like this is a very complicated situation. But one thing I do know is that you never stop being a parent. Even when your children grow up and they move on on their own, you still want to be their mother or their father. And I think that if you connect back with that part of yourself to be her father, then I think that you can find who you need to be for her. [01:02:58] Speaker B: But what if she didn't get taken? What if she just left? I mean, is it even worth looking for her? If that was the case? I have spent a lot of my time looking for her. [01:03:16] Speaker D: It may be hard to hear, but maybe if that's the case, maybe you need to find her so that you can apologize. [01:03:28] Speaker B: I suppose I could try to apologize. I guess in a way, it was partly my fault, even. It mostly wasn't. But I'm worried things won't be different because I've still got all of this stuff. And I've made an even bigger mess of my life since I last saw her. Made a very bad deal. I don't know. [01:03:56] Speaker D: Hey, Mir? Do you believe that you could make her life better if you found her again? [01:04:04] Speaker B: Well, of course. I mean, we'd be together again, so things would not be better than they are now. [01:04:09] Speaker D: But would that be better for her? [01:04:13] Speaker B: Well, of course it would. I mean, we'd be together, so it'd be better. [01:04:19] Speaker D: And she just kind of looks at. [01:04:26] Speaker B: What? What am I not understanding here? [01:04:29] Speaker D: I'm sorry if I was prying too close. [01:04:31] Speaker B: No, you're fine. [01:04:34] Speaker D: And at that moment, the door flies open again and Alward and Neros come through. [01:04:39] Speaker B: Excuse me, could you wait? I just sent the others outside. [01:04:44] Speaker C: Fantastic. Hey, may I need to speak with you at some point, mom? I have some questions. Sorry, are we into? Yes. [01:04:50] Speaker B: Something I was talking thank you. [01:04:52] Speaker C: Can it wait? [01:04:53] Speaker E: No, it's pretty important. [01:04:55] Speaker B: I don't really it looked like you were done. [01:05:02] Speaker C: I could leave. [01:05:03] Speaker B: No, fine. [01:05:04] Speaker A: Just stay. [01:05:06] Speaker C: Could you leave? [01:05:08] Speaker B: No. This is my house, not the house. [01:05:10] Speaker E: I don't know. [01:05:12] Speaker C: Is he needed? [01:05:14] Speaker B: What it involves I look over at your father, who looks back at me and it's like, I don't know. [01:05:25] Speaker A: Not all coming back in. [01:05:27] Speaker E: Didn't he know your dad? [01:05:28] Speaker C: Get back out. But he only knew him during the war. [01:05:32] Speaker A: My tea is cool. [01:05:33] Speaker C: He only knew him. He just shuffled to the kitchen. [01:05:36] Speaker E: Yeah, but whatever. [01:05:40] Speaker C: Anyway. [01:05:41] Speaker D: What is going on? [01:05:45] Speaker C: You know how I have that thing to where if I touch something, I can feel stuff? [01:05:51] Speaker D: Did you touch another fork? [01:05:52] Speaker C: No, it's not the fork. [01:05:54] Speaker E: This time. The fact that that's a question that. [01:05:58] Speaker B: She has to ask society of problems, fork folding. [01:06:03] Speaker C: I don't want to discuss the fork with you. Anyway. [01:06:06] Speaker B: Oh, my goodness. [01:06:08] Speaker C: She has a locket and a letter from her parents. [01:06:12] Speaker E: Supposedly? [01:06:13] Speaker C: Supposedly. Do you see the face? Can you show her? [01:06:17] Speaker E: Yeah. And I open the locket and show what is your mom's name? [01:06:21] Speaker D: Valia. [01:06:22] Speaker E: Valia. [01:06:23] Speaker C: My brain was like, It nothing. [01:06:26] Speaker E: And I show Velia the locket, and. [01:06:29] Speaker D: She looks and she's like, do you. [01:06:31] Speaker E: See the man's face in this, or is it bled out for you? [01:06:34] Speaker D: It's pretty indistinct. [01:06:37] Speaker E: Okay, interesting. [01:06:39] Speaker C: That kind of answers. Maybe some of the other kind of because if we assume that the only people who can see the thing are people who've already seen the man that's true. [01:06:51] Speaker B: Then didn't UVair see the no. Isn't the woman's face burnt out? [01:06:56] Speaker E: No, it's just the man. [01:06:57] Speaker B: It's just the man. [01:06:58] Speaker A: If we're talking about the locket, I have not seen are you here? [01:07:03] Speaker C: He went to the kitchen. [01:07:04] Speaker B: He didn't leave. [01:07:06] Speaker A: So you guys walked in, and your sister's there, so she's not at school. [01:07:12] Speaker C: So everyone who bears I need to speak with you as well about taking my sister to that dump. Anyway, this is really more about anyway, so you know how sometimes I see faces, like, with the fork and. [01:07:30] Speaker E: Such a weird sentence. [01:07:34] Speaker C: Well, when I looked at the. [01:07:37] Speaker E: Letter this letter? [01:07:39] Speaker C: Yeah. Thank you. I saw my father's face. [01:07:45] Speaker E: So for background, this letter is supposedly written by my parents. I was left at an orphanage when I was a baby. This letter I assumed was from my parents my entire life, but I had him do his weird psychic thingy because he offered to, and he saw his dad's face with the letter. [01:08:05] Speaker D: Vicia looks very confused. [01:08:07] Speaker C: I saw her father's what we presume to be her father's face with the locket. We know my father isn't her father, because she's not. And then he, like, gestures to his crystalline moats all over his body. But did you know albert, I think. [01:08:26] Speaker D: It might be time to tell you what your father did before the war. And that's where we'll end this episode. [01:08:33] Speaker C: But I still have to yell at Uber. [01:08:36] Speaker D: All right, Jenkins, and what is your new hero point card? [01:08:39] Speaker C: I got called foe. So I play this before I make a strike. I choose a creature, and then I gain a plus two status bonus of attack rolls made against that foe. However, I take a minus four penalty to attack rolls made against any other creature. It lasts until the end of my next turn or until I critically hit the designated foe, whichever comes first. So, yeah, thank you all for this hero point. It's great to be back. Great to be here. I have to go take a dog out. Bye. [01:09:09] Speaker D: And we'll see you all in the next episode. [01:09:11] Speaker B: No. [01:09:15] Speaker D: This has been an Atomic broadcasting production pathfinder Galerian and the Lost Omens world setting are copyright of Pizzo. More [email protected] music in the show is from Monument Studios collection as well as Assorted artists with some original tracks composed by Jordy Hake. More details in the description. If you enjoyed the show, please remember to share with a friend and we'll look forward to seeing you again next time. [01:09:43] Speaker E: I have so many emotions right now. None of them really that good. [01:09:49] Speaker D: So you're saying if alward were to use psychometric resonance on you. [01:09:58] Speaker C: I don't know. [01:10:00] Speaker D: Did I not predict in episode one there would be laughter, there would be tears being confused about how we feel? [01:10:09] Speaker C: Oh, jeez.

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