Episode 26

November 06, 2023


EP. 26 Party Planners

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Jordy Hake Michael Petete Samuel Sarver Abby Fincher Michael Jenkins Sven Nerness
EP. 26 Party Planners
The Written and The Lost
EP. 26 Party Planners

Nov 06 2023 | 01:26:55


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So many plot threads, so little time! As the Eoredson's ball approaches, the party members discover personal revelations, face their demons, and try not to come to blows as they prepare for the upcoming infiltration.

   This episode was recorded before the SAG-AFTRA strikes and contains references to struck works. We here at Atomic Broadcasting wish to show solidarity to their efforts to gain a livable and sustanable wage.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: This episode was recorded before the SAG AFTRA strike commenced. We at Atomic Broadcasting wish to show solidarity in their fight for a livable wage. To learn more about SAG AFTRA, feel free to follow the links in the show notes. [00:00:17] Speaker B: You are listening to an Atomic Broadcasting production. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the feature presentation. It. And remember, do your part, such as, like, comment rate. And don't forget to tell a friend to tune in for an atomic time. [00:00:43] Speaker A: Now, where did we leave? Ah, yes. While preparing for the eridson's ball, alward and Neros discovered that Alward's father had somehow imbued the letter from Neros'parents with his deeply felt, emotion seeking answers. They returned to Alward's mother, who decided to tell Alward what she'd kept secret about his father. [00:01:21] Speaker C: Weird Al Yankovich has ruined that song for me, and I can only think of another one. [00:01:25] Speaker B: Ride to the bus another one by the dust and another one's gone and. [00:01:31] Speaker D: Another one's gone and another one bites. [00:01:32] Speaker B: The dust. [00:01:35] Speaker D: Another one bites the dust. [00:01:46] Speaker B: Oh, my gosh. So I call 911. [00:01:50] Speaker C: Thank you for bringing that in. [00:01:51] Speaker D: Hello? What is your emergency? [00:01:53] Speaker B: He's biting the dust. Another one of our band members is bite the dust. Did he try drinking some water? [00:02:03] Speaker C: No, we haven't. [00:02:04] Speaker B: Somebody get this man some water. [00:02:06] Speaker A: Not a sponsor. [00:02:09] Speaker B: He's h two o intolerant. [00:02:11] Speaker C: Oh, no. [00:02:14] Speaker D: I'm h 20. I'm obnoxious. [00:02:17] Speaker E: I'm h 20. [00:02:18] Speaker B: Get him some sand. [00:02:19] Speaker C: What's that from? [00:02:21] Speaker D: Finding Nemo. [00:02:21] Speaker B: He's finding Nemo. [00:02:23] Speaker E: What? [00:02:25] Speaker B: Finding Nermal. Speaking of another one by stuff. What are you up stabbing a guy? [00:02:39] Speaker C: He bit the dust. [00:02:41] Speaker B: Zephyr slaps the heads of a dad. [00:02:42] Speaker F: Remember, he was only kitten. [00:02:44] Speaker B: It wasn't a guy. Another one did bite the dust. And it's Alward's dad a long time ago, too. [00:02:52] Speaker C: Soon Alward will remember this. [00:02:56] Speaker A: Speaking of Alwood remembering things, the room is quiet. You could hear a pin drop as Alward's mother, Valia, is trying to gather her thoughts and figure out how to start. Alward, your father, before he had joined the war and gone to serve with Hamir, he was, for lack of a better word, an adventurer. He would go and help people and fight monsters and take on whatever problems anyone had. And it was only when you were growing older and we realized the importance of having a father around more consistently that he decided to give that life up and come home and spend more time with us. But there were two Fetchlings in their adventuring party, and that might be who you're looking for. [00:04:08] Speaker C: That does explain a lot of the absences. [00:04:11] Speaker B: But. [00:04:13] Speaker C: Do you know where they are? What happened to them? [00:04:19] Speaker A: No, I never met them myself. Your father tried to keep most of the adventuring life separate from home life. He didn't want to bring danger back with him. [00:04:33] Speaker C: I hate you so much right now, Jordy. [00:04:36] Speaker A: It's almost like if you had a dangerous artifact, you would try to keep it away from your family. [00:04:45] Speaker B: I don't know why. [00:04:49] Speaker A: I'm sorry. And she looks up her at Neros. I'm sorry. I don't know much more. I know that they had had some sort of a falling out shortly after the group disbanded and your father didn't really want to talk about them much more. [00:05:11] Speaker C: But why would he write the letter? [00:05:15] Speaker A: I don't know. He didn't explain any of this to me. I don't know if this was some sort of adventure thing he was trying to keep secret from me to protect me. Do we know when this letter was written? [00:05:34] Speaker D: Presumably around the time I was born. [00:05:36] Speaker A: And how old are you? [00:05:37] Speaker D: I don't know. [00:05:38] Speaker B: We need to know. We gave you a whole session to think about it. [00:05:42] Speaker D: 20 something. [00:05:44] Speaker A: So around the same way age as Albert. [00:05:47] Speaker B: Sure. You guys just commit to an age? [00:05:49] Speaker C: I have. Albert is 20 something. Brings a fear. The letter and he'll I knew it. [00:05:55] Speaker A: You two are twins. [00:05:57] Speaker B: Sugar. She did. [00:06:03] Speaker A: Well with the timing of that. That would be shortly before the entire adventuring had come to an end. [00:06:15] Speaker C: So they gave her up because they wanted to continue adventuring? [00:06:25] Speaker A: I don't know. Like I said, I never met them. [00:06:28] Speaker C: That doesn't seem right. [00:06:32] Speaker A: I wouldn't think so. Your father thought very highly of the rest of the members in the group. [00:06:40] Speaker F: Ufair is going to lean into the living room. How many people were in this adventuring party? [00:06:53] Speaker C: No, that's what I was thinking. [00:06:55] Speaker B: He is her mother. Magic. [00:07:06] Speaker C: When a dwarf and a Fetchling, they're like soundfish. [00:07:13] Speaker D: I'm going to carry the two. [00:07:14] Speaker A: Valia kind of looks surprised. Like she almost forgot you were in the kitchen. And then it was like six, counting counting your father. [00:07:24] Speaker C: So we have three, the father, two Fetchlings. We are missing three. [00:07:35] Speaker A: I know. There was another two who were married and there was a dwarf. [00:07:47] Speaker C: I feel like everybody just turned through there. [00:07:50] Speaker B: It was really bad time for you to have memory loss. [00:07:55] Speaker F: You're telling me. Apparently this isn't even the first time I ask. Only because apparently I knew her mother at some point. [00:08:10] Speaker A: Well, that does seem to kind of all point to the same thing. I mean, I don't know, I'm not trying to draw any conclusions, but you say you've got memory loss. [00:08:25] Speaker F: From what we've been able to deduce, it is less of I can't remember it and more of the memories have been taken from me completely. [00:08:39] Speaker A: That's a very fine distinction. [00:08:44] Speaker B: Yeah, it is very much. His brain looked like that when I saw it. [00:08:51] Speaker A: I'm going to not ask questions about these sorts of things. [00:08:56] Speaker B: It was very deliberate. Looking to his memories, do you have. [00:09:01] Speaker A: Any idea what caused it or how it could be fixed? [00:09:05] Speaker C: I think we're like losing the lead here about what we were it's fine. [00:09:10] Speaker A: Oh, right, sorry. Yes. That was the only thing I could think of is that this Fetchling couple that's pictured here in the locket could be the same. That adventured with your father. [00:09:26] Speaker C: So my father, your parents, you, and then two other random people. I hope it's not involving Zafir and his wife adventured with my father, Zafir's parents. [00:09:53] Speaker E: Unless, of course, Zafir was how old are you, Zafir? [00:09:57] Speaker C: I know you're not here, but I'm like 20 something that doesn't three of. [00:10:01] Speaker D: Us are 20 something. [00:10:01] Speaker C: Yeah, I actually have a destiny. I'm 24. [00:10:06] Speaker E: I just didn't look at it, I think. I don't remember young and wait. [00:10:16] Speaker D: Did he ever mention any names? [00:10:18] Speaker A: No. He tried to keep things separate. He let a few things slip, and I kept note of what he'd mentioned, but he tried to keep things separate just for he said it was for safety, but I don't know. [00:10:34] Speaker F: And what were the things that he let slip, if I may ask? [00:10:38] Speaker A: Well, like for instance, that there were the two Fetchlings and there was the dwarf. Those were things that he didn't intend to reveal. There were other details. Like there was one time he'd mentioned how they'd fought a troll or a giant or something, I forget the details. It was very large. He'd been grumbling about how he'd hurt his shoulder in a fight. [00:11:01] Speaker F: I don't recall fighting a troll. [00:11:03] Speaker C: You don't recall what you had for breakfast? [00:11:06] Speaker F: No, I remember that very clearly. It was delicious. [00:11:09] Speaker C: But you get my point, though. [00:11:12] Speaker F: Well, the fact of the matter is, it is frustrating for me, too. [00:11:16] Speaker C: I understand. [00:11:18] Speaker B: Well, they're talking hammer is going to slip into a different room, steal all. [00:11:23] Speaker C: Of my father's old adventuring gear. [00:11:26] Speaker E: Just let me slip into something more comfortable. This room. [00:11:31] Speaker B: That's all I wanted to say. [00:11:32] Speaker A: Okay. [00:11:33] Speaker E: I'm 25. I found it. [00:11:38] Speaker A: And like I'd said, valia continues. I don't know for sure that this is the same this is the only thing I can think of. [00:11:47] Speaker F: From what we've already been able to piece together, it is likely that I was part of the party. I have certainly been in the area long enough. And it sounds like our I don't know about goals, but ideals would have aligned for what I feel like I would have done back then. [00:12:10] Speaker C: Not to ruin your theory, but from my understanding, my father met my mother back in Cheliacx, not here. [00:12:20] Speaker F: I am from oh, okay. [00:12:23] Speaker C: I didn't know you never speak of it. With how you don't read contracts. You would never know. [00:12:29] Speaker F: Honestly, I don't like to talk about it too much. I am not specifically from Chaliax. My homeland is actually in the Five King Mountains from Tar Kazmuk. [00:12:45] Speaker C: It's not too far away. I've never been. [00:12:48] Speaker F: Yes, but that is my homeland. I've only been in this area for about 100 years. Maybe a little more, something like that. [00:12:59] Speaker C: But if you were in this area for 100 years, you wouldn't have been part of the adventure that happened 20 years ago. [00:13:07] Speaker F: You're right. If I was part of the parties, then I would have been in shelliacs. But every memory I have, that I have for a long time left is here. [00:13:24] Speaker C: So it's not possible that you have memories here and then you left and those don't exist, and then since you came back, that they were sort you know what? [00:13:37] Speaker F: No, no, that is exactly right. If what we have learned with Hamir and that whole that my memories were, to put it in simple terms, cut out that they no longer exist in my mind. And that would explain why I don't have a cup, how I don't recognize the fact that they are missing. Because in my mind, they are one complete line. [00:14:13] Speaker A: If that's true, that's a lot to deal with. Does Zafir know? Wait, where is he? [00:14:22] Speaker C: He's not allowed in the house because he has a magical helmet? [00:14:27] Speaker A: That seems arbitrary. [00:14:29] Speaker C: I'll explain later, I promise. [00:14:33] Speaker A: Howard, are you keeping things from me? [00:14:40] Speaker C: Not now. [00:14:42] Speaker A: Please. [00:14:52] Speaker B: All my friends are here. Stop it, bob. [00:14:59] Speaker A: If that's what you think needs to be done. [00:15:05] Speaker C: I need to go talk to Hamir. And I'm going to go upstairs to remove myself from the situation. [00:15:14] Speaker A: Insert another scene with severe we cut to a carousel. [00:15:21] Speaker B: How does this thing even work on a horse? [00:15:27] Speaker C: Zafir's most amazing, excellent day off. [00:15:30] Speaker B: I saw everyone go into the house, so I'm just loathe don't want to. [00:15:35] Speaker C: Kill this slap hands. [00:15:38] Speaker E: I have to have another person to play slap hands. I can't just play by myself. [00:15:43] Speaker C: Play slap hands with me. [00:15:46] Speaker B: Play slap hands with yourself. But only once. [00:15:53] Speaker C: That's dark. [00:15:55] Speaker A: Meanwhile, upstairs is that what that roll was? What roll? [00:16:02] Speaker C: Don't you gaslight me. I know you just rolled. [00:16:06] Speaker B: Well, Hamier's up there packing. [00:16:09] Speaker C: I was just going to walk in. What are you packing for? [00:16:16] Speaker B: It doesn't matter. What are you doing up here? [00:16:18] Speaker C: I mean, it does. Well, I came up here to talk to you, but now I'm interested in what you're packing for. [00:16:23] Speaker B: I'm leaving. [00:16:24] Speaker C: Why? [00:16:24] Speaker B: This is too much, and I just want to find my daughter, so I'm going to go. [00:16:32] Speaker C: You have an issue with running away from your issues, don't you? [00:16:36] Speaker B: I don't think I've ever run away from an issue. [00:16:40] Speaker C: You're running away now. [00:16:41] Speaker B: Well, that's different. I'm running towards the issue I want to fix. [00:16:46] Speaker C: Are you sure you're not running away because all of the spirits in your head won't leave you alone? [00:16:51] Speaker B: No, they don't want me to leave. [00:16:55] Speaker C: That's what I'm saying. You're specifically ignoring them to get them to shut up. It's not usually this isn't what I wanted to talk to you about. [00:17:05] Speaker B: Fine. Will you hand me that lamp? [00:17:07] Speaker C: No. [00:17:09] Speaker B: He gets up, walks right up to Vilda, grabs a lamp and walks away back to his bag. Throws it in. It breaks. Dang it. [00:17:21] Speaker E: He dumps it out. [00:17:22] Speaker C: Wait, you're looking for your daughter? [00:17:24] Speaker B: That's the whole reason I'm here. I've been looking for her the whole time. Everyone else knows. I thought you knew, too. [00:17:31] Speaker C: No. I don't know a lot of things, and that goes on. [00:17:35] Speaker B: You should really spend more time with us. [00:17:38] Speaker C: I have other matters I need to deal with most of the time. [00:17:41] Speaker B: If you spent more time talking with us and less time assaulting my brain, perhaps you'd learn more about us. [00:17:48] Speaker C: Didn't assault. [00:17:50] Speaker B: You attacked my head. [00:17:52] Speaker C: You wouldn't let me go. You started that. [00:17:55] Speaker B: I just wanted to talk to you. [00:17:58] Speaker C: And I wanted to be left alone. [00:18:01] Speaker B: Well, fine. Didn't work out very well for you anyway. [00:18:04] Speaker C: No, it didn't. That hurt a lot. [00:18:06] Speaker B: Yeah, I noticed. I had to carry you the whole way. [00:18:12] Speaker C: So you come in, you put my family in danger through your actions, and then you're just going to leave? [00:18:21] Speaker B: What did I do? I put your family you grabbed the helmet, which turned out to be a great thing to do. [00:18:28] Speaker C: Yes, but now my whole family is in danger because of it. [00:18:31] Speaker B: Well, you guys are looking like you're interested in solving mysteries and playing heroes. So you can have the helmet and play hero with it. [00:18:38] Speaker C: I just want to save my family. [00:18:41] Speaker B: Then why don't you move? [00:18:44] Speaker C: I did. [00:18:45] Speaker B: Again, farther away. Go to, like, Wongi Expanse or something. [00:18:50] Speaker C: I don't want to go there. [00:18:51] Speaker B: Syrian. [00:18:52] Speaker C: They'd have to learn a whole new language. Again. [00:18:57] Speaker B: It doesn't matter where you go. [00:18:59] Speaker C: You could just go and run away. No. Why are you running away? [00:19:04] Speaker B: I'm looking for my daughter. [00:19:05] Speaker C: And who's to say we can't find her here? [00:19:07] Speaker B: That's what I thought originally, but it hasn't panned out. [00:19:10] Speaker C: It's been, like, a week. [00:19:13] Speaker B: Yeah, it's been three. Or clearly not in the area. And all we're doing is walking around the same area. It's not working. [00:19:26] Speaker C: Preparing to go to Joel, which we. [00:19:28] Speaker B: Were just at, and everyone was about to die. Which means I don't want to be there even more. [00:19:33] Speaker C: What if your daughter's there? I doubt it. But what if she is? [00:19:37] Speaker B: We were just there. She wasn't there. [00:19:39] Speaker C: You searched all of Joel. [00:19:41] Speaker B: I can't live my whole life thinking my daughter could be there or could be there, or could be there because she could be anywhere. [00:19:48] Speaker C: So your plan is to just walk around aimlessly until you stumble upon her, and then what? [00:19:58] Speaker B: Then we are a family again. And I do better than last time. [00:20:05] Speaker C: Look, I don't mean to be rude. Actually, in this case, I do mean to be rude. You are the most selfish human being I have ever met in my life. What makes you think she wants to be with you? [00:20:23] Speaker B: Because she was taken away. Someone took her. [00:20:27] Speaker C: What if she ran away? [00:20:29] Speaker B: The house was a mess. She wouldn't have just left it like that. Someone ransacked the house. [00:20:34] Speaker C: Maybe. [00:20:34] Speaker B: And now she's gone at the same time. [00:20:36] Speaker C: Ransacking the house to grab her belongings and then running away. [00:20:39] Speaker B: That's very doubtful. [00:20:41] Speaker C: To get away from a needs me there who can only think for himself. [00:20:46] Speaker B: I think about other people. If those ghosts weren't there, I could have been better for her. [00:20:53] Speaker C: Why are you blaming the other things? Take accountability, man. [00:20:58] Speaker B: Accountability for what? I went to war. It was a toy soldier. And then everyone else died, so I went home. Then my daughter disappears and everyone tries to kill me. Then to get out of being killed, I make a deal. And then that thing's screwing over my life, too. [00:21:15] Speaker C: Because you made a deal. [00:21:16] Speaker B: I was going to be murdered. [00:21:18] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:21:18] Speaker B: I don't want to die. I want to find my daughter. [00:21:21] Speaker C: Who ran away from you? [00:21:23] Speaker B: She was taken away from me. [00:21:24] Speaker C: By who? [00:21:25] Speaker B: I don't know. Otherwise, I'd probably have her. [00:21:28] Speaker C: Who would want to take your daughter? [00:21:30] Speaker B: I don't know because I don't really know what she got up to. [00:21:35] Speaker C: So it's not most likely that she ran away. Somebody just some magic, random stranger. [00:21:44] Speaker B: Someone ransacked the house and probably took her, too. [00:21:48] Speaker C: All right, well, if you want to leave, I guess that's fine. I really don't enjoy your company. [00:21:53] Speaker B: Exactly. You guys don't need me. I offer nothing to you. [00:21:56] Speaker C: I mean, you offer a lot, but. [00:21:58] Speaker B: That'S not like what? [00:21:59] Speaker C: Well, you do have my dead dad living in you. [00:22:01] Speaker B: Oh, right. Mr. Who I've stabbed in the neck can't give any information to you. Maybe I should have stabbed him in the heart. He could have been more helpful. [00:22:08] Speaker C: Didn't just die. You killed one of them. [00:22:11] Speaker B: You already know that. I know, but earlier I didn't mean to kill him. He tried to kill me because of this stupid thing. The chalice? Yeah. I hold up the chalice at you. I didn't ask for the chalice either. And now I have it. None of this is what I want. [00:22:34] Speaker C: I think you should probably take some time. Reevaluate yourself. Realize that you are very selfish, very self centered, and maybe think about what's actually best for you, your family. But if you want to leave, I'm not going to stop you. Somebody else down there can do. [00:22:56] Speaker B: Right. [00:22:56] Speaker C: All right. I'm going to go back downstairs and just shout. Hamir's leaving. [00:23:03] Speaker B: His eyes very heavily. He's finished packing, so he's going to head out. [00:23:10] Speaker D: Where are you going? [00:23:11] Speaker B: Away. [00:23:12] Speaker D: Why? [00:23:12] Speaker B: I don't need any of this. It's too much. I just want to find my daughter. Okay. You want your dead dad? Here. I'm going to throw the chalice at you the outward. [00:23:24] Speaker C: I don't want my dead dad. I want him to move on. He shouldn't be in this plane of existence anymore. You're holding him here somehow. [00:23:33] Speaker B: Or that chalice chalice's fault, you figure it out, and then he's going to open the door and slam it closed. [00:23:39] Speaker C: He could have given up the chalice that easy. [00:23:41] Speaker F: I don't think it's going to be that easy. [00:23:44] Speaker C: Just going to set the chalice in the kitchen. [00:23:47] Speaker F: I think it's best that I take care of. [00:23:54] Speaker C: Take it back. Last time you touched this no. No. [00:23:58] Speaker F: And you want to go through the same thing? I know what they can do. [00:24:01] Speaker C: I don't want to do anything. I want to just set it right there. I'm assuming he'll be back. [00:24:06] Speaker A: And on that note, we cut to Hamir. [00:24:09] Speaker B: So Haymir is storming his way to the cellar, and he's just going down the road. He's going to just kind of throw his weight into the door to open it. The door of the door of the cellar of the bar above the cellar, which is also called the seller. [00:24:25] Speaker A: This one is called the Miners Pick. [00:24:27] Speaker B: No. [00:24:27] Speaker E: It's called the miners pick. [00:24:28] Speaker B: Okay, so Hamir puts his body weight into opening the door to the Miners Pick. [00:24:35] Speaker C: Wait, if this one's the Miners pick, what's the one that's ran by the other company? I don't need to know. I just want to make sure they're not the same thing. [00:24:43] Speaker A: Because I know it's called the company public house. [00:24:47] Speaker C: Okay? [00:24:47] Speaker A: The local people call it the Drunken Imp, but that's not the official name. [00:24:51] Speaker C: Okay, that makes sense. [00:24:52] Speaker E: As you're slamming yourself into the door, you hear from a distance behind Hamir. Hey. [00:24:59] Speaker B: Oh, for the laugh of what? Zafir. What do you want? [00:25:03] Speaker E: I have been very bored. [00:25:05] Speaker B: Oh, I can imagine. I can imagine. Yes. [00:25:09] Speaker E: What has been going on? It's been so long. Why does nobody leave that house? [00:25:15] Speaker B: They are discovering things. [00:25:16] Speaker E: I have friends out here. [00:25:22] Speaker B: They're in there learning a lot about how they're connected and what things they have to do to save cities and. [00:25:30] Speaker E: Whatnot I feel like I'm missing so much, it's not worth all I did was find out where your daughter was. [00:25:38] Speaker B: What, Xavier walks up and just grabs your collar? [00:25:45] Speaker E: Whoa, whoa, whoa. [00:25:45] Speaker B: Where is my daughter? [00:25:47] Speaker E: I don't like being manhandled. [00:25:49] Speaker B: I don't really care where's my daughter. [00:25:53] Speaker E: Set me down and we will talk about this like men. [00:25:58] Speaker B: Fine. Let's go. [00:26:05] Speaker E: You are on your way to the Miners pickle. How about we go in there and have a nice sit down in one of the booths? [00:26:13] Speaker B: Not in the mood for that. [00:26:15] Speaker E: We can have a drink. [00:26:17] Speaker B: No, I have a better time ourselves. I have a better idea. Let's go downstairs. You can tell me all about it while I'm blowing off some steam. [00:26:33] Speaker E: I don't see how that's going to be very effective, but I try. [00:26:41] Speaker B: So Hamir bursts into the room again. [00:26:47] Speaker C: Kicks down the door. [00:26:48] Speaker A: There's this guy by the door who's just like, what do you want? You just walk by. [00:26:52] Speaker B: I'm going downstairs. [00:26:53] Speaker E: Hey, Clement. Sorry about the door. Hey, can I get a drink real quick? Just something on tap. Just something. Maybe two of them. Maybe double down. I mean, you had something. A lot of it. [00:27:05] Speaker A: I think something strong coming up. [00:27:07] Speaker B: Don't drink. [00:27:09] Speaker A: Clement just looks at you. [00:27:11] Speaker E: Tell that to the cup. [00:27:12] Speaker B: You've been drunk in the last two weeks, couple years. [00:27:18] Speaker A: And he looks over at Zafir and just hands both drinks to. [00:27:25] Speaker B: Come. And as we're going downstairs, Amy's like, all right. Where? Tell me. [00:27:30] Speaker E: Well, technically, I wasn't going to tell you until I made sure that the lead was correct, but you know how we're going back to Joel soon. [00:27:44] Speaker B: I swear. [00:27:47] Speaker E: I was told that she went there. I wasn't told how. I was just told that she has been seen there. [00:27:55] Speaker B: When? How recently? [00:27:59] Speaker E: That did not come up. [00:28:02] Speaker A: Great. [00:28:03] Speaker B: That's great. That's wonderful. She could have been there yesterday. She could have been there two years ago. [00:28:09] Speaker E: Well, I mean, my informant is very informed. He apparently knows a lot more than most people would, but in the sense of this exact specific information, he says that she's there. I think we should go back. [00:28:32] Speaker B: I need some time before I go back. He starts, like, taking off his armor. [00:28:38] Speaker E: How much longer? Because I'm very bored. [00:28:41] Speaker B: Then why don't you go back? [00:28:43] Speaker E: I can't. [00:28:44] Speaker B: Give me the helmet and just go back. [00:28:46] Speaker E: No. [00:28:47] Speaker C: It's a perfectly reasonable thing to do. [00:28:50] Speaker E: You entrusted me with this. I'm going to hold on to it. Plus, it's your house. [00:28:54] Speaker B: Well, you've got two options if you stay here, watch, or participate. [00:29:01] Speaker E: What are we doing? [00:29:02] Speaker B: So as we're entering the main room, there's actually, like, I guess, dozens of people now here, surrounding the circle. And in the circle there's, like, just two people fist fighting. Fighting each other. [00:29:17] Speaker E: I could do that, but do you mind if I change the rules just a little? [00:29:21] Speaker B: What do you mean by the rules? They're pretty loose. [00:29:26] Speaker E: Well, are you familiar with slap hands? [00:29:29] Speaker B: You don't kill anyone. [00:29:30] Speaker E: Oh, no, you don't know that's. [00:29:35] Speaker B: What happened last time, you use slap hands as an excuse? [00:29:38] Speaker E: That was not an excuse. It was a cover up. [00:29:40] Speaker B: Which was murder. Is slap hands really something different? [00:29:43] Speaker E: Yes, it's a game. [00:29:45] Speaker B: What type of game? [00:29:48] Speaker E: One where you slap hands. [00:29:52] Speaker B: You want to go into the circle? [00:29:54] Speaker E: Yes. [00:29:55] Speaker B: And slap a man's hand? [00:29:56] Speaker E: Yes. Yours? [00:29:57] Speaker B: My hand? Yes. I want to punch something. [00:30:00] Speaker E: Well, slap hard. [00:30:02] Speaker B: If you're getting into the ring, you're going to get punched or punch something. [00:30:09] Speaker E: You know what? Let's do it. I'll get in the ring, we'll fist fight. If you win, we don't play slap hands. If I win, we play slap hands. The question, though, is how do we determine who's won? Because if you're unconscious, I don't think we could play. [00:30:29] Speaker B: Well, if I'm unconscious, I lost, but. [00:30:31] Speaker E: Then I can't play. [00:30:32] Speaker B: Or if I surrender, I lost. Is really the stipulation you want to put on this. [00:30:39] Speaker E: I am so bored. [00:30:40] Speaker C: Oh, my God. [00:30:43] Speaker B: Fine. I accept your deal. [00:30:46] Speaker E: You put it up there. [00:30:47] Speaker B: All right. [00:30:48] Speaker E: This is the most excitement. I've been on a broken carousel. I've been in a school with several holes in it. I have played hopscotch with shadow people. [00:31:08] Speaker B: I really don't care what you did today. [00:31:11] Speaker C: Honestly, that sounds like a kind aside. [00:31:14] Speaker B: From finding my daughter. Raya. Raya. [00:31:17] Speaker A: Raya. The knoll that you met previously walks up. Hey, Mayor, you're back for now. [00:31:25] Speaker B: We're going to step in after this is done. [00:31:27] Speaker E: We're going to play punch face. [00:31:30] Speaker A: There's a very eager looking young man. He's like, hey, but I'm next. Rhea just puts her hand on his shoulder. All right, you two can go in next. [00:31:38] Speaker B: Thanks. You can leave your stuff in the locker room if you need to. [00:31:43] Speaker E: It's a locker room in this place? [00:31:47] Speaker B: Yes. It was established in my prolonged I. [00:31:50] Speaker C: Should have been here. [00:31:51] Speaker E: I could have showered. [00:31:54] Speaker B: Yeah, there is a shower. It's open, but there's plumbing. Yes. We're underground. There's a well above. [00:32:03] Speaker E: It just a thing of water, and you just pull a little string and. [00:32:06] Speaker A: It just we cut and we have, like, a very dramatic gong as the camera pans around a pillar and the two of you are standing in the circle of sand in the center of the cellar. [00:32:22] Speaker C: If this is a fighting game, we're going to go. He has advantage because he's short, so his punches can't hit him. [00:32:29] Speaker B: Not how that works at all. [00:32:30] Speaker C: I said if this was a fighting. [00:32:32] Speaker E: Game, he can kick me. [00:32:35] Speaker B: I can punt you. [00:32:37] Speaker E: I've taken off my shirt, but I've left my pants on, so just letting you know. [00:32:43] Speaker B: So we're both shirtless. [00:32:44] Speaker E: This is the first time you've seen me like this. [00:32:45] Speaker C: Do you look like Kylo Ren? [00:32:47] Speaker E: No. [00:32:47] Speaker C: I imagine you look like Kylo Ren. [00:32:49] Speaker E: If you want me to be a. [00:32:51] Speaker B: Four foot Kylo Ren, yes, please. That is my dream. Adam driver. That would be now we have your. [00:32:59] Speaker E: No, no, I had a different actor in mind. [00:33:02] Speaker B: Okay. [00:33:03] Speaker E: So if you need to know, he's great. [00:33:04] Speaker B: Is your whole head shown? Like, you don't even have a robe? [00:33:08] Speaker E: Yeah, I'm not just going to take off my shirt and leave a robe on. [00:33:12] Speaker B: All right, good. [00:33:13] Speaker E: What is this, a boxing? [00:33:14] Speaker B: I like to actually see my opponents. [00:33:16] Speaker E: Well, you're not going to see me for very long. [00:33:20] Speaker B: Let's not ban. [00:33:21] Speaker E: I don't know how to trash talk. I usually just say, don't worry about it. Whips and kills. [00:33:26] Speaker B: You really don't need to worry about it. [00:33:28] Speaker C: Who's next to duel? Haymir? I've done it. He's doing it. [00:33:32] Speaker B: How do we do this? We roll initiative. But George is rolling for some reason. [00:33:38] Speaker A: The betting and the crowd is favoring Zafir. [00:33:44] Speaker B: The sons of sons. [00:33:46] Speaker E: Man, I got to get my trash talk better. [00:33:48] Speaker F: Underdog. [00:33:50] Speaker E: I don't know what my unarmed is. [00:33:53] Speaker A: So as this is a duel oh, yeah. [00:33:56] Speaker C: You don't have your implement. [00:33:57] Speaker B: Oh, I can't explain vulnerability either. [00:33:59] Speaker C: Yeah, I have his implement. [00:34:00] Speaker B: I can't do a lot of my ability. [00:34:02] Speaker D: A lot of things you gave up when you threw the chalice at Alward. [00:34:05] Speaker E: What do you think? [00:34:05] Speaker A: I accepted my evil GM laugh over here. [00:34:09] Speaker E: All right, so you mentioned it was a duel. [00:34:11] Speaker B: What does that mean? [00:34:11] Speaker A: As this is a duel, you'll actually be rolling initiative per round. [00:34:16] Speaker E: Oh. [00:34:17] Speaker A: So go ahead and make your first initiative roll. Now, when you are rolling initiative for combats, generally, you'll roll perception. However, for a duel, you can actually choose what you want to roll based off of what stance you're taking. For the duel, you're going to be rolling either perception, intimidation or deception. So you're either trying to pay more attention to your opponent's stance, you're trying to be more aggressive and press them, or you're trying to faint and trick them. [00:34:45] Speaker B: I see. Bullying press, deceptive sidestep and sense weakness. [00:34:48] Speaker A: Yes. Those are the three intimidation, deception and perception in order. Now, each of these has a strength and each of them is weak against another stance. [00:34:58] Speaker B: They kind of rock, paper, scissors each other. [00:35:00] Speaker A: Each one of those, when you choose that stance, gives you a reaction for that round to try to react to your opponent. And each one gives you a small benefit, which is better if you're using it against the counter. So, for example, if you're using bullying press, then when you make a melee strike against your opponent before you roll, you can choose to use your reaction to make it a bullying press. And then if you hit, your opponent becomes frightened one. However, if they were using perception and trying to watch you, then that aggressive, rushed kind of takes them by surprise and they become frightened two instead of frightened one. [00:35:35] Speaker B: Let's get rolling, then. [00:35:36] Speaker E: Okay. [00:35:36] Speaker A: All right, so each of you go ahead and make a roll. [00:35:41] Speaker B: You ready? No. You ready for this? [00:35:45] Speaker D: Are you ready? [00:35:45] Speaker B: I got an eleven. [00:35:47] Speaker E: I rolled a two. [00:35:49] Speaker B: Sorry. [00:35:49] Speaker E: I rolled nine together. [00:35:51] Speaker A: All right, so Haymir will be going first this round. [00:35:55] Speaker E: Punch me, baby. [00:35:56] Speaker B: I am going to use my reaction as I strike to sense your weakness and you're flat footed against this attack. If you're using deception, you're flat footed until the start of your next turn. What did I use? [00:36:09] Speaker A: You chose intimidation. [00:36:11] Speaker B: That's what I chose. Man all right, then I will roll. You will be flat footed. So your AC will be minus 229. [00:36:18] Speaker E: 17. [00:36:19] Speaker B: Okay, so 22 points of damage. [00:36:23] Speaker E: Ow. [00:36:23] Speaker B: Amy just out of the bat, right in the nose. [00:36:26] Speaker A: Did you roll max damage? [00:36:27] Speaker B: I rolled a three and a four plus four. So seven plus 422. Yeah. Eleven times two. If I had my implement, it would have been 13 times. [00:36:36] Speaker A: You're one off max damage. [00:36:37] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:36:38] Speaker E: Just telling you, that was literally half. [00:36:40] Speaker B: And then what happened to me, I will swing again with my other actions. 24. [00:36:47] Speaker E: Yeah, that hits. [00:36:49] Speaker B: That is seven points of damage. Sorry, nine. And then for my third action, I guess I'll just go ahead and swing again because I'm already too far to use a maneuver. No, that doesn't hit. So hamir just nose, gut and then. You kind of stumble out of the way for the third attack. Now it's your turn. [00:37:12] Speaker A: Okay, so since you chose intimidation, Zafir, you can use bullying press on an attack, and that uses your reaction for the round. But if you hit with that attack, your opponent will become frightened one. If they've chosen perception for that round, which Hamir did they'll become? Frightened two. [00:37:31] Speaker C: So. [00:37:35] Speaker E: You see me get ready to punch, and I thrust forward, and I guess I need a fortitude save. [00:37:45] Speaker B: What's your DC? [00:37:47] Speaker E: 19. [00:37:48] Speaker B: Okay, I rolled an 18 on a die, so 27. Not a critical success spell. Strike me. [00:37:57] Speaker E: I want to use torturous trauma, but not crit. [00:38:01] Speaker C: He'll take half damage plus three. [00:38:03] Speaker B: So five. [00:38:05] Speaker C: So two. [00:38:07] Speaker B: I take two points of damage. [00:38:11] Speaker E: Can I do it again? [00:38:12] Speaker F: No, that's the thing. [00:38:13] Speaker A: It's a two action spell. [00:38:15] Speaker C: I can't do it again. You could punch him and try to frighten him. [00:38:18] Speaker E: Okay, I'll do that. I am rolling like trash. [00:38:22] Speaker C: Welcome to dueling with Hamir. 15. [00:38:25] Speaker B: I doubt it. It's a miss. [00:38:27] Speaker E: Yeah, well, that ends my turn. Changing the bets over there. [00:38:32] Speaker A: Unsurprisingly. The favor of the bets has shifted towards favor Hamir as we enter round two. I'm going to need initiative roles from each of you. [00:38:42] Speaker E: You have got to be kidding me. [00:38:45] Speaker C: It's okay, petite. [00:38:46] Speaker E: Wait, no, I'm not going to spend. [00:38:47] Speaker C: A card I'm your brother in suffering here. [00:38:51] Speaker B: I feel the same way about what I again. [00:38:54] Speaker C: All right. [00:38:56] Speaker B: This is fun. [00:38:58] Speaker C: Out of everywhere I thought this episode would go, this was not. [00:39:01] Speaker B: I got to start dueling. [00:39:03] Speaker E: Casters, I'm ready. [00:39:05] Speaker A: All right, and what are your numbers that you rolled? [00:39:07] Speaker E: 1210. [00:39:10] Speaker C: You rolled in that one. [00:39:12] Speaker E: I did. [00:39:13] Speaker C: Welcome to duels with Hamier. Wait. I'm sorry. [00:39:16] Speaker E: Seven. Wait, eight. [00:39:20] Speaker A: All right, all of these numbers are less than twelve, so, Sam, you will cover. [00:39:26] Speaker B: Zafir, I thought you were a killer. [00:39:30] Speaker E: Usually I move first. [00:39:32] Speaker B: What is your reflex, DC? [00:39:34] Speaker E: My reflex? [00:39:37] Speaker C: You can do things without your implement. [00:39:39] Speaker E: 19. [00:39:40] Speaker B: Okay. You've been tripped. Because I got a 24. [00:39:45] Speaker C: Nice. [00:39:46] Speaker B: I got tripped. [00:39:48] Speaker E: What does that mean for me? [00:39:50] Speaker F: Oh, that's all. [00:39:51] Speaker A: Which makes you have flat footed AC. And to stand up again, you'll have to spend an action. [00:39:56] Speaker E: That's fine with me. [00:39:56] Speaker B: Then I will attack. [00:39:58] Speaker E: Okay. [00:39:58] Speaker B: With a minus five. [00:40:00] Speaker C: Okay. [00:40:02] Speaker B: Two plus seven. So it's like ten. I'm going to roll one more time. Well, okay, that's a natural 20 with minus eight. So yeah. 23. [00:40:16] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:40:17] Speaker C: I didn't think we'd need these. [00:40:19] Speaker B: Sorry. If it's eight. Surprise opening. You need one action that you can use before the end of your turn to attack against the target. [00:40:27] Speaker C: Might as well. [00:40:28] Speaker B: I think he's out of the fight. [00:40:30] Speaker C: Let's find out. [00:40:31] Speaker B: Well, actually, I don't know how many hit points yet. [00:40:32] Speaker E: Yeah, I don't know how many I'm getting rid of right now. [00:40:35] Speaker B: 18. [00:40:37] Speaker E: I'm out of the fight. [00:40:40] Speaker B: So after I say that that quick. [00:40:42] Speaker E: I usually go first. I wipe some blood from my face. [00:40:47] Speaker B: I'll see you at home. [00:40:49] Speaker E: Make sure and carry me. [00:40:52] Speaker B: I don't want to. I, like, hesitant. I'm like, I really don't want to. And I just fist to face. [00:40:59] Speaker E: I cringe. [00:41:00] Speaker A: And the crowd goes wild. Some people are upset. Others are happy. Money changes hands. [00:41:06] Speaker B: Haymir kind of looks around. I thought that would feel a bit better to finally do. [00:41:12] Speaker C: Hamir is just secretly plotting a way to fight all of us. [00:41:16] Speaker B: All right, who's next? [00:41:18] Speaker C: And then we can I think it'd be UVair. [00:41:22] Speaker E: Am I really out of the game again? [00:41:24] Speaker B: Well, Hamier is like, okay, who's next? And it's like he's getting another somebody. [00:41:29] Speaker C: Walk up and wake you up. You have one hit point. [00:41:32] Speaker B: Yeah, but it's okay. I'll drag him over and lay him. [00:41:35] Speaker A: On a bench as one of the attendants at the seller comes up and just carries Hamir over to get some medical attention, make sure he didn't get any damage or anything. No question for you, Zafir. [00:41:48] Speaker E: Yes. [00:41:49] Speaker A: Since you have removed your shirt and your robe and everything, is the helmet still, like, strapped onto your waist, or is that with your stuff? [00:41:55] Speaker E: I would say it's probably with my stuff. [00:41:57] Speaker A: Okay. Just checking. That's why he was just checking. [00:42:03] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:42:05] Speaker B: Well, Hamir is going to keep fighting for a while before heading back to the house. [00:42:11] Speaker E: I mean, I'm not going back to the house. [00:42:13] Speaker B: Well, I imagined doing this while you were unconscious and then just carrying you back to the house. [00:42:18] Speaker C: You can wake him up. You don't have to keep carrying napping. [00:42:23] Speaker A: It's like when a parent takes their kid to, like, an event or something. [00:42:26] Speaker B: And they fall asleep, and the parent's. [00:42:29] Speaker A: Like, well, time to go home. And they carry the kid home. [00:42:31] Speaker B: All right, son. Come here. [00:42:35] Speaker A: Jenkins. You want to talk to your mother? [00:42:40] Speaker C: Waiting. [00:42:41] Speaker E: Mommy, I need to go put my clothes on and make sure that the helmet's still there. [00:42:45] Speaker A: Don't worry about it. [00:42:46] Speaker C: You're knocked out. [00:42:47] Speaker A: It's fine. [00:42:47] Speaker B: But I've got one HP. We'll come back to that. [00:42:50] Speaker C: Did somebody wake you up? [00:42:52] Speaker E: The attendant or him or I don't know. Somebody. [00:42:55] Speaker C: Hey, me. [00:42:55] Speaker A: The attendant's making a medicine check. [00:42:57] Speaker E: Got to put my clothes on. [00:43:01] Speaker C: Was it risky surgery? [00:43:02] Speaker B: It's a natural three to wake him up. I have this planned out and under control. [00:43:10] Speaker E: Don't leave me without my clothes. [00:43:12] Speaker B: I'm not going to leave you without your clothes. I pulled outside. [00:43:15] Speaker E: I won't care if I'm unconscious. [00:43:16] Speaker B: Diedrich will carry. [00:43:20] Speaker C: Diedrich is Faye by nature. If you just say his name, he appears. [00:43:27] Speaker A: Okay, so as Zephyr is being carried off and the attendant is looking at his wounds, we're going to cut back to Hamir's house where the voldons are, and we see the sort of the fallout of all of what had been discussed, the high emotion conversations, and then Hamir just, like, storming out of the building. Everybody's probably a little bit on edge. Maybe just a little. [00:43:58] Speaker B: Stop sipping that tea. Howard's got a black eye. Not from fighting anyone. He just tripped. I tripped, and he fell down the stairs. [00:44:06] Speaker E: I get black eyes when I'm stressed. [00:44:08] Speaker C: No, I did not. [00:44:09] Speaker D: I'm currently looking through all the cupboards. [00:44:12] Speaker B: Hey, leave my stuff alone. [00:44:14] Speaker C: Would it be safe to assume my mom told me about the chest of my dad's stuff? Yeah, can we have the conversation down there? While she's like, rummaging? I'm just curious what's in the chest. [00:44:29] Speaker D: I am, too. [00:44:32] Speaker B: What's in the head? [00:44:37] Speaker A: I just baked. You look over laughing because I was imagining Albert like, hey, let's go look through that. And they start downstairs, and then Neros and Uber just start following. [00:44:46] Speaker C: Uber just with his cup of tea. I'm not missing this. [00:44:49] Speaker D: No. Neros is looking through the cupboards. [00:44:52] Speaker F: Uber is not following. In fact, he's standing next to the chalice or staying near the chalice, staring at wide eye. [00:45:02] Speaker C: Before I go down, I wanted to be know I literally just pointed at it, yelled at Nero, don't let him touch the chalice. [00:45:09] Speaker D: No promises. [00:45:12] Speaker A: Then down in the cellar, you and your mother open the trunk of your late father's possessions that Hamir had. And it seems like most of it is just know, a spare shirt, an old belt, stuff like that, where it's like things that don't really matter except on a deep, sentimental level. It's important because it belonged to your dad. [00:45:41] Speaker C: Good to know. I was expecting a slightly larger reveal than that, since someone made a huge. [00:45:48] Speaker B: I thought there'd be more special stuff in there, too. He was my good friend. [00:45:56] Speaker C: About hiding things from you. I don't know how to say this, but yeah, little bit. A lot. And I'm not sure if I'm ready to tell you everything. [00:46:14] Speaker A: Valia is just kind of, like, nodding as she takes a shirt out and folds it and sets it aside. [00:46:22] Speaker C: So when we were in the mine, Haymaya found a helmet. He didn't tell anyone until it was too late. And that helmet has magical properties that could potentially lead a cult to us and harm us, which is why we had to move, get out of Joel, because the city will be under attack by that cult we presume come of next month, around the fifth. Zafir has requested to, or has volunteered to hold on to the helmet and stay away from the house to keep you guys safe, because they didn't think about that the first time they brought it to our home. Also, you should probably most of the time, from my understanding, slap hands isn't an actual game. It means that someone has been murdered. [00:47:35] Speaker B: From eat Your words when me and. [00:47:41] Speaker C: No, you won. [00:47:42] Speaker E: You don't. [00:47:47] Speaker C: Zafir says it's a game, but he also and then I point to the wound on my arm that's probably a little, like, scarred over. That wasn't from a lamppost, and neither was Uvair's. That was shot at us from an assassin with a poisoned arrow that we presumed the cult hired. And we also presume that they put Hamir's friend in danger specifically to draw us out. I don't know what the TN person has to do with this. [00:48:28] Speaker A: Valia's, quiet for a minute. She's got another shirt in her hand at this point, and she's looking at it there's on the right side of the shirt, there's a couple cuts that have been sewed back up that have some bloodstains around it. And she's just kind of looking at it and she's like, Alward, every day you're becoming more like your father in good ways and in bad ways. And she sets the shirt aside and she's like, just don't leave me out of things until it's too late. [00:49:06] Speaker C: I was going to tell you about this earlier, but things got heated. I was going to tell you about this later today, actually, but I think. [00:49:20] Speaker A: We should also maybe teach she suddenly just reaches out and just pulls you into a hug. [00:49:25] Speaker C: Howard's going to be shocked a little bit and then he's just going to hug in silence and reciprocation. Reciprocation. Thank you. But once it passes and the room's quiet for a bit, he's going to finish his thought. And I also think we should probably teach Lena some magic to be safe. Nothing too destructive, but just maybe some protective spells or something to help her move faster in case some simple can trips. I mean, other students know them and she's not showing any gifts like I was. And we have a wizard upstairs. [00:50:13] Speaker A: Well, the school here does take a dim view of magic in the classroom, but I suppose we could teach her something. [00:50:22] Speaker C: I figured since I didn't have to study I'm not trying to say, like, it's great or anything, but it might just be easier for her to do that. [00:50:36] Speaker A: Villia kind of pulls back and know that thing people do at the end of hugs and movies where they lean back and they've got their hands on the shoulders? [00:50:45] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:50:46] Speaker B: And she's like, I do that. [00:50:48] Speaker E: I wouldn't know what people do when they stop hugging. [00:50:51] Speaker C: I'll give you a hug later. I'll show you. [00:50:53] Speaker B: He's got three ongoing hugs right now. [00:50:58] Speaker E: Wait, three? [00:51:00] Speaker C: One from me. [00:51:02] Speaker A: And she says, Albert, thank you for letting me be a part of this, be a part of your life. [00:51:12] Speaker C: I just want you guys to be lena can't lose you and me and a father all. So I was thinking maybe at some point, if it gets too much, maybe you guys should go back to celllia. I haven't really thought that through, but I don't know if I would worry more or less. [00:51:43] Speaker A: She just kind of smiles and shakes her head and is like, we'll think about that if it comes up. For now, your friends seem to be handling it well, and I trust what you and they can do mean, I'm. [00:51:58] Speaker C: Gonna go yell at UVair about taking Lena to. [00:52:04] Speaker B: What? [00:52:05] Speaker C: Yeah, she told me about it. [00:52:09] Speaker B: Where does she think the Egypt came from? [00:52:10] Speaker C: And honestly, do not take my children. [00:52:13] Speaker B: To I most likely like, wait, hold on. [00:52:15] Speaker A: No, we did establish Lydia. [00:52:17] Speaker C: I'm going to have to yell at him for most likely touching the chalice too, because I bet he's up there doing that. [00:52:23] Speaker B: He's, like, looking at something, and instead of picking up his teacup, he picks up the chalice. [00:52:29] Speaker C: He's like, I doubt Neros is stopping him. [00:52:33] Speaker B: Neros is literally in a cabinet. She's crawled into the corner cabinet. [00:52:43] Speaker C: So I'm going to go back upstairs. [00:52:47] Speaker B: The front door, while you are doing your thing, slams open, and a pretty bruised and bloody Amir comes in with an unconscious bruised and bloody zafir around his shoulders. As he tosses Zafir down on the. [00:53:03] Speaker A: Couch, I will interject. Neither of them appear to have the helmet. [00:53:08] Speaker E: Are my clothes on me, or are. [00:53:10] Speaker B: They, like, in a bag? You've been clothes. [00:53:13] Speaker E: Because that means somebody dressed me. It's just your shirt and my cowl. Oh, wow. I put it all on. [00:53:20] Speaker B: Look at you funny. [00:53:22] Speaker E: When I get a chance, I'm going to slap you. [00:53:24] Speaker B: You can't. I won the plate. So, yeah, haymir comes in and just tosses him down on the couch. Retirement would wake you up, probably. [00:53:32] Speaker E: Yeah, if a medical expert couldn't wake me up, throwing me on a couch. [00:53:36] Speaker B: I'll get water. Okay. I'll use battle here. I'll use battle medicine. I have battle medicine. Look, I succeed. [00:53:42] Speaker C: He did. You rolled the 17. [00:53:44] Speaker B: You heal ten hit points. [00:53:47] Speaker E: Oh, heck yeah. [00:53:48] Speaker A: That's a lot better than that medical assistant roll. [00:53:50] Speaker B: So I throw him on the couch, and I just, like, really quickly get him with something and wake him to wake up. You all right? You okay? [00:54:01] Speaker C: Where is everybody in this thing? [00:54:02] Speaker B: Why am I wearing clothes? Fair is in the living room, so I just tossed I'm in the kitchen. [00:54:09] Speaker F: No, actually, I'm next to the counter or next to the chalice. It has been moved. [00:54:17] Speaker E: Who dressed me? I was half naked. [00:54:19] Speaker D: Hang on. [00:54:20] Speaker C: What? Is Hay Mia back? [00:54:22] Speaker B: I put your clothes back on. [00:54:25] Speaker E: Did you see the helmet? [00:54:26] Speaker B: Yes. [00:54:27] Speaker F: Do I see the helmet in my bag? [00:54:29] Speaker B: I don't have it on me. It's being kept securely and safely right now, so we can all have a little shindig about what we're doing next. [00:54:40] Speaker E: Where am you guys are going? [00:54:44] Speaker B: To Joel, right? [00:54:47] Speaker E: How'd you guys get I've missed a. [00:54:51] Speaker F: We just you've been through a lot. [00:54:53] Speaker E: It's been two weeks. [00:54:55] Speaker C: What? You've been gone, like, a day. [00:54:57] Speaker B: No, it's been like a month. [00:54:59] Speaker D: It's been a while. [00:55:00] Speaker C: It's been a while. [00:55:02] Speaker D: Thank you. [00:55:02] Speaker B: You guys are going to Joel next, right? We what do you plan to be. [00:55:07] Speaker E: Going we're all going to Joel. [00:55:09] Speaker C: Exactly. Not just to be playing heroes, as you say. [00:55:11] Speaker B: Yes, well, my daughter's, apparently. [00:55:14] Speaker C: I'm sorry. [00:55:14] Speaker B: So I will be going. [00:55:15] Speaker C: I'm sorry, what? [00:55:17] Speaker B: My daughter's. [00:55:17] Speaker C: No, no, she's not at Joel. [00:55:19] Speaker B: She could be anywhere. [00:55:20] Speaker C: But why would she be in Joel? [00:55:21] Speaker B: I had a lead. [00:55:22] Speaker C: You had a lead? [00:55:23] Speaker B: He found a lead for me. [00:55:25] Speaker C: I raised my hand to go. Yes, okay. [00:55:31] Speaker E: I got the lead. I was told she's in Jewel. [00:55:36] Speaker F: Well, that is good to hear. [00:55:37] Speaker C: Hang on. [00:55:37] Speaker F: You might be able to find your daughter. [00:55:39] Speaker D: Can I address the elephant in the room? Why are you both bloody and bruised? [00:55:45] Speaker B: Because we don't have to play slap hand. [00:55:47] Speaker C: Wait, what? [00:55:52] Speaker E: What do you know about helmets? [00:55:55] Speaker D: Nothing. [00:55:55] Speaker C: What does this have to do with. [00:55:57] Speaker D: Why you're bloody why are you bloody and bruised? [00:55:59] Speaker B: Your cheekbones are surprisingly rough. [00:56:04] Speaker C: Why are you dueling everyone? [00:56:08] Speaker D: Do you have a secret vendetta against each of us? [00:56:10] Speaker B: No. I admit I did take some pleasure. [00:56:12] Speaker E: In beating him, but most people do, to be honest. [00:56:17] Speaker B: Most of this is from a couple different people on me. That's just from me. [00:56:23] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:56:24] Speaker B: Pointing at Zafir's body. [00:56:26] Speaker E: He took me down in a couple of hits, but I dealt some dead. [00:56:33] Speaker B: Yes, this large gash in my arm was from him. [00:56:37] Speaker E: No, what I did to you, you can't see it's all internal. [00:56:41] Speaker B: I tried to help you. I tried to help you. [00:56:45] Speaker E: I gave you there's any blood in your stool? [00:56:49] Speaker C: Are we trying to save like Bravado here? [00:56:53] Speaker B: I thought he might appreciate as a contract killer. I thought he might appreciate him not being rendered pathetically useless in a duel. Well, okay. Now I will proceed to talk about. [00:57:08] Speaker C: Your failings around to see where his. [00:57:11] Speaker B: Sister is in this whole thing at. [00:57:13] Speaker C: The mention of contract killers. [00:57:14] Speaker D: That's fair. [00:57:15] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:57:17] Speaker C: Maybe. Maybe don't say that so loud. Maybe think of other people in the room. [00:57:22] Speaker A: Hey, Jenkins. [00:57:23] Speaker B: I thought you were done keeping secrets. [00:57:24] Speaker A: Evens are ODS oh, God, no. [00:57:28] Speaker B: Are you still keeping secrets? And your mother? [00:57:32] Speaker C: We'll get to that. We'll go even. My body's feeling evens. [00:57:37] Speaker A: Lena's outside. [00:57:38] Speaker C: Oh, thank goodness. [00:57:39] Speaker E: Sweeping. [00:57:42] Speaker B: Let's restart this. Are you still keeping secrets from your family? I thought you guys it isn't all okay. [00:57:48] Speaker C: Up to you to button on my family life, for starters, but yes, for my sister, yes. She doesn't need to know most of this, okay? [00:57:57] Speaker E: Considering we're talking about contracts and everything. I'm not really a contracted killer, okay? [00:58:04] Speaker B: What kind of murder? [00:58:05] Speaker E: I'm a hired killer. It's different. [00:58:07] Speaker C: I don't stop talking about murdering people. My sister could barge in at literally any second. [00:58:15] Speaker E: Oh, no, I didn't see it go through my cupboards. [00:58:19] Speaker D: Yeah, I was looking for anyway, you have cupboards? [00:58:23] Speaker E: I haven't had the formal tour. [00:58:25] Speaker B: I can tell you where it is. [00:58:26] Speaker C: It's in the kitchen. [00:58:27] Speaker D: I need a drink. [00:58:28] Speaker B: Oh, you haven't been here in the cellar? Not that cellar, but my basement cellar. I don't drink anymore, but I used to. [00:58:37] Speaker D: Oh, so you have some in your house, which is downstairs. [00:58:40] Speaker B: Want some? [00:58:40] Speaker D: Yes. [00:58:41] Speaker B: Is this really the time, if you go downstairs where that chest was yeah. Above it, there's a portrait of an old king. If you take the portrait off, there's. [00:58:52] Speaker D: A shelf right I'll be right back, folks. [00:58:57] Speaker C: Give him his chest. [00:58:58] Speaker D: I beat. Boop downstairs. [00:59:01] Speaker B: Hemer kind of looks at it like maybe he doesn't want to take it back. He's like, I don't know what else. [00:59:07] Speaker F: I would do with it. [00:59:10] Speaker E: I need to ask the DM a very important question. [00:59:15] Speaker C: DM? [00:59:15] Speaker F: I don't wish to try that again. [00:59:17] Speaker B: What if there was a hear me out here. What if there was a way to for you because you guys are smart wizards or psychics brain people. [00:59:29] Speaker E: They call me Amagus. [00:59:32] Speaker C: Who's they? [00:59:33] Speaker B: UVair and Alward, I think maybe. What if there was a way to transfer the chalice and the hauntings and stuff to Alward instead of to me? [00:59:44] Speaker C: Why would I want it? [00:59:45] Speaker B: Because then you'd have your dad. [00:59:47] Speaker C: I want him gone. [00:59:49] Speaker B: Well, I don't know of any way to get rid of the curse, but what if transferring was easier? [00:59:55] Speaker C: The last time a curse was transferred from this chalice, you murdered it. My father. [00:59:59] Speaker B: I wouldn't know if that qualifies as transferred. [01:00:02] Speaker C: It applied to you. Well, you want me to kill everyone in the house and then get I. [01:00:08] Speaker B: Killed them because they tried to kill me. Because the chalice needed a host. It has a host right now. And if we transfer a host, there's no murdering. There's no point where it doesn't have a host. [01:00:17] Speaker C: Look, he's just thinking selfishly again, and he wants all the ghosts to go away. Wait, he has to deal with it? He does it all the time. Not that he has to deal with this himself. No, just like he has to find his daughter himself. Just like he has to deal everything himself. [01:00:32] Speaker E: I am helping. [01:00:34] Speaker C: He asked me to help him. [01:00:35] Speaker B: That's true. Zephyr's proved to be helpful. [01:00:38] Speaker E: Thank you. [01:00:39] Speaker B: Surprisingly. [01:00:41] Speaker C: Wait, you asked him to help, and you're just going to leave? [01:00:45] Speaker B: How does that I paid him for a job, so I assumed if he found information, he'd let me know. So if you guys did happen across my daughter, he would let me know? [01:00:55] Speaker C: How would he find you if you were just walking around aimlessly? [01:00:58] Speaker B: I'm sure it would it's not that hard to find anyone. [01:01:04] Speaker D: I come back upstairs. [01:01:07] Speaker E: It's not that hard. [01:01:09] Speaker B: The alcohol. [01:01:09] Speaker D: Yeah, I did. Thank you. [01:01:11] Speaker E: Did you bring some more for me? [01:01:12] Speaker D: I brought them. This is all for me. [01:01:14] Speaker C: What's down there? [01:01:16] Speaker B: Do you need just what he said. [01:01:18] Speaker C: I wasn't listening. [01:01:19] Speaker E: Wait a second. [01:01:19] Speaker C: I pat around normally. Drink. [01:01:21] Speaker E: Where's my drinks that I ordered from the tavern? [01:01:24] Speaker B: Didn't you drink them before the fight? [01:01:25] Speaker E: I didn't have time that I would. [01:01:28] Speaker B: Assume that some of the others there drank them. [01:01:31] Speaker A: We cut back to the medical assistant who's trying to hide. [01:01:35] Speaker C: That's why he was rolling so low. [01:01:38] Speaker B: He'S just pouring it out of wounds. [01:01:40] Speaker E: I didn't pay for. [01:01:41] Speaker B: So that is true. [01:01:43] Speaker E: Yippee for them. [01:01:44] Speaker B: All right, well, my daughter's in Joel. I need to go to Joel. You guys are going to Joel, so Al will stay with you because you're also still in my house. [01:01:53] Speaker D: So you're coming with us to Joel for now. [01:01:56] Speaker B: Yes, I'm coming with you. [01:01:58] Speaker E: Can we leave the voldens here? [01:02:00] Speaker B: Yes, that's fine. [01:02:02] Speaker D: Except Alwood. We need him. [01:02:04] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:02:05] Speaker D: Other voldens. Yeah. Can stay. [01:02:08] Speaker B: Yeah, I'll get my daughter, and then I'll make my leave. [01:02:12] Speaker E: Or we again. [01:02:16] Speaker C: If you find her, if she wants you. [01:02:19] Speaker E: What if she's the one behind all this? [01:02:22] Speaker C: That would be weird. [01:02:23] Speaker B: Silly. [01:02:24] Speaker C: That would be silly. [01:02:25] Speaker D: That would be a plot twist. [01:02:27] Speaker C: This is a plot. Jordy furiously typing in his notes. [01:02:34] Speaker B: When you say that, though, hammer just like looks like a chill came over him as he thinks back to his dream. [01:02:42] Speaker D: Is that something that could possibly happen? She's behind all this? [01:02:48] Speaker B: Think so. [01:02:49] Speaker D: You don't think so? [01:02:51] Speaker B: No, that would be silly. [01:02:53] Speaker E: What did she look like again? [01:02:56] Speaker A: You but girl. [01:02:58] Speaker B: You but girl. [01:03:00] Speaker C: Perfect. I have the perfect image. [01:03:02] Speaker B: She's about all of your ages. Early 20s. Not you. [01:03:08] Speaker E: What are you talking about? [01:03:09] Speaker B: You look young as a how tall are you, Albert? [01:03:13] Speaker C: Right now or just in general? Well, I slouch a lot. [01:03:19] Speaker B: How tall are you in general? [01:03:21] Speaker C: In general? Around five nine. [01:03:23] Speaker B: So she's a couple inches shorter than you. [01:03:25] Speaker C: When I don't slouch, I'm like, six. [01:03:27] Speaker B: Okay, so she's a couple of inches shorter than you. She's got the same tattoo on her face that I have. [01:03:34] Speaker E: Where'd she get that? Where'd you get that? [01:03:37] Speaker C: Out of curiosity have something that she have made. Be liked a lot. [01:03:42] Speaker B: Well, she got me my talharpa. [01:03:44] Speaker C: Can I see it? [01:03:45] Speaker B: Yeah. Also, these are her pan flutes. [01:03:48] Speaker C: I'm going to hold onto her pan flutes just so I can see her face, if that's okay. [01:03:53] Speaker B: Okay. Well, in the same vein as what we did earlier, on the surface, there's a really strong level of desperation of a vibe, and that would be coming from me. And then deeper in, there's the older feeling of just joy jubilation. And that would be when you'd see her face, do you see them at the time where they made the emotion? So she'd be like, eleven. [01:04:21] Speaker C: And how long has passed since? [01:04:23] Speaker B: Like, somewhat 13 ish. Years. [01:04:26] Speaker C: Okay, so she's around our yeah, she's. [01:04:29] Speaker B: Like, all around your guys. [01:04:31] Speaker A: She's 20 something. [01:04:32] Speaker B: She's early 20 something. Thanks. You're welcome. [01:04:36] Speaker C: I do. I just don't remember everything. [01:04:38] Speaker E: Wait, so you can see things by touching things? [01:04:42] Speaker C: We've been over this. [01:04:43] Speaker E: I have not been over it with you. [01:04:45] Speaker B: He's been left out of a lot. [01:04:47] Speaker E: I've been gone for a month. You people didn't do anything with me. You just stayed in this house. [01:04:52] Speaker C: Yeah, I don't like touching things for the most part. Because it hurts. [01:04:57] Speaker A: Zafir was not present for any of those events. [01:05:00] Speaker C: Really? I thought he was for the first one. [01:05:02] Speaker B: No. [01:05:02] Speaker E: What was the first one? [01:05:03] Speaker C: The helmet. [01:05:04] Speaker B: No, I think he might have been there for that one. [01:05:06] Speaker F: Yeah, you did do that and you had the helmet. [01:05:09] Speaker B: Yeah, I'd already passed it off to him at that point. Yes. [01:05:13] Speaker A: I don't remember. [01:05:14] Speaker C: And you were there. And you were there. [01:05:16] Speaker A: What I remember is the chalice. [01:05:18] Speaker E: Well, I'm so sorry if it's just past my mind, but I just it's fine. [01:05:23] Speaker C: A lot of things have happened. [01:05:24] Speaker E: A lot of things have been knocked into me in the last 20 or so days. Maybe an hour or two. [01:05:31] Speaker C: I can see that. [01:05:32] Speaker E: Would you like to play slap hands? [01:05:34] Speaker C: No, I don't want to do it's an actual game. Apparently it's an actual game. [01:05:39] Speaker B: He wanted to beat me up so I would play Slap Hands with him. [01:05:43] Speaker C: I told my mom it wasn't a game. I thought you were just making innuendo. [01:05:47] Speaker E: Oh, no. [01:05:48] Speaker B: I bet no bear would play Slap Hands with you. [01:05:51] Speaker C: I don't know if I play Slap Hands, I don't want to touch you. [01:05:55] Speaker E: Right, I forgot about that. [01:05:56] Speaker C: I can play Slap Hands with my mage hands. [01:05:59] Speaker E: That's not how it works. [01:06:01] Speaker B: Quit talking about this. [01:06:02] Speaker C: Are they corporeal when you could touch them? [01:06:05] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:06:05] Speaker E: Can I play with my mage hands? [01:06:07] Speaker C: Sure. [01:06:08] Speaker B: When are we going to leave? [01:06:10] Speaker C: Well, we have insert amount of time. [01:06:13] Speaker B: Until we need to ask Jordy right now. [01:06:16] Speaker A: Until when? What timeline are you setting? [01:06:19] Speaker C: Well, we want to be there probably a week before the event. [01:06:23] Speaker A: Then you have three days sometime in there. [01:06:25] Speaker C: I forge documents, right? [01:06:27] Speaker E: I mean, obviously I don't have anything to do. [01:06:30] Speaker F: How many days is it to get back to Joel? [01:06:33] Speaker B: Less than a day. [01:06:34] Speaker A: It's a day if you use a carriage. [01:06:36] Speaker B: We have a carriage. We have a carriage. It's over there. [01:06:39] Speaker C: We've been renting the living room for a long time. [01:06:41] Speaker B: Or did we dropped it off at the rental drop off. So we'll have to get another one at Horts. I bet the same one's still there. [01:06:49] Speaker C: Yeah, same horse and everything. [01:06:50] Speaker E: It's just been standing there waiting for refueled. I mean rehayed the non ethanol type, right? No ethanol. [01:06:59] Speaker B: Hay, why don't we go ahead and leave now? [01:07:02] Speaker C: I'm still doing things that I mean. [01:07:05] Speaker B: We can I can do it on the road. [01:07:06] Speaker E: I've got a little bit of sleeping to do, if you don't mind. [01:07:10] Speaker B: You can sleep on the way. [01:07:11] Speaker E: I don't think I will be rested enough to cover my HP. [01:07:16] Speaker B: I said we're going to leave tomorrow. [01:07:17] Speaker C: You should be fine. [01:07:19] Speaker B: You can drink from my chalice. It does heal people. [01:07:22] Speaker E: I don't know if I want to touch that thing. [01:07:24] Speaker B: It's not that bad. It's fine. [01:07:26] Speaker E: Did you touch it? [01:07:27] Speaker B: It's not going to do anything to you. [01:07:29] Speaker E: I noticed you staring at it whenever I woke up. [01:07:33] Speaker F: Who'S been sitting very quietly over in the corner, UVair looks up and says, yes. I don't think it would hurt you necessarily, but I will not do the same. [01:07:50] Speaker C: Just don't focus on it. You'll be fine. Just drink it. Peer pressure. [01:07:55] Speaker B: It's just pale green liquid. [01:07:57] Speaker E: What happens if you dump it all out? [01:07:59] Speaker B: It'll refill. [01:08:01] Speaker E: Well, that seems I mean, if you. [01:08:03] Speaker B: Push it over, it won't spill. You have to sip or drink from it. [01:08:07] Speaker C: I'm going to push it over with my mage hand. [01:08:09] Speaker B: It just falls over. [01:08:11] Speaker E: That's pretty neat. [01:08:12] Speaker F: Can you fill it with other sinks? [01:08:14] Speaker B: No, it fills itself. [01:08:14] Speaker E: Can you stick a chammy in it? [01:08:16] Speaker F: Can you still put other things in it? [01:08:17] Speaker B: I don't know. [01:08:18] Speaker C: I've done. I mage hand it over to Neros for some alcohol. Just pour a little in it. I want to see what happens. [01:08:25] Speaker D: Pour a little alcohol in it. [01:08:27] Speaker C: What happens to the alcohol? [01:08:29] Speaker A: The alcohol acts as if the green liquid is like hydrophobic and it just kind of beads and pours off the sides. [01:08:35] Speaker B: I was like goes in and it just doesn't seem to go. It just disappears. [01:08:40] Speaker A: Then I can't put you in any water traps. [01:08:42] Speaker B: Fair enough. [01:08:43] Speaker E: I'll take a drink of it now. [01:08:44] Speaker B: Okay. Here you go. [01:08:45] Speaker C: Doesn't he have to drink all of it? [01:08:47] Speaker B: Sip just gives you temporary hit points. You need to actually drain it. You need to drink the whole thing. [01:08:52] Speaker C: Chug, chug, chug. [01:08:54] Speaker D: Straw and empty glass. [01:08:56] Speaker B: It's not alcoholic. What level? Four. You get twelve hit points. [01:09:03] Speaker E: It's not enough to refill. [01:09:05] Speaker B: It takes ten minutes and you can do it again. Just hold it. It just slowly starts refilling. [01:09:12] Speaker F: We will want to get going soon. [01:09:14] Speaker D: Yeah, I think we established tomorrow. [01:09:16] Speaker B: Yeah. I can find my daughter faster. [01:09:18] Speaker C: Speaking of preparing, can I have forged documents? I know we didn't say anything about yeah. [01:09:25] Speaker A: So with the event coming up the event. You guys can do what I'm going to call preparatory activities to try to make your incursion to the event go more smoothly. So, Jenkins, you'd mentioned Alward wanted to forge documents. Were these like, invitations or what kind of documents were you going to? [01:09:51] Speaker C: So it would be beneficial if there were invitations, but to do that, I would need an example of the invitation. If I'm remembering the rules correctly, I can still attempt to forge it, but it'll be easily discerned. Yeah, I don't know, but yeah, invitations would be the best, I think. So I'm not sure if I'd be able to get hold of an invitation somehow or how would you do that? Yeah, I don't know. I would ask Zafir to get into his contact with many, many people. [01:10:27] Speaker E: I don't think I mean, I feel like I've set a precedence that nobody talked to me. [01:10:31] Speaker B: Maybe I went through Trov to try and get some information about the ball. So we just know some general information about what to expect. From it what we'll need to wear and maybe helping him along the way of how to get an invitation and how to present ourselves through Trov and. [01:10:51] Speaker E: His I feel like he's lived in Joel long enough to know what official Joel documents look like. [01:10:58] Speaker C: This isn't an official Joel documents. This is an invitation to a ball hosted by a cult. [01:11:03] Speaker B: But a cult that's on a front as being part of. [01:11:07] Speaker C: Right. [01:11:08] Speaker A: I'm rolling a secret society check to see how good these forgeries are. [01:11:12] Speaker B: Ulala. [01:11:13] Speaker A: All right, I've got that number written down. As Alward has forged invitations for each member of the party. Are you using assumed? [01:11:23] Speaker C: Um, sure. I did get a book of Haldry of so. [01:11:30] Speaker A: So we've got Alward aridson. [01:11:34] Speaker C: My bad. Aridson. [01:11:35] Speaker E: My name is Ray fez zafir backwards. [01:11:40] Speaker C: Maybe ray fez eridson, I have Deidre. I'm not sure if these documents would come in handy. I don't really know our plan of attack, but if we need them, I. [01:11:51] Speaker E: Think they look pretty good. They look like they say the exact same thing. [01:11:54] Speaker F: Probably this name you chose, lycos. It sounds familiar. [01:12:01] Speaker C: I'm going to be honest with you. It sounds like pulled a name from a dwarfish. Learning dwarfish. You learn a lot of names just from a random book. [01:12:13] Speaker A: What and near us. What's your fake name? [01:12:18] Speaker B: No, that would make things so much more confusing. [01:12:24] Speaker C: Tina, I don't care. [01:12:25] Speaker D: Choose a name. [01:12:26] Speaker C: Freya. [01:12:27] Speaker D: Okay. [01:12:27] Speaker E: Bonne. [01:12:28] Speaker B: Bo. All right, I haven't had a name yet. [01:12:31] Speaker A: You said deidre. [01:12:32] Speaker B: That was a joke. [01:12:34] Speaker C: Really? [01:12:34] Speaker B: Well, I'm looking at my ghosts right now. I'll be balder. [01:12:40] Speaker A: Cool. We've got Balder and Freya I would love. [01:12:46] Speaker B: I don't get it either. [01:12:47] Speaker C: Balder is Freya's son. [01:12:49] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:12:50] Speaker C: Who is she loved so much she. [01:12:51] Speaker B: Wanted Freya's, wife of Odin. [01:12:53] Speaker D: Oh, okay. [01:12:56] Speaker F: Freya is a very interesting goddess. It works very well for Nero. [01:12:59] Speaker B: Pretended. Does it? It does. [01:13:01] Speaker D: Anyway, I'm concerned. [01:13:03] Speaker B: I picked the guy who's supposed to die to signify the beginning of the. [01:13:10] Speaker E: Backwards creative. [01:13:13] Speaker B: You're back. [01:13:14] Speaker A: All right, so we've got Raythez, Howard, Balder, Freya, and. [01:13:19] Speaker C: It'S going to be so weird having Lycos. [01:13:22] Speaker A: Alward, you have acquired one preparation point. [01:13:25] Speaker C: Woo. [01:13:26] Speaker A: Preparation points are a currency that I am creating for this event, which is during the incursion as you're breaking into this ball and everything, whenever something goes wrong, you can spend a preparation point instead of a hero point and tell me in a flashback how you prepared for that to fix it in advance. [01:13:47] Speaker B: Okay, can I get anything from what I was saying? [01:13:51] Speaker A: Yes. Talking to Trov. [01:13:52] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:13:53] Speaker A: So you can have a preparation point for that question, though. [01:13:57] Speaker B: Yes. [01:13:58] Speaker A: What kind of details are you asking for and everything? [01:14:02] Speaker B: If he knows who's doing security, maybe if he has any contacts that might be there or what building it's in. I mean, I know we kind of probably know that, but if he can give me, like, a layout or a low down on the building or something. [01:14:20] Speaker A: So he does describe that it's going to be held in the Aridson manor, which is on the northern side of town. [01:14:25] Speaker B: Oh, at their manor. [01:14:27] Speaker A: It is a three story building and while he's never been inside of it himself, he knows that they've recently done some repairs and had to get all of the changes and the floor plan and everything approved. And the blueprints for the new layout of the building should be accessible to someone who can get through the city records. [01:14:47] Speaker B: I can do that. [01:14:49] Speaker C: Is this going to be a masquerade? [01:14:51] Speaker A: Yes. [01:14:52] Speaker B: Yay. [01:14:53] Speaker C: I was just thinking about it because I was like, they know our faces. [01:14:58] Speaker E: Do we know if that entire eridson, family is the same race? [01:15:02] Speaker C: Yeah, presumably. [01:15:04] Speaker E: Because if they're all the same race, if we have a two Fetchling elf. [01:15:09] Speaker B: Dwarf, I would not say presumably. I think they're probably spread out enough that they've probably interbred. [01:15:16] Speaker A: So what you learn while talking to Trov is that most of them are Olfin, but some of them have know members of other races. Like there are some half elves because they've married an elf into the family, but everyone can find some way to trace themselves into the family. [01:15:36] Speaker C: I studied a book of their lineage. [01:15:39] Speaker E: That's true. [01:15:40] Speaker C: Whenever I pass around the documents, I'm like, okay, so here's your family line and how you connect in as a Fetchling. You two are now part of the same family line. Here's how you connect as a dwarf. [01:15:51] Speaker E: Are we brother and sister? [01:15:53] Speaker C: No, you're distant. [01:15:54] Speaker E: Are we brother and sister? [01:15:55] Speaker D: You'd be my little brother. [01:15:57] Speaker C: It's your distant cousins. [01:15:59] Speaker E: I'm little. [01:16:01] Speaker C: I've said this. [01:16:03] Speaker E: I wasn't listening. Can you go start from the beginning? [01:16:06] Speaker C: So your father is this person's father. [01:16:10] Speaker E: Would anybody be opposed to me doing some outfit? Retcon? Not retcon, recon. To just kind of look for some party attire. [01:16:22] Speaker D: That sounds perfect. [01:16:24] Speaker B: Yeah. Okay. [01:16:25] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:16:25] Speaker B: I can give you, from what Trav said, what to look for type of deals. Yeah. [01:16:29] Speaker E: And I'm probably going to buy some clothes. [01:16:31] Speaker B: Solid. [01:16:32] Speaker E: Going to get all your measurements, I'm sure. [01:16:34] Speaker B: Mine has a cape, a shoulder cape. [01:16:37] Speaker E: We'll do. [01:16:38] Speaker A: So Zafir, you're able to using the intel from Trov track down like the tailor that most of the Aridsons use and this close to the event it's kind of difficult to get a schedule with him but you might be able to talk him into it to get something put together for you in time. Or alternatively go to a different tailor and have them mimic his style. But it wouldn't quite be the same. [01:17:06] Speaker E: Well, both of those sound like some pretty good plans. Neither of them, which were my plan, which was just going to buy some nice clothes, but I think we could do some mimicry. [01:17:18] Speaker A: So are you going to try and get the original guy or you're going to go with the other guy who's mimicking? [01:17:22] Speaker B: Yeah, the other guy. [01:17:23] Speaker A: Go ahead and make a diplomacy check. [01:17:30] Speaker C: Oh, heck yeah. [01:17:31] Speaker E: It's a 17. [01:17:33] Speaker A: Nice. So you're able to talk the guy into it, describe the clothing you need and everything you get in the measurements, and we'll hand wave the money, because I don't want to look into how much it costs. [01:17:47] Speaker B: One bronze. [01:17:49] Speaker E: I throw in 19 silver, an extra two gold. Wait, I have more gold than what I have on this app. [01:17:57] Speaker C: You have so much gold. I know. [01:17:59] Speaker E: It says I have 19. [01:18:01] Speaker F: Yeah, flowing. [01:18:02] Speaker B: Have you looked? You are the goal. [01:18:07] Speaker C: I wanted to say sugar mama, but that's not you're, sugar daddy. [01:18:12] Speaker E: I have 110 here, so I'll give him ten extra. [01:18:14] Speaker B: Isn't he a sugar baby? Look how tiny he is. [01:18:18] Speaker A: You gain a preparation point, and you all each now have nice clothes that will fit in exactly with the design for the ball, and we'll give you a plus two circumstance bonus to any deception checks to pretend you belong there. [01:18:31] Speaker E: What? [01:18:32] Speaker B: What? [01:18:32] Speaker C: Does that include masks? [01:18:35] Speaker A: Yes, the masks come with. So, Uber, you head over to the city hall to try to pick up the blueprints for the aridson manor, and you run into the secretary that you ran into last time you were in the area trying to get the blueprints for the coliseum so she doesn't find it too suspicious that you're there. But this time might be a little bit different because you're asking about a private residence instead of, like, a public building that's in shambles. So what's your cover story? [01:19:05] Speaker F: I learned that, just like the Coliseum, that there were ancient buildings here a long time ago. And I learned that there might be more entrances to some of these buildings underneath that have been built over. Of course, that obviously none of the buildings here are old enough for that, but I think it could lead to more discoveries, and at the very least, it could possibly point out some areas that we need to be careful of. [01:19:36] Speaker A: And the secretary is like, oh, yeah, that makes sense. Let me see here. And she pulls out the blueprints to the house and starts, like, handing over the papers. And she's like, oh, yes. Looking through the notes here, it says that there actually are some connections to old Torinde in the foundations of the building. [01:19:55] Speaker F: Oh, that is wonderful. I can't wait to study this, and perhaps we can learn some more about the history of this place. Thank you very much. [01:20:04] Speaker A: Yes. And if you find anything interesting, please do let us know. [01:20:08] Speaker F: Of course, as I would if you don't mind, I would like to take these back to study them on my own so I can do to more detail and gestures without distractions. [01:20:21] Speaker A: Of course. And now you all have access to the map in advance. [01:20:29] Speaker B: Good job. [01:20:30] Speaker A: And you get a preparation point. Sven. [01:20:32] Speaker B: Yay. I'm weary about being connected to those tunnels. Something bad's gonna happen. Jordy, you old son of a son. [01:20:44] Speaker A: So Neros, one of these evenings when you're at the tavern doing the Neros. [01:20:51] Speaker D: Thing, neros does a lot of things. [01:20:54] Speaker A: You overhear a couple fellows in armor and fur trim and everything, and they're talking about how they've been hired to kind of, like, watch over and guard the aridsen estate during the event. And you can tell they've been a little bit too deep in the cups, and they're kind of starting to let loose and slip some things they shouldn't be saying. So you've got pretty much three options here. You can just kind of listen in and overhear things. You can try to engage them in conversation and kind of just gently kind of try to pull some information out of them. Or you could try to get them a little bit more drunk and see how much more information you can pull. So each of those steps will have more information attached, but each one gets a little bit more risky. [01:21:45] Speaker D: Can I leave it up to a die roll? [01:21:47] Speaker A: Sure. [01:21:52] Speaker D: The third one? [01:21:55] Speaker C: Yeah, four with a reroll. [01:21:56] Speaker D: It rolled a three. [01:21:58] Speaker C: Nice. [01:21:59] Speaker F: Dang. [01:22:00] Speaker A: So these two go home. These two are there just kind of sitting there sipping on some ale and just kind of it's it's going to be rough. It's going to be like all night. I hear the event doesn't end until two, and then Neros and just think. [01:22:15] Speaker F: Of you as sauntering up. [01:22:18] Speaker D: Yeah, I'll saunter up, and it's like, hey, what do you say you buy a girl a drink? [01:22:28] Speaker A: The two of them look up and they're like, hey, join us for a drink, miss? [01:22:33] Speaker B: Yeah, sure. [01:22:35] Speaker A: Bartender, another round. [01:22:39] Speaker D: Okay, keep going. [01:22:41] Speaker C: Just keep drinking. [01:22:43] Speaker D: Just flattering them, like talking. And then as they keep, I notice if they keep getting more and more inebriated, just asking subtle questions here and there, just dropping them. [01:22:57] Speaker A: Go ahead and make me a deception check. [01:23:01] Speaker D: Don't fail me now. [01:23:07] Speaker B: All right. On fire tonight. [01:23:09] Speaker D: 29. [01:23:11] Speaker A: That's a critical success. [01:23:12] Speaker C: Nice. [01:23:13] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:23:14] Speaker C: What we talk about? [01:23:15] Speaker F: 17 on the die. [01:23:17] Speaker A: So you're able to casually, without them suspecting anything, extract from them the number of guards, which they've got four for each level and four for outside. [01:23:30] Speaker B: How many levels are there? [01:23:31] Speaker A: Three levels. [01:23:33] Speaker D: Like, of the house, you mean? [01:23:34] Speaker A: So there's a total of twelve hired in staff to guard the event. You're also able to get vague information about their patrol routes, of where they're going to be at different times of night, just kind of asking questions like, oh, but you don't even get to see this thing that happens. And cool. You're even able to get about half of their names, half of the guard. [01:24:02] Speaker D: Half the guard's names. [01:24:03] Speaker A: Nice and cool. Because of your critical success, you're able to extract all of this information without it ever occurring to them, a, that this was stuff they shouldn't be spilling, and b, getting them drunk enough that they don't remember saying any of that the next morning. [01:24:20] Speaker B: Nice job. [01:24:21] Speaker F: Well done. [01:24:22] Speaker C: What's your archetyping? [01:24:24] Speaker B: That is that nearest dandy. [01:24:27] Speaker A: And of course, you have a preparation point. [01:24:30] Speaker D: I have a feat that will come in handy for this if I need it. So I'm just waiting. [01:24:36] Speaker C: How many preparation points does that make? [01:24:37] Speaker B: One, right. No, one each. [01:24:40] Speaker C: You didn't get one. [01:24:40] Speaker B: Yes, I did. [01:24:41] Speaker C: What'd you do? [01:24:41] Speaker B: Talk to Trov. [01:24:43] Speaker F: Five. [01:24:44] Speaker E: So five prep points and then I plus two, deception. [01:24:47] Speaker B: Yes, I talked to Trov, then I did that other stuff, so I'll just pile them. [01:24:51] Speaker C: We got a plus two circumstance bonus to deception. From your clothes. We have access to the map, so we can plan. We know eight of the guards names and we know there's a total of 16 of them. [01:25:03] Speaker A: We will end this session as the group is reconvening after their preparations and making their final plans for how to approach. [01:25:12] Speaker E: And as we all get together, we convene in one spot and I'll do a group high five up in the air. [01:25:18] Speaker C: This isn't high five time. [01:25:21] Speaker B: We've only prepared safir. High fives are saved till after the. [01:25:24] Speaker C: Job once we've completed successful. [01:25:26] Speaker B: Have you never worked with a team before? [01:25:28] Speaker C: Have you? [01:25:29] Speaker B: Yes, a lot of times. They're all dead now. [01:25:36] Speaker A: And on that note, your track record. [01:25:38] Speaker D: Is not great, then. [01:25:39] Speaker B: All right. The hero point I've taken is a very familiar one that I've seen played many times, is tuck and roll. Creature hits, you fall pro and take minimum damage. Pretty swam noise. All right, thanks for all of this. I got to go. And continue to just work tirelessly on recording our audio show. Check it out. Love you guys. [01:26:03] Speaker A: Thanks for listening and we'll see you all in the next episode. [01:26:08] Speaker C: Bye. [01:26:11] Speaker A: This has been an Atomic Broadcasting production pathfinder. Galerian and the lost omens world setting are copyright of Pizzo More [email protected] music in the show is from Monument Studios Collection as well as assorted artists with some original tracks composed by Jordy Hake. More details in the description. If you enjoyed the show, please remember to share with a friend and we'll look forward to seeing you again next time. [01:26:39] Speaker B: My first initial reaction was step outside and say, Teacher, carry my bags. I'm not going to do that. [01:26:46] Speaker C: Is he your hireling now? [01:26:48] Speaker B: I think that would ruin the moment if I did, but I wanted to share. I was thinking about that.

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