Episode 24

October 23, 2023


EP. 24 Boots

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Jordy Hake Michael Petete Samuel Sarver Abby Fincher Michael Jenkins Sven Nerness
EP. 24 Boots
The Written and The Lost
EP. 24 Boots

Oct 23 2023 | 01:37:00


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A well-intentioned attempt to prevent Trov's execution gets derailed by a mysterious, deadly figure.


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: This episode was recorded before the SAG AFTRA strike commenced. We at Atomic Broadcasting wish to show solidarity in their fight for a livable wage. To learn more about SAG AFTRA, feel free to follow the links in the show notes. [00:00:17] Speaker B: You are listening to an Atomic Broadcasting production. [00:00:21] Speaker C: So sit back, relax, and enjoy the feature presentation. [00:00:25] Speaker B: Patience. And remember, do your part, such as, like, comment rate. [00:00:30] Speaker C: And don't forget to tell a friend. [00:00:32] Speaker B: To tune in for an atomic time. [00:00:44] Speaker A: Now, where did we leave? Ah, yes. Using wits and luck, the party managed to rescue Hamir's old friend Trov from the gallows. They made a break for their designated getaway, unaware of the bow trained on Alward from a hidden spot. [00:01:10] Speaker D: So 5 hours ago Abby, you said that you had a story about your father. [00:01:13] Speaker E: I did. Okay, so this may be funny to some people, it may not be funny to a lot of people. So it's okay. Thank you for humoring me. [00:01:28] Speaker C: Get it? Humor. We are humorists in this house. Humorists. [00:01:38] Speaker F: Sam, stop enabling Sven. [00:01:40] Speaker B: I'm not. [00:01:42] Speaker C: He's stopping because I. [00:01:46] Speaker F: Stop enabling yourself. [00:01:48] Speaker G: I am empowered. [00:01:49] Speaker C: Sven, turn off. [00:01:55] Speaker F: So what about your father? [00:01:56] Speaker E: Okay, so it happened today. We were sitting in church like we do every Sunday, and I look over, and this man, my father, he the boy is from Texas. [00:02:20] Speaker C: Just put that out there, boys from Texas. [00:02:25] Speaker E: He's a little bit redneck, which is different from a hillbilly. When people think of redneck, usually they think of hillbillies. They're two very different people. [00:02:34] Speaker B: You're actually not wrong. [00:02:35] Speaker E: I know, because I was raised by a redneck. I know the difference. So I look over and he has taken out his pocket knife in the middle of church. [00:02:48] Speaker F: What was he doing with it? [00:02:49] Speaker E: Cleaning out his nails. [00:02:52] Speaker F: I fully understand this man. [00:02:55] Speaker E: I just look at him and I'm like, why? [00:02:59] Speaker F: He had dirty nails. [00:03:01] Speaker E: I grew up with you. This shouldn't be a surprise, but we're in the middle of church and I'm. [00:03:06] Speaker B: Just like, little mini knife. [00:03:09] Speaker E: No, I mean full size pocket knife. [00:03:11] Speaker F: Not the weirdest thing to do. [00:03:15] Speaker E: That. [00:03:16] Speaker F: You have dirty nails and you're like, man, I wish I had something to clean with. He did. [00:03:20] Speaker E: I know, but I was okay, everyone's whipping out their pocket knife. [00:03:23] Speaker F: I don't have a pocket. Can I borrow yours? [00:03:25] Speaker E: I have one, but it's broken and it's at home. [00:03:30] Speaker C: Michael, don't worry about right now. We're going to get offline for a few seconds to clean up. [00:03:37] Speaker F: Guys, I think I hurt myself. [00:03:39] Speaker E: I was just shocked. I mean, granted, this is not the first time I've seen him do this, but it's the first time I've seen him do it in church. [00:03:46] Speaker F: The location. [00:03:47] Speaker E: All right, you do you, buddy. [00:03:50] Speaker C: It's a very Missouri thing to do. [00:03:52] Speaker B: Clean your soul, clean your very Midwest. [00:03:57] Speaker C: Wait, you clean the bottom of your feet with a knife. What? [00:04:00] Speaker F: Sometimes you got to get some scraping. I thought he was talking about a shoe. [00:04:08] Speaker E: I've cleaned the bottom of my shoe. [00:04:10] Speaker F: Parmesan aerosol. [00:04:11] Speaker B: Aerosol. [00:04:12] Speaker F: You have to clean your aerosol rifles. [00:04:13] Speaker B: Get with your knife. [00:04:15] Speaker C: Yes. [00:04:19] Speaker B: What? [00:04:22] Speaker F: Scrape off the mud. [00:04:23] Speaker B: What have you been doing to your potato gun? [00:04:26] Speaker A: Speaking of potato gun. [00:04:33] Speaker E: Potato. [00:04:34] Speaker C: Please let that be the only thing. [00:04:35] Speaker B: He'S getting shot with a potato fly. [00:04:39] Speaker A: Kills out potato into the air. [00:04:42] Speaker B: Bludgeoning damage. And you smell like fries. [00:04:48] Speaker A: As I toss this D 20 in my hands. Let's not beat around the bush. [00:04:53] Speaker F: Can we beat around just a little longer? [00:04:55] Speaker B: Bush around the bush just a little no. We're going to beat the Alward. [00:04:59] Speaker A: This figure, which I will now unhide from the map, standing on a building on the eastern side of town oh, my has loosed an arrow at hours. It's not hyper specific art. [00:05:12] Speaker C: It's just something I it's a woman. [00:05:14] Speaker B: That's what he said earlier. [00:05:16] Speaker C: With a weapon in her hand and. [00:05:18] Speaker B: A blue cloak and a that was loud. [00:05:22] Speaker A: And she is now loosing an arrow. [00:05:25] Speaker C: It's nero's from the future. [00:05:29] Speaker A: Alward. What is your AC? [00:05:31] Speaker C: Oh, dead. Is it a critter? A regular hit. [00:05:35] Speaker F: Look, you're going to find out what you roll. [00:05:39] Speaker A: What's your AC? [00:05:41] Speaker F: My AC is one above whatever you roll. It's 18. [00:05:47] Speaker A: That's a regular hit. [00:05:49] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:05:49] Speaker F: I'm going to go ahead and use the hero point I immediately got. Well, actually, I do have yeah, I'm going to use it. So I take minimum damage. [00:06:00] Speaker A: It's a pretty good choice. [00:06:01] Speaker C: So one. [00:06:02] Speaker B: That's a pretty good choice. [00:06:03] Speaker A: So you take three damage oh, okay. [00:06:06] Speaker F: On a bow. That's kind of insane. [00:06:08] Speaker A: As all three dice roll a one sneak attack. [00:06:13] Speaker C: Sneak attack. [00:06:14] Speaker A: Because you're flat, the arrow just grazes the side of your arm, and as you glance down where it's, like, cut through your sleeve, there's the blood that's beginning to drip out of the cut, but there's also, like, this weird, pale, white, sticky like SAP. [00:06:31] Speaker C: Oh, no. [00:06:31] Speaker A: I'm going to need a fortitude. [00:06:35] Speaker C: Howard, you fool. [00:06:37] Speaker B: Who have you made up set? I don't know. [00:06:41] Speaker F: Okay. My AC is still 18. Just so same fortitude. Do I have anything to help? [00:06:50] Speaker A: Guys? [00:06:50] Speaker D: What if it's sith three up there? [00:06:53] Speaker F: Sith three doesn't just so I know, make her mad. Will this cause the slowed immobilized or paralyzed condition? [00:07:01] Speaker A: No. [00:07:02] Speaker F: Okay. [00:07:03] Speaker B: You got another hearing point, mate. [00:07:05] Speaker F: I do. I don't want to use it. [00:07:08] Speaker C: I believe in you. [00:07:09] Speaker E: Why are they mad at you? [00:07:10] Speaker F: Thank goodness. 23. [00:07:13] Speaker A: And you, like, feel that sting? You look down, you notice that sappy substance, and you're like, that's not good. And you wipe it off before it can seep into the wound, and you do not succumb. [00:07:27] Speaker C: Right outward to the wagon. [00:07:29] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:07:30] Speaker C: Are they on the initiative map? [00:07:32] Speaker A: I'm going to go ahead and unhide them from the initiative map. And this small three foot tall figure in the blue cloak, another child reaches down from the future pulls out another arrow and begins applying a substance to the arrowhead. It's Zafir's turn. [00:07:48] Speaker C: Howard, you should be able to get out of line of sight easily on. [00:07:51] Speaker F: Your I'm not too worried unless there are more. Did I see this happen? [00:07:55] Speaker A: I would imagine so, because you've been looking in that direction. You would just see, like, this arrow just shoot down from the rooftop, and you've got a pretty decent sight. [00:08:07] Speaker D: How much distance is between me and her? [00:08:10] Speaker E: A lot. [00:08:11] Speaker C: Well, like 90 plus some upward distance. [00:08:15] Speaker F: I don't think you'd be able to see her with where she's standing on the rooftop. [00:08:19] Speaker D: Let's let the GM decide. [00:08:21] Speaker A: Yeah. So you've got a view of her, but she's 90ft away, including going up. [00:08:25] Speaker D: Okay. What if I get her with my shooting star? So I should explain twang shooting star. It lets me let loose a projectile, such as an arrow that flies true and leaves the blazing trail of a meteor behind it. I'm making a range strike, ignoring the target's concealment and reducing the target's cover by one degree for the strike only, and then it goes into detail. What kind if the strike hits, the meteor trail hangs in the air, and that gives the benefits of concealment, negation, and cover reduction to any attacks made against this creature by anyone until the start of my next turn. [00:09:12] Speaker A: I like it. [00:09:13] Speaker B: I'll do that. [00:09:14] Speaker G: Then do it. [00:09:15] Speaker A: And is this with your bow just, like, manifesting a magic arrow, or are you using regular arrow? [00:09:21] Speaker C: Real arrow. Pew. [00:09:24] Speaker D: That is an 18 to hit, I believe. [00:09:29] Speaker C: I don't think that's going to hit. [00:09:30] Speaker A: It does not. [00:09:31] Speaker C: You do have three hero points. [00:09:33] Speaker A: You have three hero points. [00:09:35] Speaker C: If only there was a hero in this mode. [00:09:38] Speaker E: I need a hero. [00:09:43] Speaker D: Well, yeah, I'll just use one to reroll. I like the opportunity. [00:09:48] Speaker C: Oh, my gosh. He's rerolling. [00:09:50] Speaker B: What? [00:09:52] Speaker D: And that made it even worse. That did not do anything. [00:09:56] Speaker C: That's unfortunate. [00:09:57] Speaker D: That is why I am stacking my cards back. [00:09:59] Speaker C: That was a really good idea, though. [00:10:00] Speaker F: It was. [00:10:02] Speaker D: And I can't actually use that again, unfortunately. [00:10:05] Speaker A: So you loose this arrow, and it leaves this trail of light arcing up to the rooftop, which we all get to see that. But it sticks into the chimney next to the figure. So definitely marks the location that they're aware you just didn't hit, and they don't get that cover reduction effect and everything. [00:10:22] Speaker C: Awesome. [00:10:23] Speaker A: You still have two actions left. [00:10:25] Speaker C: Oh, that was one action. [00:10:26] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:10:27] Speaker C: Oh, that's awesome. [00:10:28] Speaker A: The best part about it, that's a ranged attack that has one trait verbal. [00:10:32] Speaker C: It's not an attack trait. Oh, wow. [00:10:36] Speaker A: Dang it's. Ranged attack. So it has the attack, but it doesn't have it doesn't have somatic or something. So you can shoot at range without triggering opportunity. [00:10:47] Speaker C: Now Petite can use spell strike with his bow. [00:10:50] Speaker F: As a quick reminder, everyone but Petite has a free move action oh, yeah. To either stride or step. [00:10:57] Speaker E: Are you okay? [00:10:58] Speaker F: Are you laughing? [00:11:00] Speaker B: Hail his soda. It didn't go. [00:11:02] Speaker E: Breathing and drinking are always separated. [00:11:04] Speaker A: I was just trying to be efficient. [00:11:09] Speaker D: I didn't think I'd get this far. Yeah, I'm going to run to the north. [00:11:17] Speaker E: So are we all just trying to leave at this point? [00:11:20] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:11:20] Speaker F: Well, hold on. [00:11:21] Speaker D: Is what's his name still Grappled? [00:11:24] Speaker C: Yes. Travis Grappled. [00:11:25] Speaker D: Travis still grappled. [00:11:29] Speaker F: Do you guys think I should try to do something? Hamir's pretty confident he's going to be able to handle it. [00:11:33] Speaker C: So I should just leave. What would you do? Shoot at him? [00:11:36] Speaker D: Yeah, but I don't want to do. [00:11:37] Speaker C: Anything like yeah, we're trying not to kill anyone. Yeah, except for except for that assassin. Yeah, which is all set up to draw us out. [00:11:47] Speaker F: All right, I'm leaving. Bye. [00:11:49] Speaker C: Run away. [00:11:50] Speaker E: I don't trust the look on the GM's face right now. [00:11:53] Speaker C: It was a trap all along. [00:11:55] Speaker A: So Zafir looses his comet arrow, pointing out the assassin on the rooftop, and then rushes off to the north, pushing his way through the crowd of panicked. [00:12:03] Speaker C: People, running out with a pitter patter. [00:12:06] Speaker A: Yes. [00:12:07] Speaker C: The child has am going to if I tripped this guy, would that be enough to break his grapple hole and let me just keep running? [00:12:19] Speaker A: I think if you trip him, I'll make him roll athletics with a penalty to see if he can maintain the grapple. [00:12:24] Speaker C: I'm going to try and trip because that was my original plan. [00:12:27] Speaker A: All right. [00:12:30] Speaker C: 29. [00:12:32] Speaker A: Okay, so he's not going to roll to maintain the grapple as you've critically tripped him. [00:12:37] Speaker C: Oh, I thought his reflex would be lower than his fort. [00:12:40] Speaker A: Yeah, so he hits the ground hard, and he's like his helmet just clang. [00:12:44] Speaker C: Damage ringing out. Damage. [00:12:47] Speaker E: What's that damage? [00:12:48] Speaker F: Was that the signal? [00:12:49] Speaker B: Four noise. [00:12:51] Speaker F: Shoot again. [00:12:52] Speaker D: Bang. [00:12:53] Speaker A: This is the same guy who was dazed. He is now bloodied. [00:12:57] Speaker C: Wait, that's all he's life yet. Let's kill these guys. [00:12:59] Speaker F: No. [00:13:01] Speaker C: So I'm taking a second to look at the arrow that fired. Then I'm weighing my options, so I'm looking around just because I'm looking. Is there, like, an easy access to that roof if I wanted to try and get the assassin? [00:13:24] Speaker A: Well, there are some of these market stall booths that are still set up, which it wouldn't be too much of a trick to climb onto one of them and then get onto the roof from there. To go straight onto the roof up the side would be a challenge, but using the market stalls as, like, a stepping stone, it would be like a leap and then a leap. So two actions, no check required. [00:13:46] Speaker C: From where I am, I could two actions up there. [00:13:49] Speaker A: Well, it would be one action to get up to the stall and then one action to get onto it, and then next turn, another action to get. [00:13:55] Speaker C: Onto the oh, that's not worth it then. That's too many actions. I'm going to just run with three actions. [00:14:01] Speaker A: Okay. And by this point, since the crowd has been dispersing, I'm going to go ahead and just remove our circles that have been marking where they are at because the gunshot made it so that people are leaving quickly and there is no longer difficult terrain in the square. So with your remaining two actions, you can actually get Trov into the cart. [00:14:19] Speaker B: He has an extra thing of actions. [00:14:22] Speaker A: You have an action left. [00:14:24] Speaker C: Two actions. I get Trov to the cart, and then I have another action. [00:14:27] Speaker F: Yeah, because one of those could have been a free action. [00:14:30] Speaker A: Zafir, do you want to be another full stride out of the map? Yeah. [00:14:34] Speaker C: Okay, well, so if I did one action to get Trov close, would Trov be able to get the rest of the distance himself to the wagon? [00:14:42] Speaker A: Yeah, I would actually say if you're motioning for it, you could have, like, jump out and take Trov a whole stride back. [00:14:50] Speaker C: So I'll do one action to get close to hour, and then I raise up my scroll that was in my hand, and as I speak, the words a drippy green like liquidy arrow shoots out of the scroll as the scroll incinerates, as I cast Acid Arrow at the assassin. [00:15:13] Speaker A: Nice. [00:15:16] Speaker C: 27. [00:15:17] Speaker F: Nice. [00:15:17] Speaker A: That's a hit. [00:15:18] Speaker C: Nice. [00:15:19] Speaker B: Not critical. [00:15:20] Speaker A: No. [00:15:20] Speaker C: All right, so Acid Arrow does three D, eight poison damage, and persistent. [00:15:26] Speaker F: Persistent what? [00:15:27] Speaker B: Damage. [00:15:27] Speaker C: Acid damage. [00:15:28] Speaker F: Nice. [00:15:30] Speaker C: 17 acid damage. [00:15:34] Speaker F: I'm happy. [00:15:35] Speaker E: That's a good one. [00:15:36] Speaker C: Folded. Get to the wagon. [00:15:39] Speaker F: What do you think I'm doing? Also no. [00:15:44] Speaker C: What? [00:15:45] Speaker F: I don't want this person to follow us. [00:15:47] Speaker C: We're trying to save we're going to a forest. We're leaving town, getting the wagon. [00:15:51] Speaker F: Fine. [00:15:52] Speaker A: And as that Acid arrow just, like, arcs through the air splatters against this creature's arm, it starts burning, and she just smears off as much as she can, but just, like, leaves the rest of it just kind of smoldering there, and she's like, getting to the forest won't save you. [00:16:07] Speaker C: Did she say something? [00:16:09] Speaker F: I don't something about the forest not. [00:16:11] Speaker C: Being there's a crowd all around me. [00:16:14] Speaker F: I think she said getting to the forest will save us. [00:16:17] Speaker C: You've got a much better hearing than me, Albert. I'm impressed. [00:16:20] Speaker B: All right, Uber, just jump me back towards them 40ft, and I'm going to. [00:16:29] Speaker F: Maybe guess Uber hears her. [00:16:31] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:16:32] Speaker A: He was closer. [00:16:33] Speaker B: I was I heard her. [00:16:34] Speaker A: Okay, you heard her, guys. [00:16:36] Speaker B: She said at this point, he's going to turn to her and look up. [00:16:41] Speaker G: At her and say, in that case, I am sorry about this. Or not, actually. [00:16:48] Speaker C: What? [00:16:48] Speaker A: You just moved 40ft further away. [00:16:50] Speaker B: You're also whispering as I cast sudden bolt. [00:16:54] Speaker E: What is that? [00:16:55] Speaker C: That was sudden. [00:16:56] Speaker F: It's very sudden. [00:16:57] Speaker C: Wow. [00:16:58] Speaker E: What is that? [00:16:59] Speaker F: You're still whispering. [00:17:00] Speaker B: I'm confused where you basic reflex, if you please. [00:17:03] Speaker C: OOH, I bet she's good at reflex. [00:17:05] Speaker A: Regular success. [00:17:06] Speaker B: Okay, no, that's fine. [00:17:08] Speaker C: That's not awful. It's still something happens, which is very good. [00:17:12] Speaker B: So four d twelve. Electrical damage. [00:17:14] Speaker A: Halved. [00:17:15] Speaker C: So sudden bolt does yes. Is that just a regular spell? [00:17:22] Speaker B: Yes, it is. [00:17:23] Speaker C: Focus. [00:17:24] Speaker E: Four d twelve. [00:17:25] Speaker F: Four d twelve. Holy. [00:17:30] Speaker B: 17 damage. That's still very if only that was a non success. [00:17:36] Speaker F: It's still very good. [00:17:39] Speaker C: Yeah, because max damage was, what, 48? Yeah, that's pretty good. Yeah. [00:17:44] Speaker A: Nice. So he's just like, I'm sorry about this. And just this lightning just out of the sky, and there's still just, like, the last glimmering bits of that comet trail, and people are just, like, panicking and running. [00:17:58] Speaker C: There's lightning, there's acid arrows, there's children. [00:18:02] Speaker B: And my extra movement, my last action, gets me to where I'm at now. [00:18:08] Speaker A: So UVair, after calling down lightning, has run over and has clustered together with Hamir and Alward, all three of them getting pretty close to just jumping in the wagon and getting out. Zafir is off the map, and Neros is actually about 50ft away from this assassin on the rooftop. And it's now Tim's turn. Tim, whose mind is now coming unclouded from Befuddle. And he's just, like, looks down at his gun, looks over at Bob, who's just, like, putting his gun down. He's like you, Bob. [00:18:36] Speaker C: Who just punched Tim? [00:18:37] Speaker A: Yeah, they're just, like, swinging at each other. And then Tim just, like, regains clarity in his mind. He's like, what's going on? Bob's like, I don't know. And they look over, and just in time to see Trov disappearing around the corner, and this acid arrow just, like, arcing across and lightning, and they're just like, let's get out of here. Tim just takes off, running north out of town. [00:19:00] Speaker C: This has gone above our paygrid, taking. [00:19:04] Speaker A: A different road than Zafir the shot. And Neros. It's your turn. [00:19:09] Speaker E: Okay, so do you want me to just go to the car? [00:19:11] Speaker B: It's totally up to you. [00:19:11] Speaker E: That was happening. [00:19:12] Speaker B: It's totally up to you. [00:19:13] Speaker C: Well, yeah, if the assassins knows who. [00:19:17] Speaker E: We are, there's nothing I can do to it from here. All of my spells, except for days is, like, 30ft or touch range. [00:19:26] Speaker C: You could just book it for the wagon. You have a free movement. You could daze and double move. [00:19:32] Speaker E: I'm just going to run. [00:19:34] Speaker A: All right, so Neros books it runs past the cluster of Albert Hamere, and next time, Bob just watches you go. And he's like, no. Looks up at the assassin on the rooftop. [00:19:47] Speaker C: I have mixed feelings. Yes. Bob should join us. [00:19:51] Speaker B: Bob should shoot at the assassin. [00:19:53] Speaker F: Get him, Bob. [00:19:55] Speaker A: Trov, no longer busy running, reaches into a random fold in his pocket, notices Alward is the next one to go, and casts guidance on Alward. [00:20:03] Speaker C: He looks at the initiative tracker and says, Alward's next. [00:20:09] Speaker F: Drop. Waste of a guidance, my guy. [00:20:13] Speaker E: You never know. [00:20:14] Speaker A: Hey, I'm just just doing what I think is best. [00:20:19] Speaker B: Wait, you didn't know this? [00:20:21] Speaker C: Or is he like an amulet of the occult that lets him okay paymir. [00:20:27] Speaker A: Has those same thoughts running through his mind. [00:20:29] Speaker C: No, that idiot must have something on. How did he get that on him when he's going to get hanged? [00:20:35] Speaker A: Camera cuts to Trop, who just smiles and shrugs. [00:20:39] Speaker C: I don't want to know. [00:20:40] Speaker F: He probably had his own plan. [00:20:42] Speaker A: It's now Joe's turn. Joe is badly wounded lying on the cobbles in the square. requestioning all of his career decisions. [00:20:51] Speaker B: I love that. He was bloodied from getting tripped. [00:20:54] Speaker E: Yeah, that was amazing. [00:20:56] Speaker A: He stands up and begins walking. Not running, just walking out of the square, sadly rethinking his life. [00:21:04] Speaker B: Poor guy. [00:21:04] Speaker C: Mission failed, boys. We'll get her next time. [00:21:07] Speaker A: Bob watches Joe go and with a determined look, sights along his rifle at the assassin. Because this assassin, he saw that the assassin was watching Neros leave and was like, not her. I'm friendly to her. [00:21:26] Speaker C: Wouldn't it be their job to kill an assassin? [00:21:30] Speaker E: Thank you, Bob. [00:21:31] Speaker B: Go, Bob. [00:21:31] Speaker C: This person's trying to escape. The man we're trying to execute. [00:21:36] Speaker E: You can do it. [00:21:37] Speaker A: Bob hits exact. [00:21:42] Speaker C: With a gun. [00:21:44] Speaker A: There's an ear splitting crack of thunder. [00:21:47] Speaker C: To do one point of damage. [00:21:54] Speaker B: Just. [00:21:55] Speaker C: Enough to kill the assassin. [00:21:58] Speaker A: And the corner of the assassin's hood just gets a rip and she takes one. Moral morale damage. [00:22:07] Speaker F: I nominate Bob for a hero point. [00:22:10] Speaker A: Bob reloads and takes another shot. [00:22:15] Speaker B: Come on, Bob. [00:22:17] Speaker E: Did he miss? [00:22:18] Speaker A: Bob misses wildly. [00:22:24] Speaker F: It's all right, Bob. [00:22:25] Speaker C: Come join us. [00:22:26] Speaker B: He wasn't an ally at the time. [00:22:29] Speaker A: Now it is Alward's turn. [00:22:33] Speaker F: This whole combat round, I've been thinking, they know we're going to the forest. They know our plan. They knew we were going to be here. [00:22:41] Speaker C: It was Rook. [00:22:42] Speaker F: I don't think Alward would be thinking about our plan anymore. I think Alward would be thinking about his family. [00:22:50] Speaker C: Because they jumped us. [00:22:52] Speaker F: Well, because they know so much. [00:22:54] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:22:55] Speaker F: So I'm going to turn. I'm just going to be like, don't go to the forest. They clearly know everything. I got to go find my family. And then I'm just going to start running down the aisle with all four of my albert, you're going to die. [00:23:07] Speaker C: If you go that way. [00:23:08] Speaker B: Not that way. What? [00:23:10] Speaker F: No. [00:23:10] Speaker C: Down, albert, get on the wagon. It's faster. [00:23:13] Speaker F: I'll hop on the wagon when you pass me. [00:23:15] Speaker A: I don't want to go to the forest. [00:23:16] Speaker B: To your family. [00:23:16] Speaker C: We can change directions. [00:23:18] Speaker A: As Albert takes off running hamir, I imagine you kind of reach after him. But Alward is like moving supernaturally fast. And there's almost like those who are there and watching almost get a sense of somehow. Alward started running before he had started running. How do you describe that? But by the time you register that he was running, he's already halfway down the road. Witch. [00:23:44] Speaker C: He's a witch. [00:23:47] Speaker A: It's now the assassin's turn which the assassin grumbles tucks the arrow away back in the quiver and then begins running towards the edge of the roof are. [00:23:59] Speaker F: They going to do a superhero landing? [00:24:01] Speaker A: Runs down the wall what? As if the wall itself was ground and begins running towards Hamir. [00:24:10] Speaker C: Yeah, get over here. [00:24:12] Speaker A: And stops with one action remaining and throws a knife. [00:24:18] Speaker C: Oh. At who? [00:24:19] Speaker A: At who? [00:24:21] Speaker C: Oh, no. [00:24:21] Speaker B: Uber. No, you retcon. [00:24:25] Speaker F: As I'm running past the cart, I'm also going to be like, don't go to the forest. Find someplace else and just keep going. [00:24:32] Speaker A: What's your AC hamir? [00:24:35] Speaker C: 20. [00:24:36] Speaker A: OOH, that's exactly a critical hit. [00:24:39] Speaker C: She's got a 30. [00:24:40] Speaker B: What the? [00:24:41] Speaker C: All right. [00:24:42] Speaker F: Oh, no. [00:24:43] Speaker C: Great. [00:24:44] Speaker E: Oh, my gosh. [00:24:46] Speaker F: Wait, do you have the thing that lets you just ignore the attack? [00:24:49] Speaker C: Is it a range strike? [00:24:51] Speaker F: Yeah. She's throwing up. [00:24:52] Speaker C: Dad, does that count as a range strike? [00:24:54] Speaker D: Yes. [00:24:54] Speaker A: Thrown attacks are range strikes. [00:24:55] Speaker C: She misses. [00:24:56] Speaker A: Misses. Crit goes down to miss or critics regular. [00:24:59] Speaker C: If you're hit by a strike, use a zero point. It misses. [00:25:03] Speaker A: Yeah. So technically, when you're targeted by a. [00:25:07] Speaker C: Strike okay, but it works. [00:25:11] Speaker E: Please let it work. [00:25:12] Speaker B: She targeted it. [00:25:14] Speaker A: She comes running off the roof, down the side of the wall, across the square, and just, like, whirls this knife. And Hamir, who has just been, like, reaching out to grab it alward, is, like, still leaning forward from that motion, and the knife just goes whirling behind his head. Now, next up is Zafir. But before Zafir goes, I'm going to give you a free recall knowledge. Success because of context. [00:25:41] Speaker C: Well, Zafir's not here. [00:25:44] Speaker F: Zafir need to cover our ears. [00:25:46] Speaker A: No, I mean, I imagine Zafir might share well, he might not share this information. [00:25:50] Speaker C: Zafir is really far. [00:25:52] Speaker A: I might, but he's only, like, 20ft off the map. So if he should change his mind from this information, he might come back. So if you all would mind taking off your headphones real quick. You know who this assassin is from your line of work, because the two of you are often mixed up. This assassin goes by the name of Boots. She takes great pride in her work and will never let a mark go without being killed. You can ask me one question. As a successful recall knowledge, we can save Fortitude. All right. [00:26:26] Speaker F: Starting to hurt. [00:26:27] Speaker B: Oh, boy. What's Zafir going to do? [00:26:29] Speaker E: It's his girlfriend. [00:26:31] Speaker B: Yeah, she's going to die, by the way, mate. [00:26:34] Speaker C: It's his mother. [00:26:36] Speaker B: She going to die. [00:26:37] Speaker C: Halfling. That's why he's so small. [00:26:40] Speaker D: How far can I move if I use all three actions, is it three times my speed? [00:26:45] Speaker F: Yes. [00:26:46] Speaker D: How far is 75ft? [00:26:48] Speaker A: That'll get you right there, right next to the gallows. [00:26:50] Speaker C: Again, she's really committed. I thought she was going to run away. [00:26:53] Speaker D: I'm going to continue running, but my plan was to yell, it is his girlfriend. Can that be done as a oh, yeah. [00:27:03] Speaker A: Talking is a free action. [00:27:04] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:27:05] Speaker D: I'm not talking. [00:27:06] Speaker E: Yelling is a free action. [00:27:07] Speaker B: What are you yelling? [00:27:09] Speaker D: Stop, please. [00:27:13] Speaker B: To who? [00:27:15] Speaker A: Everybody stops because you ask nicely. [00:27:18] Speaker B: I don't hamir november aren't going to yeah. [00:27:23] Speaker A: Who are you yelling at? [00:27:24] Speaker D: It's aimed towards the assassin. [00:27:26] Speaker A: Okay. She doesn't seem to react well, that's all I got. Sorry, guys. [00:27:33] Speaker C: All right, man. [00:27:34] Speaker A: So a child comes running back out of the square and goes, Stop, in. [00:27:39] Speaker F: A very manly voice. [00:27:40] Speaker C: Stop. Sir, it's Christmas Day. [00:27:43] Speaker A: Because the spell does not disguise your voice. Stop. [00:27:49] Speaker E: Very deep voice. [00:27:51] Speaker C: Child oh, boy. [00:27:54] Speaker B: She gonna die, mate. I'm sorry. [00:27:56] Speaker A: Hey, mirror, it is your turn. [00:27:58] Speaker B: How does she look? You never answered that question. [00:28:00] Speaker A: Oh, yes. So she is a halfling wearing a blue tunic and, like, a dark blue cloak and hood over the top of that. And the most unsettling thing about her appearance is that she is a halfling wearing boots. [00:28:15] Speaker B: I meant, how does she look as. [00:28:17] Speaker A: Injured wise, not bloodied. [00:28:20] Speaker B: She has very nice boots on. [00:28:22] Speaker C: Yeah, we can I'm going to run up to her and trip her from 10ft away. [00:28:26] Speaker A: All right. [00:28:29] Speaker C: That is a 19. [00:28:31] Speaker A: That is a fail. [00:28:34] Speaker C: Jordy. I strike with a natural 25 to hit. [00:28:40] Speaker F: I got the critical hit decks. [00:28:42] Speaker A: So you lash the chain at her legs and she jumps and then you just as it's coming under her, just like flick it up into her jump. [00:28:51] Speaker C: So that's going to be 16 points of damage. Nice bludgeoning damage as I miss her legs and it comes up, slamming her right in the neck, crushing her trachea. The target is now suffocating until subject to magical healing. It cannot speak while suffocating. [00:29:09] Speaker E: Gosh. [00:29:10] Speaker B: Oh. [00:29:11] Speaker F: What is the suffocating ability? [00:29:13] Speaker E: Never heard that before. [00:29:14] Speaker C: Suffocating rules. [00:29:15] Speaker F: Does it mean she can't breathe? [00:29:18] Speaker E: Yeah, that's what suffocating means, jenkins things. [00:29:21] Speaker F: Mean different things in this system. [00:29:23] Speaker C: I'll bring up the rule suffocation. [00:29:25] Speaker E: No breathing. [00:29:28] Speaker F: No breathing. [00:29:29] Speaker E: Thank you. [00:29:30] Speaker C: When you run out of air, you fall unconscious and start suffocating. You cannot recover from being unconscious and must attempt a DC 20 fortitude save at the end of each of your turns. On a failure, you take a D ten damage, and on a critical failure, you die. [00:29:42] Speaker F: She could just die from this? [00:29:45] Speaker A: So she is now suffocating? [00:29:51] Speaker B: Yes. [00:29:54] Speaker C: That's all she wrote. [00:29:55] Speaker A: So she's electric crackled on her left side, acid on her right side that's still burning away at her flesh, and this chain just like, lashed around her throat and she's suffocating. Hamir you just see know, blazing, furious eyes gowling at you under the hood. [00:30:11] Speaker C: Is she still conscious? [00:30:12] Speaker A: She is. [00:30:13] Speaker C: Okay. But she's going to start possibly dying on her turn, which is going to be fun because she might kill me before she fully dies. [00:30:23] Speaker F: Doesn't potions count as magical healing? [00:30:25] Speaker C: Yes. If we somehow feel like we need to keep her alive, I can use. [00:30:30] Speaker B: My chalice real fast or just use see what happens. [00:30:34] Speaker C: Because I'm fine with this. I'm fine with her, but I don't. [00:30:40] Speaker E: Know how important yeah, or how important it is. [00:30:43] Speaker C: So it's uber so I think Hamir during all this also gets UVair. Get on the wagon and go. I'll catch up with you all. [00:30:54] Speaker E: Are you okay? [00:30:56] Speaker B: I'm thinking of something that I haven't. [00:30:58] Speaker G: Had to think of yet. [00:30:59] Speaker D: He's really a child. [00:31:01] Speaker C: He's got the Benjamin Button disease. [00:31:06] Speaker B: UVair is going to look at Hamir and he's going to say, I do. [00:31:10] Speaker G: Not leave people behind. [00:31:13] Speaker B: As he reaches into his cloak and grabs a hold of something, and you see just like, this wave of energy just go into his hand as he holds out his other hand, and lightning again begins to crackle. And a giant bolt of lightning once again falls on her as he recasts. [00:31:36] Speaker C: Sudden bolt. So he's like he's broken her trachea now I shall electrify her again. [00:31:43] Speaker A: She gets a regular success again. [00:31:45] Speaker B: That's fine. [00:31:46] Speaker E: Still 4012 have yeah, still a lot of damage. [00:31:50] Speaker C: I hope this character is not super important to you. I'm very sorry if she is. [00:31:56] Speaker D: I don't know how much I can that's okay. [00:31:59] Speaker F: Yeah, you're good. [00:31:59] Speaker C: It's on you. [00:32:00] Speaker F: You can tell us as much as ten damage. [00:32:03] Speaker A: Is that pre halved? [00:32:04] Speaker B: No, that's post halved. [00:32:06] Speaker A: Okay. [00:32:06] Speaker B: I rolled 20. [00:32:07] Speaker C: Really? [00:32:09] Speaker F: That spell is just an annihilator. Oh, yeah. [00:32:12] Speaker B: I love it. [00:32:13] Speaker C: But theoretically, he could roll four now. [00:32:16] Speaker B: And that is true, but with his last action, he still falls back a little bit because he can you don't. [00:32:26] Speaker F: Need to be in the range. [00:32:27] Speaker A: Gotcha. So you're right next to the wagon now. As this second lightning bolt arcs down out of the clouds again and just lights up her right side where the acid hit previously. She is not looking good. It's Tim's turn. Tim is off the map. Tim escaped. [00:32:45] Speaker B: Tim. [00:32:47] Speaker A: Nero. [00:32:48] Speaker C: Tim has escaped. [00:32:49] Speaker A: Neros, you are in the wagon. [00:32:51] Speaker E: Yeah. Do I need I don't know that she ran forward. [00:32:56] Speaker C: Abby, don't get off the wagon. [00:32:59] Speaker E: Should I stay there? [00:33:01] Speaker C: I don't care. [00:33:02] Speaker F: You can delay your turn. [00:33:04] Speaker A: You heard Hamir say Uber, leave her to me. I've got this. And Uber replies, I don't leave a friend in need. That's not why he's backing up. [00:33:13] Speaker C: I said, get on the cart and leave. [00:33:15] Speaker F: That's basically saying, leave. [00:33:16] Speaker E: I've got get out of here. [00:33:19] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:33:20] Speaker A: Hamir says leave. UVair. Says no, cast the spell and backs up, but he still is, know, keeping his attention that way. And it is your turn. [00:33:29] Speaker E: Okay. I really don't know that I would. [00:33:33] Speaker F: Do anything you could delay until you. [00:33:35] Speaker E: I'm just gonna delay. [00:33:36] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:33:37] Speaker C: There's definitely nothing wrong in this situation with just being like, I'm just in the wagon. [00:33:42] Speaker D: Just in the wagon. [00:33:44] Speaker F: Why hasn't the wagon moved? [00:33:46] Speaker C: Hasn't been the wagon's turn. [00:33:48] Speaker A: Well, the plan was for everybody to get in the wagon. The assassin has shaken things up, and they're just kind of, like, unsure of, like, do we leave without Uber or do we leave without Hamir? [00:33:55] Speaker C: Hamir said to leave, so Trob will. [00:33:58] Speaker A: Be like, he's got this. I see this guy get. Out of bigger scrapes. Let's go. And Reyes shrugs and whips up the horses, and the wagon starts to move, and it is Joe's turn. Joe has escaped everyone's favorite. [00:34:15] Speaker F: Bob. Come on, Bob. Bob. [00:34:17] Speaker B: Bob. Bob. Bob. Bob. [00:34:19] Speaker F: Bob. [00:34:19] Speaker B: Bob. Bob. Bob. [00:34:21] Speaker A: So Bob watching as the cart starts rattling off down the alleyway. [00:34:26] Speaker C: Child comes up next to him and. [00:34:28] Speaker B: Goes in a manly voice. [00:34:34] Speaker A: Bob looks confused, but he knows what his task is. So he jumps down off of the scaffold and runs up to the halfling and attempts to grapple her. [00:34:45] Speaker B: Come on, Bob. [00:34:47] Speaker C: We're going to take you in, lady. We're taking you. [00:34:51] Speaker A: And completely, just like, he grabs at her, and she just ducks. And he's not used to restraining halflings. He's used to restraining the human. You got this whole missed. He missed. Albert, you run in. [00:35:04] Speaker F: I got to get home. I got to get to Hamir's. Home. Just keep going. I don't have any spells to get me there faster, or I would. Yeah, I mean, my movement speed, just so you know, jordy is not the normal. [00:35:20] Speaker C: Isn't it 30? [00:35:21] Speaker F: 30? It's 35. [00:35:23] Speaker C: Whoa. [00:35:23] Speaker B: You're Speedy boy again. [00:35:25] Speaker F: No, I'm not. Nowhere near nowhere. If I was Speedy Boy, I would. [00:35:31] Speaker C: Be able to just you're still the fastest in this part. [00:35:33] Speaker F: That's your fault. [00:35:35] Speaker C: No, it's not. [00:35:37] Speaker F: Be an elf. [00:35:38] Speaker A: As Albert is running off, it rolls over into the assassin's turn. And I'm going to do a partway point caveat. So she's going to be making saves. If she fails one, she immediately takes that damage and goes unconscious. [00:35:50] Speaker C: Okay, that's fair. DC 20. [00:35:54] Speaker A: And as Joe runs up or Bob runs up to try to restrain her, she, like, ducks under his grab and then just collapses on the ground. [00:36:02] Speaker C: Ten points of damage. [00:36:03] Speaker F: Max damage. [00:36:05] Speaker A: At the end of her turn, she takes persistent acid damage. [00:36:08] Speaker B: Oh, right. [00:36:08] Speaker C: I gave her she was melting this. [00:36:11] Speaker B: Whole time and goes, oh, she did. [00:36:17] Speaker A: And that will end the encounter. We are now out of initiative. [00:36:20] Speaker E: She died. [00:36:21] Speaker D: I am immediately running up, and I. [00:36:22] Speaker B: Have to check the body. [00:36:24] Speaker A: Zafir, you see dead bodies. [00:36:27] Speaker C: She did her body. [00:36:28] Speaker D: I want to check to see if there's any documentation, anything that would lead her to being here. [00:36:35] Speaker C: I was actually going to do that, too, so I'll help you out. [00:36:38] Speaker A: You guys are both, like, going for the body, and Bob's like, wait, this is official enforcer business. [00:36:44] Speaker D: Can I slap him in the face. [00:36:49] Speaker F: As a child? [00:36:52] Speaker A: You can, but also make me an intimidation check with a plus two circumstance as a child. [00:36:59] Speaker C: Wait, but I'm still dressed up as a soldier, as an enforcer. [00:37:02] Speaker F: That is true. [00:37:03] Speaker A: So the child is getting involved. The child is slapping. [00:37:08] Speaker D: So with a plus two, that is a full 20. [00:37:15] Speaker A: And he just looks shocked and just looks down at the body and looks up at Hameer. [00:37:21] Speaker C: It's okay. I've got this. I'll take the kid out of here after we look at the body. [00:37:27] Speaker A: You sure you don't want me to help? [00:37:29] Speaker C: You need to go find Tim and Joe. [00:37:31] Speaker A: Oh, that's right. Yeah. Just get out of here. Messed up. I'm going to go check on him. And he runs. [00:37:38] Speaker C: Face is all right for that pretty lady you met. [00:37:43] Speaker A: He looks confused and then embarrassed as he runs. [00:37:48] Speaker F: Not to bring this up, but to bring he's dressed up like a soldier. Silt, but he's the one who ran away and he's the one who messed up Tim. [00:37:57] Speaker C: I didn't do anything to Tim. [00:37:58] Speaker F: Yeah, you tripped him and messed him up. Yeah, and you're the one who started all of this. [00:38:04] Speaker C: Bob was focused on Joe freaking out. [00:38:07] Speaker A: Bob didn't see any of that. [00:38:08] Speaker C: Okay. [00:38:09] Speaker F: I just wanted to make sure. [00:38:11] Speaker A: Thank you for bringing that up. That is a good point. [00:38:13] Speaker C: I tripped Joe. [00:38:14] Speaker F: Yeah, Joe. My bad. I messed up. [00:38:17] Speaker A: Bob's experience of this whole adventure. Let's get into the mind of friend. Just started attacking him and he's like, whoa, chill out, man. And then after Tim just, like, snaps out of it, he just starts running. And Bob is like, that assassin is attacking random civilians. [00:38:33] Speaker F: Bob for the win. [00:38:34] Speaker C: It all works out. [00:38:35] Speaker B: As Bob runs away, UVair runs up. [00:38:38] Speaker E: Aren't you on the cart? [00:38:39] Speaker B: I am not on the cart. [00:38:40] Speaker C: Next to the truth. [00:38:40] Speaker A: You got on next to the wagon. I got next to it. [00:38:42] Speaker B: I wasn't on it. I wasn't going to leave only one on the cart. [00:38:46] Speaker A: You are you and draw. [00:38:49] Speaker C: If you want, you could tell the cart to hold up. [00:38:53] Speaker A: It's only, like, 60ft away, so you can yell after. [00:38:55] Speaker F: Okay. [00:38:56] Speaker C: If you don't, that's fine. We'll meet up with everyone. [00:38:58] Speaker F: I'm moving faster than the cart. [00:39:01] Speaker A: It took a bit to get going. [00:39:03] Speaker C: It runs you down. [00:39:05] Speaker B: We didn't set up a back. Did we set up a backup meeting point? [00:39:10] Speaker F: No, but I did say just don't go to the forest. [00:39:14] Speaker D: I don't think that's a problem. [00:39:15] Speaker C: We could always split up and find each other later if we need to. Because assuming there's going to be backup. [00:39:21] Speaker E: Guards here probably shortly, rhea could take. [00:39:24] Speaker F: Trov and UVair and the rest of. [00:39:27] Speaker E: Us could meet up with them later. [00:39:28] Speaker B: Yeah, so Uber would just reiterate, don't. [00:39:32] Speaker G: Go to the forest. [00:39:33] Speaker C: I think Rhea will probably take them as they leave secret area. [00:39:37] Speaker A: Yeah. Okay. So they take off and UVair comes up to join Zafir and Hamir, who are now examining this body. [00:39:45] Speaker B: I will join this. [00:39:46] Speaker C: Stay back, civilian. [00:39:50] Speaker G: That is not going to work on me. [00:39:52] Speaker F: What is bear disguised as? [00:39:54] Speaker B: A young beggar. [00:39:56] Speaker C: A young beggar. [00:39:59] Speaker F: I am so glad no civilians are actually around. A witness there. [00:40:03] Speaker C: Does anyone see anything on this? Anything at all? [00:40:07] Speaker D: What has been found? [00:40:09] Speaker A: So are you, like, searching the body you said for papers? Just anything in general. [00:40:13] Speaker B: Okay, I want to check out the boots because I watched that. [00:40:18] Speaker C: I'm looking for also papers to find out why I'm not trying to loot her. I'm trying to find out why she tried to kill us. [00:40:24] Speaker A: Meanwhile, just the contrast I was imagining, like, Hamir and Zafir. Like, is there anything important? There's just, OOH, nice boot. [00:40:32] Speaker F: Some nice boot. He is a beggar. [00:40:35] Speaker A: Okay, so, Hamir and Zephyr, you're going through pockets and stuff, and you find several more daggers that, like a couple of them appear to be already laced with that poison that we saw affecting Alward. And there's three more vials of the poison that haven't been applied to anything yet that you can salvage if you choose to. [00:40:54] Speaker C: Can I have those? Yeah, go for it. [00:40:57] Speaker A: You do find some papers written in under common, which I believe Zephyr and Neros are the only ones who know which they appear to be like, contracts. Most of them are just, like, so and so needs to die. So and so needs to die. They don't have to have happen to seem to have much relevant information. But the last one mentions all five of you, and there's, like, a handsome sum of, like, 300 gold to kill you all. [00:41:28] Speaker C: Yeah, it's obvious. [00:41:30] Speaker A: It is not signed as to who has made the contract. Presumably that information was exchanged verbally, but the paper was meant to be like. [00:41:39] Speaker C: Who is going to sign a paper that says kill? [00:41:41] Speaker B: These people? [00:41:43] Speaker C: Give you $500. [00:41:45] Speaker A: The paper serves as a voucher to prove how much was agreed upon. [00:41:50] Speaker D: Does it look like more of a generic bounty or a single hired kill. [00:41:56] Speaker A: For your experience, this looks like a commissioned kill, okay. Not like just a bounty that had been picked up. [00:42:04] Speaker C: I could spend a lot of time and try to learn how to kill, but I think I'll commission a killer. Could you do it a little bit cheaper? Why are you commissioned killers so expensive? [00:42:14] Speaker A: Meanwhile, Uber is pulling the boots off of the people. Uber, make me an arcana check. Okay. 21 with a success. You identify the boots and know that they are called boots of free running. When wearing the boots, you get a plus one bonus to athletics checks to climb, and acrobatics checks to balance. Additionally, once per day, you may spend a single action to gain an effect for the next minute that allows you to treat walls as surfaces you can run on as long as you end your movement on a regular vertical surface. [00:42:50] Speaker F: Nice. [00:42:50] Speaker E: That's really cool. [00:42:51] Speaker C: That sounds cool and very useful for the only Marshall in the party. [00:42:57] Speaker F: The way Sven's looking is like, Nah, he's in my boots. [00:43:00] Speaker C: I'm down for discussing the boots and or rolling off for the boots later. I'm always down for an old fashioned role. [00:43:06] Speaker B: Can they fit you? [00:43:07] Speaker C: Yeah, they're magical. [00:43:09] Speaker D: During the search, I do want to make it known that Zephyr was just kind of grumbling to himself the whole time. Just why'd you have to get involved in this. Why target us? [00:43:22] Speaker A: Not fair. [00:43:23] Speaker C: Zafir, are you all right? What were you yelling about earlier? You yelled stop. [00:43:29] Speaker D: I mean, what does someone yell when they're trying to make someone not do something? [00:43:34] Speaker G: Who were you trying to stop? US or her. [00:43:37] Speaker C: Or Bob. [00:43:38] Speaker G: Or Bob? [00:43:42] Speaker D: Not Bob. Bob's the goat. [00:43:46] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:43:47] Speaker F: Yes. [00:43:48] Speaker B: I can still hear you. [00:43:50] Speaker F: My brain forgot what goat meant, so I'm like, we didn't name a goat Bob. [00:43:57] Speaker D: Boots here. I was trying to get her to stop. [00:44:02] Speaker B: And Uber just kind of awkwardly looks down at the boots. [00:44:05] Speaker G: You knew her, I assume? [00:44:10] Speaker D: Sort of. [00:44:12] Speaker G: Coal worker sort sort of? [00:44:16] Speaker C: Well, she is an assassin. [00:44:18] Speaker G: She wasn't family, was she? [00:44:20] Speaker D: Sort of. [00:44:22] Speaker C: All right, hold on, Severe. I'd love to get in and talk to you about this, but right now we do need to go before more cards show up. [00:44:30] Speaker D: That's a good idea. UVair, you can keep the boots. Let's go. [00:44:34] Speaker C: I might want the boots. [00:44:37] Speaker D: UVair, you can hold on to the boots until you give them we'll talk about that later. [00:44:43] Speaker C: Safir, real quick, do you want the body, like, for a burial or something? [00:44:51] Speaker D: That's a good idea. Is the cart gone? [00:44:53] Speaker G: Yes, ET's gone. [00:44:55] Speaker C: We might be able to catch up, but I think it'd be safer if we split up right now. [00:44:59] Speaker D: All right, I sling her over my shoulder and just start carrying her off into a random direction. [00:45:03] Speaker C: Do you want me to carry her? [00:45:05] Speaker D: Don't worry about it. [00:45:08] Speaker G: I guess I will. I'll go follow Howard and make sure that his family's okay. [00:45:17] Speaker C: She's just kind of awkwardly like uber, you're going to get caught if you're on your own. Follow us. [00:45:22] Speaker G: They do not know who. [00:45:26] Speaker C: All right, I trust you. [00:45:28] Speaker G: Yes. [00:45:30] Speaker B: As I go in the direction of out your home. Hamir's home. [00:45:36] Speaker F: It's my home now. [00:45:39] Speaker G: My home now, boy. [00:45:43] Speaker A: So as the three of you go your separate ways, uber runs off to follow after Alward, and Hamir and Zephyr go off to find a way to quietly and securely dispose of the body where it won't be found. The camera will go back to Hamir's house, where the Volden family has been safely secured away. Alward, how close do you get to the house before you dismiss your illusion? [00:46:07] Speaker F: I feel like it probably would have been dismissed as I was running, not thinking, once I've gotten out of the area of the scene and nobody's I would probably just dismiss it and keep going so I wouldn't be in the thing. [00:46:23] Speaker A: Nice. So you make it back to Hamir's house with little trouble. You've lived in this town for a while, you know your way around, and when you make it to the house, your mom and your sister are still just kind of, like, unpacking and settling in, and they're like, oh, that was a lot faster than we thought. How did it go? [00:46:43] Speaker F: I was just going to sort of pause at the door and just look at them both and be like, Fine. It went fine. Are you good? [00:46:54] Speaker A: Yeah, we're fine. [00:46:55] Speaker F: Okay. Thank goodness. The others should be here soon. And then he's going to cast Prestige on his clothes to clean up the blood and stuff. It's okay now. It's fine. [00:47:12] Speaker A: Then at that point, as you're casting that, your mom is kind of, like, paying attention to be like, what's he doing, casting Predator? And then she notices the cut on your skirt, and she's like, you got hurt? [00:47:22] Speaker F: No, this was on my way back. It's fine. I ran into a light post and it gashed me. It's okay. [00:47:32] Speaker A: Well, I guess take care of yourself. [00:47:38] Speaker F: Yeah. And then Albert's going to sort of slink back a bit and try and gather himself and then help unpack and clean while waiting for the others, but still very much on edge through the whole thing. [00:47:59] Speaker A: Just as you're beginning to collect your thoughts and gather yourself, UVair comes running down the streets. And UVair, have you dismissed your illusion, or do you still look like a young beggar? [00:48:09] Speaker B: I would have dismissed it. [00:48:10] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:48:11] Speaker B: As soon as I got to a corner or something in an alley, I would have dismissed it. [00:48:16] Speaker A: Okay. [00:48:17] Speaker B: Yeah. Because otherwise I don't want someone who was there to be noticed by any of the guards, I'm sure, running around. [00:48:25] Speaker A: So you come up to the Hamir's house still looking like your normal Uber. [00:48:31] Speaker C: Self with a gash. [00:48:33] Speaker A: With a gash. [00:48:34] Speaker F: Everyone got a gash. [00:48:36] Speaker C: Not me. [00:48:38] Speaker B: Somehow he runs up and he's out of breath because he's been sprinting over short distances. [00:48:45] Speaker F: You're a very old man. [00:48:49] Speaker B: He kind of feels it at the moment. No, he just feels his short legs. [00:48:59] Speaker G: Is everything okay here? [00:49:01] Speaker B: He looks at outward, it's fine. [00:49:04] Speaker F: And I'm going to motion you into. [00:49:07] Speaker C: A different room, into the den, like. [00:49:10] Speaker F: Away from my family. [00:49:12] Speaker A: So as you're walking towards the other room, you notice Alward's mom just notices your arm and just looks surprised. [00:49:24] Speaker G: Lamppost or something. [00:49:29] Speaker E: The same lamp post. [00:49:32] Speaker F: You know, that really sharp one walking. [00:49:36] Speaker B: In a line. [00:49:39] Speaker A: Confused and concerned. And then she turns to Lena and is like, be careful about running near any lampposts. [00:49:48] Speaker E: Very sharp. [00:49:51] Speaker A: Lena just, like, squinting at your grazed gunshot wound and just, like, curls her lip in disgust and is like, yeah. [00:49:59] Speaker F: As she's squinting at it, I'm going. [00:50:00] Speaker B: To press the digitation his wound so it's not bloody. [00:50:05] Speaker F: So it's cleaner. Yeah, it's still going to be blood. [00:50:10] Speaker B: Uber quickly just takes, like, a scrap something and wraps it around. No, he's just wrapping it up as you pull him aside. [00:50:21] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:50:23] Speaker F: Thank you for the lamppost. [00:50:30] Speaker G: Yeah. No need for them to worry right now. [00:50:32] Speaker F: Yeah, you know, I told them the same thing. [00:50:35] Speaker G: Oh, great. Minds sinker. Anyway. [00:50:41] Speaker F: Is everyone okay? [00:50:43] Speaker G: As far as I know, everything's okay. [00:50:45] Speaker F: I feel bad for leaving, but I couldn't. And then I gesture like to my family in the other room. [00:50:51] Speaker G: The assassin is dead. She has gone. [00:50:54] Speaker F: You weren't supposed to slap hands anyone. [00:50:58] Speaker G: They can't hear right now. Still, she's been slaphed very well then she lost quite considerably. [00:51:08] Speaker B: Rather not. [00:51:08] Speaker F: She lost that slap hand. You weren't supposed to play it. [00:51:11] Speaker G: She was trying to kill you. [00:51:12] Speaker F: I know that, but you could have done something else. [00:51:16] Speaker G: Honestly, there wasn't much we could do. She was very tough. [00:51:19] Speaker F: It's fine. It's dealt with. It's fine. Hopefully there's no others. [00:51:24] Speaker G: Hemir and Zafir are taking care of. [00:51:26] Speaker F: I don't know if our new safe house is safe. [00:51:29] Speaker G: I would agree. I don't think it is. [00:51:31] Speaker F: I can't move them again. [00:51:34] Speaker C: They'll be fine. [00:51:37] Speaker G: I know a place and I don't. [00:51:42] Speaker F: Know let me rephrase. [00:51:46] Speaker G: I cannot move them again, and they cannot stay here. [00:51:52] Speaker F: We don't I know you guys don't. [00:51:56] Speaker C: Technically know that the safe house is. [00:51:58] Speaker B: Screwed, but we do know that they knew all of our plans. [00:52:01] Speaker F: What? [00:52:01] Speaker G: And there was only one other person that knew all of our plans. [00:52:05] Speaker F: Can I specify something? [00:52:07] Speaker D: She only said that the forest wouldn't save you after you said, we need to get to the forest. [00:52:13] Speaker B: That is true. That's a good point. [00:52:15] Speaker D: The only reason she knew the plans was because you said them or said. [00:52:20] Speaker C: Somebody said, I think they set a trap and a bait to get us to come out and do something, and then she tried to kill us. And then she's like, oh, the forest won't save you, I'll find you there's. [00:52:32] Speaker G: The fact that she knew who you. [00:52:34] Speaker F: Were there are a lot of ways to get past seeing an illusion. She could have known, but it was a trap. [00:52:43] Speaker G: The fact that you have somebody after you that could see you or knew who you were, even though you were disguised, is worrisome. [00:52:52] Speaker F: Well, we also don't know that they were specifically after me. It could have just been I was in the wrong place. Let's wait for everyone else and then we'll discuss it then. For now, help me and my family clean and stay on guard. [00:53:10] Speaker G: And I think we need to talk to Safir Zafir because he knew who. [00:53:16] Speaker F: The person was, but Zafir's not okay. [00:53:20] Speaker G: When he comes, he can't come here. We need to talk to Severe, and we need to make sure your family's safe. [00:53:29] Speaker F: We'll figure that out later. [00:53:30] Speaker G: Okay, I will be out in the room next to the door, and I will entertain your family with some stories that I know. [00:53:40] Speaker F: We're cleaning the house right now. [00:53:41] Speaker G: I will help clean the room. [00:53:43] Speaker F: Okay, that'd be kind of rude if you distracted us. This house needs it very dusty. [00:53:52] Speaker G: It has been a long trip. I am sure your sister is tired as well as your mother. And as they can rest, I will clean and tick their mind off the events of the day ends the trip. Okay, that is all anyway, your family has been sore enough, and I am sorry about that. [00:54:15] Speaker F: Thank you. [00:54:17] Speaker A: We cut to see the wagon as it's pulling up outside the back door into the tavern. And Reya is helping, like, climb out of the wagon. He's like, oh, thanks. Thank you. Thank you so much. Good to see Hamir's got some good friends backing him up, huh? And he kind of like, Nudges. Nero says he's being lifted out of the wagon. [00:54:39] Speaker C: Rook nods a lot because he said he was going to help. [00:54:45] Speaker F: Rook was pulling the wagon, sets the. [00:54:48] Speaker A: Wagon down, like, good warm up now I'm going to go work out. It's a rickshaw. [00:54:54] Speaker B: Yeah, rickshaw. [00:54:55] Speaker D: It's a rookshaw. [00:54:57] Speaker F: Oh, it's his side business. Oh. [00:55:04] Speaker G: I love it. [00:55:05] Speaker E: Anyway, as we're going into the place, wherever we're at, the secret underground secret underground hideout, ground layout be spoken of, where people fight. Where people fight. [00:55:19] Speaker B: Fight club. [00:55:20] Speaker E: Oh, wait, we don't talk about fight. [00:55:21] Speaker F: How dare you? [00:55:23] Speaker E: I'm going to dismiss the illusion, be like, yeah, well, I didn't really have a choice. I was kind of thrown into this. [00:55:33] Speaker A: Well, I have to admit, that is how Hamir makes most of his friends. [00:55:36] Speaker E: Is. [00:55:39] Speaker C: It? Have any friends? [00:55:44] Speaker E: Is that how you guys became friends? [00:55:46] Speaker A: Yeah, friends of circumstance. We served in the war together. [00:55:50] Speaker C: Oh. [00:55:51] Speaker F: How many people survived this unsurvivable event? [00:55:54] Speaker C: So, as I mentioned before, he didn't serve the whole thing because he lost his arm and his leg. So he went home, and he's currently sitting there without an arm and a leg. [00:56:03] Speaker F: I missed that. [00:56:04] Speaker C: He was our commanding officer. [00:56:07] Speaker F: Me and your okay, okay, sorry. [00:56:10] Speaker A: I explain all this information to Nero so she knows. [00:56:16] Speaker E: How did you lose your limbs? [00:56:21] Speaker D: You know, gas prices these days. [00:56:24] Speaker A: So you see, there we were, we were charging up against this undead horde. Okay? So I'm on my horse. We are riding out full speed, breakneck pace. These skeletons, they've got these wicked sides, and they're swinging them over their head, whirling them around. My horse trips in a gopher hole and I go tumbling. Now, you would think. [00:56:48] Speaker E: That'S just so. [00:56:49] Speaker A: You would think that this is the point where the skeleton gets me with a scythe. That is not what happened. You see, instead, I got my right leg, and he gestures to where he's missing a leg stuck in another gopher hole. [00:57:04] Speaker E: Did it just rip off and Rhea's. [00:57:07] Speaker A: Like, trov, we really don't need to hear the rest of the story. [00:57:10] Speaker F: The gophers ate it. [00:57:11] Speaker E: Did the gophers eat your leg? [00:57:14] Speaker A: Well, that's neither here nor there. That's where my leg is. [00:57:23] Speaker E: Oh, man. [00:57:25] Speaker A: Anyway, thank you so much for the rescue. [00:57:28] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:57:29] Speaker A: I am just so glad that you've done this out of the goodness of your hearts, wanting nothing in return. I really do appreciate it. True heroes through and through. [00:57:39] Speaker C: Yep. [00:57:40] Speaker E: You just keep believing that. [00:57:41] Speaker A: And I will with a smile. [00:57:50] Speaker D: I'd like to point out that this entire story that he said was using both hands, so any gesture that he did with one or the other, half of them were missing. [00:58:00] Speaker A: That's true. I do talk with my I could use a drink. Oh, me too. Could you bring me one? [00:58:10] Speaker E: Didn't stay. [00:58:16] Speaker A: Being executed and all. I don't have any money on me right now, but I will catch you up later and pay you back. [00:58:22] Speaker E: You're not executed. You're very much alive. [00:58:24] Speaker A: Well, yeah, but they didn't let me take my wallet to the execution. My gosh, much as I tried to make them. Let me have something. [00:58:33] Speaker E: Yeah, fine. [00:58:33] Speaker A: I'll get pity to die with empty pockets. [00:58:35] Speaker E: I'll get you a drink. [00:58:38] Speaker A: Thank you so much. [00:58:41] Speaker C: This guy I love. [00:58:45] Speaker D: Can somebody check his pockets? [00:58:47] Speaker F: He has, like, a coin purse filled with gold. [00:58:52] Speaker D: Well, my concern was what he was casting with before. [00:58:55] Speaker A: So as Neros heads up to the tavern to get herself and Trov a drink, we're going to zoom a little ways down the road to see Hamir and Zafir, who are now coming back from disposing of Boot's body. [00:59:11] Speaker C: Zafir? I know what it's like to lose family. It's not easy. I know. [00:59:23] Speaker D: So when I said she was family, I didn't mean she was blood related. [00:59:26] Speaker C: I know. [00:59:27] Speaker D: I assumed it was more along the lines of we were in the same line of work. [00:59:36] Speaker C: That's where my friends have come from. [00:59:39] Speaker D: But I'd have to say it was more less of a problem being that she died, and more of that someone who I don't know how to explain it exactly. In a way, we were very similar. [01:00:00] Speaker C: Like personality, height. Height. And that made you feel closer to her? [01:00:11] Speaker D: Well, see, we were often accused of the same kills. [01:00:17] Speaker C: I can imagine that'd be difficult for you. [01:00:21] Speaker D: It does cause some strain. And while we were rivals to some point, it also helped with the anonymity. [01:00:37] Speaker C: I see. There's two short assassins, not just what? Yes, but if that's your problem, you could just say you're her on some jobs. [01:00:51] Speaker D: But now she's dead. [01:00:52] Speaker C: Well, nobody else knows that. [01:00:57] Speaker D: While that is true, I'm sure that it's going to be found out at some point. [01:01:04] Speaker C: That's probably true. Okay. I just thought I wasn't sure what part about this was eating you up or making you feel bad. [01:01:16] Speaker D: Well, it's never easy to lose someone, but that's true. I do also like to keep most things of my life private. I'm sure you understand with your private life that you don't like telling everyone about. [01:01:34] Speaker C: It's true. I do have a lot of things I keep to myself. [01:01:38] Speaker D: Most of that was sarcasm. I don't think a day goes by without you telling me about some point of your life. [01:01:45] Speaker C: I'm a lot older than you. [01:01:48] Speaker D: Yes, that is true. [01:01:50] Speaker C: I'm trying to be better about being open to people, because I feel like that might be one part I was failing as a father. [01:02:01] Speaker D: Well, I'll give you some wisdom from a young one to an old. Openness not only makes people relate to you, but it does bring troubles. Sometimes. The more others know, the more they get involved. [01:02:19] Speaker C: That's true. It's been working out so far. But I've also secrets have been working out, too. It's a very difficult part of your life to change. [01:02:34] Speaker D: Not if you don't tell anyone about it. [01:02:36] Speaker C: Well, see, then that's defeating the purpose, isn't it? [01:02:42] Speaker D: The purpose of what, exactly? [01:02:45] Speaker C: About being more open with people like yourself. [01:02:51] Speaker D: Well, I can be open with myself, no problem. [01:02:54] Speaker C: Well, if I don't have with you. [01:02:57] Speaker D: I guess what I'm more concerned about. [01:03:00] Speaker A: As you're saying this, you're coming up on the tavern and I wrote a closing remark window, and he's like, Just kiss already. [01:03:12] Speaker C: I see they're back. What were you going to say? [01:03:15] Speaker D: Closing remarks. And this is quite serious, actually. Okay, now that everyone knows that I was put on that job, slap hands. [01:03:25] Speaker C: All right. [01:03:27] Speaker D: I can't let anyone else leave with that knowledge. So either they are all stuck with me or they die. You understand that, right? [01:03:39] Speaker C: Don't share it with many people. No, I don't think anyone else knows. Except for our little party, right? [01:03:46] Speaker D: Yes. [01:03:47] Speaker C: Don't tell Edward's family. [01:03:50] Speaker D: Nobody. Nobody is getting away from this group. [01:03:55] Speaker C: Well, question because it might become relevant. Trov works in your line of work a lot. Like he gets jobs to people like you. It might actually be useful for you to make a contact with him. [01:04:15] Speaker D: See, that's different from knowing the jobs that I've taken. [01:04:19] Speaker C: That's true. Wait, so are you saying we talk about you being an assassin, but not about who you've killed? [01:04:28] Speaker D: Exactly. [01:04:28] Speaker C: Oh, that's so much easier. [01:04:30] Speaker D: Yes. So if anybody else finds out, they will die. [01:04:35] Speaker C: Oh, okay. I'll try not to tell anyone who you've killed. [01:04:40] Speaker D: Sorry, I didn't see the comma in that. And I thought you were going to tell the people that are dead who I killed. [01:04:46] Speaker F: Just whisper in their ears. So he killed this one. [01:04:49] Speaker C: So don't tell anyone the particular people you've killed, but it's okay to say that you're a killer. [01:04:55] Speaker D: And if anyone who knows that I'm a killer and that I killed him you know who I'm talking about. [01:05:02] Speaker C: Yes. The man tries to leave. [01:05:07] Speaker D: They may also be on my hands. But don't tell the others about this. [01:05:11] Speaker C: Just this seems complicated and I'll just go with it. [01:05:16] Speaker D: The point is, you've made this very difficult for me. But being open is not always the best. That's true, but secrets are sometimes good. [01:05:29] Speaker C: But it seems like this particular group is going to get involved with a lot of things, and it would help if we knew who to trust. I'll try to be more discreet, for your sake. [01:05:40] Speaker D: Thank you. [01:05:41] Speaker C: Well, I thought I was going to be here to try and help comfort you, but it seems like that was fine. So let's go inside now. Neros. [01:05:50] Speaker E: What? [01:05:51] Speaker C: Where are the others? [01:05:53] Speaker E: Downstairs. Alward and I haven't seen Alward and New Bear. Trove just really wants a drink. [01:06:02] Speaker C: You tell him he owes me a lot more than just one. I'll go get the boys. [01:06:07] Speaker E: More than just one what? [01:06:08] Speaker C: Favor he owes me. I already have this. And I owe the toy soldier. He already owes me one, and now he's going to owe me at least two. [01:06:17] Speaker E: Okay, Clement, deliver the message. [01:06:21] Speaker C: I'm going to go get the boys. [01:06:23] Speaker B: Clement. A fuffle shuffle, please. [01:06:25] Speaker A: A fuffle shuffle. Clank. And as he sets that down clunk we're going to cut, cutting ahead to all five of you having gathered together to meet in the secret basement of the tavern to talk with Trov and learn what he knows. As he drains a glass, slams it down. That was what the cut part was. Cuts to putting the drain glass down he goes. [01:06:51] Speaker C: Narrows. How much was that drink he just drank? [01:06:54] Speaker E: Don't know. How much was it? [01:06:56] Speaker C: You need to write this stuff down. [01:06:58] Speaker A: Not important. You five have questions, and you've come to the source. Nero Semois. [01:07:05] Speaker C: You really need to write that stuff down. He's not going to pay you back. [01:07:09] Speaker E: I don't care if he pays me back. [01:07:11] Speaker C: Oh, all right, Trov. You owe me more than just one now. One for doing your little dirty work that almost got me killed long ago. [01:07:21] Speaker A: Sorry about that. [01:07:22] Speaker C: I put the little toys and a second, or maybe even a third for getting you out of another execution. [01:07:29] Speaker D: Wait, do you make toys? [01:07:30] Speaker C: No. [01:07:31] Speaker G: This isn't your first execution. [01:07:34] Speaker A: I'm an old hand. [01:07:36] Speaker D: Only one, though. [01:07:38] Speaker F: What? [01:07:42] Speaker A: Sorry, I cracked myself up. [01:07:53] Speaker C: We've got several things we need from you, and we'll lump all of this in and give you the toy back. [01:08:01] Speaker A: Sounds golden. What do you want after? [01:08:03] Speaker C: Well, where do we start? I look around at everyone. [01:08:08] Speaker F: Why is Joel being attacked? [01:08:11] Speaker A: Oh, so you've heard. [01:08:13] Speaker C: You knew that? Why didn't you tell me? [01:08:15] Speaker D: We were almost involved. [01:08:17] Speaker A: Exactly. An attack. Think more a revolution. [01:08:23] Speaker F: From who? [01:08:24] Speaker C: Is it those crazy cultists? [01:08:26] Speaker A: Cultists? Yes, crazy? [01:08:29] Speaker G: Maybe it is a revolution for the Mad King. [01:08:34] Speaker A: Yes, the Mad King. King Aarad. [01:08:38] Speaker C: Tarav that sounds crazy. [01:08:40] Speaker D: You know he's just repeating everything we say, right? [01:08:43] Speaker E: Yeah, unnoticed. [01:08:44] Speaker G: Who are the leaders? If you'll know? [01:08:47] Speaker A: Okay, I don't know who the leaders leaders are. They are esconced super hard to find. Believe me, I have tried. Because that information bookoo bucks. [01:08:58] Speaker C: Jav. When did you hear about this? [01:09:01] Speaker A: What or when did I hear about this? Two weeks ago. [01:09:06] Speaker F: What did you hear? [01:09:08] Speaker A: What did I hear about this? There is going to be a ball. [01:09:13] Speaker F: Like a big ball. [01:09:14] Speaker A: A big ball dancing ball. [01:09:15] Speaker C: Wait. Oh, a dancing one? Not like that sphere you had me deliver. [01:09:19] Speaker D: Is that in Joel? [01:09:21] Speaker A: Hey, you did not anyway, I was not on the topic. Anyway, the ball dancing. [01:09:28] Speaker D: Ball. [01:09:29] Speaker A: Lots of suits and gowns and dresses. People coming from all over the area to have the best time of their lives. But that's not the real reason for the event. The real reason is a secret meeting. [01:09:45] Speaker C: Why are you I imagine they're killing people. [01:09:47] Speaker A: Oh, no. I thought you were telling me to stop talking. [01:09:50] Speaker C: No. Where's this at? [01:09:52] Speaker F: So is the ball the revolution? [01:09:55] Speaker A: Well, the revolution is coming up eventually. Later on down the line. [01:10:00] Speaker F: We didn't have to move my family. [01:10:02] Speaker A: The ball is scheduled on the fifth of Desmos. [01:10:06] Speaker C: Where? [01:10:07] Speaker A: In the city of Joel. [01:10:08] Speaker C: That's going to be dangerous in Joel at that time? I imagine so. [01:10:13] Speaker A: You know this crazy cult, the family, Arid's family. Whatever. Whatnot? Who cares? [01:10:18] Speaker B: Whatever. [01:10:19] Speaker A: They are bringing together everyone who's anyone and bringing them all into town to meet for this ball. [01:10:26] Speaker C: That sounds like they're going to kill them all and then wipe the slate clean in Joel. [01:10:32] Speaker A: If they did, that would be great. I'd love it so much. [01:10:36] Speaker C: You weren't invited when you were rich, were you? [01:10:39] Speaker A: No. [01:10:40] Speaker C: Okay, don't go. If you all get rich and they. [01:10:42] Speaker D: Invite you just between now and then. [01:10:46] Speaker F: If you get rich. [01:10:47] Speaker A: Hey, don't doubt me. [01:10:49] Speaker C: You'd be surprised. You'd be surprised. [01:10:52] Speaker A: Now, this is the first time I have ever heard of them doing this ball. It's just the family that's being invited. [01:11:02] Speaker F: I thought you said anyone and everyone. [01:11:04] Speaker A: Anyone who's anyone in that family. [01:11:07] Speaker C: Just probably a lot of people. [01:11:09] Speaker A: It's a big family. [01:11:11] Speaker G: Yes, we ran into some of them. [01:11:15] Speaker D: Speaking of which, one of them got away, didn't they? [01:11:19] Speaker G: Yes, one of them did. [01:11:21] Speaker F: Yes. [01:11:21] Speaker D: And it is very possible. So let me let you in on a little bit of something. We found a note on the assassin that was targeted at us. [01:11:35] Speaker F: Of course. [01:11:36] Speaker E: All of us. [01:11:36] Speaker D: Five of us. Just the five of us. Just the five. [01:11:42] Speaker C: And Trov was probably bait to get us out for the assassin. [01:11:46] Speaker D: Exactly. The thing is, it was not signed by a person who was assigning the kill. And I have a feeling it may be related to them. The person that escaped the cult, the family. [01:12:02] Speaker C: I would bet that. Yeah. [01:12:03] Speaker G: I'm not too terribly surprised. [01:12:04] Speaker C: I agree. [01:12:05] Speaker D: So I believe. Hey, Mir, you said that hold up. [01:12:10] Speaker A: Hold up, hold up, hold up. You think the family's trying to assassinate. [01:12:13] Speaker F: The five of you? Yes, without a doubt. [01:12:16] Speaker G: Yeah, they voted it right. [01:12:18] Speaker F: They technically know where we're at right now. [01:12:20] Speaker A: What did you do? [01:12:22] Speaker D: Well, they did target. They targeted us. And that's why he pushes the toy. [01:12:30] Speaker A: Soldier back to Hamir. Come on, man. What'd you do? [01:12:34] Speaker C: We haven't even fulfilled all the things you owe. Let's just say I take the toy soldier. We have something they want. [01:12:43] Speaker D: Okay, that's even more than I was going to give them. [01:12:45] Speaker F: It's still very vague, though. [01:12:47] Speaker C: We know about something that they want. [01:12:49] Speaker A: Oh, you've got my curiosity running. [01:12:53] Speaker C: Now, back to answering some more of our questions. [01:12:56] Speaker A: Fine. [01:12:57] Speaker C: I think this seems to have been maybe a little important. [01:13:01] Speaker F: What? [01:13:02] Speaker C: Who hired out the job? The delivery job you had me do. [01:13:09] Speaker A: So, for the first time during this whole conversation, his chipper showmanship sort of veneer kind of cracks, and he looks briefly vulnerable, and he's like, that job was for me. [01:13:24] Speaker C: Hamir you why. [01:13:31] Speaker A: I need the sphere. [01:13:34] Speaker C: What is it? [01:13:36] Speaker F: Are you trying to get mechanical implants? [01:13:40] Speaker A: This kid. Keep this kid with you. He's going places I thought you already bought. [01:13:46] Speaker C: Great prosthetics, Amir. [01:13:48] Speaker A: There's a world of difference between great and legendary. [01:13:53] Speaker C: What are you doing? How many crimes are you committing to. [01:13:56] Speaker A: Get these new that's not important. What is important is that once I finish this project, I will be the best. [01:14:09] Speaker C: This is why you were almost executed? [01:14:12] Speaker A: No, unrelated. [01:14:13] Speaker C: They tried to kill me, okay? Because of what you did. [01:14:16] Speaker A: Oh, well, that happens. [01:14:18] Speaker C: They shot someone in the arena. In the cellar. [01:14:22] Speaker A: Right here. [01:14:23] Speaker C: Yeah, right here. Trying to kill me. [01:14:25] Speaker A: Not a good place for gunshots. That would not feel good on your ears. [01:14:27] Speaker C: Why were you going to be you. [01:14:28] Speaker D: Wanted me to stay here, where people got shot? [01:14:31] Speaker C: Yes. [01:14:32] Speaker A: All right, so, funny story. I've been working well, I suppose I shouldn't give that information out. [01:14:39] Speaker C: You can tell us whatever you tell us. [01:14:41] Speaker A: All right, fine. I've been providing information to a. [01:14:48] Speaker B: Sivan wait, hold on. [01:14:49] Speaker C: What was his name? [01:14:51] Speaker A: Tashiro. [01:14:53] Speaker C: I should have we met him. [01:14:55] Speaker D: Yes, we met him. [01:14:57] Speaker A: Oh, well, you already know that. [01:14:58] Speaker G: He's the one that told us that you were getting executed. [01:15:01] Speaker A: Oh, well, he's a good fella. Good chap. Yeah, he's been trying to overthrow the company here. Trying to wrest their little claws out of all of the political and socioeconomic control they've got over the place. [01:15:14] Speaker C: Just Tom grove. [01:15:15] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:15:15] Speaker C: Why? Why Tom grove. [01:15:17] Speaker A: You've seen this place go to pot ever since we left. [01:15:20] Speaker C: But why? What's important about Tom Grove to do that? [01:15:24] Speaker F: Well, it's just the Tom Grove has the mine, and that's what the company owns, that they're really only here. I mean, they are spreading, but that's. [01:15:32] Speaker A: Just a pile of rock bingo meathril. Lots of money here. [01:15:37] Speaker C: Is that what's in the mine here? [01:15:39] Speaker F: Yeah. Why else would we move from celliacs to here? [01:15:43] Speaker C: I don't understand a little bit about the I forgot. [01:15:48] Speaker G: I understand the lucrativity of this mine. It is important. [01:15:54] Speaker A: Exactly. Used to be an old copper mine. Extension of copper burgot. Dried up years back. Some random old man with a pickaxe went in there and boom, struck it rich. Next thing you know, company swoops in, buys the place up, and they are now running the town. [01:16:09] Speaker F: They make a lot, too. A lot. [01:16:12] Speaker C: So is that all their interest here is just the mine? Well, and that's enough to get you executed? [01:16:25] Speaker A: I wish there were visual gags here, because I'm doing a funny thing with pulling up a finger. It's not exactly not exactly. You see that sphere that I had you get for me? Proprietary creation of this fellow, Bran Ketinell. No way was the Infernal Mining Company supposed to have their hands on one of these. That's why it got a little bit dicey with you there. They didn't want it getting out that they had one to begin with for it to be stolen. [01:16:59] Speaker F: Were they reverse engineering it? [01:17:03] Speaker A: Were they trying to make that's what I assume. You see, there's been a tenuous balance of power here between the Infernal Mining Company and copperberg. It with the copperbergit's automatons that they use to protect the mines. And the Infernal Mining Company's imported guns just to give them that little bit of an edge. I assume that if the Infernal Mining Company were able to reverse engineer these things and build themselves their own golems, there wouldn't be much stopping them from just taking over. [01:17:29] Speaker F: Could you imagine a gun with that thing? [01:17:34] Speaker A: He pulls out a scrap of paper and just starts scribbling. [01:17:37] Speaker C: Don't get any ideas, Trov. [01:17:40] Speaker A: Hey, but when I am a nobleman and I have a mansion protected by gun wielding automatons, you'll be wanting to spend the night there. [01:17:48] Speaker C: Yeah, for the one night you own it all. [01:17:50] Speaker A: Don't underestimate my automaton. [01:17:52] Speaker F: I think we're getting a little off track to explain your thing. I don't know if you know much about sort of what companies or chalaxians do. This town is just a starting point. They want to expand to basically control all of the seaports around here and control the trade to funnel money out of this location back to Chelliacs. [01:18:15] Speaker C: Just they? I thought you were one of them. [01:18:19] Speaker F: I suppose not for a while. [01:18:23] Speaker C: So you used to be one of them? [01:18:25] Speaker F: I thought that was well. [01:18:29] Speaker C: Not as. [01:18:29] Speaker F: An accountant for the that's just how I know so much about I mean, I didn't ask. [01:18:34] Speaker C: I don't remember if you told me. [01:18:36] Speaker G: Honestly, it wasn't a focus of mine. [01:18:39] Speaker A: I knew. [01:18:40] Speaker F: I assume I don't like how so many people know so much. [01:18:43] Speaker C: I don't believe Drop knew that. [01:18:45] Speaker A: Knowing things is half of my job. [01:18:48] Speaker C: And half of the time he just says he knows something. That's the other half to make the half look better. [01:18:54] Speaker D: I think you only have one half. [01:18:55] Speaker F: Out of curiosity on the top. [01:19:02] Speaker C: Okay. I try to high five the other half. [01:19:05] Speaker A: Try? [01:19:05] Speaker F: Out of curiosity, since you know so much about me, do you know why I'm no longer working there? [01:19:13] Speaker A: I heard he killed a guy. [01:19:15] Speaker F: No, he does not. Okay. [01:19:19] Speaker G: As interesting as all this, I have my own questions for you. [01:19:25] Speaker A: Fire away. You're all on Hamir's tab. [01:19:28] Speaker C: It's a big tab. You owe me a lot. [01:19:32] Speaker B: Pause while I try to remember what the heck I was going to ask this dude. [01:19:36] Speaker C: I was actually about to push it over to you. So that worked out well. [01:19:41] Speaker B: You three or you two, not three. What was I going to ask? [01:19:46] Speaker C: You're going to ask him about your memory stuff. About the forest. Right. [01:19:54] Speaker G: I assume you know who I am. [01:19:57] Speaker B: I have been here a while. You've here? [01:20:01] Speaker A: In Tom Grove? [01:20:03] Speaker G: I have traveled to Tomgrove a few times, yes. And I stay around Joel, mostly in the library. But I like to travel around the smaller towns and talk to the people there and sometimes teach in the schools and whatnot, and just pass along some the information that I've learned in my long years here. [01:20:27] Speaker A: So, no offense, but nothing important, then, I guess. [01:20:32] Speaker G: Not in the sense of political importance, no. I am more of a seeker of knowledge. [01:20:40] Speaker A: Yeah. Not a lot of money to be made off of a traveling school teacher. [01:20:46] Speaker G: But you have heard of the runes? The room of runes that was found near Copper Burkett? [01:20:52] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, definitely that. [01:20:55] Speaker G: Is this knowledge that I am looking for hamir? No, I'm not hamir. [01:20:59] Speaker F: Sorry, Uber. Not to butt into your questioning. It seems that some of his information might be faulty at best. So maybe don't give him information so we can ensure that he knows it. [01:21:14] Speaker G: What have you learned of people in Sugurungea Forest? [01:21:20] Speaker A: Oh, boy. Don't get me started. You've got elves, you've got fairies, you've got sprites, you've got holdra, you've got nymphs, you've got all sorts of like there's a city of Faye. I mean, come on. And then there's the druids. [01:21:34] Speaker G: And what of missing knights and people? [01:21:38] Speaker A: I mean, it's a weird place, but, I mean, if you're missing nights, you're probably drinking too much. [01:21:46] Speaker G: I have been searching for the answers to those runes that were found in that cavern. And unfortunately, I have done this many times, but I have had my memories lost or stolen or erased. They are no longer there. And it seems that they are connected somehow to Zimad King, to this family. And every time I get close, I am pushed back by a force that I don't know. And I've only again learned, I guess, that I am fighting. But I am trying to find answers in this time, in the memory that I have. Recently, I was in the Grunger Forest, and I came there from Joel, but I have no memory of how I got to the Grunger Forest, and I met with the Ancient One in there, and he is the one that led me to this job. [01:23:10] Speaker F: Time. [01:23:11] Speaker C: You don't have to time. [01:23:12] Speaker F: No, I need to time on this scene, not time in the game. So Uber is like, I remember nothing about anything, but he's like, I met with the most ancient One, the ruler of the forest, and I remember that, and he didn't mention it at all. Really? Everyone around here is trying to help him. He doesn't think to mention that? Maybe he has something to do with all this? No. [01:23:43] Speaker A: Okay. Most likely. [01:23:46] Speaker C: Or they're lying to Trov. [01:23:49] Speaker A: As you finish this explanation of your question, and the stunned stares of your companions as you've revealed more to Trov than you've revealed to them, trov just looks at you and he's like, that's freaking weird. [01:24:06] Speaker G: Unfortunately, I don't think your friend has information that I need. [01:24:10] Speaker C: What's this Ancient One deal? I didn't see that in your brain when I was poking around. [01:24:18] Speaker F: We've been trying to help you and you didn't tell us everything. [01:24:22] Speaker G: That information, I didn't seem to be relevant. [01:24:25] Speaker F: It didn't seem to be relevant that you spoke to a being called the Ancient One? [01:24:30] Speaker G: That sounds like the Ancient One is. [01:24:32] Speaker A: A bit of the oldest one. [01:24:37] Speaker C: You know what that sounds like? A strong magical being who could take memories out of your brain. [01:24:42] Speaker F: Do you know how many Faye things get stronger as they age? [01:24:48] Speaker G: So from what I understand of this being, and I do not discount what you are saying, my friends, it has been something that I have thought of. But if this being could take my memories, as you said, then why didn't he take the memory of me meeting him? [01:25:10] Speaker C: Because he wants that. It's like when thieves leave their initials on things. [01:25:16] Speaker G: But he sent me to the very thing I was looking for. [01:25:19] Speaker F: That or, you know, Faye just loved to mess with people. [01:25:24] Speaker C: Maybe you keep coming back to him and he keeps getting more from you. [01:25:28] Speaker A: Maybe he's eating your memories. [01:25:31] Speaker C: What he said that's stupid. Trav. [01:25:35] Speaker A: Hey, just to get up. [01:25:36] Speaker F: Rude. [01:25:37] Speaker G: I do not discount what you say. And there was many things that happened in that trip, and things that it's not that I withheld this information, it's that we had other things to worry about. But it was things that I was going to tell you on the way to the Grungeair Forest. I do feel it is somewhere that I need to go again. The past. Memories, the only thing I have. [01:26:12] Speaker B: And he reaches into his bag and he pulls out the map, is that. [01:26:15] Speaker G: Every bit of research that I had leads me back to the Grunger Forest. The fact that I wake up in the Grungeair Forest with no memory of how I get there says that it has something to do with this weird thing with the Mad King. That I don't know why I need to find him or find out about him. [01:26:36] Speaker F: As a side thing. You've been researching them in the past, you said. How we didn't know they were connected. [01:26:47] Speaker B: And he kind of side glances at twelve. [01:26:50] Speaker G: I will tell you a little bit, I suppose, of what I have found and what we have found, but I think it would be better done than just us five. [01:27:04] Speaker A: You're breaking my heart. [01:27:07] Speaker G: You have nothing to help me. I have nothing to help you. [01:27:13] Speaker A: Fair enough. [01:27:14] Speaker C: Sorry. I thought he might be more useful for at least a lead or something. [01:27:19] Speaker D: Well, I think we did get a lead. [01:27:22] Speaker C: Well, about the crazy people. Yeah, but I was hoping something through there. [01:27:27] Speaker D: The crazy people? [01:27:28] Speaker G: Yeah, I have a lead on zemat king's family that I still don't know what pertains to me. [01:27:37] Speaker C: So you want us to go to the forest? [01:27:41] Speaker G: I feel like I, at the very least, am going back to the groom gear forest, but I will not force any of you to follow me. [01:27:51] Speaker A: At the very least, I'd say you folks have almost a month of downtime before that ball happens. [01:27:56] Speaker C: So we could take downtime or go to the forest, but the super dangerous, deadly forest? [01:28:02] Speaker A: Yes, the one that eats you alive, chews you up, and spits you out. [01:28:06] Speaker G: I may have friends in the forest, if memory serves. [01:28:15] Speaker A: Definitely, if I've heard correctly, definitely a higher level location. [01:28:22] Speaker C: Are you saying we can't go there right now? [01:28:24] Speaker A: Oh, you could definitely go there. I just don't know if you'd come back. [01:28:28] Speaker C: Just a come back to later in the story. [01:28:31] Speaker A: I don't know. You'll write your own story. [01:28:33] Speaker B: Hitting invisible walls, not high enough level. [01:28:36] Speaker F: Today has been a very, very stressful day. [01:28:43] Speaker D: I can second that before I leave. [01:28:46] Speaker F: And go spend time with my family. Does the name siegfried of ordsen mean do you know his ranking or anything? [01:28:56] Speaker G: Eridson or siggy or siggy. [01:29:00] Speaker A: Isn't he that new kid on the block? [01:29:03] Speaker F: I don't know. [01:29:05] Speaker A: The people I've been getting intel from, they keep talking about this new kid who comes in. They just like, zip him right on into, like, middle management maybe. [01:29:16] Speaker C: Who is that? [01:29:16] Speaker F: I don't know. [01:29:17] Speaker A: I don't know. This sounds like this siegfried air sun guy you're talking about in town. [01:29:24] Speaker C: Tom grav. [01:29:25] Speaker A: I haven't heard him around here. I think he spends most of his time in joel. That's where they're active. [01:29:30] Speaker E: He's the one we escorted to joel? [01:29:32] Speaker F: Yeah. [01:29:33] Speaker A: Oh, so you're on his good side? [01:29:34] Speaker F: No. [01:29:34] Speaker A: That'll serve you well. [01:29:36] Speaker F: I'm going to go now. I don't think I'm needed. I'm going to head out unless someone stops me to go back to Hamir's house. [01:29:45] Speaker C: I think that's fine. [01:29:46] Speaker D: Wait, we escorted him to joel? [01:29:48] Speaker B: Yeah, he's the guy who paid him. [01:29:49] Speaker E: To joel because he was meeting his sister there. [01:29:52] Speaker C: He is an heir. [01:29:53] Speaker F: And this was before that name meant anything to us. [01:29:56] Speaker E: I got really mad when I realized who that was. [01:29:58] Speaker F: Same. [01:29:59] Speaker D: I didn't write him down in my notes. [01:30:01] Speaker E: I got so angry. [01:30:02] Speaker C: Okay, so I asked questions. Neros. [01:30:07] Speaker E: What yet? [01:30:08] Speaker C: Do you have any questions you want to ask Trov? You might know some stuff if you have questions. You seem like you're investigating something. [01:30:17] Speaker E: I mean, yeah. I don't know if you'd know anything. [01:30:20] Speaker G: I don't think it would hurt to find out. [01:30:22] Speaker E: You're the one who knows the most, and yet you know nothing. [01:30:25] Speaker G: Unfortunately, that is true, but maybe he can seize the other half. [01:30:29] Speaker C: Maybe Trov's mental damage will help him. [01:30:33] Speaker F: What I need to touch your pocket at some point. [01:30:35] Speaker E: Oh. Anyway, she looks at Trov. It's like, I don't know if you'd know this. [01:30:44] Speaker A: Try me. [01:30:46] Speaker B: Okay. [01:30:48] Speaker E: She pulls out that famous letter that she's been showing everybody. [01:30:52] Speaker F: I still have knowledge. [01:30:54] Speaker E: And have I not shown it to you? [01:30:56] Speaker F: You haven't shown me anything about yourself I know nothing about. [01:31:00] Speaker B: He knows the least about all three of us. [01:31:03] Speaker E: Sorry, these two. To be honest, Uber and Hamir would have known the most, potentially. Especially that one. But whatever. It's like, do you recognize this seal whatsoever? And if you say no, I'm not going to be surprised. [01:31:22] Speaker A: No, but I do recognize the craftsmanship of the seal. Yeah, that was all made in Joel. Local stuff there. [01:31:32] Speaker E: Maiden Joel. [01:31:33] Speaker F: Yeah. [01:31:35] Speaker E: All right. [01:31:37] Speaker C: What's explained is your mother, trav anyone in particular? [01:31:43] Speaker A: It's hard to tell. He leans in really close, like he's reaching out for the letter. Are you going to let him take it? [01:31:52] Speaker E: You better not open that. [01:31:54] Speaker A: He pulls his hand back and just. [01:31:57] Speaker E: Kind of looks you can look at it, but you can't open it. [01:32:00] Speaker A: Could be one of three. I know three folks who use that type of paper. I'll write them down for you. [01:32:06] Speaker F: Wait, the paper was the craftsmanship? [01:32:09] Speaker B: Actually, yeah, that makes sense. [01:32:10] Speaker F: It does make sense. I'm just like because she did ask. [01:32:13] Speaker G: If it was the seal. [01:32:14] Speaker A: Well, the paper is the part that narrows it down. The craftsmanship is how I knew it was Joel. [01:32:20] Speaker F: I'm not there. I'm just, like, confused because I thought. [01:32:23] Speaker B: It was the seal itself I'm following. [01:32:26] Speaker C: Trav, who are you talking to? [01:32:27] Speaker A: I'm talking to the audience. [01:32:30] Speaker C: Don't do this, Trav. Don't be a fourth wall breaking, Carrie. [01:32:33] Speaker F: Not again. [01:32:34] Speaker E: Caress the fourth wall lovingly. [01:32:36] Speaker B: With your one hand? [01:32:37] Speaker A: No, with my non hand. [01:32:41] Speaker C: Anyway, what are their names? Out loud? [01:32:46] Speaker A: I don't have them ready. [01:32:47] Speaker C: Oh, so you'll tell us. [01:32:48] Speaker A: That's why I said I was going to write them down. [01:32:51] Speaker C: All right, Trov, this is your chance to earn a favor from me. Everything we've been talking about. You have any more information about anything that might pertain for us? [01:33:03] Speaker A: Families collecting bodies? [01:33:06] Speaker C: Bodies for what? [01:33:09] Speaker A: I don't know. Just every time one of their number dies. Where'd that body go? It's in the middle of the night. Somebody dug it up, took it off, who knows? [01:33:18] Speaker D: Wait, so they're collecting their family's bodies or just random bodies? [01:33:22] Speaker A: Yeah, family bodies. I don't know if they've just got, like, a home family burial site. And they just are really weird about making sure everybody gets buried there or what, but I don't know. [01:33:31] Speaker C: All right, thanks. [01:33:33] Speaker D: Everyone else has gotten to ask a question. May I ask one? [01:33:36] Speaker F: Yeah. [01:33:37] Speaker C: Yes? [01:33:38] Speaker D: Have you ever heard of a family with the surname of Ren? Never heard of him, and that's why I don't ask many questions. [01:33:47] Speaker C: All right, then. Let's get back home. Let's get some dinner. [01:33:52] Speaker A: Trov sounds great. [01:33:54] Speaker C: Not you, Trav, but you did earn something today. And I walk up to him and I push my fist into his gut. And then I take his hand and I put the toy soldier in it. [01:34:08] Speaker G: The old one two handshake. [01:34:11] Speaker F: Yep. [01:34:13] Speaker D: Remind me to never shake hands with. [01:34:14] Speaker C: You, Trov, as I'm getting ready to head out of here. Be a little smarter next time. [01:34:23] Speaker A: I wish I had a witty comeback for that. [01:34:27] Speaker C: And then I'm off. [01:34:29] Speaker B: Uber follows, but he looks rather depressed. [01:34:34] Speaker A: Would anybody mind picks up his glass? Getting me a refill before you go upstairs? [01:34:41] Speaker F: That's Trov. [01:34:44] Speaker A: And that's where we'll end this episode. So one hero point for each person as you all attain level four. [01:34:57] Speaker F: I've been waiting to hit level four. [01:34:59] Speaker A: Well, since everyone is getting a hero point this time, I think I'll go ahead and close us all out. Thank you all so much for coming. This is the end of the story. We will not be returning after a month of downtime. [01:35:10] Speaker C: Heck yeah. [01:35:12] Speaker F: I refuse. [01:35:13] Speaker C: Let's start over a new character. [01:35:18] Speaker A: Next episode, you'll find out how badly we butcher downtime, and then we'll find out what's going on with this arid family ball. See you all then. [01:35:28] Speaker C: But what are you going to do? [01:35:30] Speaker A: Oh, I hadn't thought about that. I am going to go enjoy my day off. Usually I don't take a day off after these recordings, but I just like half an hour ago realized that I don't have to work tomorrow and I got so excited. Nice. [01:35:43] Speaker C: Same. [01:35:44] Speaker F: I wish I don't have to. [01:35:45] Speaker C: We'll both be enjoying separately days off. [01:35:48] Speaker A: Go workout. [01:35:49] Speaker F: This isn't about you. [01:35:50] Speaker C: I'm off tomorrow too. [01:35:52] Speaker F: Leaving me alone. [01:35:53] Speaker D: It's time to go. [01:35:55] Speaker A: Bye. [01:35:55] Speaker C: We love you all. Thanks so much for listening. [01:35:58] Speaker A: Insert TV pulling chord sound. This has been an Atomic Broadcasting production pathfinder. Galerian and the lost omens world setting are copyright of Pizzo More [email protected] music in the show is from Monument Studios collection as well as Assorted artists with some original tracks composed by Jordy Hake. More details in the description. If you enjoyed the show, please remember to share with a friend and we'll look forward to seeing you again next time. Anybody? If you do something and like, narrate what happens and you don't like that and you want to do something else. [01:36:39] Speaker C: Just narrate something else to be a little different. So as I oh my goodness. [01:36:46] Speaker B: I got a little into that. Sorry. Don't hit the mic. Come down there. [01:36:53] Speaker E: He attacks his microphone with his imaginary. [01:36:56] Speaker B: Chain, slams the mic into his face.

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